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December 9, 2016
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July 14, 2000
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August 18, 1976
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j PP{A 111 r7i tr'7 i Approved For Release 00003-0 18 AUG 1916 MEMORANDUM FOR: Deputy Director of Central Intelligence FROM John F. Blake Deputy Director for Administration SUBJECT Brookings Institution Briefings, 1976-77 REFERENCE Exchange of Letters between the DCI and Brookings Institution (ER 76-78'65 and ER 76-7865-A) 1. The Director of Central Intelligence has approved a request by the Brookings Institution Advanced Study Program that CIA. continue to. provide luncheon briefings for the periodic Conferences of Business Executives on Federal Government Operations and the annual Schools of Business Federal Faculty Fellows.Program. The exchange of letters between the DCI and Brookings on this subject is attached. 2. The Faculty. Fellows Program, initiated in 1972,, is conducted by Brookings in cooperation with the American Association of Collegiate. Schools of Business. Approxi- mately 20'faculty members from business schools throughout the country are selected for one-year fellowships which involve their coming to Washington for a series of monthly seminars. Brookings customarily has counted on the Agency to conduct the first of these seminars each year, with this /`f year's seminar scheduled for 15 September. 3. The Brookings Conferences of Business Executives on Federal Government Operations, inaugurated in 1963, are held, as you know, 10 times annually. During each confer- ence, approximately 30 business executives spend a week in Washington, receiving briefings on a wide range of operations in the Federal Government.. In contrast to. the Faculty Fellows Program, our briefing for the business executives is the final one on their schedule. These dates in the coming year are: 24.September 1 April 10 December 22 April 4 February 20 May 18 February 10 June 11 March 1 July Approved For Release 2002/05/02 : CIA-RDP79-00498A000700100003-0 1MMINISTRATIVE - INTERNAL USE ONLY Approved For Rele ippi CIAlgJ0 00100003-0 SUBJECT: Brookings Institution Briefings 1976-77; 4. You are familiar with the format of the Brookings luncheon briefings--luncheon in the Executive Dining Room at 1200 followed by a briefing from 1300 to 142.0 in the DCI Conference Room. The briefing is conducted by a "host briefer" who is supported in'the question-answer period by a panel composed of representatives of the four Directorates. The host-briefer and panelists serve also as hosts. at tables during the. luncheon. It has been our practice to. invite also the Assistant to the Director and the Chief of the Directorate of Operations, to serve as table hosts.. a rookipgs Institution assumes the cost of the meals of all participants. 5. The responsibilities of host-briefer in the past year largely fell to Carl Duckett., the former Deputy Director for Science and Technology, and most recently, Paul Walsh, Associate Deputy Director for Intelligence. Edward Proctor, former Deputy. Director for Intelligence, served as host on one occasion and you yourself, as you will recall, on another. The panelists., nominated in advance by the Deputy Directors, have rotated among the senior officers of the Directorates. 6. In view of resent changes of personnel at the senior management level,.I would appreciate having your nominations for host-briefer. I would like in the first instance to be able to call upon you but, in the event you are unable ?to . do it, to have a list of at .least four others to. whom I may turn. Since the first Brookings visit,. the Business School Faculty Fellows, is scheduled for 15 September, it would be helpful to have your nominees by 1 September. If you yourself plan to participate in some but not all of the briefings, I would like to suggest that you begin with the first Conference of Business'Executives on 24'September. STATINTL Approved For Release 2002/05/02 : CIA-RDP79-00498A000700100003-0 ADMINISiRA.TIVE - INT), :2TAL USE ONLY