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November 16, 2016
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April 26, 2000
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November 22, 1963
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Approved For Release 2000/06/07 : CIA-RDP79-00639A000100060002-5 Subject copy is on file in DDP/PC Rm 1A14, Hqs ext 7274 Approved For Release 2000/06/07 : CIA-RDP79-00639A000100060002-5 CLASSIFICATION NGG ACTION CESSSI PRRO p e ~ ~~ ase 200 -RDP79 639 IN QQ ~~ 0002-5_ ARKED-FJ TNIIERINC TO X All Chiefs NO INDEXING REQUIRED INFO. ONLY QUALIFIED DESK CAN JUDGE INDEXING FROM Chief MICROFILM SUBJECT 25X1 A2d 1 Insurance ACTION REQUIRED ? REFERENCES REFERENCES: (a) 29 August 1963 25X1 A (b) 22 April 1963 (c) Booklet, Association Insurance Programs, 31 March 1960 25X1A RESCISSION : 25 January 1961 1. Federal Employees Health Benefits Program. a. Reference (a) announced an open period for enrollment or changes in enrollment in a health benefits program for the period 1 through 15 October 1963. After the Notice was promulgated we learned that Execu- tive Order 11116, 5 August 1963, established the followin charges for n also we have X1C4aospitalization and dispensary services been informed that elements of the latter have announced these new rates t co ro be effective 1 January 196+: y (1) Inpatient care, daily rates: M (a) For employees of the United States who are not citizens of the United States and their dependents $5.00 i (b) For all others $37.00 o o (2) Each outpatient treatment, examination, or consultation : (a) For employees of the United States and their dependents $1.00 25X1 C4a (b) For all others $8.00 c. If an eligible individual is unable to apply during the open period, a written justification to Headquarters is required along with the Health Benefits Registration Form (S. F. 2809). CROSS REFERENCE TO DISPATCH SYMBOL AND NUMBER DATE ~~' ' 9 ~3 ~ ` -,n? ~" 25X1 A GROUP I CLASSIFICATION HQS FILE NUMBER None. After the E.~~?m?}, d? ? w ~ dispatch has served its pur- t o ed A ro ~?? ase 2000 . CONTINUATION OF DISPATCH )N F DENT1A r 2, Parents Associated Medical Assurance. (PAMA) a. Reference (b) announced a plan to provide hospitalization and surgical insurance coverage to eligible parents or step-parents and parents-in-law, contingent upon the enrollment of 1000 parents during the initial enrollment period. b. We request that all personnel who applied for PAMA, be advised that more than 1000 parents were enrolled, hence the program is in effect. If an individual authorized payroll deductions for PAMA, these deductions are being made and forwarded to the Insurance Branch. 3. Emergency Travel Plan. The Emergency Travel Plan coverage described in the booklet, "Association Insurance Programs", dated 31 March 1960 has been expanded to include round-trip travel from any location in the world to points anywhere else in the world for emergencies that involve named persons in the application. a. This concept recognizes that emergencies may occur which affect the employee or the employee's immediate family who are at the post with him. The employee can purchase Emergency Travel Insurance and name himself and/or the other family members with him at the post to provide for the contingency of emergency travel which may not qualify for payment by the Government. For example, the employee may become critically ill and be evacuated to our country or to Government medical facilities at an intermediate location. Normally his travel expenses would qualify for payment under however, the employee's wife would have to assume the travel cost as a personal expense if she wished to be with her husband unless she quali- fied as an attendant, Under the provisions of the Emergency Travel Plan. if the employee is the first named he can designate his spouse as the person to make the trip. In the event he becomes critically ill and must be evacuated, his wife, relying on the insurance coverage, can accompany him. A similar use can be made of the Emergency Travel Plan if the emergency involves the family members at the post with the employee. By naming these family members and paying the additional premium, the employee can be assured of payment of travel expenses if he wishes to accompany a critically ill family member. b. The premium rates for the emergency travel plan are as follows: Age of Named Person First Named Person Each Additional Person 0 through 49 $32.00 $13.00 50 through 64 $40.00 $21.00 65 through 69 $50.00 $31.00 70 through 75 (renewals only) $65.00 $46.00 c. The "Important Instructions" listed on page 33 of the Association Insurance Programs Booklet must be followed to be assured that the application will be promptly approved. 25X1A2d1 25X1A2e FORM 5-60 53a USE PREVIOUS EDITION. (40) PAGE NO. 2 25X1A 5X1 A 5X1A Approved For Release 20c0/W L639A000100060002-5