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December 9, 2016
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July 17, 2000
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Approved'For Release 2002/05/01 : CIA-RDP79-OA639A000100070009-7 thaft ve **U ter twd to "ftm tour ' , +Lt .q1 I mommr t his is i e saran . T2 t tact that mom have b "n mss, oar are sees per3, both WIML&W p ? tia of the of the *ftWU ULM a byr the ad that them efforts m d redseti s. WbUe we do not or do to faw (*ttOw Opmts =*I rea built. Ait fide efforts rasa by- no MAUS dated &t the voi7s this be ifted Approved For Release 2002/. Approved"For Release 2002/Q5/Q,1A-RDP79-08639A000100070009-7 4ndi t37 W new of the ob=rw ad peratLa. b in puw=sa f ads being 1 ed, it is G%4 nst al that therm, is am of the ss ar 4hSOPS of t two y"WS, the die of ahanp and mWIMW "action. With ,d be rss toward air ebsup or t3.i of the new p'* ', aid det i+ed but. It *LOUU be reed, boovor gamummull I mitt]. JM=7 2963. 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NT!L put 8" avoid" in j480201", that pookst amU #234 a moth =4 ftato the or the .wr O"Id ly rat In jeemums that uuu Puft it 3 '. ibmw b" been .an at a mwy liberal poor mad a 1. t the as in g, it* a m% of and critical of our Approved For Release 2002/05/01: CIA-RDP79-00639A00:0100070009-7 25X1C Approved For Release 2002/05/01 : CIA-RDP79-00639A000100070009-7 Approved For Release 2002/05/01 : CIA-RDP79-00639A000100070009-7 Approved For Release 200 1 Mi a travel lea between udiw "trinp bacefito" have been t `t . si=t an, it to ess tia3. that of our assigned Lder- Not =ay did this result in a 10 t &t a period, but it also Vero to replete t be is of As a Wmaral rule, b'',, we b We an 2901"0, Len 9*04 result its activities. The easy to is in tanle of *0 that bas emew the acct d ao At tvit yoors also t ee other cddratia* the 1 .tattoos teat halm Lctc 25)1 C Approved For Release 2 2/05/01 :CIA-~2DP79-00639A000100070009-7 Approvec'For Release 200210,5%p IAL we do not UL of the mm tnma policies will work a pew. The a do made eta. &s : tbAt Ame aftordinAy. WhIU In an-tain LtiI mwiae# Q admi utmietiv. Berl no Approved For Release 20 / "i ' CIA-RbP79=00639AO00100070009-7 ApprovecTFor Release 2002fq,, '; CIA-RDP79-U639A000100070009-7 (0) p en ti*l Or"it .m Est rat for be.n e t d to provide cow for No. 4327 procedural lyuw for such loom) gmUtium have b MOW of & Lem to 4WONe is z the nplc " the course of MS travel, t for -t watOb"n aed. so& Di apatch no. 4479) A + id+ b1- si5pl3.tied logistics procedure for very . statiera (6 men or Us#) in the flul ft&Px Of amps listed above, the folly rmpomau undw active a+ idersti.on r ld re fit in a rthe r a, li. `iera- at Logistics is working en a now rs - to t ho Obiefe Of StatiCS the etb 'i tY to pr was =" *I dir-eanditi *0 (b) A proposal is b9W9 o sated for rolWour emsnt of gravel coats bet s a An Approved For Release 2002 IA-RDP79 00639A00010007tY0b9=7 Approved"For Release 2002#Q51 " y IA-RDP79-00639A000100070009-7 an a to tted rate beAsj i.*. r the a predeed am of y to * dins, bagp and ; tdental Este for wth.r t n notiA"ti(m tian. If this pmt eratio PrOv" mose"mt we ,e wrtend its a0, study is being gi en to the d*VSU ent Of auttabl+e a 3OWMe (to include travel, der tx dsfer, ec usiteation other s ? e) for 3y to 2d Contract Agm2t* sbich ea Iar the legal p OSsibi t , of reare*t lie g to be d to sU SWIG *n era transferred This * e would be 1nteaded 13. As of Woe the out-et- kt expeamen tbinp as curts ns, draper, tva developed from different causes and desires for be seen from the abo ,, the 4 tr4tive +thangee of Headqu Approved For Release 2002/05/01 : CIA-RDP79-00639A000100070009-7 Approved`for Release 20 to mduft to the xd3d the ittivrad ttsa practices and pdUel s ors ear unique activities 4w refegaee tbiLi ties that the AgmW and be "different" In its indedmieetrat zL ttalieti+aps >td pe sc at A "Ti" c tan chs s so= t ea, ho ver,, where car situatiee is no to the stmdard gaseat practices to the wtmt feasibU. 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