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December 9, 2016
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July 17, 2000
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25Ap*roved For 00070010-5 Approved For Release 2000/08/31 Qrx -M 7~` 0 39A O1100070010-5 a(-) 5 - OLD t-.' t_L'V c{ Approved For Release' 000/08/31 : CIA-RDP79-00639AO0010 10010-5 li ~4..~. S. ,._..._...,r..,......_....? Chiefs of All WE Stations and Bases aiC.w61i'~S.r'7J 0M.Y Y; :?.4LIrr'S40 C~c.S.K I . .w .._ _. __~ A tf11 i we fl w8%+CufrS *khSw .:1 2~X1A respective-1jr. In addition, the revised rorm vr-.s..L :L.v u-Lu cuY. additional column for furniture i f.*oi-watioa (see instructiO Is )? Men completing this retort, please ad. d the furniture coluY:c just prior to column 3 (grade). The last name of pseudonym W111 suffice since space is limited. Attachsoent Forms 2155 With Instructions Distribution.' All Stations and Bases, NE Area CON I LNTIAL Approved For Release 20 010 ~l ..:~. patch 85J . ,-RDP-7.9: 463.9A00 + a QAut ry' 196? ' i a ,1f I Retain for 90 Bay." n r R ": Book Dispatch 5345 dated 21 January 1966 1. Another year has gone by and we a ,a in request your Indulgence in comxipletir'nL the attached , t ploy :e Quarters Su~aruary Reports, Form 2155, x-effecting your JJkiployee : carters data as of 33. December 1966. Please submit those reports NY., igi~ial and 2 copies) to Headquarters on or before 20 February 1967. 2. We are in the process of having Foxwt 2155 revised to update the instructions normally co A,ained on the reverse side and to update the regulation nu ,.tors cited under private and organization qua irters~, ' ~r~ - :~iir gu-i anee., the correct reg = 25X1A