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December 9, 2016
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July 14, 2000
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July 25, 1951
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ved FprReIe*se-29,4,N ~'4A0$fl2000 ILLEGIB c8 emoran um ? UNI~ E "ST.A.TES GOVER MENT Chief, PCD/MO DATE: 25 July 1951 FROM : Chief, Medical Staff SUBJECT: Medical Selection 1. As previously suggested, selection of personnel for Disaster Planning purposes should be subject to medical screen- ing. 2. Medical screening should not consist of the usual ap- plication of medical standards. To obviate unnecessary examina- tions and to maintain security, the following procedures will apply: a. The identity of each selectee will be furnished the Medical Office. b. The medical file of the selectee will be examined and the medical evidence existing in the file will be used as a basis for adjudication of selection. c. Selectees will be medically disqualified only if their assignment would result in death, serious illness or require complex treatment. d. Selectees without medical evidence in file will be maintained in a separate list. The problem of obtain- ing medical evidence in these cases will be considered only after the screening is complete. e. No case will be disqualified without concurrence of the Chief, Medical Staff. 3. The problem of screening is the function of Technical Services, not PCD. MO/JRT:njc Distribution: 0 rig& 1 Addressee 1 Acting Chief, TSD 1 Chrono Tgumept N Change in Class. Q J:J Declassified Class. Chaiiged to Next Review Au