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December 9, 2016
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July 10, 2000
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December 1, 1953
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Approve ease 2002/05/02 : CIA-RDP79-00434AQ0200010002-6 MEMORANDUM FOR% Chairman, Personnel Career Service Board Chairman, Comptroller Career Service Board Chairman, Logistics Career Service Board Chairman, General Services Career Service Board Chairman, Medical Career Service Board Chairman, Security Career Service Board SUBJECT: Career Service Information for Overseas Employees DOCUMENT NO. jg 1. Information concerning the Agency's Career Service Program has not been disseminated widely among overseas personnel. As a result, overseas career employees in many instances are not aware of the activities which are now taking place in connection with the program, and are not familiar with the functions of Career Service Boards. It is probable that many of these employees do not know the career desig- nation which they have been assigned, and do not know that their utili- zation and development is being planned by a given Career Service Board, 2. In recognition of the above facts, the DD/A Career Service Board is sending a memorandum (copy attached) to each overseas employee who has the career designation CD-A. This memorandum does not attempt to provide full information concernin& the program, but indicates to the employee that his Career Service Board is making plans for-his career development, particularly with reference to his next asst. 3. It is desired that you develop, for my approval, a similar procedure with respect to those employees under the jurisdiction of your Career Service Board who are now overseas, NO CHANGE IN CLASS. { DECLA SSIFIED CLASS. CHAN d: TS S C NEXT RE ATE: AU R 70-2 E: ____ ? nREVIEWER: 026614 ~3 Y 9a_/ /51 L. K. WHITE Acting Deputy Director (Administration) AAL; 1 i Ap_prov 6 For Release 2002/05/02: CIA-RDP79- Documeal No. No Cha e 1 a p Decla led Class. Changed to: Next Review D AgEguLd-jod ess Approved For Relg10e 2002/05/02: CIA-RDP79-00434A00O 0010002-6 27 November 1953 14IORANIDM FORE SUBJECT; Information for Personnel Overseas Having the Carper Designation "CD-A" lo In accordance with the Career Service Program of this Agency, there have been established a number of Career Service Boards. Each Board reviews the rotation, training, advancement and assignment plans for each employee who in identified by the career designation of that Board. 2,, As you may know, you have been given a career designation which indicates that the Deputy Director (Administration) and his Career Service Board will be primarily responsible for planning and accomplishing your career development, At present'this Board is actively engaged in developing specific rotation programs, recommending training for individuals, planning immediate and future assignments, and in other ways developing personnel having the CD-4 career designation to meet present and anticipated needs, This Board is composed of senior administrative officials from vari com- ponents of the Agency, and the recommendations of the Board are submitted to the Deputy Director (Administration) for approval, The careers of personnel having the CD-A career designation are being developed on an Agency-wide basis. 3. Since you are now overseas, you are the subject of special consida. oration by the Board. As presently planned, a number of months before you are scheduled to return, the Board will direct a concentrated effort to select as your next assignment a position which makes maxmn use of your experience and qualifications, and which will promote your career develop menu, Your own wishes and career Interests will be considered when each an assignment is planned, and, if at all possible, you will be notified of your next assignment prior to your return, 15, As Chairman of the DD/A Career Service Board,, I wish to express our intention of providing you and other personnel having the CD-A career desig- nation with opportunity for a satisfying and rewarding career with the Agency, We intend to keep you informed of our plans and activities in the Career Service Program which concerns you so vitally, 1y/ L. K. WHIT Chairman PD/A Career Service Board 0434A000200010002-6