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December 9, 2016
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July 14, 2000
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Approved For Release 2000/0879-00434A000200010045-9 or a cal headquarters the refuge head- quarters would be a me story ld stone structure at ground level. In the basic medical support items as a health physics lab?ratory, This combination infirmery and health physics laboratory could very easily be housed in a structure suCh as this with a floor space of approximately 2000 square feet. This would include storage space as yell as actual ?pending apogee. It is suggeeted be this departeent that a mall amount of s the basement of one of the other buildings be allotted for the purpo of housing small laboratory anieals, The amount of space for the lab- oratory animals should be in the vacinity of 300 square feet of sPace. It is expected that teis space no allotted 'meld be used tor animals, 1,e,, guinea pigs and rabbits for various laboratory' testae that might be indie eated to support the refuge in case of biological or radiological warfare, nly decontaminated personnel and equipment will arrive at he amount of radioactive isotopes elll be strictly limited elm of monitor equipment and the design and construction equipment to serve the collecting points and the intermee tamination center, this to s of n diary deco It is not anticipated by this department that any carn2a1ttos from the atomic blast will be treated directly at thie point so that the annunt of sp f ace for infirmary facilities would not exceed that required under normal circumstances for a community of 600 persons, A four bed ward attached to a standard treatment room would serve this purpose adequately, If the refuge haadquate is so des ed that two *enters in close, proximity, a small treatment ro could be placed in the secondary headqearters area, fall upon the in headquartere area for medical ?upport. The remaining portion of the infirmary in the main headquartere area should be allotted to .a health physics laboratory, Although this labors tory will not serve in any direct capacity with respect to headquarters, It will serve directly in the health physics aspects of (1) the decontami nation center and (2) the five collecting points on the periphery of Washe ington. Approved For Release 2000/08/23: 00434A000200010045-9 Approved For Release 2000 -RDP79-00434A000200010045-9 or this be1th physics ]aboDator should have outlined and should have under his supervision hniciane who are trained to build repair and t. In addition to thie, the health physicist review tho =mbar of working flours, as well radiation each member of monitor teams is *leo include the personnel attached to the tither by dfrect visit w by radio coniattofl the readings on the pocket monitors I*c1ge ii1 be reviewed by the health physicist, and he can evaluate the amount of time that each worklie can be exposed to radioactive contamination in any of the five collecting points or the decontamination canter. When, a worker receivee his maximumdaily tolerance doo, e will be ' reliev?d of his duties and be replaced by a member of his own it, i.e.' saator survey teams will alternote their own men) decorztaidntion center teams will alternate among themselves. This wil3 not only faeilitate the problem of working houra locally but will prevent a ?hiftng of pereonnel and equipment from ono area to another. With respect to medical eupport at the refuge hedqnior, there *re three distinct functions cite& ) the medical support of 15 refnge headquarters ( the medical support of an added 400 pereona 4d ( the medical and health physics ?upport of the five collecting points, the decontamination center and the refuge headquarters following the atomic blast. In support of the first function, the infirmaryshould have rn hand following list of eupplies to support the group of 150.200 students outpatient basis. This could be beet managed from a pharmacy room infirmary stocked with the following list of itemet at the Approved For Release 2000/ -RDP79-00434A000200010045-9 Approved For Re!eau 2000/08/2 DP79-004344000200010045-9 In support of the second function at the reOuge headquarters it would be only necessary to aultiply the item in List no. 8 by a factor of 3.0 and arrive at a figure that adequately eupports a ootslunity of 600 persons on an outpatient basin. In support of the third fUnetion at the range headquarters, it is assumed that supplies of medicines surgical equipment and radiation moni. tor equipment will not only servic: this area. but will serve as a supply depot for such equipment for the five collecting points and the decontami nation center. The following materials should be on hand to replenish exhausted slip - piles in apy of the six other stet/one. 1. List #1 x 5 2. List x 5 3. Ldet #3 m 5 Liet #4. x 5 5, List #5 x 6. List #6 *1 7, List #7 4, 1 8, List #8 In addition to Liet #S, the ollowing radiation equipment vould necessary for the headquarters health physics laboratory: -4n0-? SC.6A Automatic sample changes 2 S0.91, Tracergraph printing interval timer 1 S.21, Sample Storage Cabinet 4 S.1 Sample tray 40 B-3A Absorbers set of 25 calibrated 0 $ 950.00 0 450.00 a 25.00 Q 1.50 absorbers 2 0 50.00 8.4A nal planchet' 1000 0 6.004,Acroo 1.5 Cupped planchets 200 0 24000 1.20 Cupped planehets 200 0 5.optioo 11-.6 Pyrex cooling. didhos 36 * 5.00/dos S.7 Braes rings and diem 36 is 32.04101211 1.23 Interlocking lead bricks complete set as follows: 3.23A, Fel brinks 16 0 10.00 Z.230 Half bricks 16 0 7.50 11.230 900 earner 16 0 5.00 2.230 120* corner 8 o 5,00 11,438 Nhle end 4 0 5.00 11.2317 Female end 4 0 500 Remote handling tongs 4 * 25.00 S.18 Remote pipetting device 2 0 50.00 Lauritsen electroscopes 4 * 60.00 Approved For Release 2000/08/23 : CI 00434A000200010045-9 Ap._ Approved For Release 2000/0m8/23 :4 A-RDP79-00434A000200010045-9 is enticated that the to at of radiation equipment ve collecting pointe, in the decontamination monter and the adquarters uill amount to approximately $33,57040 -Met Approved For Release 2000/08/23 : CIA-RDP79-00434A000200010045-9 Approved For ReLaase 2000/08/23 : CIA-RDP79-00434A000200010045-9 deco quiets, Th p?obie o working i4thexposure to radioactive isotopee lalft to shifts* The length of their shifts will health pbysicist and medical officer, When the tally eeeg Gt envarure has bean cooplited with Gertaill red!oactive isotopas; a worker can be e3e. Posed for oara few minutes aeski mil 1 ther instances he esn work for a few hours with certain other isotopes* The sedioal ewe rewliation equipment will sinve to err. itself es well es c,ollooting points in ease of an unpredicted vent at sew or osse poiit,. It would, be appreciated irr this aL obtUted free any other office in the lency (1) et devwttanitettion shower row, for personn lipmest. plant fell' rtmrteveliested toot*. for decontanisatton of ry for isposal of items .e? Approved For Release 2000/0RDP79-00434A000200010045-9 Approved For Release 2000/08/23 : CIA-RDP79-00434A000200010045-9 Approved For Release 2000/08/23 79-00434A000200010045-9