Medical Supplies List

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December 9, 2016
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July 14, 2000
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Approved For Rele a 9nnnic ' CIA-~P79-00434A000200010053-0 SU-5 Beta Gamma Survey Meter 20 ea Additional V-2 0.2r Chambers 70 ea R-11 Stimulated 1131 Reference Source Sets, Iodine 131 1 ea R-12 Stimulated P32 Reference Source Set 1 ea E_3A Absorbers - 1 bx E-11 Lead Bricks 20 ea. E-12 Cylindrical Lead Containers (Carrying) 4 ea SU-6 Pocket Radiae Ionization Chamber 10 ea P-12 Alpha Scintillation Dector 1 ea E-2A Sample Storage Cabinet 1 ea E-4A Flat Planchets 1000 ea E-5 Cupped Planchets 200 ea E-20 Cupped Planchets 200 ea E-6 Pyrex Cooking (Ashing) Dishes 36 ea E-7 Brass Rings and llisc 36 ea wSC-1C Auto Scaler w/preamplifier 2 ea TGC-1 (3.4 MC/CM Mica Window)Counting ru es 6 ea TGC-2 (Less than 2 MG/CM Mica Window) Counting tubes 6 ea ""--4SC-8 Scaler Cart f/wheeling autoacaler 2 ea SC-10A Sample Holder and tube Mount 2 ea P-7 Long Removable Le d Shield 2 ea. SUA1B Radiation urvey meter, portable 12 ea. TGC-5 G1 ss Beta Gamma Tube Duping 9 ea R-1 Calibrated Radioactive reference Source 2 ea R-3' Calibrated Radioactive Reference bource 2 ea R-5 Calibrated Radioactive Reference Source 2 ea. R-7 Calibrated Radioactive Reference Source 2 ea R-10 Uncalibtted Radioactive Ref. Source 2 ea E-23 Interlocking Lead Bricksc/set 64 ea "4E-17 Remote Handleing Tongs 4 ea E-18 Remote Pipetting Device 2 ea SU-10 All-Purpose Ionization Cha ber type Survey Instrument comp/w/carrying strap, Tracerlab Model SU-10, radiae 2 ea Model 1-287 Meter, dosage, c/one O.2r Chamber 13 ea. Beta Gamma Survey Meter Complete w/carrying case, Victorean Model 389 6 ea. Finn. Badges 860 ea \rContainers, lead, rectangular, shielded with 2" of lead, inside dimensions 4Px4" x6", weight approx. 240 lbs each Tracerlab Model #E-12 or equal 2 ea. SE Approved For Release 2000/08/23 : CIA-RDP79-00434A000200010053-0