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December 9, 2016
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July 10, 2000
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August 19, 1953
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Approved For Releas, 2000/08/23 . CIA RDP79-00434,&000200010004 hS ONLY 19 A' gust 19 Office Comer the fol _ co Par e ted to you dated 25X1 C as estah i . under mechan .1 for a sound and effective all t he cf the ioa1 Office, aershtp The membership of the i di a1 Office consist of C/~45# ; Chetrn of the Ted ,ans - ttee,. - %ch a mem- LId provide a representation of an Office. It is felt that the Cam; i n. the proceeds of the Cam Off oe. It is understood that the I MI of the fe%r offices in the DD(&) Ilex CA' ? sherd the to o t '' a of the the ad nistmtty f~metion. v'carx . he : be a rotates No Cbaote C] BeclaSsdlled In fe1t that the Class. rhaetqed to: TS Next RevICW Date:. Auth.: I hip of the Career its Voting zap otated an a Approved For Releaspw2000/08/2 A4:?; D 79-00434WO0200010004- ? b9ft t1yr enhance& bad the Board not operated behind a U of sowexq. 'I' is lank c :ealt "ul vertiaw at ro. steed in a p-e find individuals may, to - office porww*3. only vi.ev of the proceedings, which a not apt i at r to the Career Ssa-vift Board. whft " makes a decision in regard to an.. indvid , the SOwd" l.8 Ivey to this person its f'indinga end sew tiate its findings to the aatisf.'eaticn of the i divid l conoer d. It is felt c/CD that t! " the Pero Office to their c~mr deal tveme%r valuable idea card imrovtw per relations 0 st ar pamphlet could veil be f or is distributed to concerned persona huving a ica1 Office career designation, possibilities for advance a t expand the horizons of s so,?kiM liaison with other divi. whom prowtional nppo i.ty is ter. It is to hoped that tide linison could be developed to a point vhe capable mambers of the dical Offices co had ceapabil - ties b"ved the slot all ees of the o Of co# could as .ted to bird o ani .tioC group sPaTtesta for releases should be end d in a realistic light and the present prwtico of forcing an individual to re- sign tv :fry-bow dam=d tbat In his job be ellm- Inated. fees am foster d by discontent. This being the feed to min a job after ho has asked it, It is unlikely that In4lvidbal vo provide his beat Approved For Release 2000/08/23 : CIA-RDP79-00434A000200010004-4 Approved For Releas4ii~?2000/0812311:',CIAAP79-00434,p,p00200010004 ONLY 25X9 25X9 25X9 25X1A6a ors: Bert tho nom at itton rates 25X1A6a surplus would eAt with a rotation. It is }Pte 1t w erever f sibie. 25X1A aft alots, each IV VMS p? , at_ t end- _ _ all- 25X9 o'the t t is leave h~quarr, 0" e F Q - 25X9 7 Tring '{ lls that the dieaj. Office, can no longer ford to give the l.o whoa- .e curri=ia fi r` von at ThD limitation of personnel haw reed the that p3Y lci e oam give to this t7pe of endeavor, v. ,.a , =dor Ideal o aditian3, in ext 1 time ec nsu g , in the past year, PCD a been cLUed up to train 29o s than. five raw tec1 zioja Approved For Release 2000/08/23 : CIA-RDP79-00434A000200010004-4 Approved For ReleasP-_ra_/QE9, r, ROP79-00434&000200010004-4 tit not Justified. It is tee xuther than develo ZVOr ore' plan sha i ude a, wit the ladividual to iep vs in 'Us task and In his potential in lift. U to tram Audd be held out to the tec ? .eia ns to SPOCU212--d capability there it to Indicated, with a #back do koow1odg of their hiefa. It is feat that tttis is not ., aim the "chief" w .d eventually )mow abotit it awA ~ ,*tA p e1sion It is felt that tI .e would o to ap 37 to the Caa er ft+ oe l oH aan would - to the B problems "ouch might hove gme unheard. It this ? thi * s the Boarl 0? ..: 4th these problems rather than h2ving the t t .e- satief tion., 25X1A9a 19 Approved For Release 20 34A000200010004-4