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December 9, 2016
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July 17, 2000
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October 15, 1964
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25X1 -; v r s -- +d~DP79-00 ~ AQO_ ~109~~~~N- - - ~~' TO _ Certain Chiefsof Stations and Baaoa INFO. ~2d 1 Chief, ONLY QUALIFIED DESK CAN JUDGE IyDEXING ACTION REQUIRED ? REFERENCES For Information ?nly The following information, which has been abstraated from material received frown the New York State Department of Motor Vehicles, may be of interest to Station personnel. preparing to enter the United States through the New York Port of Entrys "a. Many purohaaera of foreign care who 1>aport them to this country (or individuals returning with American cars under foreigil registration} are of the mistaken impression that New York State allows a period of grace during which the o~c-er may drive his car under its foreign regis- tration and plates. This is definitely not true and such a vehicle is considered to be un-registered--a violation of New York?s Vehicle and Traffic Law. , There is only one exceptioa~ to the rule. United States mili- tary personnel who briag their personal vehicles bearing firmed Forces plates back to this country are allowed three dayys to travel in New York State to either their place of residence or their new point of duty. During the three days from the date of arrival, they may continue to display plates issued by the Armed Forces. "b. If you reside in a State other than New York, you must install) registration plates on your vehicle before you leave the pier or enter the State. European plates are not valid here unless you are a permanen resident of Europe here on a visit. There are two courses yon may follows 1 -You may attach a nusaber plate from your hoses State, or, 2 -After July 1, 196111, you may obtain an in-transit permit and number plate (rasa New York State. s ,~ $ Applications far the in-transit permit ere available at the ~ N ~ ~ following orifices of this Department iu New York City: 155 Worth Street, Manhattan; 320 Sohersderhorn Street, Brooklyn; St. Marks Plao4, St. George,, Staten Island; 2265 Eaat Tresswnt Avenue, The Bronx; and 89-01 Sutphin Blvd., - Jamaica. They are also available !rc-m county clerks elsewhere in the State. The permit, issued at a cost of $5J- is issued only to owners who intend to drive their care through this State to another jurisdiction where it is to be registered. ~ ~ ~ 9~; DISPATCH SYMEIOL AND NUMBER HOOK DISPATCD NO. 1t5~ Automobile License Requirements at New York Port of 8ntry A p p r~~~'~'~,;~~P~`~ s e 2000/08/316-~f,~14~T . , ~' ~. Af~~$N'B~KR141ec~' DISPATCH 000/08/31` I I~, ~ ; .1J06 ~J~Jb'`~~J~J'~!'8~0"$'-"1NUMBER ~` BOOK DISPATCH No. ~ Kf~ C~ ~~ i~ i ~.i ~ `~~~i;L The permit is valid for 30 days and Bata the restrictions under which the vehicle nay be operated. In applying for the in-transit per~ni.t, you mn:at present adequate proof of o:a~erehip and certifq that the vehicle is covered by lia'bdl.itY insurance. "c. If You are a resident of New York, you a:uat obtsia New York registratioei and number plates and install them before You are allowed to drive the car from the pier or eater the State. "d. ~'or proof eaf ownership, the Departmeat will aooept air Deis of the following: a bill of sale iasned by the aanufacturer, a certificate of origin by the manufacturer, a bill of sale issued by the foreign dealer, or a previous reglatratiaa certificate. For the last-named, a certificate issued by a foreign oountrY or by the Armed Services or an International registration will suffice." P'oR T~ CgI~', 25X1A2d1 25X1A9a R~DRM /-i!O b~Q U/R rRG1/IOU? t?ITIOH. (40) Approved For Release 2000/(~81~ :``~1=R~~'~~ ~~~A000100070005-1