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December 9, 2016
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September 6, 2000
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August 24, 1976
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/J6/ _ 76 /f II/Q, Approved For ReJ1RMg?P p / 5 11 . 8A0 0 0 00 -5 2 4 AUG 1976 MEMORANDUM FOR: Chairman, Claims Review Board FROM : Michael J. Malanick Acting Deputy Director for Administration SUBJECT Claim of Personal Pro ert - STATINI,L REFERENCE Memo dtd 14 May 76 to DDA fr Chrmn/CRB, same subj In accordance with the reference, the subject claim was sent to the Inspector General for investigation and resolution. As a result of his investigation of the case and the circum- stances surrounding it, the inspector General has recommended STATINTL that Mr. should be reimbursed $3,000 for his losses. STATINTL Since Mr. had been given an advance of $3,000 against his claim by the Office of Finance in July 1975, the settle- ment amount recommended by the Inspector General would liquidate that advance. You are requested to take the necessary actions STATINTL to advise Mr. of the Inspector General's recommendation and to ensure that his $3,000 advance is liquidated accordingly. STATINTL cc: Inspector General Distribution: 0 - Adse DDA STATINTL 0L/g&pS: : j c/8- 8131 (4 Aug 76) Approved For Releask ~ 36i4 a.: a 00100030020-5 Qi._ Claim for Loss of Personal Property - FROM: STATINTL Chairman, Claims Review Board Room 2F31, TO: (Officer designation, room number, and building) 2. STATINTL 3. A-DDA Room 7D2 STATINTL OFFICER'S INITIALS CONFIDENTIAL ^ SECRET COMMENTS (Number each comment to show from whom to whom. Draw a line across column after each comment.) Mike, The attached might seem to be a bureaucratic move, but I'd like to close the loop officially on this case. Your memo will do that and also provide an authority for Office of Finance to liquidate the advance. I am routing this through Tom on its way to you and am also providing for a copy to close the IG file. Tom has talked with Ron and told him of the outcome of his case. Ron apparently is glad to settle for $3,000, have the case behind him without getting into formal litigation, and realizes that any further action by him would open the whole thing up again with the outcome leaving him less fortunate than he is now. I still intend to talk to him myself, as oth an OL and a CRB representative, and have him acknowledge that he has read your memorandum. STATINTL FORM 61 p USEDITIONS [7 3-62 SECRET ^ CONFIDENTIAL ^