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December 9, 2016
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July 17, 2000
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August 19, 1964
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-DISAPAFC4, 200/ - 001 Pg(XESSINd ONLY QUALIFIED DESK CAN JUDGE INDEXING Chiefs of Station and Base Chief, SUBJECT Employment of Night Watchmen REFERENCE: Book Dispatch No. 4167, 31 January 1964 ACTION REQUIRED - REFERENCES 1. Reference book dispatch outlined policy on the employmen servants in general and included the following specific reference to the employment of guards for personal quarters overseas: "The protection of personnel overseas and their property is the responsibility of the host government KUBARK will normally follow the practices of in this regard. Employment of guards for personal quarters at KUBARK expense will be authorized only if this is established ODYOKE practice in the area. In emergencies the Chief of Station or Base may take such temporary action as he deems necessary, subject to subsequent approval by the Chief, II" 2. Headquarters has recently completed a study of reports from the field that attest to the exceptionally high incidence of housebreaking and burglary which is prevalent in many areas. This condition, when coupled with the heavy requirement for night absences from the home which our activities place upon our overseas personnel, creates a most serious problem of security for dependents and property of our personnel and warrants our authorizing night watchman service at selected posts. L 3. Therefore, paragraph 3.(b) of reference book dispatch which pertained to the employment of guards is hereby replaced by the following: The protection of personnel overseas and their nrnnf r1- r ; c +h 25X1 for the employment of night watchmen for personal quarters must be authorized by headquarters. The Chief of the Operating Division may authorize such reim- bursement at those stations or in those individual cases where he determines that circumstances warrant the employment of night watchmen and the cover and security situation permits it. In an emergency the Chief of Station or Base may take such temporary action as he deems necessary, subject to subsequent approval by the Chief of the Operating Division." Chiefs of Operating Divisions may apply this authority retroactively to 1 March 1964 for night watchmen payments claimed and disallowed under the policy stated in book dispatch 4167. d9 l9rtM oadcFO daclossifrcation BOOK DISPATCH NO. 4479 - CLASSIFICATION Rel ase 2002/05/01 : CIA-RDP79-00 1= AUG 1964 ,L 25X1 C 25X1 C ? ~ +w + i a1 t ~ 3 i t'3 ~- h - Approved For Reel s 200 /O5/0~1 tIA- v4-J0 010070003-3 CONTINUATION OF DISPATCH I BOOK DISPATCH NO. 4479 4. This liberalized policy is in no way intended to lessen utilization by KUBARK personnel of protective services available from either the host government or the cover organization. These bodies remain basically responsible for the pro- tection of our personnel and property, and full advantage should be taken of any 25X1 C services they offer. The authorities granted here are intended solely to permit uru nun-existent, unavailable to our personnel, or clearly inadequate. FORM CLASSIFICATION 5-60 53a USE PREVIOUS EDITION. 140) ed For Rele se 2002/0-9 - 9-00639A O(WQQQ3E3 ~c a5's t!, 2 t k I4