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December 9, 2016
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July 14, 2000
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Approved For Reuse 2000/08/2 SUBJECT: Radiation Equipment A. Collecting Points It is assumed that the five peripheral collecting points on the periphery of Washington will receive its medical support in the following manner: 1. Each of the collecting points will be manned by five-man teams of technicians or persons who are members of this Agency and specifically trained in the management of radiation equipment in addition to the first-aid manage- ment of casualties. 2. If the collecting point is a fixed location at each of the five points, three men will act as technicians in a battalion aid station. Their duties will be flexable and subject to change depending upon the severity of the ex- plosion and their respective location with respect to the ex- plosion, the number of casualties admitted to the collecting point, and the availability of supervision by medical offi- cers. 3. The Medical Office~will not be ableFto furnish medical officers to all five of the collecting points pro- vided that they are all still in operation, but one medi- cal officer and a health physicist could be moved from collecting point to collecting point by any method of trans- portation that is available. 4. The nucleus of these five collecting points should be a twenty-five bed hospital which may be set up in a tent or what other space is available. Ta B-' 0.5 D7s.yy b" C,*V A; w- ~~taii,rice PAC n'07' 40-eaM J .3t Py/ o To nn effr *r,4& 7n+,r,06,Eive' + 5. The patients in this collecting point will be man- aged by the technicians assigned thereto. 6. Two other technicians will work out of this collect- ing point as a mobile unit in a station wagon which is equipped with space to transport at least two patients and voice corn- munication with the decontamination center and new headquarters. DOCuni `'R. ------------------ - - - 7 . NO Charm, k1i equipment Class. Csia . ta: I a Next kuh.: sM lqved Fcf1r1 Date: ation wagon should have the following minimal rd. 000/08/23 : CIA-RD 79-00434A'000200010042-2