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December 9, 2016
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May 12, 2000
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June 30, 1959
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CONFIDENTIAL Approved For Release 2000/08/23 : CIA-RDP79-00434A000100030064 3 OP.ERA.TION COORDINATING BOARD Washington Z5, D. C. June 30, 1959 MEMORANDUM FOR THE OPERATIONS COORDINATING BOARD SUBJECT: Report on U.S. Personnel Overseas A. AGENDA ITEM FOi;: Board Meeting of July 8, 1959. B. BACTOGROUND: This Report was prepared by an OCB Ad Hoc Committee pursuant to Board action of April 9, 1958, on the OCB Report on U. S. Employees Overseas, which stated that the Board in approximately one year would review the degree to which the recommendations in that Report have been carried out and would consider new situations that have arisen. An Annex accompanies the Report. The annual statistical report on number of Americans overseas is being presented to the Board concurrently with this Report In connection with the "Recommended Board Action (3)" below, a draft statement prepared by the Ad Hoc Committee is attached. C. RECOMMENDED BOARD ACTION: 1. Note and discuss the Report on U.C. Personnel Overseas dated June 30, 1959; 2. Concur in the basic conclusion, set forth in paragraph 3, and in the ten recommendations of the Report; 3. Agree upon a statement which the Board would recommend to the President for his approval and subsequent inclusion in the Report; and 4. Agree further pursuant to Recommendation No. One that the Report will be referred to the appropriate OCB working groups for use in the development or revision of Operations Plans and in the development of OCB Reports to the National Security Appr6 W1 kr Release 2000/08/23 : CIA-RDP79-00 ej~JRq"L'904-3 *NSC Declassification/Release Instructions on Fi Approved For Release 2000/08/23 : CIA-RDP79-00434A000100030004-3 CONFIDENTIAL D. BOARD ASSISTANTS' ACTION: 1. On June 26, 1959, reviewed and revised the Report for consideration by the Board; 2. With regard to a draft statement in connection with "Recommended Board Action C. 3", considered this an appropri- ate subject for decision by the Board itself and forwarded the Committee's draft to the Board without other action thereon. E. PREPARED BY: OGB Ad Hoc Committee on U. S. Personnel Overseas: State, Defense, USIA, ICA, Treasury, The White House, and OCB staff. F. PREVIOUS DRAFTS: All previous drafts of this Report, including the Draft., ` i '`` dated June 23, 1959, exccepTt the Annex which remains current, z b are hereby superseded and may be destroyed in accordance with the applicable security regulations of the departments and agencies. Bromley Smith Executive Officer Enclosures: 1. Draft Statement dated June 30, 1959. 2. Subject Report dated June 30, 1959. Approved For Release 2000/0&23 : CIA-RDP79 3 bbd f&3O30004-3