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December 9, 2016
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July 10, 2000
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April 17, 1953
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Approved For Release 0001015 r.t.,c. MEMORANDUM FOR: Deputy Director (Plans) 17 April 1953 Deputy Director (Intelligence) Deputy Director (Administration) Assistant Director for Communications Director of Training SUBJECT : Fire, Disaster, and Air Raid Emergency Plans for Central Intelligence Agency Buildings 1. The directives described below are hereby rescinded: a. Memorandum to all Assistant Directors, all Assistants to the Deputy for Administration, and all Chiefs, Administration Offices, dated 19 December 1950, Subject: "Fire and Evacuation." b. Memorandum for all Building Evacuation Officers, dated 20 March 1952, Subject: "Development of Part II -- CIA Emergency Plan." 2. The provisions set forth hereunder supersede both the above described memoranda and become effective immediately. 3. The Deputy Director (Plans), the Deputy Director (Intelligence), the Deputy Director (Administration), the Assistant Director for Communications, and the Director of Training are re- sponsible during duty hours for the orderly and expeditious evacua- tion of the occupants of building spaces occupied by their respective organizations to places of safety in case of fire, riot, natural disaster, or other such emergency, and for the orderly and expedi- tious movement of the occupants of such building spaces to designated shelter areas in event of air raid or other enemy action. As part of this responsibility, they are charged with the securing of all classified material and records and the protection of equipment under all circumstances of emergency. To assist them in discharging all of the foregoing responsibilities they may designate such persons from within their organizations as they deem proper and necessary, and should cause the appointment of a Building Emergency Officer and an Alternate Building Emergency Officer for each building housing ac- tivities of their respective organizations. L. ? The Building Emergency Officers will prepare detailed plans for the accomplishment of the objectives set forth above in Paragraph 3 within their respective buildings, which plans will be submitted to n?N m o No Change In Class. Q 0 Declassified Approved For Release 2000/08/23 : CIA-0,DP79-0043 less_ Chan By:2 Approved For Release 2000/08/23 : CIA-RDP79-00434A000200010015-2 SECURITY INFORMATION the Security Office for approval. Such plans will be based upon the principle that senior supervisors present at the time of the emergency are responsible for the carrying out of the plans in build- ing areas assigned to them. They may be assisted in this regard by such number of assistants as the exigencies of their particular situations require. 5. After approval by the Security Office, such plans will be maintained continuously on a current basis by the Building Emergency Officers concerned. Names of the Building Emergency Officers and Alternate Building Emerg?ncy officers will be reported to the Security Office, which will thereafter be kept advised of any changes made in these assignments or in the plans. 6. The plans will include all areas occupied by personnel within the respective organizational jurisdictions of the Deputy Director (Plans), the Deputy Director (Intelligence), the Deputy Director (Administration), the Assistant Director for Communications, and the Director of Training, regardless of the number of buildings in which elements of the organization may be located. In those buildings occupied by more than one organization, the organization occupying the greatest amount of space will be responsible for the planning and execution of the plan concerning all units within the building. If principal occupancy is in doubt and the matter cannot be otherwise resolved, it will be referred by the organizations con- cerned to the Security Office for decision. 7? The following format will be used as a guide in the prepar- ation of the plans for submission to the Security Office: a. A general statement of the plan, including instructions to all personnel and specific instruc- tions to and duties of designated assistants to the Building Emergency Officers. b. Building floor plans showing shelter areas, aid station sites, fire fighting equipment, desig- nated places of safety, evacuation routes, and emer- gency exits. 8. Upon the occurrence of any type of emergency, and while the appropriate measures are being invoked by the Building Emergency Officer concerned pursuant to the plan, the Building Emergency Officer, or someone designated by him, will promptly call the Commander of the SECURITY INFORMATION Approved For Release 2000/08/23 : Ch -RDP79-00434A000200010015-2 Approved For Release 2000/08/23 SECURI INFORMATION CIA Security Patrol, Extension 2131, to make him aware of the situa- tion. A detachment of the Security Patrol will then come to the scene immediately, and will afford over-all protection and preserve order, pursuant to authority vested in it by the Director of Central Intelligence, while the provisions of the plan covering the situa- tion are being carried out under the immediate responsibility and supervision of the Building Emergency Officers and their designated assistants. The senior Security Patrol Officer present will act as Emergency Marshal and will be in general charge of all activities at the site, coordinating the operations of the various Building Emergency Officers with each other, and the activities of all with fire fighters and others. 9. A progressive program of training and distribution of in- formative materials designed to familiarize all members of Central Intelligence Agency with self-protection and self-assistance measures and all other such techniques and methods as are developed by civil defense authorities for the benefit of the public will be carried on, under the staff supervision of the Central Intelligence Agency Emergency Planning Officer, by the Building Emergency Officers for their respective organizations. Announcements will be made on this subject to the Building Emergency Officers at future intervals and documents and materials will be distributed to them for their assist- ance. FOR THE DIRECTOR OF CENIBAL INTELLIGENCE: Deputy Director (Administration) SECURITY/ INFORMATION Approved For Release 2000/08/23 : CIAIRDP79-00434A000200010015-2