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December 28, 2016
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August 16, 2000
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May 1, 1965
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Approved For Release 2001/08/21 : CIA-RDP78TO5439A000500150014-9 Approved For Release 2001/08/21 : CIA-RDP78TO5439A000500150014-9 V'v copy - 4 Pages CENTRAL INTELLIGENCE AGENCY PHOTOGRAPHIC INTELLIGENCE REPORT TCS-84013/65 May 1965' AIRCRAFT ENGINE' PLANT NO 36 RYBINSK, USSR DECLASS REVIEW BY NIMA / DoD Handle: Via TALENT - KEYHOLEco~t~ol Only PHOTOGRAPHIC INTELLIGENCE DIVISION GROUP 1 oo!~~ Handle Via TALENT-KEYHOLE' Control System Only TOP SECRET RUFF AIRCRAFT ENGINE PLANT NO 36 RYBINSK, USSR 25X1A _is located in the southwest section of Rybinsk, USSR, at 58-03-03N 38-48-35E, ap- proximately 2 nautical miles south of the Rvbinsk Reservoir (Figure 1). The plant is secured by a wall. It is served by roads from the north and east and by several rail spurs from the south- west. 25X1 D When first observed on (Figure 2), the plant contained approxirely 1,681,000 square feet of floors pace. A compari- KEYHOLE photography (Figure 3) revealed that 858,125 square feet of floorspace had been added son of that photography with 25X1 D to the plant. Bt the total floor- space in the plant was 2,539,125 square feet. Railroad, double track - Railroad, single track Dismantled railroad - Road . Structures are rgferred to by item numbers which appear in Figure 4 . ' 10 buildings have been added to the lant and several facilities which were nres- p 25X1 D ent in =have been expanded. By a machine shop/subassembly building (item 3) 25X1 D containing 156,400 square feet of floorspace and 7 warehouses /workshops (item 7) had been added to the plant. Construction of a second machine shop /sub- assembly buildin (item 1) had been completed by this structure added another 25X1 D 113,925 square feet of floorspace to the plant. :A workshop (item 2) containing 75,325 square feet was built between and Handle Via TALENT-'KEYHOLE Control System Only 25X1 D 25X1D TOP SECRET RUFF NdI. V1. TALENT-KEYHOLE Cw4.I *E.1r O.IY 6 P* pI M UY M* u . pab1ap II MMop ZD MRYIOholWon i.wintMdg 21 %1" 22 MMao D NBC" Mao AwoMlp bId11 mow led cNb Tail flo*npao M a llbolod blp ToIM Oaaop+a of olba bldg 165124 117,925. 6551115 15,725 16017p .156,106 Imply. 15,500 2051125 ,8,175 70225 52,750 6051110 . 11,100 225115 10,13 Imploi It,700 76S'12SQ 91,250 510178 275,500 560! 125 10,010 96165 155,925 .98178 *.18 Impda 15,000 169110 60,450 2001116 29,000 2J5118 25,68 Imply 21,550 7101 M 70,110 781 50 11,250 6812N - 161,750 Imply 577,575 2,16,18 19,700. FIGURE 1. LAYOUT OF RYRINSK'AI*CRAFT ENGINE PLANT NON. 25X1 D ILLEGIB . 2 1oAMap 7 Yaddw llep/tAaluM9 M4 4 1111111060 S WMIw Map 6 k154uwt/R tVgs(S) 1 MhwlodwMMapo O) Poalblo h* WIoloday l 1 buo 10 PoiMMO lap. II . MMao 12 Iatrap. 0 bk +Np 14 MAIN IIMP 8 Yodlko Map "sal. V'- TALENT 6! 310LE Cw,..l 5,,,... MI, TOP SECRET RUFF TOP SECRET-RUFF 25X1 D 25X1 D 25X1 D . Handle Via TALENT-KEYHOLE Control System Only The expansion of facilities which existed in had been completed by An assembly building (item 24) containing 11 U=type en ine test cells was being enlarged or repaired in Since- that time the total floorspace,of the building was almost tripled by the addition of 375,325 square feet of new floorspace on the west end of the structure. Photography since north corner of the plant. 25X1 D =indicated that approximately 14 probable TCS-84013/65 L-type engine test cells with attached silencers have also been added to the building. A possible forge'/foundry (item 8) was expanded from a small area to a total of 84.,700 square feet of floorspace, and a small section was added to a possible forge (item 10).. A small section was also added to an unidentified structure in the Handle Via TALENT-KEYHOLE Control System Only TOP SECRET RUFF