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December 9, 2016
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July 12, 2000
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March 4, 1952
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Approved For ReI, se 2002/051@FP R DP79-00434AOQD00010022- Le I i+ March 1952 The previously listed units are revised as follows: 1. The first named individual of each unit is Unit Leader, and is responsible for the following: a. If possible, at least one member of each Unit should regularly have a car available at or near the Agency. At any rate, each Unit Leader should know beforehand exactly what transportation will be available for his Unit. b. Each Unit Leader will select two places for the assembly of his Unit should an emergency occur during business hours:-- (a) One for use in case of ample warning, and (b) One for use in the event of no warning and after it is safe to move. c. The Group Leader will be alerted from Headquarters and in turn will alert their Unit Leaders. Possibly there may not be time for this formal alerting in which case all will go into action upon hearing Civil Defense "Red Alert" which is one, three-minute warbling signal or a series of short blasts from sirens, horns, or whistles. This instruction applies day or night. d. Each Unit Leader should carry with him at all times the names, addresses, and telephone numbers of the members of his Unit. e. Each Group Leader will brief his Group once a month, either by talking to his entire group or briefing his Unit Leaders and having them in turn brief their men. This is to make certain that the written instructions which the Group Leaders will distribute to their men, and which are to be destroyed after reading and memor- izing, are not forgotten. 2. Subject to the descretion of the Unit Leaders, the following plan gge In Class. C3 ^ Becta Class. Changed to: `?? i99xt Review Date: _--__._ ~- w Approved Foe ease 2 2 RDP7 ~(gx4,3 _00010022-4 Date: __ .._._ ._ , ....M~ . , .._ DocaacOot No. Approved For Ruse 2002/05/0 l P79-00434AQW200010022-4 In the event of adequate warning: a. Unit A will report and evacuate via Mr. 25X1A9a b. Unit Bwill use Dr. 0's car. A duplicate key will be maintained in Headquarters. Members of the Unit located in the Lincoln Memorial area will be picked up at the circle. c. Unit C will report at and evacuate via the car used that day by Dr. Tietjen and Dr. d. Each Unit Leader will ensure that proper emergency equipment is available at all times and that the same accompanies the Unit in evacuation. 3. In the event of no warning, the instructions in Para. 3 will be followed after release is obtained from the evacuation officer. Unit B may follow descretion as to alternate assembly points. 4. In the event that it is impossible to follow these instructions, further orders are given under "Instructions to Emergency Force." 5. Any change in the above planning will be brought to the attention of the Chief, Medical Staff. MO/EJS:jo Distribution: 1 All Emergency Personnel Approved For Relea 0 'J" 0434A000200010022-4