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December 9, 2016
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July 14, 2000
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~~~ n ----Approved For Rele 2000/08/21~~~~P79-0043~k000200010036-9 SUBJ~CTa Medical and Health Physics Support of the Refuge Headquarters This ideal location for a medical headquarters a~t the refuge head- gtia.rters would be a one story field stone structure at ground level. In this structure could be housed all the basic medical support items as well as a health physics laboratory. This combination infirmary and health physics laboratory could very easily be housed in a structure such as this with a floor space of approximately 2000 square feet. This would include storage space as well as actual operating space. It is suggested b;~ this department that a small amount of space in the basement of one of the other buildings be allotted for the purpose of housing small laboratory animals. The amount of space for the lab- oratory animals should be in the vacinity of 300 square feet of space.: It is expected that this space so allotted would be used for animals, i.e., guinea pigs and rabbits for various laboratory tests, that might be indi- cated to support the refuge in case of biological or radiological warfare. Since only decontaminated personnel and equipment t,ri11 arrive at this point, the amount of radioactive isotopes will be strictly limited to standardization of monitor equipment and the design and construction of new health equipment to serve the collecting points and the interme- diary decontamination center. It is not anticipated by this department that any casualties from the atomic blast will be treated directly at this point, so that the amount of space for infirmary facilities would not exceed that required under normal circumstances for a community of b00 persons. A four bed ward attached to a standard treatment room would serve thi s purpose adequately. If the refuge headquarters is so designed that it will function from two centers in close proximity, a s:~all treatment room with a single cot could be placed in the secondary headquarters area, and this area could fall upon the main headquarters area for medical support. The remaining portion of the infirmary in the main headquarters area should be allotted to a health physics laboratory. Although this labora- tory will not serve in any direct capacity with respect to headquarters, it will serve directly in the health physics aspects of (l) the decontami- nation center and (2) the five collecting; points on the periphery of Wash- ington, Approved For Release 2000/08/,~~79-00434A000200010036-9 1 C Approved For Release 2000/081~I~DP79-00434A000200010036-9 The person in charge of this. health physics laboratory should have the training as previously outlined and should have under his supervision a group of eight to ten technicians who are trained to build, repair and maintain radiation equipment. Tn addition to this, the health physicist and the medical officer will review the number of working hours, as well as the approxiz~a,te amount of radiation each member of monitor teams is exposed to. This aspect will also include the personnel attached to the decontamination center. Either by direct visit or by radio communication the readings on the pocket monitors and/or film badges will be reviewed by the health physicist, and he can evaluate the amount of time that each worker can be exposed to radioactive contamination in any of the five collecting points or the decontamination center. When a worker receives his maximum daily tolerance dose, he will be relieved of his duties and be replaced by a member of his own unit, i.e., monitor survey teams will alternate their own men, decontamination center teams will alternate among themselves. This wi11_ not only facilitate the problem of working hours locally bu-t will prevent a shifting of personnel and equipment from one area to another. frJith respect to medical support at the refuge headquarters, there are three distinct functions cited; (1) the medical-support of 150-200 men in training at the refuge headquarters (2) the medical support of an added 100 pers.ans and (3) the medical and health physics support of the five collecting points, the decontamination center and the refuge headquarters following the atomic blast. In support of the first function, the infirmary should have on hand the following list of supplies to support the group of I50-200 students on an outpatient basis. This could be best managed from a pharmacy room in the infirmary stocked with the following list of items; Approved For Release 2000/08 9-00434A000200010036-9 'Approved For Release 2000/08 9-00434A000200010036-9 In support of the second function at the refuge headquarters it would be only necessary to multiply the items in List No. S by a factor of 3.0 and arrive at a figure that adequately supports a community of b00 persons an an outpatient basis. In support of the third function at the refuge headquarters, it is assumed that supplies of medicines, surgical equipment and radiation moni- tor equipment will not only service this area, but will serve as a supply depot for such equipment far the five collecting points and the decontami- nation center. The following materials should be on hand to replenish exhausted sup- plies in any of the six other stations. 1. List #1 x 5 2. List #2 x 5 3, List #3 x 5 l~. List #1,, x 5 5. List #5 x 5 6. List #6 ~ l 7. List #7 -r 1 g. List #~ In addition to List #g, the following radiation equips~ent would be necessary for the headquarters health physics laboratory: 5C-6A Automatic sample changes 1 ~ 950.00 SC-5A Tracergraph printing interval timer l @ x.50.00 E-?A Sample Storage Cabinet /~ t~ 25.00 E-1 Sample tray 40 ~ 1.50 E-3A Abs,prbers set of z5 calibrated absorbers 1 ~ 50.00 E-/A Flat planchets laoo ~ 6.00/1000 E-5 Cupped planchets 200 ~ 2t00/loo E-20 Cupped planchets 200 Q 5.00/100 E-6 Pyrex cooking dishes 36 ~ 5,00/doz P~--7 Brass rings and discs 36 {~ 12.00/doz E-23 Interlocking lead bricks complete set as follo~rs; E-23A .Full bricks 16 @ 10..00 F--23B Half bricks 16 @ 7.50 E-23C goo corner 16 ~ 5.00 E-23D 120? corner 8 ~ 5..00 E--23E Male end ~,. ~ 5.00 E?-23F Female end 4 G 5.00 E-17 Renote handling tangs ~ ~ 25.00 E-1g Renote pipetting device 2 ~ 50.00 Lauritzen electroscopes ~,. C~ 60.00 Approved For Release 2000/08/23 : -00434A000200010036-9 .Approved For Release 2000/~~~RQP79-00434A000200010036-9 It is estimated that -the total cost of radiation equipment in the five collecting points, in the decontamination center and the refuge headquarters will amount to approximately ~33,5'70.0~. Approved For Release 2000/08/'~RDP79-00434A000200010036-9