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October 1, 1965
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ILLEGIB Approved For Release 2001/08/21 : CIA-RDP78TO5439A000500370030-7 Approved For Release 2001/08/21 : CIA-RDP78TO5439A000500370030-7 Hague Via TOP SECRET RUFF TCS - 12726/65 Talent-KEYHOLE - PIR. - 65041 Control System Only ODESSA PETROLEUM REFINERY ODESSA, USSR The Odessa Refinery is located approximately 4 nautical miles NNW of the center of the city at geographic coordinates 46 31N - 30 41E, Figures 1 and 2. The boundaries of the refinery area form an irregular polygon which encloses an area of approximately 50 acres and is enclosed by a wall or fence; it is accessible by both road and rail, 25X1D The period for which usable small scale photography is available extends from Figures 3-5. During this time period, no signif- icant expansion or major construction has occurred in the refinery area. Minor modifications and additions may have occurred in the SE corner-of the area, Figure 5, No. 7. . -Items of interest in the vicinity of the refinery are a possible polyethlene plant, Figure 5, Area B, and the Odessa Petroleum Storage, Romanovka Facility,. Figure 5, Area C. The following description of the refinery facilities is keyed to the overlay on Figure 5: Area A -.Odessa Petroleum Refinery No. 1 --Tank farm; probable crude and product storage, contains 32, large and medium sized POL tanks. Apossible flare tower is located near the SE end of the area. No. 2 - Receiving, shipping, warehouse and shop area. The rail- road spur enters this section of the refinery; a possible second spur branching off the original one is under construction. Nos. 3, 4, and 5 - Processing areas. Eight cylindrical structures which may be fractionating columns are located at No. 3. This arrange- ment suggests, (1) a polymerization plant for the utilization of gasses that would otherwise be flared off, or: (2) a treatment section for crude oil. The scale of available photography. does not permit a more specific Interpretation. No. 4 appears as a clutter of buildings and processing equipment including one or more possible thermal cracking units. There are at least four fractionating towers located at No.-5, along with one or more possible pipe furnaces. There is a small tank farm immediately NW of the processing equipment which contains 18 small process/product tanks and 4 medium sized tanks. The interpretation of the processing equipment present at the Nos. 4 and.5 could be reversed in terms of thermal cracker versus pipe furnace(s). TOP SECRET RUFF Handle Via Talent-KEYHOLE Control System Only Handle Via TOP SECRET RUFF TCS - 12726/65 Talent-KEYHOLE PIR - 65041 Control System Only . No. 6 - Probable flare tower; two small buildings and at least four horizontal tanks are located northwest of the tower and a large warehouse-type building is located directly north, adjacent to the wall. No. 7 - Four to eight small vertical tanks, two possible water treatment tanks (open; earthen), a possible boiler house and a shop or warehouse-type building constitute the principal facilities in this part of the refinery. The administration and laboratory buildings- appear to be grouped around the plant entrance near the center of the SE end- of the refinery area. All measurements have been made by the CIA/IAD/IB project analyst. They should be considered as approximate and must not be taken as official NPIC mensuration data compiled by the Technical Intelligence Division, NPIC. TOP SECRET RUFF Handle Via Talent-KEYHOLE Control System Only Handle Via, TOP SECRET RUFF TCS - 12726/65 Talent-KEYHOLE - 65041 Control System Only PIR PHOTOGRAPHY- 25X1D VP SECRET. RUFF TOP SECRET RUFF TOP SECRET RUFF MAPS OR CHARTS -SAC,, 2nd Rts, US Air Target Chart,'Series 200, Sheet. 0250-8 HL, 3rd Edition, September 1962, Scale 1:200,000 (SECRET) General Locator Map, USSR - 29656 1-61 (UNCLASSIFIED) CIA. C-RR5-82,523 QIA/IAD PROJECT 30600-5 - - 3 - TOP SECRET RUFF- Handle Via Talent-KEYHOLE Control System Only PREPARED BY - CHEMICAL AND SCIENTIFIC SECTION, INDUSTRIAL BRANCH, IAD TOP SECRET RUFF TCS - 1272665 PIR - 650+1 FIGURE 1 ODESSA SEAPLANE STATION ELE\'- IIT. STATUTE MILES KILOMETERS