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December 9, 2016
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July 19, 2000
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November 26, 1975
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, v Pke N10.1:10/09/06 : CIA-RDP79-097.9t1AW08000-70018-9 4 " To: , yz 1,_ epartment of State trilmorej, o, E21,11V6 rTi-VT(6. LI 41: iSSUanCe 7(s) to N,24 the alieois) ii3Lej rpra(s)._ PMmer??r?vom??.?r?Aa.ohi*Pnmsw.I....Aialmwik..iif#.vv,WdiaphOaWillaoWOAIEOW..ibtaot.f. uNcLAss/F:ep PARE tat mostow 15055 061801Z mg AcyloN voewom xwro OCT,101 EURmi2 150410 CIAE000 CU*+04 US/A0?15 CA?01 /038 W P 9101445T NoV 75 pm AmLHBASSY MO8COW TO STAT E WM.= 652P OIRECTOR FSI AMCON5UL MONTREAL 0423 INSE0,00 WWWWW0W0011000WWW0DOWWWW uNnLAs moseow 18056 PARS TO OE/e!/SEP FOP. ROOT ET.j.7 of the alie.:,`,7? . checks have no. NuAE..00 029g80 Case Officer ?KO. 116521 N/A TAnsi cVIS UR (ANOREYEVD VIKTOR NIKOLAYEVIOH) AURJECTS VISAS SPLEXt SCIENCE AND TECHNOLOGY %PIUS tONKEY CHIPMUNK to ANOREYEV? VIKTOR NIKOLAYEVICH 24 FEB 1R4P MOSCOW DEPARTMENT CHIEF, MOSCOW MACHINE TOOL AND Ro OMC IN ANATOL!? VASIOYEVIcH 13 OCT 1940 61mF R POO GROUP LEADtR? V,D, PATO N INSTITUTE OF ELECTR UKRAINIAN AcADEMY OF SCIENCES AGREE)," CiES.05. P. O. : During.: I I) tif,6 NT Sponsor: Notes: i A licti (-co ZNSTRUMENT INSTITUTE WELDING# 3 ALEBOV0 SERGE? NIKOLAYEVICH 5 DC 14 MOSCOW FXPER:ta_US-S-R---e-T-A-T C-OKK/TTPE FOR stieNtE AND TECHNOLOGY ?-VLOO DPT.4 AND mTL-1 46 KOVALICHOK, vI(TOR SVIENOvICH 3 APR 1237 K R TYSHEv GROUP LEADER PATON INSTXTuTE OP ELEcTROW5ODING. State Dept. declassification & release instructions on file Approved For Release 2000/0910401K419P79-00798A000300070018-9 ?4) c4., 'ior Release 2000109106: CIA-RDP79-00798A029300070018-9 d t Department of State 1.. _ e ,T 4, IdE UNCLASSIFIED PAGe 02 MOSCOW 16056 081801Z UKRAINIAN ACADEMY OF SCIENCES S. MOVCHAN, BORIS ALEKSEYEVICH 9 JAN 1928 MAKEYEVKA DEPARTMENT CHIEF, Y,O, PATON INSTITUTE OF UKRAINIAN ACADEMY OF 8CIENCES ELECTROWELOING, 6.- ETD NOV 2,j4 STAY 16 DAYS', 7, POINT RESEARCH IN ELECTRONTC.,RAY EVAPORATION OF METALS ANO NOWPMETALS IN VACUUM, CONTACT Ao ROOT, DES/SCl/SPo fie FOR MONTREAL: VISAS ALPHA SERGEY NI.KOLAYEVICH GLoov, mATLocx Approvecj For Relea5e1 6b60306E.ZIA-RDP79-007-98A000300070018-9 ? Approved For Release 2000/09/06 : CIA-RDP79-007984/06701:10/0 o Nor PROPOSED ITENARY FOR VISIT OF &SSR DELEGATION - TASK FORCE ELECTRON BEAM EVAPORATION Visitors are: Prof. B.A. Movchan, Dr. A.V. Demchishin, Dr. L.V. Kovalchuk, Paton Welding Institute, Keiv; Dr. Andreev, All Union Scientific Research Instrumental Institute; and Mr. S.N. Glebov, State Committee on Science and Technology. In the proposed itenary, I have included suggested flights in the USA for which reservations should be made by the USSR delegation. I am also suggesting the following additional places for visit. 1. U.S. Bureau of Mines, Albany, Oregon 2. Industrial Vacuum Engineering, San Mateo, California - president is Hugh Smith who was the founder and former president of Airco Temescal. 3. Metcut Research Associates, Cincinnati, Ohio- to discuss cutting tool test procedures. No research activity at NRC suitable for visit. November 28, Friday November 29, Saturday November 30, Sunday December 1, Monday December 2$ Tuesday December 3, Wednesday December 4, Thursday December 5, Friday Moscow-New York New York-Los Angeles, United 5 Leave 12 noon, Arrive 2:45 pm Dr. Bunshah will meet flight and arrange hotel Rest in Los Angeles Visit Prof. Bunshah at UCLA Los Angeles-San Francisco, United 504 Leave 8 am, Arrive 9 am Visit Airco Temescal, Dr. Russel Hill (2850 Seventh, Berkeley, Calif. 415-841-5720) San Francisco-Portland, United 535 Leave 8:15 am, Arrive 9:45 am Visit Dr. Erwin Rudy, Oregon Graduate Center, (19600 N.W. Wilke Road, Beaverton, Oregon 97005 503-645-1121). Evening by car to Albany Oregon with Mr. Robert A. Beall. Visit (1) Wah-Chang Corporation (tentative) (2) U.S. Bureau of Mines, Mr. Robert A. Beall (Albany Metallurgical Research Center, P.O. Box 70, Albany, Oregon 97321, 503-926-5811) Portland-San Francisco, United 365 Leave 8:30 am, Arrive 9:50 am Visit Industrial Vacuum Engineering, Dr. Hugh Smith (307 North Amphlett Blvd., San Mateo, Calif. 94401 415:-348-2866) Approved For,Release 2000/09/06 : CIA-RDP79-00798A000300070018-9 , Approved ForRelease2000/09/06 : CIA-RDP79-00798A000300070018-9 December 6, Saturday December 7, Sunday December 8, Monday December 9, Tuesday December 10-11, Wednesday .& Thursday December 12, Friday December 13, Saturday Rest in San Francisco San Francisco-Boston, TWA 32 Leave 10:30 am, Arrive 6:35 pm Proceed to Fenway Motor Hotel, 777 Memorial, Cambridge, Mass. by taxi. Visit Manlabs, Dr. Larry Kaufmann will pick up at hotel (21 En i Street, Cambridge, Mass. 02139 617-491-2900) Boston-Cincinnati, American 453 Leave 5:40 pm, Arrive 8:45 pm Proceed by taxi to Quality Inn Central, 4147 Montgomery, Norwood, Ohio Visit Metcut Research Associates Picked up at hotel by Dr. Michael Field (3980 Rosslyn Drive, Cincinnati, Ohio 45909 513-271-5100) Cincinnati-Pittsburgh, TWA 532 Leave 1 pm, Arrive 1:50 pm Proceed to Webster Hall Hotel by limousine Visit (1) Westinghouse Astronuclear (2) Kennametal (3) Firth Stirling - all to be confirmed Visit (1) Univ. of Pittsburgh, Dr. Hal Brody and Dr. G.H. Meier (848 Benendum Hall, Pittsburgh, PennsylVania 15261, 412-624-5302)3 (2) Carnegie Mellon Univeristy, Dr. Dick Heckel and Dr. Lloyd Bauer (Schenley Park, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania 15261, 412-621-2600) Pittsburgh-New York, TWA 214 Leave lpm, Arrive 2:04 pm Depart for Moscow Please request Prof. Movchan to bring deposits of TiC, TiC-10C and TiC (50%) TiB2 (50%) as requested in my letter of August 29, 1975 for our joint paper. Please also bring specimen of evaporant billet of ZrC to compare against results from deposits. PLEASE CONFIRM ? R. F. Bunshah UCLA Approved For Release 2000/09/06 : CIA-RDP79-00798A000300070018-9