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December 9, 2016
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July 21, 2000
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March 31, 1976
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Approved For Release 2002/05/ 1DA?' aoo 2-5 9SA ,42 9&0 31 March 76 UIj Here's a copy of the note I'll mail George Bush tomorrow. We had 425 at the luncheon, and your boss was a real winner. I had seen him several times on TV but still had no appreciation of how effective he is be- fore a live audience. He's as good as any I've ever seen and I've seen a lot in 35 years around this town. If he were a Democrat, I'd advise him to quit that job out there and run for President. He obviously has the brains, the toughness, the honesty, and the appeal to get most any job. And Lord knows we need a few like him. Thanks ever so much for nailing him down for us. My only problem now is that I don't know how to follow his act at out October meeting. obviously, we've got to shift the format. Can't just put another speaker up there. Approved For Release 2002/05/01 : CIA-RDP79-00498A000500160022-5 Approved For Release 2002/05/01 : CIA-RDP79-00498A000500160022- lion. George 3ush Director of Central Intelligence ''ashington. D.L. 20505 31 March 1 976 19TA w s iy I 11W Your all-too brief a._ppearance before our Retiree Association on Monday waa a - usin ; succors. Tteacticns flooding in to those of us who arranged th luncheon have "been eff1isive and universally favorable. Your remarks were incisive, trairshtforward, and precisely on the points we had hoped you would hit. ''`e also discovered a truly outstanding platform speaker. 111" there i7e re any wrong us (and no doubt. there were) who hard sore feclin7s about. your taktn!T the heb-, at CIA after so active a political ti _'e, there are cnrtPr An!y no reservations now. The conversions were enthusiastic and complete! You can be confident of our total support and our heartiest best wishes for your coiitinurd niccrs:. Again, our sincere appreciation for joining; us Monday and for giar nr us se super`> an a.ddx c. Cordially. Approved For Release 2002/05/01 : CIA-RDP79-00498A000500160022-5 Approved For Release 2002/05/01 : CIA-RDP79-00498A000500160022-5 TRANSMITTAL SLIP DATE TO: -DD/A/Jack Blake ROOM NO. BUILDING REMARKS: Attached noted by DCI, 4/16/76 FROM: DCI ROOM NO. BUILDING EXTENSION FORM 55 241 REPLACES FORM 36-8 WHICH MAY BE USED. Approved For Release 2002/05/01 : CIA-RDP79-00498A000500160022-5