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July 13, 2000
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Approved For Release 2001/Q'A-RDP78Z02997A000100060044-5 RE-DRAFT FY 1976 KEY INTELLIGENCE QUESTIONS Substantive Objective Provide accurate, timely and relevant information and as- sessments of Chinese internal and external policies and capa- bilities with respect to the United States, its allies, the USSR,t.Southeast Asia mac Key Intelligence Questions China Internal Politics and Forei~n_Policy 31. What major trends and changes are likely in Chinese foreign a- policies relating to the US and the USSR? 3 2. W4+4rl- Mats a ' M 7_ W ow are the in- ternal stresses and re-lationshlp-s within the central leader- ship and at tie key regional levels-likely to affect Ghn.a! main lines of''foreign economic and military polic '? Sh,Tatd WI Mao and/or Chou die, how are these policies likely to be affected by the succession process? 33. Is-- -e-~ing xi_ to attain--z- Third World 1 and trimental J IVIV'? .., ~? k l.. ,h A`' y gel. a Al" 34. How is Peking carrying out its objectivesktowards Thailand, Korea, the former states of Indo-China and Japan? --' 35. Will Peking be able to maintain its economic develop- ment and to what extent will it Cdepend on the West to support its economy? gJ 'U V1, Chinese Military Capabilities 36. What is the present status of China's nuclearnC capa- b ", 0 ~, ilitie s ?k / ,', the types and locations of delivery vehicles, the, numbers and typesIof weapons in stockpile and weapons Approved For Release 2001/08/25 : CIA-RDP78Z02997A000100060044-5 Cog Approved For Release 2001/081 . R RDP78ZO2997A000100060044-5 w 37. What progress are the Chinese making toward acquiring missile capabilities against the US and against theaUSSR ~west of the Urals 74'4 is Ji r ill ~1 )-1M*..' vli- `'- fi ~'` y,^ tiv" . 38. What will be Chinese tactics against and negotiating position on Taiwan? What will Taiwan's policies (particularly military) be towards Pekin g? Lo YAIVAI SECT Approved For Release 2001/08/25 : CIA-RDP78ZO2997A000100060044-5 Approved For Release 2O!ii4625 : CIA-RDP78Z022 7A000100060044-5 THE DIRECTOR OF CENTRAL INTELLIGENCE NIO No. 1468-75 Office of the Director 23 June 1975 MEMORANDUM FOR: Mr. Richard Solomon, NSC Mr. Richard L. Williams, State/INR Col.,Alfred E. Spry, DIA/Chief, China Branch 25X1A IA/DDI NSA/B Group Mr. William Morrell, Treasury SUBJECT: Proposed China Key Intelligence Questions for FY 1976 Attached are Drafts of China Key Intelligence Questions (KIQs) proposed for FY 1976. I have also attached for your use a copy of FY 75 KIQs. I would appreciate any written or verbal comments you may have on these and rather than have a meeting I would rather we deal with this matter on a bilateral basis. We will, of course, have a meeting if it becomes 25X1A National( Intelligence Offic r for China Attachment: Draft KIQs FY 1976. KIQs FY 1975 (Jalsas ~~?~axs+L1.. nscrt aaia as av+:a4) .t.s,_Impossihle-to-Dete line- c;assz;A,xD By 5 7_05 0 ",{ EM 3'T f:iilV D..QLAS:i3F1CMION (fit, t; (:i) ar (4 (r,rric one .:r r_.are) -.,st..., (n4 Approved For Release 2001/08/25 : CIA-RDP78ZO2997A000100060044-5 Approved FoorrRelease 2001/Q8/25 : C. l -RDP78Z0299997A000100060044-5 SUBJECT: Proposed China Key Intelligence Questions for FY 1976 (7813/9123) 23 June 1975 Distribution: 1 D/DCI/NIO, w/atts. 2 NIO/CH, w/atts. 1 NIO/CF, NIO/EC, NIO/JP, NIO/LA, NIO/ME, w/atts. Watts. w/atts. Watts. w/atts. NIO/SSEA, w/atts. NIO/SA, Watts. NIO/SP, w/alts. NIO/USSR/EE, Watts. NIO/WE, w/atts. NIO/RI, w/atts. Approved For Release 2001/08/25 : CIA-RDP78ZO2997A000100060044-5