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December 9, 2016
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July 14, 2000
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June 13, 1951
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Approved For ReleaW ,434000200010040-4 ut r Diractor ?LjqA)S1 + dical office offers the toil amended pan of support . 1) Tbs colectUW potute and 2) decontami tt m center, medical sport of the rye headquarters has been seed by , t h e D e p u t y Director ~ n) to a j. e x t + t a aub ttted in the maw_ raedut;of21 y19 ''- ausly suited. Lint is bo as listed In the o rigina3. Document No. A- ._. ,. ~._... ~ - - No thaoge In Class. p ^ Declassified Class. Changed #o: Approved For Release 2000/08/23 : CIA-FD Me d?ersl*eted receiv i to medical m4Vait iu h of the ct t1w polats vill, be ste by *no UA ifto a te. be trued Lu the imagamat of nt as V all, a through wNwivue of first- tacbz iciau vill be two fold chamber. batt. y ids for OU-10 curve- caste with four replaceable 25X1A6a 25X1A6a Approved For Releas omitted to the Deputy Director ( ) In 1 9 l ( P l a te K M L), Plan, L VMS chosen as the a further 1 u eted by the Special Assistant to 4'34A000200010040-4 that the,. area mot be pureb *d but used 13. most of the prerequisites. 25X1 A6a by representatives of ,Mdistration, Coe- ff oe, and a site on the ply in the field house perhaps a sufficient supply could be obtained I str-tsr should be to used for bathing purposes. 25X1A6a large tents or more if possible should be kept atmvhich 25X1 A6a could rushed into - erected to serve as decont tion shover room, Saab should contain 8 shover sprays in line with a cbwo of the bar of soap at each, shower spray. Such a site has been previously Our- of 100 g loess of water per person 01X1 purposes. offer a problem but it is 79-00434A000200010040-4