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December 9, 2016
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July 17, 2000
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April 1, 1964
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25 v r e CAA ~ O ION O D ~ ~ MARKED FOR INDEXING TO Chiefs of Station and Base X NO INDEXING REQUIRED INFO. ONLY QUALIFIED DESK CAN JUDGE INDEXING FROM Chief 'm 25X1 A2d 1 MICROFILM _ SUBJECT Summer Employment ACTION REQUIRED - REFERENCES 1. For the past several years, children and wards of Organization employees have been given the opportunity to compete for a limited number of summer-time only appointments at headquarters. Such employment opportunities have necessarily been restricted to these dependents for economy and security reasons. However, the Civil Service Commission has recently announced an antinepotism rule which prohibits Government agencies generally from employing a son or daughter in the same agency as his or =r parent during the period of 1 May to 30 September. Since the ( ganization cannot accommodate its summer employment program to this new rule, it has been decided to cancel plans for summer-only employees this year. Notice of this decision is being sent to employees' children now present in our country who have already filed applications for summer-only employment. 2. The above policy applies also to the field. No one should be tion hired by the Organize ; 1C 25X1C 3. Should a dependent of an Organization employee apply for summer employment elsewhere, either in another Government agency or in a non-Government organization, the employee should ensure that any information which the dependent supplies concerning the employment of the Organization employee is consistent with cover arrangements applicable to the latter. - 25X1A9a DOC / REV GATE >ae By 029 725 - OA1O CLASS PAGES / REV CLASS JUST NeXT REV 24 AVTNI NA 11.2 CROSS REFERENCE TO DISPATCH SYMBOL AND NUMBER DATE Book Dispatch No. x+283 GROUP 1 CLASSIFICATION _Q'S FILE NUMBER Appr 0/08/31: CIA-RDP79-0063 Q , ,0 7j D eotember declassification . ~~ SS's ~`} ju