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December 28, 2016
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May 8, 2006
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Approved For Release 2007/01/24: CIA-RDP78TO5439A000500320029-4 6 Next 6 Page(s) In Document Denied Approved For Release 2007/01/24: CIA-RDP78TO5439A000500320029-4 53 20.004 16S?10.10E Ull 0181.17 SA?2, c,nflguralion undetermined 53.02.10N 135.18.00E UR 0121.17 SA?2, configuration undetorminml 53.02?154 158.18.20E p OR 0181.17 SA?2, star 52.45.2bN 168.20.00E UR 0181.22 SA?2, configuration undulerminod 52.55.1519 158?JOIOE UIl 0181.11 SA?3, configuration undoterminol 52.51.20N 158.37.30E UR 0181-IT SA?2, probable link 52.52.10N 158.37.00E UR 0181-IT , $A-2, link 62-55-1 ON 156.15.20E UR 0184-17 SA?3, configuration undomrminod 52.55.20 158.15.20E UR 0181.17 SA-2, Mat 53-01.004 168.15.00E UR 0191.IT Type 1 (rectangular) 75 05.150 156.51.30E UR 01807 SA-2, atu 53.12?48N 168.18.30E OR 0194.15 SA-2, configuuion und,terminod 53.14?55N 158.58.55E UIO 0181.18 SA-2, co0figuritipn und.tominod 53.05.1019 168.51.25E UR 0194.17 SA-3, configuration undetermined 53.08.25N 158.23.03E OR 0181.17 84-3, configuration C .. id~S ts?,1.ngC It elel.li P1?J n,nLg;, e,, and,ocmud Some, Sit. Donignomr, A DE No Country & Mop [ter Typo & Configuration klioeion & Date Firm Appoorh klirelgp & Dato installation Negated A Putropulmnk?ifamrhatnkiy SARI Defenses (in defonno of major submarine ban,, ship repair yards, government and militnryronool headquarters) I Kamrhatokiy SAM Site C32.2, I I 1Jy 8 P,tru rlmik? .mr"lrnlo ly SAM Sim 11211-A-2, 25X1 3 P,trn vlorek?Kygc~eAn~iy SAM Sit. 1928.2, Pelmparlor.k-KKsmrhh..lokiy SAM Site 021.2, u roryr m. `IG``)mceiy SAM Silo uoparlocak-25X1y SAM Bite A20-2, PotmOh?I(,AntFJ,ggk y SAM Site A.-OA-2, ' pro, dm skmly SAM Site A16.3, e o r v.k?Kub takSAM Sim A15.2, 2c 10 Peueparl...k?K.mchatekll SAM Support ' Pullity, 25X1 11 Petro vlovek?Kamrhuekly SAM Site A06.2, 25X1 My. Shipunakiy SAM Sit. 031.2 13 Mys Shipun.kiy SAM Sim A39.2 II Peuo rloeak?KameiooI kiy SAM Site A06?J, 15 Pe, u?o olur., ? rilclpiykiy SAM Sim 0306, p 25X1 Romuk. This unrorotmd site In r.Iloented with Po0oparlovak SAM Sito.D28.2, It W.e pros iouely carried A- a 'Category 2, SA-0 SAM Sim. 25X1 25X1 25X1 25X1 25X1 25X1 TOP SECRET CHESS inG6:0, still ln.lcllolone on IAC 106 ' ounlry A Type ,n Mission A Data linni.n 8 Dela pemerks Isom Nam., Site Doeigntla, & DE No Cte lrn.t,e ( kl+j~ Ref CunGpurainn F'irnt Appmrn 1 Inxl.lhlio h'eg.led t Note ? Insulluions hone defonslve role cannel he dm-mined and chick are sal 1-1.1 within the limits of a FAST delen+e area ors found undo eukheadinp 11 ? "Dolennlve Role llndelermined.rn A Nikoleyovek?Na?Amuro SAM Defences (in defen.+e of Nikol.yoi ebNa?Amurn: major shipluilding and repair renter, and port forililinn) I Nikol.yovsk SAM Site A,.'.7,0 5t?10.10N 140.14.45E IT 0108.17 SA?^, link 7 Nikolayeunk NAM Support Ferilit 53.07?:5\ 140.5:?15E I'll 0108.17 Type II (squire) 3 Nikoleyevek SAM Si In 311.2," 5t?02-l0S 141.14.00E IT 0108.17 SA-2, link 4 Nikol.yevak SAM Site C142, 52.00.53N 147.10.30K CD 0108.17 SA-2, link 9 Defensive R.I. Undetmmined 25X1 8 Okha SAM Sit. A04.2,1I e..i ice mn u a p ~? e m er?in eon o.e pogo to , ? rw I 0P F n ens tIeroise 1-111 lW tottering an indit idual reference. TOP SECRET 0 TOP SECRET] TQF.SFQRF-TII LEGEND SA-2 SAM SITE III SAM SUPPORT FACILITY SAKHAtINSEIY GULF -------------- ~ SF6--- @Ml TOP SECRET[ I .. 0 I 39K] 0 Country & Map Rof Type & Configuration Mleslon & Dale First Appears f A Svobodeyy ICBM Complex SAM Defenses (In defense of gvobodnyy ICBM Complex) I Svobode Cli Comply SAM Site 001.2, 52-OT-SON 128?lT?OOE UR 01g&25 25X1 SA?2, configwatloa andeterminod Winn.+iLc utiun of ell photo rvlrrero , on this pogo is Tlli' ~F.( HET Tlll' .1ECHET Inea dhorxioa mdirued following en individuot rcfvrrnro. Mission & Date Installatina Negated f 25X1 25X1 TOP SECRET] 1 (I9) TUKLIIU TOP SECRET SVDBf1DNYY ICBM COMPLEX SAM DEFENSES U!! WAC 203 104 CONI1MW11ON1 j .. INk 25X1 0 Yiulon & Date Installation Negated ( Country A Map Ref Typo & Configuration Mission A Data First Appears A Chita SAM Defenses (In defense of ChIls population center, gnvenment and military control center) I Chile SAY Support Facility- 52.01.13N 115.30.00E ' US 0199.22 Typo 11 (square) 9 Chita SAY Site 802.9, .5:?12.505 118.32.40E UR'0199.22 8A?2, link S Unidontified?8urface?to?Alr Type Missile Activity 5 Andpin.koye SAM-type Activity 52.55-0ON 115.33.00E UR A118 Unidentified, N503, generally cir? Shoal cular NN19.12, Edition I?AMS I('ln.xifu mien of nil photo n?( ,.?nr,, an ilnn pogo ie 101' IECHEC L.Jr TOP SECIih: unlrrr athnrnieo indiralad folloning an indnidunl ,el r, nro? TQP_SECRH Remarks This unidenf egain to appear at the lime fp#d activity actually althou lie s porting use was present on The activity consists of three cleared ueu, shirt, on later coverage, contained SAY launch -Ilse of an un Horn type, snd the sup. P. area Inc., several miles to the nit of the cleared uses. This may be an R A D facility. 25X1 25X1 25X1 25X1 25X1 1:,G1) n:\ ri; Wrq TOP SECRET] Name, Site Designator, & DE No Coordinatoa I Cheremkhovo SAM Sit. C10.2,~ 13.07?15N 105.12.00E 2-49-115N 103.0T?30E 2 Cheromkhovo SAM tine 816.2, lo Country & Slap Rd Typo & Con7igun.tlon klieelon & Data Final Appears 1 tin 0000.16 UR 0200.16 SA.2, link 6A?2, link 25X1 3 Angarek SAM Site 1)36.2, 4 Anguek SAM Site 0322.2, Anguek SAM Sit. 026.2 25X1 6 Idute4 SAM Site 826.2 25X1 25X1 7 Irkutsk SAM Site 823.2 J Irkutsk SAM Site 016.2 6 Irkutsk SAM bite 013.2 10 Irkulek SAR Silo A16.2 II Irkutsk SAN Support Fact 12 Irkutsk SAM Fite A05.2 1J Irkutsk SAM Site 002.2 14 Irkutsk SAM Site 835.2 15 Anguek SAM Support Farllit 16 Irkutsk SAM Support Facility 52.48.40N 105.51.20E UR 0200.17 SA-2, link 52 41.100 103.36?50E UR 0200.21 SA-2, link 52-27-SON 103.30.50E UR 0200.221 'SA-2, link 52.1POON 103?41-OOE UR 0200.21 SA-2, link 02-04-ION 105.58.50E UR 0200.22 50.2, link 52.02.150 101.11.15E UR 0200.22 00.2, link 52.10.204 101.33.00E U1) 0200.22. SA-2, link 12.03.500 101a8.50E UR 0200.22 S0?2, ran 62.1100N 101.18?IOE? UR 020222 Typo 7 (roctangula) -- 100.22.1ON 101.27A0E UR 020622 50?2, link 12.13.450 101.23.30E UK 020622 60?2, probable link 62.13.400 101.11.15E UR 0200.22 50?2, link 52.32.504 101.01.20E UR 0200.22 Type I (r0ctang0o) 62.21.254 103.59.1OE UR 0200.22 Type I (rectangular) 1Clsn.rilictlinn of all photo relerencee on this page In TOI' SECRET TOP SF.CIIST unlusa otherwia. indicated lollneing an individual roterenc.. e .92. TOP SECRET plsnlon & Date Inetallatlon Negatedt 0 25X1 25X1 25X1 25X1 MI TOP SECRET 25X1 25X1 25X1 25X1 25X1 25X1 Country A Slop Ilef Type d. Configuration kfixxion A Data Firxt Appearx } klixxion & Data Inntallnlion Nogalod $ A Ulan-tide SAN Defenses (in defense of Illan?Udo; lnduntoinl, rail, and rommunirationn cent(-r, aircraft enxemlly plant, population center, government ronUol looter) I Illan?Uda SAM Site 1121.2, 2 Clan?Uda SAN Site A35.2, It Ulan?Udo SAN Support Facility, 1 111.a.Uda SAM Site COS-2 h Clan?l do SAN Site 013.2 51.5l'20N 107.33-45E OR 11201.1 SA-2, pmhnhie link 51.47.350 107.30.10F. tilt 0201.1 Tlpa II (nyuarn) 51.50.100 101.11.30K till 0201.2 SA-2, prnhehlo link 51.43.100 107.53.40E 1111 0201-2 5A.2, configuration B Chit. SAN Dofonxoo (in dafenxo of Chit.: population cooler, gurernment and milildy rontrnl renter) undetermined 5 Chit. SAN Sit. DIM,0 51.55.000 113:41?INIE 11110201-5 5:1.2, star Ci Drouyanga ICBM Complex SAM Dofenxoa (in defence of Dmvyanaya ICD1I Complex) 0 Drouyanayv ICDII Complex SAN Silo C20.2, 51.22.350 112.20.05E ON 0201.1 SA-21, link 1 1 N Complex SAM Site 014.2, , 51-IT-30N 115.29.00E UII 0201.5 SA.2, link 03.001. SAM Site A10.2,= 50-20.1110 105.96?50E CII 0:01.11 SA-2, ronfiguratinn undulermined ICI,xifienlion of .11 photo reforoncua on Shia Page in TOP SI.CIIETO TOP SECIIE=hlooa othorrixe indicated following an individual tolerance. TOP. SECRET 0 II 25X1 I 25X1 25X1 DROVYANAYA , ICBA COMPLEX : JGr r~ HCZAA DEFENSES';_:......._ L6 GD HD FIGURE J6. oMAC 201. SNORING LOCATIONS OF SOVIESTYPE SAM INSTALUTION, r .I ~ / . r-' I T PACI ITY '--~!-- RAW O I CHONS INRI Oj r 1 li .rte I D, JD: 25X1 25X1 25X1 25X1 25X1 25X1 TOP SECREETJ 0 Country & Map Ilof Typo a Conliguralian A Olovyannaya ICBM Complex NAM Dofennon (in dofonno of Olovyannaya ICBM Complex) 1 Olovyannaya NAM Silo 005.2 2 Olovyannaya NAM Sit. 017.2 5 KSadahulak NAM Sit- A28.2, 1 Khadabul.k NAM Site A27.2, I Khad.hul.k NAM Nuppoel Farllil . 6 Kle d.bul.k NAN Site "W2, 7 Olouyann.y. IC04 Complox K 4 fide C07?^, 51.18.509 115.51.15E UK 0002.1 NA 2, link t0. 46.O05 115.11.50E UK 0202.6 SA-2, probable link 50.122.259. 115.58.10E UK 0202.6 NA?2, ronfiguntion undolorminod 50.15.509 1111-01`0E till 0212.8 SA -2, ron0gur.tion undolnnoined 50.15-009 116.07.00E UK 0202.6 Typo II (nquuo) 6(l.16.009 ) 16.18.21F. II H 0:My24 NA?2, link bl-05.209 116.21.OOE 17H 0202.6 SA-2, probablo link w Illmt ncn ins 111111 C^mplov ~Atl Seto Ilnn:l 2 n5.5 i, I IU ~0.41/a it 0202.6 > 1.2, rnn0~~raI i, n mdrvn-.med klinnlon & Due; Finer Appeu. I klinnlon & Due Inntall.lion Negatodt 1CInr. I Ii,m 0 all ph?o, nd.?rnnrr, nn thl, pug.- i. T01' S1111}:T x1111' 00111 0 Ie,.. indiv.lod f^Ilening or indi,iduul ndvrenvo. TOP SECRET 25X1 This I. an unreveit d site. 0 MI @Ml b5X1 25X1 25X1 25X1 TOP SECRET] Country A Map Idd Typo & Configurnlion A Srolwdnyy ICIIN Complar FAST Dofennon (in dofenno of Stolo,dn)y O'Ilkl ('omplen)' , I Stol,odn CII61 Complo 5(0 Siuv C':0?:. 51.56.005 121?I1.10F. (IR 0301.3 SA-2, probnhlo link 2 S, , I Compton SAN Silo BOO-2, 51.53465 12s.15-050 Uli 0203.3 SA-2, Skull 13 Oi(obidthnn SAN Silo C91?^, 1B?SB?J00 :32 27-10F. OR 0:03.20 SA-2, probeblo link 11 Oirobidrhnn S.\11 Silo AIS?9, 1644-005 I32.5h?OOF. (IR 0903?:5 SA?9,.Iink IS Dirohidthnn SARI Support Facility {64:1.355 139.56.30E OR 0:08?:5 Typo II (nquun) -Sumo olomonto of all Ihreo defenno romploton uo mutually nupportin . lClnnnifirnlion of all photo roferoncon on thin pego i+T(IP 50(0h:T~or TOP 5ECI1h;T~nlonn otherwinn Indirntud following nn individual tot, repro. TOP SECRET 6linnion & Duo Innlallntlon Nogwtod 1 0 I 25X1 25X1 TOP SECRET 2 / SVOBODNYY.ICBM COMPLEX ?/ ' SAM DEFENSES ..J (SEE^AC 199 FOR CONTINUATION) B MALAYA SAZkNKA SAM DEFENSES TOP SECRETI I 1'01{LI) 'A CHART r- I ? -~/? I UKRAINA AIRFIELD SAM DEFENSES LEGEND A Sb7 SAM SITE a SAM SUPPORT FACILITY ` -, w(T BIROBDIDZHAN\\ SAM DEFENSES I J 25X1 TOP SECRET 25X1 25X1 25X1 25X1 25X1 25X1 25X1 Namo, Sito Donigrator, & DE No ('ounlry A Flop Itof Typo' & ('onfiguntion Ninnlon & Onto First Appoaon I Khahatovnk SAM Silo 019:24 2 Khah4ooonk SAM Sit. 024.2 1 Khabarovsk SAN Silo A55.2, I Khaharovnk FAN Silo 009.2, i16.1(r45N l55.06?I5F: Ulf 11!01.22 SA-121, skull 46.19.20. 131-52-00E Ulf 0201.22 50?2, skull 44 22.400 115.09.00E Ult 11201.22 Typo I (rnrtangular) 11.15.100 195?Q0 00K till O:04.22 S.{.2, skull 10 20ION 115.9095E flit (201.29 10?2, x0411 S Komnomolak SAM Dolorous (in dofonnn of Komnomolak: major nhipyanl, alrrra0 pidnq Iryn and nnvd plant, and air drfrw h d Komnomolak FAFI Silo 021.0 T Komnomolak SAIl Silo 022.2 8 Komnomolak SAF1 Support.F'ar? 9 Komnomolak SA01 Silo 055?^., 10 Komnomolak SAN Silo 001.2, 11 Komnomolak SAM Site 011.1, .1 1 SAM Silo OlSA? 5(bi1.200 155.54.501 Ulf 1)204.15 SA?2, probablo link 50.12.000 155.55.50E Ulf 0204.6 SA-2, prohahln link 50.19.200 156.55.501 Ulf 0?!04.6 Typo I (rrrlangulsr) 50.41.209 155.52.101. till 0201.5 SA-2, pmnablo link 50.15.200 197.11.5111. UII 0201.5 SA?9, pro6anlo fan 50-24.ION 197.29.00E 110 0201.5 $A?2, pr bablo link 50.10000 197.25.501. UK 0201.9 SA-2, ronfiguratinn 'undotorminod C Sov.akay. Oavan SAN Dofonaoa (in dofrnn. or lionots01ya Cavant 41111111 romplot, largo navel hasp, nhlpbuilding and ropii port farilitisn, nubmarino hand, and air jlrfonso hoadquartorn) 25X1 12 Sonnakaya Davan SAN Sit. A01.2,~ 10.10.50. 140.10.OOF. OR 0101.20 SA-2, link IS Fovntakaya Oman SAM Sit. A11.2, 48.50?ION 110.2210E 00 0201.20 SA-2, link 25X1 11 volnka a an SAN Support Farility, 0.55.250 110.121901. OR 020:?10 Typo II (aquarn) 15' Fuvolakays Cavan SAN Sit. A25.2 .56.100 110.0000E U0 0204.20 SA-2, Mar 25X1 , 16 Fovatnkaya Cava. FAN Silo B11.2~ 16 18.49.OON 110.11.15E UN 0201.20 SA-2, link 7Clavnih oalinn of all photo noh?ronoon on lhia psgn in TOP SF.rllE.T,r TOP SEE ll101 ,lone othrrwiso indiratrd folloning an individual rrfrrrnre, I I 4linniun A Ditto Installation NngatoJ1 loo. TOP SECR 0 25X1 25X1 1. PH (20 11 TOP SECRET TOP SECR WORLD AF,1t0 A : I. CHART 0 LEGEND ? $A?2 SAM SITE ^' SAMSUPPOIT FACILITY SOVETSKAYA GAVAN 13S AM DEFEN;ES TOP SECRE~I Country & Map Hof Typo 8 Configuration Minnion & D.I. First Approx. t kliaal.e 8 Data Inmallallon N.gatodl 1 Poronaynk SAM Kilo 85:2, IY?:1?:5N 142-52 -DOE IY06 35N I42 ST?15E F g Pnronayak SAM Kit. A::?:, OR 0:05.18 SA-2, mar UM 0205.16 'SA?2, configuration undotarminod IClanaificati.n of .11 photo rufurunron on thin pogo in TOP yECftET r TOP SECRETQana otharwino indicated following an4 tidual r.frr.non. 125X1 ? TOP SECRET 25X1 25X1 25X1 25X1 "A TOP S gRET, NG PH - __Tt P _LFC R QG x K .YK'. CHAHC AND ADDITIONS IN BLUE_ TARAIKA HAY IZ05I Approved For Release 2007/01/24: CIA-RDP78TO5439A000500320029-4 Approved For Release 2007/01/24: CIA-RDP78TO5439A000500320029-4 25X1 D Coodhenlovakian Wontern Border SAM 31ofoneoo (in defense of the C(oler, border of Czechoslovakia) 12 1M Site All?2,II Karlovy Vary S 50.13.OON 17.01.00Fi Cl 0271.11 SA-2, configuration 1 I undeterrm~ined 15 Place SAN Sit. A21.2Q 49-36-20N 13.15.15P. CZ 0231.14 SA-2, prol)Ablo link 25X1 ('Z 11:'71.11 SAd, eonl ,olio, undrlenninod 25X1 Prague SAM Site 0229.9 Prague SAM Site C31.2 Prague SAM Site I303.2 Prague SAM Site C05.9 Prague SAM Silo 3111.2 Prague SAM Silo BI5?i Poakeo SAM Site 3121? Prague SAM Site 025.2 Prague SAM Support Facility 2 Preguo F,11l Support Fas111t)'1 50.23.309 11.12.00E CZ 0231.14 30.20.200 11.77.55E CZ 0251.15 50-16-55q. ;4-58-55E CZ 0231.15 50.01.350 11.51.20E. Cl 0231.15 19.52.009 14.37.15E1 CZ 0331.15 19.15.159 11.15.50E CZ 0231.15 49.55.000 1100.15E CZ 0231.11 5001.209 14!03-15E , CZ 0251.14 SA-2, probable fan SA-2, probable fan SA-2, configuration undetermined HA-2. fen SA-2, probable fan SA--, fan SA-2, fan ' Type I (roclangulu) 50.1,1.2hN 11.11..10E CZ 0211.15 T)pe II(syuore) Aslau (Poland) SAM Below, (in defense of Aelau Airfield: & major Soviet alrbaee In Poland} lloleelamlec SAM Sit. A01.2= 51.15.209 15.11.55E PO 0231.5 llnle.11oeie1 SA51 Si to 1131.3 51.27-0SN I5-25-07E PO Q231.5 25X1 25X1 25X1 Approved For Release 2007/01/24: CIA-RDP78TO5439A000500320029-4 Approved For Release 2007/01/24: CIA-RDP78TO5439A000500320029-4 TOP SECRET Table 32. SAO learn anona on r 31 25X1 25X1 Typo & Configuration Miorion & Date First Appears t Onto. Installations shone delennive role in unknown, and which do not fall within the conflnon of a SAD dofonno area are found under subheading J A Llognitl (Poland) S\kl Defennos (1oobnbly In deh?nxo of Liegnita Airfield) i Std 1.509 10.0030E PD 023_?0 5A-2_, piebald. star I LirgnittSAll Silo A71.9,0 B lOno (CzoohunlovakiA) S;1kl Defenses (in defense of major electronic, hoa,y industry, lrunsrsrmnlion, and militar y f?ilitios) 2 Orno SAM Silo 11150, 10.91.109 18111.15E CO 11!12.10 Fk9, ronfigurati6n andn,,tromed 3 Slit. SAM Silo 1120.2, 40-00-25N 10.15.000 CO 0.5'!-16 SA-2, runfiguralion undraeoninnd 49.07.35N 10.2440E CZ 0232.16 Typo I(rectangular) rt FarilityiI no SAM Su U 25X1 5 Urn. SAM Site 16192, 6 16rnu SIN Silo 912.2, 1X?57.109 10.35.15F: CO .0212.16 55.2, dairy 4905?060r 16 51.350 (:%097:?10 05.2, configuration undolunnlnad 25X1 25X1 25X1 25X1 25X1 25X1 25X1 25X1 25X1 25X1 25X1 25X1 25X1, ,25X1 25X1 25X1 C Drdinlava~(Cairhuxlorakin) 5001 Dofonnne (in dofonno of major military canto with Imps}rtant Industrial fariditios, including POL, explosives, wino and cable, and ? electrical engineering produrls) , A-v 7 Ilralinla,a SAII Suplont Fanilil , 4X?16.250 17.1940E CO 02.12-21 Type I ((octangular) 5{ Ilrltinlnu, 500 Silo 1135-21 4h-2a055 17.01.21E CO 112252.21 SA 2, ran II Ontrara (Cmnhoslavakia) SAM Defennnn (in dafonan of Important real and iron ore mining, industrial center, motallulgiod plants, chemical plant, and coke plant) D ppo r 4 Oxtrala SAM Site RN -2 ((nlraoa SAM silo 516.2 Ostrava SAM Silo 022.2 Oalrara SAM Silo 1106.2 Onlriea SAII Site 113-21-2 1052.009 18?05400 Cl 0252.12 55.2, fan 46.41.100 18-9/?2002 Cl 0212.12 80.2, ran 19.56.305 14.20.000 CO 0952.12 Typo l(roctangufv) 16.5X?000 08?09.500 Cl 0252.12 85.2, fan 19.47.009 17.55.00E CZ 0232.12 80.2, fan 19.56.300 18?00000 CZ 0259.12 804, fan E Upper Silesian Oasis (Poland) SAM Dofonnne (in dofonno of most important Industrial bomploa in Poland) 11 15' 10 IT IX 19 20 21 2.1 55 Choraow u?AM silo C26.9. Ch r oraow S,M Silo LL Choraow SAM Support Facllll Choraow SAM Silo 033.2, Choraow SAM Silo 001.2, Chorzow SAM silo 6606.2, Choraow SAM Site CIa2, Choraow SAM Silo 011.2, Choreaw PAM site 019.2, 00.27.000 18?17.100 00-20.109 1443400 50.37.450 16?37.300 Country & slap Rif PO 0:32.7 8A?2, fan PO 0202?7 2 TYPO I (rectangular) PO 0232.7 50.2, fan 50.53.100 16.0145E PO 0232-1 0027.505 19.91.51E P06232.7 60.15409 103000E PO 0932.19 5000.300 14.16.40K PO 0239.19 00.02?100 16.54.00 PO 0917.19 10?16?91N 14.84250 P00252.12 80.2, fan 85.2, fan 80.2, fan 80.2, fan 8.1.2, fan Typo undotennlnod F Miskolc (Ilungary) SAM Unfnnann(in dolonen of major Hungarian iron and 0100) producing area, bonny Industrial samples, and major Oann 1111 0223 To ok( 23 Minbolr SAM Sim 001??.1 J 18?01400 20-50.43023-yp I (rectangular) 24 Ilinknlc SAM Fupqst Fe X?0I?200 2 3.10 00.3923 Type languly) Mlo 11:002, X.16.1(2: 20- 031-00E 0 HU 110 0235.23 50:2, W 50 ? klinkolr SAM 0 Wunaw (Poland) SAM Defenses (in dnfoneo of Polish capital: Industrial, military, and goremmental control cooler of Poland) 23 Waraaw SAM Sits C19.2 JI 51.50009 2055.00E PO 022322-S 8A-2, link H Ilukarho,o/Uahgonsl SAM Dofensno (in defense of Mukachovo and Uehgored MROM Complexes) 2A Mukaehoso SAM Sits 6129.2, 48.31.100 22.21.40E UR 0232.24 SA-2, star 21 Mukacholo SAM Site 6621.2, 18. 15.000 22.24.00E UR 0232.24 8A-2, star 28 ,Mukahono SAM Support FaolU[ 4X-2140N 22.42.40E UR 0232.24 Type II (square) 29 a Mukacheeo BAIT Sllo 019.7 48.07-SON 22.39.50E OR 0232.24 60.9, alv ui...d2r.wn 0f all nhulo rufnrnnron on this pogo is TOP FECIIF:TrtTOP SECRET Qn1usX atherwieo indicated following in indiridval relsronrs 25X1 25X1 TOP SECRETI 25X1 )08. I Mission & Date Itimtallition Negated' Dofennire,Role Undetermined." II Thin facility has been Incorporated into an existing eaplonlvee etoraga area, It reeembfea the Type I facility more than the Type 11, 25X1 p~SfCNES RN BORDER jj $AMD FENSES ISl! i*C IU lp COHTINUAT CENTRAL CARPATIHANti PL'I3i TOP SEC 25X1 30 n,.,t SAM Silo' (13-2 1 31 Koval FAN Sito C35.9 32 Koval SAN Fit- 11':0.4 33 Kavol SAM Silo A-M USSR Nonlrm (!order SAM Rofunnue (in do4nn1, WO-tom I,urdor of 115.511 and Sokol, Drogo0yuh, Dollna, and Nulvornays 1111115111 Comte 51.51.009 24.19.302 11111.0232.5 ' 50?2, link, 51.32.609 24.32.502 UK 0232.5 50?2, e1.1 61.13.504 24-22,10E, lilt 0234.5 S%-2, "tar 51.12.009 24.41.002 Ulf 0232.3 SA-2,.f 0 25X1 a4 25X1 ae 25X1 ae . 25X1 io 41. Koval SAM Supl.O1 Facjlity'X1 None1 SAM Sit- 0132,1I liodlmir Volynokiy SAM Sit- 201.22, Lut,k 1111251 Comple. tSA%l Site 1,17 Country A 11.p I(of Typo A ' Configuration llinnion A Date Firot Appovn I Illt 0734.10 Typo II (oquuo) l1H 0234.10 SA-2, riot. tilt 0737.10 SA-2, OW Ult 0239.10 SA?4, link Fokat 2)51 Site 201.2,1I5~50.10.300 41.17.05E JIB 093.1.10 SA-2, MOT Sokd 11111111 Complon SAM sit, ?6?.?,1150.41.150 41.07.53E _ UK 0939.15 SA-2, clot -,. - 50.05.OSN 2359,.352 UK 0239.15 SA-2, Cl., 51.0045N 41.50.00E 50.35.000 24.43302 50.47?I5N 41.44.202 25X1 44 Lvov SAM Sit- 1129-2 25X1 !S Lvov FAM 3499x1 Fa L.7xl 45 Drog-bych SAM Silo 233.4, 25X1 46 Drogob r'k SAM Site A19.2, 17 9rvv SAM Suppirt Fsrilit 40.34?4011 43.15.10E UR 0232.15 S.A?2, link ? 19?IT?10N .41.05.40E UK 0732.15 Typo I (roctangulu) 49.41.01N 23.53.262. UK 073222.15 SA-2, olar 111-37-20N 23-23-41E UK 0232.15 84l, clot 4011 300 43.3000E UK SA?9, star 19.11.300 43.53.10E IIR 0432.70 Type 11 (square) 45.01.500 23.50-30E, UR 0732.20. ? SA-2, etv 15.31.109 24 4.3(2 UK 0332 220 84?2, our L.`)x( 10 gonna MR2M Complat SAM Sit. 1116.4',25X1 5 5 25X 1 25X1 51 Ivano Frankovnk FAM Support Faollit 48.35.259 41.35.10E 25X1 52 Irmo Frank" 'k SAM File (16.2, 18.30500 9443-352 l\? w ~ - . ItOf.n In.9.i 9(111 77IIIbtpit;' 1 25X1 , . Ilukurhu, . ., Nud,- ion 01111101(un.ldov 5101011, 101.2, f,101nN 7120112: UK 0234 25 SA-2, Car UR 0134.45 Type 11 (square) UK 0232.25 FA-4, elan' It (1:22.71 :A.'.', rnnfigurelion undmerminrd I,'1t 0232 ^5 F\ 7, fan J Dofomire Role Undotermine25X1 53 Khool SAM Site 1111.2,1I 16.03.500 43.49.11E Ull 0332-25 RA-2, link I('.In..if?n0on of all 9010(1 ndorrnr-, on Ihi, p.g- i, TOP SF.(?IfE 0 T(II' SECll11l nlovr olh-raino indicnl? I folk uo- TOP SECRET llienior & Date Inotall.tlon Negated I 0 Only 5 launch revelments are vlnibla al 1510 Oita. The proximity of lhla Oita to surrounding buildings rygge.te that it may by i training alto. II muiaud of K Iwl Oro ,1paro- nuauwla 110111, 11 parallax of a SW a.. ?di.Udioa road po2no. Thi. ?n, vn' n,?gw,?d Thi..h. nmy I ua,I n? o in(:da,g ?Im, Luau ?,? of ii.. prnnmily In n barrur l? 4100. The ,-nllgurotin-ol lhi? .n- hn. 1,,?n udrn?~I . 000?. but m fit thr ?urmucding o?rra.n. 1 LEGEND M SA. SAM SITE 5 SAM SUPPORT FACILITY p.. ;Ins 6a WARSAW SAM DEFENSES \ SE1 ^AC.16A S CONTINUATIONI f ` {hlvnr .../ PPER SILESIAN BASIN-_ _SAM DEFENSES'" Y,. . u r ?ew\ 11 w ) `. .~ \ BRNO SAM DEFENSES OSR WEST RN BORDER SAM DIFENSES (SLR tAC III. P5P CONTINUATION) TOP SECRET VORLO AERONAUTICAL CHART CENTRAL CARPA'I'IIIANI 25X1 25X1 25X1 25X1 25X1 25X1 25X1 25X1 25X1 25X1 25X1 25X1 25X1 25X1 25X1 25X1 25X1 25X1 TOP SECRET Name, Sit. Droignelor, & BE No Country & %farR,f Typo 6 Configuration Mission & Date Firnl Appoorn I Mission 8 Data Installation Nogalod T A ),utdk SAM We.... (in defense o('Lulok and Kiverl.y 1111071 Complonon)' I Kivnrtey MOBll (,6goVAmploo SAM Site A01.2, 31.04 110 25-31-20E UR 0235-6 SA-2, ntu 2 `utnkk1 kC Sit. AO ?2 ? 5019.504 25.13.10E UR 0233.6 AA-2, probablo elan Y 5X1 3 Lutok SAM Support Facility 6015.604 25.09.000- Ul3 235.6 Typo 11 (equuo) 56. l.ut,L '.0.11111 Cumpl- 5\U >no, -50 37-.10N 25-00-10.f: INS 7.2, conGgundion This alte has no associated support buildings, and apposite abandoned. B - It mn,, SAM I1,Gm.,, pn lob-n.- of llo, nn: ., annul lainor induari -n; milimgv barrack. er,A., euppl, depot, And m,mru,er nn?u; and it, lurge>t fins r,wh;ne in f:urnp.) 55 flovno SAII Site 0? - 'I I 5011.154 26.51.15E Ull 0231.6 SA-121, to, This silo Is located Ina mllitiry training uea and 57 Iimno S 1\I Sib' 11:5.2, 57 Ro, no S \\I Site Ho I.9, 0:1. 9SS 25-5,1.1 (IF. Il109100 5\~:, .lur SU IU.51X 9n-27-l tiC ill ii!19.0 S.\-2, run6gundiun ? undro?rmineil 59 II o,nn S1\I Sin' 1111.2,1 I 5012.154 9015 ^0.I: 1It 11213.0 S1 2, .lnr C Brody SAM Defenses (in defense of Drody MRON Complex) 1 I Camplus SAM Site BI8.2, 60103.400 95-0600E UR 0233.11 SA-2, at D Nadvornaya ofonaes (in defense of Nadvomaya NRBN Complex)' 5 Ivanq Frankovsk SAM Site 012.2,1I 16.19.004 2550E U6 0283.16 BAR, star Kamoneu ? Fodolskly/Borshcber SAN Defenses (In defense of Kamemte . Fodolskly sad Dorebchov NRON Complexes) Chernostsy SAM Support Facility, Chomrtey SAM Site Ctrl-5, Kamonete?Podol.kly SAM Site A302, Kamen, MR3M Complex SAM Site -21 1 18.46.004 26.02.00E ? UR 0233.21 48.59.OON 2641-00E UR 0233.21 /B?111.5ON 26.95.50E UR 0231.91 16.62-4077 24.16.508 ? UR 0233.11 undetermined Type 11 (square) SA-2, our SAR,stu SAR,slu F Yolek SAM Defenses (In deforms of Yelsk MRBM C.mples) I 11 Konkovlchl NRDM Complex SAM Site C19-2, 51.51.20N 8845.10E UR 0233.2 SA-9, link II 19 Yolk MRBM Campine SAM Site A10-2, 51.13.454 89.26.50E UR 0238.3 SA-2, link 0 Belo korovlchlNsoro SAM Defenses (in defense of Delokemrichl, Korrsun?and Usovo MRBM Complete.) 14 DolokOorodchl MRBM Comp e-I S M Site 327.2, 51.00.20N 91.11.10E UK 0233.7 SA-2, out 15 KoroeIeo SAM Support Facility,I I 31.01.30N 28.83-30E UR 0233.7 Type 11 (square) 18 Koroston SAM Site C269,II H OsSog SAM Defense. (In defense of Bating MRDM Complex) IT 0etrog MROM Complex SAM Slu B161 5007.304 26.59.05E UR 0233.11 SA-2, configuration undetermined 11 0^tmg MROM Complex SAM Site 019.1,. 60.01.65N 11.01.56E UR 0233.11 ? 8A?2, link o ? I Zhilom r e c ov SAM Defonies (in dome,,, of Zhltomlr MR3M Complex and Dudiobey regional military storage lnewllatld 80 ? ZhItomIr SAM M-I I 8050014 19.59.90E US 0233.11 BA-9, our also 91 Berdloerdlahav SAM Site C20 C91? 19.685..0014 97?89.OOE US 0956.11 8A?9, elan 99 Rerdleher SAM Support FWill 19.80170 19.91.07E UK 0931.11 Type II (square) - 899.9, 43.46.15N 99.2610E UR 0251.19 SAR, our 85 Oerdlcher SAM Site 'The dolor,, of Shese Installations 6 complemented by sane dome a USSR western kgWi= defense. ICl... fwolinn of ell phuco rnfurrnnen on this pogo I. TOP SECRET pr TOP SECI1ET loon olhorei,o indicated follosing an Indivldunl roforonro? TOP SECRET I -F 25X1 This site Is unrevelted, and no service road cost, figuration Is visible. The location of this mite relative to surrounding buildings suggests that It might be a training site, 25X1 25X1 25X1 25X1 25X1 TOP SECRE~ 25X1 25X1 25X1 25X1 25X1 25X1 25X1 25X1 (?uunlr) A %lap (01 T) p, & Configuration 11i,,,ion A Onto First App?oi+ 1linnion 6 Onto InntuIlation Sngnlyd r 24 25 %hmnrinI. 5111 Suppul Farilily, 40.05 .15.4 2000.1511 011 020117 Typo 11 (oquaro) a %hmnrinkn SAM Sit., XID.2 40.50 .000 29.03.000 1111 0233.17 50-9, Mir l: I*:,~ /I...rnd+>111 rn, ill 9u6 :?.41.201: I-II u_'.l3 l i . ~ d, -hl K , til 1L ,:III ~.l''I l k u , 111 pan l'J?. In -00 103 2 l 211 22 7.15.!?I II 91 ' ,,,ol un,lioo umlol,?nninod 07 I1,;d,-,-I1"J"J-kn x111 `tIIn . Ih Ill ?;uiA' :i un 301 f11 !!!113-22 51-2,oonfigunlinn ' .und,arnninol 27 Kiynv S.UI Silo 1185.9 51M37 ?700 6024 OF. 1111 0233.0 SA-121, Inn 2h Kiynv SU1 Rim 390.2, 5090 .1016 5015.501: ? till 0233.0 50.2, nlnr DD , Kiyrr %111 Supixo/ Feri n 5010 .311.4 30.9(?3041 tilt 0!53.0 Typo I (norlanguler) 311 1i a S.III .1? 11O.2, 511.15 .056 3030.15E DItj01133.0 SA-2, nlu 0 31 Kiyn, flan 000' 019.2 511(10 .056 3p50.15E lilt 0203?l 113?2, ntar 32 Kiynv S111 Silo IIOn?2, 0 5050 106 3051.25E 11110-2-33-9 , 50?2, ronfiguration 53 llnlye T.+rrko, SUM Siln 007.2, 40.40 .4(16 3011.30E lilt 0233.11 SAO, star 34 Dole)o T?orkn, S%%I Silo 11 14.4, 1030 0116? 3?r21.(10E (IN 0233.10 50?2, nlar C,nnu, 5111 Dnfon?ro (in drfrn+n of lirennr 1111111 ('omploa) 25X1 35 (bona, 11111011^u^ 111111(n?n uplon Still Sim 1125.9, 401010.4 9010.100 25X1 53 S11 01101 ldra SW Sits 1112.2, 40.47.101 90.1.4 101: 25X1 0 Uman S noon Is dofannn of Liman 41111111 Cumplna) 57 Umnn 5111 Suppol FnvilitylI 043:06 5017.90E AD a noyo iln :117.9 UK 0233.10 SA-2. Iv 11102-33-23 SA--.,, sur till 0233.21 Typo 11 (ngearo) 4(110933.23 SA .2, link 3010.110E . UII 0233.14 SA?2, link 40 30 406 31.1090E Cll 023121 5A2, ronfiguntion undotorminrd p Krola,olo 5.111 Dah?n?o? (in drfonna of Krnl,noto 1111111 Complnn) 25X1 40 Krnhnotn s %%I Sit,, 11332 51?((406 33.16300. UK 0235.5 551.4, link 5mpp11ut in 111.n 5140.1106 3150304. UK 0233.3 y.o link 25X1 41 ? KKrorollovmrtou n 5.0,41 11Siu 14 51.0030.4 33.1610E llll &.133-5 T Typo II (equus) 43 SA 11 sit,, 321.3 51.20.456 16035). Ull 0233.5 50.2, link ITV/ IClon.nili, orlon of oil 111 to nfaron,n nn Ihi;, pogo in TOP SECIIET' o TOP SKCIIF.T[Dnlnen alhnrnlnn 1(0Miralml following an Indlvidwl refnronro. ))4 . TOP SECR I An unnvettod lwronligunlloo ground pattern I. 1 adjloont to this its. t 1 1 .1 25X1 ~. QK 9ElKItr:V RIVrat tilt) 25X1 25X1 Z5X1 TOP SECRIP Country & Map Ilrf Typo A Configuration Q Priluki SAM 64,- ca (in dofrn.oo of Priluki Long hung,, .tin At. Airfield) 25X1 45 Priluki SAM Site 1191.3, 50.0.002 57.10?OOE tili ly!91?9 ti(1), runlgorslion ? 46 Priluki SASI Pilo 1170.3 511.11.5 52.50.551: lilt 1290.0 S.{?9, plat 25X1 17 T Priluki SAY! Site A75-0 511.91?55GSN 99!11.551 lilt 11?!91.10 S.{.9, pn,hahln link 44 `Priluki SAM Sultan 1'nrlhl 50-312-50N 37 25.1)0: I'll 0235.10 TIP, II (squaw) 25X? 10 priluki S{1t Silo III4.7, 51}23.155 12.75.50E lilt 0201.15 S{?9, slot R KreTenrhug SAM Dofnnnon (in?drfrnnu of Krrmrnchug Dom and Power plant) . 25X1 25X1 25X1 90 Krrmrnrhu? 5:111 Silo RdO ! 10.00.555 97.5745E 111110.133-21 S1.2, star SI Kromenrhug SAM Supi Forilil 14.50.555 95.17.301: CII 0.130.21 Typol (non lan?ular) G0 Krnmrnehug Sill Silo 1113.2, I8?59405 55.21.511E VII 0,2.13-20 5.1.9, star S Detonnlvo Role Undetermined 50.111.005 20.05.00E VII 023543 klinnile snnomhty and morose facility 55 Chrrnigoo SAII Silo 023?2,1I 51.17.005 00.50.10E VII 0!33.4 5.1.2, afar 25X1 01 Toro nut S%%I She 1115 7 40?!2.105 35.50 700 III 023311 S.%?9, ronfigoraann 05 Chernigoo 5111 Sun 1190.1 51.00.105 30.51.00E CII 0:03.9 SA.2, link Minnion 8 Date First App,arn 1 klinniun & Date inelallation Nogatedl IClanoiriration of all photo rrforrnron on thin page in TOP SECll61 r TOP SECItET1unlonn otherwiso indicated fallow) ng an inditidual reference. TOP SECRET I 0 This installation is similar to those found at Moscow and Drurhinlno. Rather than supp rtin? any ono copplor, it probably ..root this entire region. This site In located in a military mining era and appears to he a training site. TOP SECRET 25X1 25X1 25X1 25X1 25X1 25X1 25X1? 25X1 l r,linalvn ('unmry A 11np 2 f l.)I-'A 1?unfignrolma Ili+..inn A out" Fir.[ Appears' I Mission 6 Data Installation Nogatdr Nom ? lnntallaliunn ahuno drfnn.+ivo role in unknoon, and x hirh do not fall within thdronflnrn or u SAII defenn., area nn, found under nulMuding II ? "Dofonnivo Role Undoterminod." A Pull.,, SAII Defeo,- (in defense of Smiel Long (long, fir Arm Ile IIII 1.116 lli', y Iloot,', 11r Ili, i.o,, wish Typ, II, m,nlifid,II and I rnlla,u S.III Sib, 1120.2, 2 roll.,, 5.10 fib, 091?! L 0 Puller, SAN Support 10.dily, 10.10.304 1I.Oh?Ill 19-'14911.4 31.19.1 I 40.90.450 34?11.10 40,100114 34.01.20 tilt In23I-II 1111 01:11.11; fill 01:11.10 lilt (U11.10 51.2, al.r 5.1.1, near T)In, II (sit luuel 839, star S Dee o,llaerxhinsk; Unepxup lnosk SAM Defeo.+un (in defenn? of niruluair indu.trial nron ronlpri.ing the henry induniny emnplmrs at D epnnlturthinsk: iron, ruko, il d ? h ra roa t an, synt etic mlloo,nin, and Pok., rhemirof plants; uranium cunrnnlration .all railroad farililinn; Dnepolwtrn,sk: slel, Io. s,oti,e, heavy equipmem, nn,l wok,, rhemi, al plants; rolling mills, railrmd farililinn, lower plan[, and Dnnpola.lrm.l Ue?dolsm nl and l'nducliun VvelVr, l1IUPC) 6 Dnepnpnruvnk kAlil Sito 1 1~ 2; 7 Dio-propieteoisk SAM Sit., 4 nni, xu u,trmnk S1M Support Facility, norxnp,trn,nk 8101 hit,, IIIT?2 10 r nn?pnp,lrn,nk SAM Siw 011.9 I I Dno papa'Irovak SAM Sit-, IIOT-2 l 24 IIJk S%it mpl"m F C Kursk SAN Defenses (in Mfen,o of.Kur+k: rtrungir railroad junction said yards, hdlery plant I11, and nynlhelie ruhlq,r plant) 5 N 35-59-40E. 55 W-311-1 origination 25X1 25X1 25X1 25X1 25X1 25X1 25X1 25X1 ,25X11 25X1 , a D Kharkov If %M Dufennnn (ia defense of Kharkov-, one of the US5it'a largest vitive with heady and rlectrirnl mar hi m,ry, tank and boon It, tractor, ban IInI.I., coke chrmlral, and ^irera0 an..Oily plants; headqu.rtrrn of southern railroad a)ra?m of 115511; likrainian Phy,lrotnrhpia.l stitul, at Kharkov; and ma)w military air farililinn) Kursk SAM Sit. 1133.2 r1 1_ -,O ,'.. undeturmin d IS Kursk SAM Site DI1.2, 01.40-15N 36.35?~I)P. lilt 01319 SA-2, configuration 2U Kursk > l undomrmino,l 11 1, '1,, 2:o- 2, f1-42 515 5.05.107: FN 0111 2 51.1, link 10 Aur.k 5111 Fup(nrt Furila 51-4530S 10.16.151: 1'It 01.712 T)Ia' If (square) el Ko,.k ,5111 Co aI1u5.., 5112-I0N 3616 10F CI10116? S1.' link 11 Kharkov SAM Sit., A0l?2, 15 Kharkov SAM Site 11.11,.1, 16 Kharkov SAM Sim 320.2, Ii Kharkov 6.1M Support Ea 16 Kharkov SAM Sim 1113.2 48.11.5514 31.14 430 1111 02:14.19 SA-I, 1n, 40-I 7.3 N 31.11. 20 131 01:11.91 51.2, l 0uld. star 41491.304 3440.41E lilt 0514.11 link 40.13.411.4 34-58.53E 1111 0'2,11 91 . T) I., I (re,iongular) 40-17-0614 35410.090 tilt 11231.21 SI-j, link 40.22.9111 13.21.440 110 0111.91 S%-2, slot 414.06.2011 3595.141E IT 01.21 53.1, star Io.211110 1t-17,111: 11111;1111.21 11)1a1 II ('gmue) 50.07.4211 36.16.150 lilt 1(234-12 51.2, star 50.00054 15.55.000 lilt 1234.13. 539, star 10.50-404 30.10-35E TIC 2'34-19 53?2, mare 49.56.400 36.26.500 off 0134.12 Typo 11 (nquuo) 40.53.1514 30.31.00E, tilt I(20{.12 SA-4, star Knmalank SAM DrGmnon (in dnfennn of Kramot.xnk Industrial eamplne with the melnllurgiral plant Ku)l.yahev, and machine and tad plant.), 19 Kramatank SAM Site OlOol,~ 44.34.004 47-IS?144: 11l1121{.22 SA?2, link PO II((ramatornk SAM Silo 1117.1, 44.24. ON 11.'14-11I{ ill 1;'14.11 53.2, star 91 hlnoe,ol111.1 ll +uppxt Pu, y, 15-4 1.110` 31.955114. ~I1i 11::1{.22 Typ? II lni(uan') P Voronoth SUI Dnlnnne, (in defen+n of Vtxonreh: nuclear purer stattei, aircraft engine and alrfmmn nnsomhly, ,din equipment, railroad car, and machinery paluelltnl) 01, Voronezh SAM Sit. 1101.2, 22 Vonmoah S.UI Suppxl 4101 t 93 Vmnnuah SAM Site 8102 01 Voron.ah NAM Sit. 11179 11 1'aronerh SIlI Sit,,'017.2, 00-It-ION 30.11.00E U I I 10114.1 5.19, link 01.32400 10.04.1X E Tilt 0154.5 - Typm 11 (square) 51.30-ION 35.10.10E Ult 0134.4 8A-2, link 51.25.14N 10.IT-l0E -1111VJ04-3 SA9,link 51-38-30S 5h-0t-io:5: Flt 1234.3 SA :,)Ink -The.o SAM dofnnnon also Wood n,m.n p,11tw?lies for the highly olratrgin D1mMa Basin, Principal coal-producing basin of southern USSR, Including Industrial romplnaeo of Donetsk, 1'nn,llymu, llaknyoika, Luganak, and 0,x1 ll'laaihculi,m of all photo nolen,nrnn on thin patio in T(Ip SE01tI'f 0 T01' SECIIF:'~Inlenn othrrslno Indirdd following an Indiddual refornmro, t~ I 0 25X9 25X1 25X1 @Ml 25X1 25X1 TOP SECRET ?5X4 ? 25X1 25X1 ('tx,nilinaton Country 6 klip lot 25 Lugnnnk tA11 silo 1191':, Ih':h?95N 10.05.1X4; (III W-34-23 hugnnxk Fnnnihlo SAN Fu xrl eru I y 15.19.15) 50?IIF111F. tilt 1)111.91 , Lugnnxk Sit" NI1?9 15.91.10) 10.50.1X4; I'll l)111.91 , it k,.:. n?b.I:1 io- Ih ,I)I n.i,? 119 2, H pi4US I~~ II-1uF.' 111 i2iI I ' II ? Typo 6 Configuration S%-2, Mar Typo II (x)100') s:1.9, nlar 51.9, con I,Iuruliun undrlonninrd klineion & Data First Appoarn t klixnion 6 Data Innlallalion Nvpatnl 'Thera SAM defonnon aino dtord omo prdorlion " highly nuntoglc Donau Daxin, prinripd roalgroduring haxin of xautham USSR, Including Indunlnial c,xnplmei of DanMak, Ynnakiyoro, klakuyovka, Lugnnnk, and Cinlmka, 0 111h,.agh Iho d.d,?n. in ii.i of ,, I ? donandiu?A, iI. Lw~.nl "i .,.,?I:I I' d -p?. ,,, pali.m i n t i i I,n?o,.r tl ? it -,., 1v... 25X1 TOP SECREI I 25X1 11?h,. ih, mmn of nll phnl?nd-r.,m . .a it,,, pug- I. TOP .A(911:fQnr'1'lll' 0E('Itf;'f~,lrnn othrrxim indirotod following; an indiaidnnl nd, rrnrr. 25X1 25X1 @Ml TOP SECR I Kane, Silo Do' gnator, & IIE No Volk 4111 Site A17.0, 0olakmn F.{N Site AI Country & Map 1Od TSpe & Configuration A Nionion & Dale First Appears Mission & Date Inetailation Negated I B Suatn,/h:ng-Is SAM Defenses (in defrnnn of Srniot Long (tango Air Arm Dana At Engels: VOL refining and 0101140 facilities, power plant., railroad locomotive repair., 25X1 railroad car manufacturing, and elralogic rail farililiox; production factlilies for electrical equipment aircraft part., guars, chemicals, 2'5X1' munitions, metal products, and short-range 5511, and SA11n) 25X1 9 Surat., SAM Silo ROh?P X1 51.36.300 46.:5.153 till 0035.8 SA-2, AM 1 Suratov S 1N Support Facility, 51.X.40% 46-10-DOE Ulf 0:35?i Typo I (rectangular) 5 Stuamv 5,111 Silo Ol6 8, 51.80.000 16.01?(51, UIt 11.35.9 SA?8, star 6 Sur. lnv S:1N Silo CI1.7, 51.91.45% 16.85.60E UI10 05 2 SA?9, link 0endn, ati coo 1:11.3. 25X1 0'1.1.1:9.5 15 .17.360 III 0975" SW, 'tar h Kumyahin SAM Support I'& Hit 51603.00% 15.81.30E Oil 0275.17 Ti.' yII (aquuu) 0 Kamynhin SAM Sito 081.8 25X1 10.50.45% 15.15.30E UK 0735.78 SA-121, star D Volgograd 5111 Deferrer (in dofenne of Volgograd: major supplier of military equipment-tanks, guns, explunivor, ammunition, small erica, andiI n rvw n rvw tranxpolaien facilities, PILL refining and nlongu farililiox, and power plants; and production of rhemirele,ab el, aluminum, tractors, 10 Volgograd SIN Site COS?9, 40.01.000 44.50.1101. Ulf 0:35.17 5A79, daisy 11 Volgograd SAM Silo 1103.8 48.57.50% 11.30.30E UK 0935.10 5,1.8, daisy 18 Volgograd SIN Support Far' 18.5:30% 44.38.151: UR 0105.10 Type I (rectangular) 13 Volgograd SAM Site 033-2 , 48.51.13% 44.16.05E U11 0135.10 51?9, fan 14 Volgograd SAM Sit- 1197.9, 18.10.IS% 44.10.00E Ulf 0335.91 SA-2, dally - 15 Volgograd SAM Site 091.9, 48.97.00% 44.18.43E UK 0933.91 SA-2, fan 16 Volgograd SAM Support Facilit 11 18.86.905 11.30.05E Ult 0935.91 Type I (rectangular) IT Volgograd SARI Site Cl7.8, 18.17.000 44.38.011E UR 0935.91 5A?9, daisy 18 Volgugtad SAN Sit. 015.9, 26- 50N 4446.80E UK 0935.89 . SA-u., link 44.55-IOE OR 0935.99 5A-9, link 18.42.200 9 1'o)gegnad SAM Sit. 000.2, ' 25X Iy 25X1 C Kapu.lin 1'ar/Vladimiroka SA11 Defense. (in defense of Kapuntin Nan/Vl.dimi.,k. Niaeila Teel Center ?-KY/Pled 1STC-.and V'ladimirovk. Advanced Weapon. il e nyatema) 25X1 25X1 and Research Complea-?VAR'AOC: R 0 D facilities for SA11,110101, IRON, A511, end cruise miss 751 KY/Vled (ITC SAM Site, U30. 18.47.000 15.11.00E UR 0935.89 5A-9, eta 91 KY/YIad (ITC SAN Sit. 0919 48.33.000 45.53.901. Ulf 0935.99 SA-2, ale Akhtubinek SAM Silo A03.9 48.91.550 16.13.05E UK 0935.89 SA?9, ale 23 Akhtuhinek SAM Site A019 IS. 24-05N 40.15.40E UR 0935.99 SA-4, probable eta 64 -? Akhlabieak NAY W. AOIA? ----1i.II1.WN?{1?Ig?1AB?UB 0611"--d ? j Oastigaati-? 25X1 25X1. 25X1 yMd 18.42.050 4!1.11.000 UN 0135.09 M-'." tar 90 KY/YIad SIC SAM Launch Comp ey 40.10.00% 15.15.00E OR 0935.98 SAN It III D and 75 K0/Vlo t It 1'C 5.111 Silo ('3118, 16 EN Ylnd It I' S 111 Silo 11713 :10 131/ 1'hnl 1101' 5111 Silo 1111-3 El training center 15.4641N 45.7041,1: flit 1135-17 SA?3, configuraion A 45.15./ON 45.10.3013 tilt 0"35-2.' 51.3, configuration A 4540- ION 1575?(70 fill 11455-IT 513, configuration .1 I(?Ia~nifi?'nlion'uf all photo ndurcnrn.+ on thin page is T01' SCCilET o TOP SF.CIIET=1 unions olhersiae Indicated following an individuul reference. TOP SECRET 0 25X1 Khan noon on II thin site did not display the configuration of an FA-0 silo, although the diminution. place it in that category. 25X9 ' I 25X1 Jaaasalorlrwried u. Cat.4aay O NAd3 NAY it. Thin (tenon rae area was umrrupmI amt , ~c,plrndr - e n TOP SECRELI Name, Site Designator, & DE No Country & Il.p Rot Typo & Configuration Mission & Data First Appear- t Mission & Date Installation Negated I 25X1 ' - A Orenburg SAM Defenses (in defense of major Inneportation, Industrial, and military mmplex.dn southern Urals region: locomotive, vehicle, and tractor pitta; ammunition, I Orenburg SAM Sit. A23.2 I ? 51.45-DON 54.58.25E UK 0236-2 SA-2, configuration I I Although the Orenburg area oppoare to have mntegic undetermined significance, Ihle In the only SAM its identified thus 0 Aktyubinnk IRO51 Complex SAII Defenses (in defense of Aktyuhinek IROII Complex) 2 Aktyuhinek SAM Site 328.2 49.46-NON 56.26.80E UK 0236.15 SA-2, configuration undetermined 3 1 Aktyuhinek SAII Silo C23.2 49.52.40N 66.59.803 OR 0236.18 SA-2. qonfiguratlon 25X1 undelmmined 4 Aktyuhinek SAM Site D20-2 40.45.OON 57.00.00E UK 0236-13 SA-9, configuration undetermined 6 Aktyuhinek SAM Site CIT.- 49.53.25N 57.24-SOE OR 0236.18 SA?2, eta 6 Aktyubinek SAII Support Foot it 49.55.OON' 87.25003 m OR 0236.14 Type II (square) II ALI)uhinak SAM Sno ('112,1I 5O.O0-IION 57-52.503 3110''80-14 512, r.nl, ,roIion T Orek SAM Site C23.2, 25X1 50.46.30N 57.51.10E OR 0236.9 BA-9, Probable elm 8 Onk SAM Site 3209, 50.57-SON 84.92 0OE UK 0286-9 BA-9, star 9 Orek SAM Site 820A? 50-ST-SON 58.N5.O5e UK 02369 BA-9, configuration 10 Ornk SAIL Site R15.9,I I 88.00-ION 60.80.353 OR 0926-0 BA-9, probable star 11 Cock SAM Site 015A? 25X1 51.00,129 30.80.35E OR 0236.0- BA-9, configuration ? undetermined 10 Orals SAM site CI0.2;[:::1 51.14.209 39.04.45E OR 0236-4 BA9, probable star 1Cl.se,tication of all photo references on this pogo is TOP SECItETir'TOP SECRET=nloxs otherwise indicated following an individual rofereni?o, 25X1 TOP SECRET] The launch position. It this site us rovetto(1, but no service road conflgurulonie visible, Thorn us no site support buildings. . This site I. unreveited. FIGURE I{. VAC SS4 SNORINO LOCASIONS OF SOYIIYdYPI SAM INSSALLASIONS. 5X1 TOP SECRET] Table 4I. Sd4 lns(ollolions on IV AC Pal Namo, Sito Dooignmor, & IIE N. Country & Flap IN( Typo & ConkguMlon Minion & Data Firnt Appanrn I Minion 6 Date Inntnlhtion Negntod I C Defonni,o We Undoterminod25X1 4 Dolan SAR Site D24A?21I 25X1 ..In..ir..> 50.54?ISN 7h?11.40F. UR 0255.10 5A?2, noMi`ur.tlon undoterminod 50.54.45N 75.11.00E UR 0255.10 SA-2, pnohnble link I CIn.?ifirmiun of all pho o reb renre+ on Ihio o ,' io 'fill' .1H 111.3=1 101' SECRET LJ'nb?en olhereiee indiroted fulls. ing on indilidunl '0 n no . 0 his, .oIisity aoo.I.Y Of t.o .i lahiuh lomwly we celled pos.ibl. A11111au.eb .it.e because LL.ybon..os. aisil.ritio to sit" 4 ad 4 at, I u..-_Oowpt u-A, &iATC, Nha Choy on oh. u.rvd L.41~01b immilatily was. rok.o{t.LL4lkhdhome bossily. 11," ui l , till a, tinily ho, been drh?o? I n i drG?u.ne inMnllalfon. A similar It" 1allntioo 1, 1, heen idrnlifu?d neon Ili, 1r?ll. 11. 11. r. 'Aim i'l n.. Ilne I whh o Nmg uml . r.u,nr." nvrrir ing oImiun. Th'n?Lrr, 'hi, unld~millyd ar ti lily in run,oi ri?d Me, train . This site is unroutt.d. TOP SECRET] 0 25X1 LEGEND ? IA-2 SAM M79 D UNIDENTIFIED SAMACTIYITY I. CHANGE: AND AODITIUNS 11{ BLUE Y?r 1TK DOLON AIRFIELD SAM DE!ENSES \\- FICURE if. MAC 11L SNOWING LOCATIONS OF 0OVI Y YIL SAM INSTALLATIONS. TOP SECRET WORLD A I. CHART ,F TOP SECRET] 0 ToIle 45, SAO InoltIlaliona on MAC 130 Coordinator Country A klop I(of Typo A , Configuration., Mission It Date First Appear. t Mission A net. Installation Nogata44 ll 25X1 Ro f C l teovnk Area SAM Defenses (probably in d8, 7 entral Asian border of USS R and Rubtsov nk Oactor plant and power plant 1 1 60.10.05E UR 0230.9 A?2, link 6 ItubtniooY SAM Support Faei lit 51?20.00N 61.06.50E 11R 0230.2 Type II (square) 7 Rubtmmek SAM Site 020.2 5I?:0.15N 61.06.00E OR 0230.2 SA,2, link 6 Uubtnovnk SAM Sim A09.2 51.31.30N 61.26?I0E UR 0230.2 SA-21, configuration 25X1 undetermined C OSsH Central 'Asian Border Defenses (in defense or the Central Asian border of the USSR) 0 Ayegua SAM Sim 605.4 125X1 60.50.00E UR Atli $A-2, link 25X1 Soria. 1501 Shoot NM. 11, 2d od, 10 tint Eamneog,v,k SAM Site CIS?2, 25X1 , 40.36.05N 65.03.25E IIR 0250.16 SA?2, configuration undototnlned 10.11.200 83.36?ISE UR 0:30.15 SA-re, link 10.10.100 63.12.50E OR 0230.13 Type II (egtuo) ICla.nsifiratlon or all photo references on this page In TOP SECRETDor TOP SECRE=Iosa othorwlae Indicated following en Individual rnfurenco. 25X1 TOP SECRET 0 0 @M1. Name, Site Donlgnalor, A BE No TOP SECRET] Country A Slap Ilof ,A Uti511 Central Anion Border SAM Defenses (in defense of the central Asian bonder of the USSR) ? I . Sony Dick S;1kl Site 0214, 2 Sony Birk SAM Site AIS-2, 3 Sary Otek SAM Sit. 029.2, 4 Sony Bark SAM Site 036.2, 5 Sary Dick SAM Support Facility 2,5X1 .25X1 25X1 25X1 Ush?Tobo SAM Site 0(9.2, Unh-Told SAM Site A02A, Ush-Tobo SAM Site 906.2 Lepsy SAM Silo C21.2, Lopny SAM Site A05-2, Akhalyk SAM Site Al0.2, Aktogay SAM Silo AID- Typo & ConIigu 01i0n. Mission A Data First Appear I Mission A Dale Installation Nagatolt 14.21.005 74.00.00E US 0241.22 SA-2, link 44.58.055 It-31-35k UR 0214.22 SA-e., probable lick 44.37.000 77-57.50E UR 0544.22 SA-2, link 44.37-SON ?I-ST-30E UR 0241.22 Typo 11 (square) 44.591 077.56.10E US 0244.17 SA-2, link 45-25.40N 78.01.45E UR 0214.17 SA-2, link 15.34-ION 78.52.40E UR 0244-18 DA-2, link 16.52.100 78.15.15E UR 0214.13 SA-S, link 46.14-SIN 78.57.10E UR 0244.I5 8A?S, ink 46.34.15N 79.16-OOE UR 0244.8 SA-2, link 46.49.050 79.36.50E UR 0244-8 4A-2, conCguratlon undetermined 13 Aktagay SAN Site 602.2,lI 47.09.150 79.41-01E UR 0241.8 8A-2, link 14 Aklogay SAM Site 8020- 47 04.400 79.1240E UR 0244.8 SA?2,'condgunllon 25X1 15 Aktog.y SAM Sit. R02A-2 (6 Aysgut SAM Site AIR-S 3_25X1 undetermined 47.10.55N 19.12.55E UR 0244-8 ? 8A-2, link 47.11-SON 80.2240E UR 0214.4 SA,2,'link tClnnsifintlon of all photo reference. on thin page I. TOP SECRET TOP SECRE unless othonibo Indicated following an individual reference. - 130- 30 - TOP SECRET' TOP Al.. defends Sony Otok IROM Complex. Alm defends Sony Wok IRR41 Complex. Also dofonds Sony Onok 1R011 Complex. Atso'defonds Say Ozek IR15I Complex.. g~ A secured tohiple nr~ is one no east. Iq 1 It contained 20 miss, eTtronepnrtnrn, I5 Oanop6der-tnilore, 6 prime movers, 2 loaded missile transporters, and numerous nnisters. The Installation is similar to several SAM os.embly area been in Cubs. This unrooetted site I. collocated r,th Aktogay SAM Silo 002.2. It... previously carried on a Cslegoq 2 SA-0 SAM Site. .I FIGURE B, MAC S? SNOWING LOCATIONS OF SOVIET-TYPE SAM INSTALLATIONS, j TOP?.SgC9E7 TOP SECR Name, Sit. Dosignetor, A UP, No Country A, (lop Hot Typo & Configuration Mission & Data First Appoar.,t Iliselea & Date Installation Negated t A Sary?Shhgan SAII Defenses (in defense of SaryShegan Anllminoilo Toot Conter??SSATC. Rathur than forming all actual defense complex, the., situ, oooaiot of & I SSATC SAII Site 0221.2, 5X1 45.5040N 7241-IOE UR 0245.14 8A?22, star 2 SSATC SAM Silo 001.2, 46-22-ION 722?51.30E UR 0245.14 SA-2, star 8 SSATC SAM Support Feri t 45.03-ION 73,85-DOE - UR 0^_15.15 Type 11 (square) 1 SSATC SAM SitD A228.2 46.05.1DN 78-81-(OE UR 024545 SA-2, star 5 SSATC SAM Silo 015.2 15.18-000 7845.15E 25X UR 02245.15 .BA?2, star 8 SSATC, Launch Complex Al 1.23 000 72.52.00E OR 0245.11 See remarks 25X1 BUpor.tlonal Role Undetermined 25X1 ' ' 45.25.OON T8-20- 00E UR 0245-l9 SA 4 training center i('l.exifiva(iun of all photo ndem-noon on thin pogo in TOP SEC'IIET^or TOP SECRET unlrne olhcrwino jndiratrd following an individual rofrronro. TOP SECRET] 0 This site In located at Launch Complex D, Sary-Shagan. No site (..located at Launch Complex A, Sary-Shagan. This facility is located at The Support Deno, Sorylhhagan. This,ellt In located at the Support Dane, SaySh.gan. This site is located new Instrumentation Site I and the Film Sun station, Soy-Shagan. The entire test center In apparently engaged In AIM- related activity, but Launch Complex A is the most likely AMM Iauocb area. This training cent" his at leant throe, and probably rive, launch silts. The associated facilities do n" appear adequate to support a lug., sustained effort. SK A S1 H KD LD ' TOP SECRET LI . LEGEND u ? SA?T SAM SITE A R l D/TRAINING FACIL1fY ? SAM SUPPORT FACILITY A ~a\ SARY?SHAGIN SAM [IEFFNSFS MD 11 'Ll 'J R i.... .. i MQ TOP SECR WORLD A L CHART AA 1K _ci 25X1 25X1 TOP SECRELI Country A Mnp Ilef Type A ('onfigurallot Mission A Onto lint Appnnr+ 1 25X1 I 1-1(10 A Tyun.um S %%I N6-111 In 1141 nn' n1 T) uratum hi ,ltd Tnnt (bnter??TT%IT('; 'n let IC1141 and spurs rn uroh and dounlnpmunt i I TTMT(' SAM Sit- 64!6.2, II 5X1 1 Tf1IT(: SAM Sim 04611 4,= 25X1 I TTMTC. SAM Site 1(63-2, S 116(10' SAM Site 11121?? 6 TTMTC 5(0 Silo 11321?' I 11010' 5021 Sit,, 1401.4, 5 TT11T0 51M Silo 14034? 25X1 10 TTIITC SARI Site IIOh4.3 L 11 TTMTC SAM Sito 110611.2 (2 TTMTC SAM .Sit. 1113- 25X1 13 TTMTC 5151 Silo 141(4. 4 11 TTMTC 5111 Silo 6113(3- 2 IS TTMTC SAM Sit. 1131.22; 25X1 10 TTMTC SAM Site 03126?21 I 25X1 14 TTMTC SAM Support Facl TTMTC SAM Site 1120C?2, ~5X ~h 15.51.755 63.02.201, UR 11516.11 15.51.159 03.113.50E Ult 0.40.13 46-03-55N 03?14?IOF. 466 0246.13 46.0 4 41110 63-15-00K Uff 0.46.13 46-09.105 01.16.304. I'll 0216.13 16.00.200 61.51.10E 411 0316-11 40-00.1105 63.51.304: 0110246.11 15.16-SIlO 63.43.554; UR 0216.13 15.16255 67.14?15E DIt 0246.h' 15.15.475 63.41.104. I'll 0216.11 45.42.409 65 202 0E UR 046.13 45.42.5509 67-:'0.404. UR 0'40.13 15.51.305 43-.15-50E UR 0046.11 45.51.405 63.00.004: UII 0246-IS 1.1.2, configuration un,h'lermined 50.3, configuration andoIermin ii 51.0, con figurutlon unduterminnl 5.1 4, ronfigural loo undrlormined - 51 2, ronfiguratlnn undea'rminoil SA-2, ronfiguratlnn undetermined 7:1.2, configuration undetermined 526.2, runliiguraunn undeerminel St..." rnnfigunalion , undelerminrvl 51.4, configuration undeterminryl 0.4.2, ?figuration undetermined 54.0, r.nfigur.11m undetmmine l F 1 3, ronfiguratlnn undoternoned SA-2, ronfigumtinn undotorminud 7.4.2, configuration undntrrminnd 51.2, configuration undetermined Typo 1 (rectangular) 71.3, cnnf igur-tion ind-turminod 51.2, configuration andmmmined llinnion A Dole Inntallaliun 5egalyd t IClaneifiention 0( all photo rnforenena on this page I. TOj77 SECRET TOP SECRET nloas othnraioo Indiralnd lullrning an Individual r-fornnro, TOP SECRET This unroll-Rod nit. no prmiourly rarrinl as a category 4141.0 5111 Site. This unrntell.d eife wan iron nunly rnrnrd an a category 4 5.1.0 5,111 Silo. This onrmMtnl aito aas pout iounly rarrinl an ^ Eat.goq 4 SA?0 5.111 Sit-, This nit. I. unro,ollod. ,This unrolot1w silo wan prneiuunly rarrinl 6a e c010gmry 2 5.1.0 SAM Site. This untmettod site was rye.lously rarrinl m a category a. 5.4.0 SAN Site, This unrmottod site aas preriimnly rnrnnl as a - catogory 2 54.0 SAM Site. This uarmettol site wan prm lousy tarried an ^ category 2 51.0 SAM Site. ThIaunr., ettod nito aas pry, iounly rarrinl a. a category 2 0.4.0 5004 Site. This unroWest silo aas pro, iounly tItrlPd an a category 2411.0 SAM Sit-, 39K] TOP SECR Coordinates Country & map Ref 6188 Type 6 Configuration Mission 8 Data ? First Appeals A Antrakhae SAM Defenses (i n dnfenno of major Caspian Sea port with s hipyards, strategic transportation, and POL storage facilities) I Antnkhan SAM Suppor t Forilit 4t?26 00N 1738.20E UR 0218.6 Type 11 (square) 2 Anlnakhan 5111 Silo A8 1.2, 46?28.08N 17?87?IOE UR 0218.6 NA?2, lin k a Antrakhm SAM Site Al l?2 18.11?SON 48.11 02E 0R 0248.14 8A?2, li nk 0 Rmdon SAM Training Cent" (no defense role.-fulfills a training functi on only) 4T-24-00,4 48-08.OOE UR PCL gee rem arks tlioc,diralinn of dl pMdo rofornnrnn on thin page I. TOP SECHF. TOP SF.CHik unless othormieo indicated following an individual roforenco. 25X'1 The facilities at this instillation -0.1 of 9 SA-2 .it.. (8 fans, I link, I probable link, 2 undetor? mined), a Type I jrectangular) SAM euppon facility, .leading strip, and a housing and support area. The inalallalion probably handles the largest portion of the Soviet 84M training program. Collateral lo- ports indicate that Eastern European officers keen undergone training In SA?2 systems bore. TOP SECRET] I kliulon & Date Installation Negated I @Ml 25X1' 25X1 TOP. SECRET Minion & Data Installation Negated I Note - Inslallliona whoso defensive role cannel Iw dulormined amt which are net located within the limits of a SAM defense area are found under subheading J - "Dofonelve Role Undourminod," A %nlamieh)o SAM Defenses (in dch-nseut Zalmnnh)ytk~ I industrial cumploe which Ipeludee an alumina plant, an aluminummlent, erge steal plant, and an aircraft engine plant) LL I 5X] 25X1 I 2alsomehyo SAM Silo 11114 2 47.52.250 05.21.10E Bit 0219.1 5A?2, star . %nprmzhyn S%% Suplsm t'scilily, 17.11.40N 35-15-50P. 11110240.1 ' T)'pu II (nquero) 3 %alaimehyn 5:W Site 1110?' 17.56.054 05.18.15E 11110240.1 S:b2~ at 25X1. B nerdyensk S4M Defenses (in defense or Denlyansk)25X1 4 llenlyansk S,1M Silo A50.2,II 4647.204 00.11.15E OR 0249.7 C %hdonov KIM Drdens,r (in defense of 7.hdanov; a major industrial and port complex on the Azov Seal 25X1 5 %hdan,v 540 Silo 923.2, 16.58.104 87.20.00E U110249.7 SA-2, star 6 7hdanov SAM Sit. B36.2,1 I 47.1045N A7.3l-40E UR 0-2149-2 8A?2, star 7 %hdmov SAM Sit. 1100?., 47.OT?15N 81.51.00E UR 0219.7 SA-2, Fur 61 %lidanbv 5A g1 Support Facility, X1 47.06.404 87.27.10E UR 0149.7 . Type II (aqua.) 25X1 D Dun.-14 SAM Drduno.s (in dolenno or Donetsk; a lug. industrial complex whi,hainclud.o an ammunition plant, a cokacbemlcal plant, and an Iron and,atoel plant) h Dom-Ink 5451 Sit.1192.2 4147.OON 37'31.20E US 0249.2 SA-2, eta, 9 Don -ink SAM Support Facilit ` 17.53.009 37?11?ISE UR 0219.2 Type I (rectangular) ~. 10 1lon tck Stitt Sit. RIO?:1 1T.15.304 87.50.15E UR p240.2 84.0, Flat ' 25X1 25X1 gg~~ E Teg.nmg S Ihl Defenses (in d-(-nn- of Taganrog; Industrhl pnduTon??airframoe, munltlone, metallurgy; and transportation center)' II Taganrog SIM Silo A04.2,____J 212, Taganrog SAM Sit. 906.9 5X1 P. Rustev 5AM 920.2, 5X1 17.17.25N 60.26.511E UR 02493 SA?2, link I8 Itustm 5451 Ruppert Facility 47.l130N 00.10.50E U110240.8 Type I (rectengulu) 11 (lest-, SAM Sit. 406.2, 47.16.OON 59.52-05E UR 0249.4 . 8A?2, etu IS Rilsloo SAM Site 918.2, 47,.01.55N 59.53.15E OR 0249.9 SA-9, link 16 Root., 5151 Site 921.2, 47.05-l5N 30.36.35E US 0219.8 M-2, in 25X1 25X1 47.02.504 80.26.30E UR 0219.8 54.2, configuration undetermined 25X1 gnnmr, & IIE 5n and rail lacilitle: at Novoronelyek and Tuapee; air defense sector and righter division headquarters at Krymek; Iron, noel, roko-rhemlral plant,, POU storage, major air bans with special weapons storage, air defense sector head. 17 I8 19 Fro 21- 'Those cite: may represent part of the secondary harrier defense of the southern border of the USSR, tCluellication of All photo references on this page Is TOP SECRETO= TOP 8ECIV unleae othorwiee Indicated following in Individual reference. ' F,adoelyl SAM Site 921.9 Foodonlya SAM Sit. All .2 Fmdoelya SAM Site C06?2 Retch SAM Site 920.2 44.49.404 55.09.16E 45.0"0N 33.23.80E 45.13.40N 89 52.OSE 45-07-SON 36.91.00E _Anapa EAU Site C83.9~ 7F Y1 1540.104 67-04596 Cuunloy A Map IN US 0240-15 UI{ 0219.16 UR 0249.16 UI10249?17 Tips & C'onfigurcli,n Minnion A Date First Appaara 84.9, star 84.9, slat SA-2, liar IIA?2, ronngurallon undetermined TOP (SECRET -138- 25X11 25X1 6 USSR SOUTHERN BORDER SAM DEFENSES AS.1fA Ay4114 P0A CONTINUA110141 N iC,l w ,lo . ,a so ra o 1r,1,: r/IGUme >J, RAC 14N, SNOWING LOCATIONS OP SOVIET-TYPE SAM INSTALLATIONS, .TOP;SECR TOP SECRET 25X1 25X1 25X1 25X1 Nome, Site Donigg fE No H 1 3e 'Ta61e 50. S,IO Inrtallalione on WAC 149 (Continued) Country A Map [for Typo 8 Configuration lli.oion A net. First Appear. 7 Ilioolon A Data Installation Negated I Anupa BAIT Hilo AS.l 187.47.40E tlil 02210,22 842, star Nmoroxniynk SAM'S iln A18?'!, 41.10108 1T?17.OOF. Uli 0319.4^. SA-2, star Nouomm~iynk SAM Sup, Fsoilil 41.10.158 37.42.15E Ull 0210.22 Typo 11 (xquaro) Nouomx.1yok HAM S h o 1111?., 44-3.1-20S, 38.06-30E Lift 0,2249.222 HA-2, star Tu.pxo HAM Site C31.2,~ 41.18.508 18.11.00E UR 0'!10.23 5A?2, sloe Tuspso HAM Site A28.2, 11.05.500 30.02.40E till 0310?:1 8A?22 (..a remark.) 25X1 Fred,,. iyo sIA su11.rt For ihly,Q 4,?05-loiN 15.11.50E 1110219-16 Tyl.? II (.oquunq. 4',.Io.,, sill sdr 1109.9 16111.1118 15.50.1114; I'll (1?!111.16, 5A?2, ronfigunolion ? undrtrmdnrd Ila iop 1211!04 gmRlg9_+AM Site 023.2, 44.20.308 19.11.10E UK 0219.23 8A-2, star IIa ko 1101111 ?7 Co'lII .I Il Sit. A13.22, 41.23.408 40.09-I6E UR 0249.24 0A?2, :11r llny0op lilt 111 l'ougilr. 5A11 sits ('10.9, 11.17.108 A9.9ll-154: UK 11?!19.36 , 411.3, xWr 0. 25X1 fail! so,wk-m Ihxdrr i on lury iIII Drfrn. -, (th,, mi ?n form part n 'rtml.ry harrier d4'nxo or the xnot4 nn h,rdrr of the L'iSll Irlwou n (hn 5ds of 25X1 25X1 An,, end II., (?..pinn r.) 25X1 10 Pyatlgorsk 8AM Site C3I.2 J11.10.1200 12.32-0(1E 25X1 37 00(00 pmh.II,? SAII t Feriid 10.17.400 39.15.301; 25X1 25X1 25X1 11 25X1 {9 25X1 1:1 o-OY soM 0(0 All 4.1.400 69.126.10E Ku.hrhr,x0y. sill Si10 It!7?! 1 0.1 9?{ON 69.23.1114; Nuhrhr,x by. S AR Sdo (`!1.20(' -2, 6-11 60.26-104: Nngx,l Yin SW sib. 1131.3,1 4501 b.!ON 10.17.60E .lrmwit Slll SO., V., 9.,!,= ?15.1111-ION 11.00.60E Na,,nnm) x.Y SAkl S, I,, 1121 2,1 11-'6.500 41.19.104: j U?hm+i,r Ileln 1'ndrlrrnuno I 25X1 UK 0210.25 8A-2, 'tar . I'll 0219.8 Ty'p' II (.quam) Ull 0:19.8 5 A-2, oUr I'll 0!19.8 SAL', ronOgun(ion undeu-nminod I'll 0!19.11 50.2, e.rf:gun(ion undntermnod ('11 0210.19 5.1 2, ronOgurelion undmermin,-d I'll (1219.19 50.2, ronfiguratian undnmrmined IT 0!19.21 5A-2, configuration undn(nrminod 17.00-SON 15.59.001?: 1; It 0219.10 8A-2, ronOgure11,n uniIdermin0d I('lex+il001 un of .II photo mhm,nrox on this pogo is 11)P SEC0E TOP SECI14 unleoo o(herwloe Indicated following an indlvlduoi ruforonw, - 110 - TOP SECRET 25X1 This site le on the summit of a narrow ridge. It displays no configuration; the service roads merely follow the contours of the ridgo. 25X1 25X1 G USSR SOUTHERN BORDER SAM DEFENSES 'itLWAC.770 AND 314 FOR CONTINUATION) TOP SECRET) I 25X1 25X1 25X1 25X1 25X1 25X1 25X1 ?5X1 25X1 25X1 25X1 Note ? Inntallatiune whose dofenru rotor cannot Iw determined and which are not locale) within the limiln of a SAM Doh'nno area Ate found under subheading o. "Defennivo Role UnJetennined.? 8 UH Q30-7 40-49-20 N 28-86-ISE US 0250.7 . '" NON 28-52-SOE UR 0230-7 .20E 47.11.00'1 08.3 48.50.000 20.01.00E Country A Type 8 klienion A Data klieeion & Data Map Ref , Configunlion First Oppoue Inet,llatloo N.gatod' UR 0250.7 o 'tall. 111104 Complex SAM Si1q~T?y,~ 47.55.500 90.36.90E o LL J~ 01.2. ,?,I,iuIF:~iiuu a 0 Kobvek SAM Silo An-2, . en , star 11.11.90!1 e9 S7?SOE US 0:50.9 SA-2, star T Delta SAM Support Facllit 47.44.454 20.57-SOE UR 0250.9 Type 11 (square) S Kobvek SAN Site 11I1.9 4T?41-ION 30.00-OOE US 0250.9 SA-2, star C Penomgek SAW Defenses (in defense of Pervom^yek IR04 Complex) 9 Fonanayek SAM Sit. 091.2 47.40.90N 30.11.05E UR 0250.3 SA-22, star 10 Fervomsysk SAM Bit. 011.1 47-50-ION 31.11.00E UR 0250.3 SA-2, eme D Oelgorod?Dneetrovekiy SAM Defenses (in defense of Dolgorod?Dnoetrovekiy)e I I DoIgorod?DnrreUov.kiy SAM Silo 095.0, 40.07.254 30.04-IOE UR 0250.19 SA?9,?etu 12 Dal ..d. nunee0ovnkiy BAIT Support Facility 16.07.304 30-H-10E US 0250.12 Type 11 (equsro) E Odeua SAM Defen.ee (In defense of Odessa-major Industrial and military coater and Important plecY Asa par a shipyard; mining and agricultural machinery producliun; FOL refinery; vehicle auembly plant.; Odeon military diatelct and air defense rotor headquarters). IS Odeess 8A4 Sit. A98?9 46.28.424 30.oo-SOE US 0250.8 8A-2, sju 14 Odor.. SAM Support F^clllty 1R-52.004 50.50-00E UR 0250.6 Type I (rectangular) 15 Odn.sa SAM Site 035.9 I6 Odeon SAM Site A05.2 IS Ode..a SAM Sit, A05.8 is Odessa SAM Sit. A18.9 10 Odessa SAY Sit, A111.3 1(, 4440..2 5lll5de 1115.:1 .n Ill,~..n 5111 :m, 11211-2 40.80.550 50.10.10E . UR 0250.6 SA-2, star 46.33-SIN 30.52-IOL US 02250.8 SA-2, fn 46.34.40N 30.53-OOE US 0250.6 14A?8, mnfiguratloe r 46.29-16N 80.11.18E UR 0250.8 504, star 44.21?BSN 30.1210E UR 0250.13 SA-3, configuration F Ir._:r.UV4 I1a97?h,E I ' l l ll"hlFe 4%.0, contlgural ieuO If?:10.214 On?IIi 214; I'll (1!412 n 1.8, runl,gunu ion U 76.17.(eI.\ 5oaea0: 11102'(613 S19,cunhuur,Nen unarlrrmined F Nikolayev SAM Defense. (In defense of Nikolayev, g major port o! lha Bloc' Boa Bros; two major rh{pyarde and a light lot banboe ban.). s~ 21 Nikolayev BAIT Nile 000.0 91' Nikolayev SAM Site A10.9, 46.56.530 81.14.05E' UR 0250.6 SA-2, star 47.07.504 01.550E UR 0250.0 SA4, star 46.56.000 89.0000E UR 02304 Type I (eeotangulu) 40.58.OON 39.15.30E UR 0850-0 SA-2, star 46.48.164 31.58.00E UR 41.9 5A9, else G Keiwy Rog SAM Defenses (In defense of Krivoy Rog, center of the Krlroy Rog Iron?or, range, and large Indu.Olsl complex; large metallurgical plant and numerous heavy Indueulee; air bare for fighters and Haiti Inmhw..I 25X1 25X1 'Although those site* are grouped in dafonee of epoclfla 601(01., they provide sufficient overlapping coverage to act a the Southern b0mor defense between Simferopol and the Rumanian border area, The obvious southern bmler begins with the Simferopol SAM altos and proceeds outward, 11ha++X24;82 of all phmo rohm'nce.+ nn tIi+ page I. Till' SF.i'llETO, TOI' SF:CIIF:T~unlo3.. mbrcx lee Indic-led full.xing on Individual refrmnre, 25X1 2 TOP SECRET 25X1 25X1 TOP SECRET 25X1 a 25X1 27 5X1 5h 111 Se,antopol SAII Sit. 1101'1 II Sruaio of Sol Site A01.2 12 Ssustap l 51M Site .A01-S 13' Sonata of Stu Sit,, A272 41 Fnsogol $10 Oils 027-5 I5 tic,antnpd 5:111 Siis A23.1 Krivoy Hog S 1M Suppul F. Krivny hog SAM Site 1110.9, T)p',A Configuration 11110250.4 SA-2, link Ill 0250.5 Ty pa II (square) Ulf 110.5 SA 2, configuration undetmmined H 4ikopd S111 Defenses (in defines of Nikopnl; Iran-pollution And industrial rrnlrr??pipe pnxlurliun and machine building) 4, nlnr 25X1 4A Siknpd ) Oils !?17T41.23-tiN 5 541.15.Sb .11117 ('1111!511.5 119511.5 Sit fi 11ll1 40 Rikuisd 5. Sire Ill42,~ 1-ISO ?200 ('11 5.2, star 25X1 10 4ikolxd 5111 Support F'ardity,II 17.41-255 34.35.10E IT 0250.5 Typo II (square) Ilinnion A Dale First :Appears I .Mission & Onto Installation Nogatodl I Rnlxmmah)o SA11 Defense, (in defense of %npwmth)e, a major industrial conplea?? an Alumina plant, an aluminum plant, a largo steel plant, and on aircraft engine plant) 5X1 31 Zolu noah)o 5111 Site 11 1 21,0 17.10.405 51.50.36E 11110 51.5 542, star II Khemmn (Ml Defenses (in dufenno of KherooA , a large industrial complex; agricultural mchineryy production, Pill, refinery, nhip)anl)' 5X1 12 Khcr,unnnnS1N Sim 1191? IOd7.150 52-:2.3(113 U(1 0250.0 842, star 13 Khrr 0111 Silt. CI7?' IIP10-:40 32.50-0-. 1311112311.11 S%-2, star 59 Kheraon SAM Site Dal, 46.00-ION 31.52-306 UR 0,11,50. 11 EA-22, configunlion undetermined K ('hornoronrbuyo SAM Dehmse,(in defroge of('hernnmornkn)o and Kranno,ol4n)o cruse missile launch sitos)a 25X1 34 ('horn aeon,W)n Still Site A2h-2, 15.50.460 32-{0-511431. Ulf 0!50-19 5:69, star 15 ('hernomor+Fo)e 0.111 Sit. 1121.2= 4" -.3-15S 52.40.45E VII 0:51-19 0S.{-2, neat 15.15-1110 33.00-WE 1810250.19 51.2, star 39 1'.yialor15.13.ION 33.2!-61143 11110450.19 502, Pmhahlo star I Yelp iy5111 $u 05 95.15 F. "t!K 0:50.19 Typo II (square) 19 saki 5111 Sae 426 2, 15.06.105 33.01.101 UR 0950.20 569, star El p M Sma,sdopd SW Balsa os (in defenno or S,nanogall-major military and indunioial renter; Iloadquonrrn Black Sea Float, three naval bases, ship repair 25X1 fae,lilieq and torpedo boar pen; ammunition, mine, torpedo, and Vol, storage facilities; submarine base and cruise missile site at Dalallo a, cruise missile site at Sevastopol, and jot fighter bison; chemical, machinery, armament., and munition. production)" 25X1 25X1 16 Sv-topd 5AS1 Site A19.2 17 Snvaetopd SAM Rita AII?S 15 S,n ,slop l SAM Support Fact n I9 Mrca.tnpnl 51M Site All-2,1 17-1h?1LY 51.17-SOP. 17-51-SON 31 2h 106 17-37.100 33.31.41?; 41.474WN 13.52.451; 1110250.25 41.11.550 33-33-25E '13110250.25 44.42254 36 13-IOE UR 0250-23 41.15-30N 51.95.15E 13111 0250.25 41.55.160 53-225-Slit 1011 0250.25 11.59.000 13.26-1106 118 0250-25 562, star 5.4.2, eta, S.4-3, configuration F 5A?:, att. 5A-3, configuration F SA-3, probable configuration F 41.51.2250 33.31-00E UR 0250-25 . $A-2, its 41.50-00N 33.31-IOE UR 0250.25 AA?3, configuration F 44.54- ISN 53.59.55E UR 0250.25 Type I(rectangular) 11.51.15N 33.41-00E 06 0250.20 SA-2, -tar 25X1 jut fighter airfield', military ramp,, and a space tracking lid rommuni, Allan facility; and Sarabm airfield special weapons storage alto) 511 Simferopol 5A11 Rite AID-11, 41-62.354 54.05-!5F. UO 0250.20 $A-2, star 25X1 51 Simfompd 5411 Site C04.2, 15.01.554 54.56001E UR 0250.20 54.2, star 59 Simferopol SARI Ruppert Fac y, 41.50 W5 64.011-006 Ulf 0250.20 Typo 11 (square) 4641.304 64.9410E UK 025045 Will configuration 50 Simferopol SAM Site C11.9, Irregular 25X1 0 D.fenalan hole Undotmmina( 25X1 53 Khor.on SAM Site D099, 40.59-DIN 53.03.45E Ulf 02S0.0 54.9, star 61 T(raspol SAM Site AI94 4646.50N 99.46-0SE UK 0250.7 SA?9; conflguratlon undetermined 63 Kakfovhe SAM Site 1106? 63.19.16E UR 0950.10 6A-2, configuration undetermined 25X1 25X1 'Although these miss nn, grouped In dofonse or npocifc targets, they pmvjdo sufleiont overlapping rolling. to tat as the aouthopt border defense between Simferopol and the Rumanian hod? area. The obvious southern bred.- define,, Inglnn with thin Simferopol N.A. sIt.. and lmcoods eastward. ICIasnlfication Of ail photo refonencoe on thin page is TOP SECRET TOP SECRET jnlosn otherwise 4ndicalod following an Individual reference. Country S, Ilap Ilef TOP SECRET C~~ - 25X1 25X1 TOP SECRET Tulle 52. S,0O lnelullalione oe SAC :51 Sum,', Silo Do,igeomr, t\ 111: No ('auelry A Mop 1111 Type A ('on(igural inn Mimmine 5 Dale Firm Appw. Mission Installatio 0. Dole n Negatedl 2 X1 5 I Iludnpomt 5111 Site 1105.2 41.59.5440 0.12.55 111111451 ?I SA I, fan 25X1 Iludulo,sl SAM 1 . 1 (7.32. 10 15.12-ISO IIU 0251.1 Typo I (rorlnngulnr) 9 0o,l, n-,l 5111 Silo 0 9, 17?'!5?{55 ID?23.530 IIU 0215-I SA-2, ran 25X1 { Uadap,?mt itn C1U? 2, 47.01-12 0 10?^0.5?!1: 110-215 1.0 53--2, fen 5441 S ?mt 5 1115ia, ('90~ 21 Iluda ! fin 4T-5161111 9.12141E III! I251d SA I p . 22 Iludulxwl S\N Silo Ulh , !, , .5 10.51L20 10.19.211: 1111'0!51 03.1, fee 25X1 5 Mimkolr 5 \01 Silo 037. 47.55.3115 20.99.10E 1111 0231.1 S:\-!, fan 2 0 Sfi.kolr FAM Silo I1I53 410 !OS 20.55-3111: IIU 0251.2 S:1.2, fen 45.37.ISO 2!43.5hE RU 0251.19. SA-2, -figuration d l i d I 6 Simoria SAN Silo All?2 n um ne un I 45.19.505 23.11.0011 IIU 0!31.19 S.\?,-, too 0 5ine,ris SAN Silo 1120.2, 1 42.52.405 22154.20E )lU 0251.16 , I 5:0-2, fan 27 Simnria SAM Son ('21 2, 45.40.1105 2011.00E 11110151-13 S4.2, cenriguratioo irmgular hill SAM Support Fnrilily, 15.43175 22-5481: 11(1025613 0111Igurelien irregular Plnonli SUM Support Fsdlit , 15.05.455' 25.18.001: RU 0251.20 Typo I (oodongolar) Plocmti SAM Sit. 1127.2, 1656.155 25.36.90E RU 0251$0 SA-2 (moo remark,) Iluchulut SAII Silo C31 ,l 44.50.005 25.56.011E flU 0,251-25 SA-2, fan '? Ilurharomt S.OIl }Ale C!T ?I 44.25-ION 25.37.45E, RU 10201.25 SA-2, 6n 11urharont SA411i1o "25 .2 44.11105 25.16.90E 511 0351.25 SA-2, (m 1lurhaoo,t 5001 Fite "10 .2 11.07 105 26.0545E RU 0251.25 SA-2, (an Ilui?hunmt FASI Rita 1115 .2 011.505 20.2040E RU 0251.25 509 (moo remarks) IT Ruchuont SAM Sits 011- 22 14-21-125 2613.25E RU 0251.25 SA-2 (moo remark-) It 11urhuonI SAN Site COT? 1 2 11.36.105 2616.110E RU 0251-25 50.22 (moo remade) 25X1 10 Plnumti SAII Site 010.2 14-55.500 2610.00E RU 0251.20 SA-2, 6n , 25X1 20 11urharoet SAII Support Foe 0y, 44-23.00 ?26.19431. RU 0251.25 Type 11 (equnro) 25 PIu1?+1i Prohuhlo SAN Sim 1131.2 45-10-25S 25.44.151. ' 1111 0251-2U SA-2, ronfiguration Irregular 25X1 26 1'lo mtl SAM Silo 1105-2,1I 45.117 _50 26.10-451: 1111 20 SA 2. -,efigunlion ? trna'ulu lu'o and small Indumlrion ) 27 IU Igredn 5,101 Si011130.2, 1656.000 20.15-119: 1.11 0251-16 S8-2, mar 28 IMdgndo SAM Silo IL1-2, {1.10.155 20 00.300 1?U 0151.21 5,1-2, nlot 2D Ilvlgrado 1'omrMLln SAM Su, not er it 1441.000 20.21001: 511 0251.21 Typo 11(square) 30 Ihdgrade 5001 Site CID.2 44-36.405 20.74.201: I'll 11,101-22 SA-2, link . lo 110 91 11nnov SAM 7 {551.205 25?{(1.001: IIU 0251.15 2, fan Si 25X1 92 Brasov SA01 ho d2 5 2 50. 1595105 25 :190h: HI) 8151-20 60.2, cnnfiguratien Irregular 48 Rranne SAM Sito 110 02 45.30-205 25-55.500 RU 0251.15 SA-2, fan 1Clammlliealinn (if -11 Photo mfnraneex on thin pogo Is TOP gECI1F:T . rTOP SECRET nlooa ndorslmn indicated following an individual reference. TOP SECRET 25X1 25X1 The monies mad. at this silo consist of . motion or parallel mad., a configuration peculiar to Rumania. The eonlce mod, at this it. voneimt of a merioe al parallel made, a configuration pocullar to Ilumsnia. The eonlce reads at [him site consist of a crime of parallel road., a configuration peculiar to Rumania. The conie- roads at this site coneiet of a series of parallel road., a Configuration peculiar to Rumania. 25X1 @Ml @Ml ITOP SECREP Coordinates Mission & Date First Appears Slleelon & Data Installation Negated t A Bntialara (Cwchoslenhla SAII Defense. (In defense of major military cantor with important industrial facilities, including POL, explosives, wire and cable, and electrical L5X1 engineering products) 17.52.560 10.44 },,. flu 0252.5 11.21.100 IB?55.1f~?G HO 0252.5 11+06.110 16.26.10 flu 0262.5 Budapest (I un e~ry) SAM Defense. (In de(oneo of Budapest--capital of Hungary, and Headquarters of Soviet Forces Hungary: numerous Hungarian and govlet military Inetdlallane, 71;Y1 ~ jx1 major river port and rail ceat", Important Indusldd complex, Including the largest shipyard In Hungary) 2 Budapest SAM Site B51.2 ,I 5 Budapest SAM Site C26.2 7J1 4 Budapest SAN Site D21.2 5 Dunafoldvar SAM Site 650- 16.61.000 16.56-05E IN 0252.10 15.44.000 16.61.50E Ilu 0252.10 17.0515% is 20.10f: . lilt 025210 Country & Nap Rot Type 8 Configuration SA-2, (an SA-2, (an SA-2, fan SA-2, fan SA-2, fen 47-01.458 t756dhE IIII 0952-10 SA-2, nmfigurntion undeo?nninoit Kuio.anr SAM SO,, unv2'LJ25X1 16J&153 17.56.501: IIII 0252-I0 SA-2. eta, I('Ia.,IGrnt,un of nil ptote roIou nrr?v on this page to Tlll' Sh:CllST[=or TOP SE('11F.T unites othcroiso indieatml folloning an indirideal mfrroncn. 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