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December 9, 2016
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July 20, 2000
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October 29, 1973
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ii raroId kl r,utho 'a R E 35 '+ES .+aCri YYY October 29, 1973 Dr. W. Keith Hall Department of Chemistry The University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee Milwaukee, WI 53201 P. 0. Drew r 2038 Pittsburgh, PA 1530 I was very pleased by your offer of an appointment to act as a visiting scientist to the Soviet Union, and I wish to accept the offer, pro- viding that I can obtain approval by GRS:DC. All of my supervisors up to the department head have indicated that they think it is an excellent opportunity so that it is only the formal approval and financial details which must still be worked out. At present, I don't expect any insurmountable difficulties with these. I have contacted Dr. Merten to initiate a request for leave of absence, which should cause no trouble, and to see about handling the per diem money as you suggested. The latter will be more difficult; Dr. Merten said he would let me know promptly as to what arrangements can be made. You indicated that you hoped to implement your program on or about January 1, 1974 with a three-month period which could be extended for another three months by mutual consent. This is quite satisfactory to me, .but since my research program here will suffer about the same setback no matter when it is interrupted, I am quite flexible with regard to the starting; date for the appointment. Also, I would be happy to work at the Institute of Organic Chemistry in Moscow, but am agreeable to visiting a different laboratory if that is necessary. I am looking forward to this trip and am greatly curious as to what my assignment will be; meanwhile, I'll start learning Russian and hope that I can assimilate enough to function adequately. State Dept. declassification & release instructions on file Approved For Rel se 2000/08/31 : CIA-RDP79-0039 A000300020018-4. Approved for Release 2000/08/31 : CIA-RDP79-00798A000300020018-4 Approved For Ref se 2000/08/31 : CIA-RDP79-00ZWA000300020018-4 DA rP_ io/'2403 FROM C. L. Kibby TO W. Keith U-7711 SHEET No. 2 Everyone here is fine, although most are concerned about the oil situation due to the Middle East war. Tony has a promising zeolite pre- paration for selective middle distillate production which we have started characterizing, and we seem always to be concerned with catalyst aging. I hope that you and Gladys are finally getting settled and that your work in starting up a new research program is progressing well. With my best regards, //r RB FEM CLK: _j am bcc : UN HB FEM-CLK ~rLly: ,J` ~:iv ,l C. L. Kibby Approved For Release 2000/08/31 : CIA-RDP79-00798A000300020018-4