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December 9, 2016
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July 20, 2000
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May 17, 1975
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a:"el. =`: A06Y4ed For Release 2000QW06 : CIA-RDP79-00798A000300070021 5 17 May 1975 Dr. S. Antonov State !Dom. of U.S.S.R. Council of Ministers 11, Gorky St., Moscow Dear Dr. Antonov: 12819 DAVAN DRIVE SILVER SPRING, MARYLAND 20904. U.S.A. TELEPHONE 301.622-3426 r))- - t ~4_ , Although we shall be meeting in about two weeks, I thought you and Dr. Kashin, your responsible contact for Solid State Joining, would be interested in the en- closed brief pre-view of our specific topics under this subject and the research places and investigators with whom we have been discussing this subject. Our re- sponsible contact, Dr. Heckel, has been informally communicating with Dr. Kashin and Dr. Shorshorov. I am pleased to point out that there is good general agreement between the en- closed list of topics and the list you sent us. With this good start, we should be able to arrive at a detailed protocol in this area very readily. I should em- phasize, however, that the names of places and people on our list are only tenta- tive-at this stage and will require further selection and discussion. Progress in other technical areas under our Protocol and details of our investigators in these areas will be presented to you at our meeting. I look forward to seeing you in about two weeks and anticipate good, pro- ductive results.from our meeting, as on previous occasions. In the meantime, best regards and wishes to you. State Dept. declassification & release instructions on file Sincerely, C , P,,"' :_124 StP Enc. N. E. Promisel `Chairman, U.S. Working Group on Electrometallurgy Approved For Release 2000/09/06 : CIA-RDP79-00798A000300070021-5 Approved For Release 200(w: ent t!? c bS .- I-r6ggram j 003000706.E-5 TOPIC 1. Diffusion Bonding 1. Kinetics of homogeneous. diffusion bonding 2. Intensification of bonding (heterogeneous and- homog. ) (new methods) 3. Kinetics of intermediate phase formation (strength effect) 4. Mathematical models of interdiffusion Owczarski (?) - Pratt f, Whitney Fisher/Speich - U. S. Steel Male (?) - Westinghouse Hamilton (?) - Rockwell Owczarski (?) - Pratt & Whitney Goldstein/Notis/Hilton - Lehigh Sekerka/Heckel - Carnegie-Mellon Goldstein - .Lehigh . 2. Heterogeneous Bonding - Metal/Ceramics - Composites 1. Thermodynamic calculations Rapp (?) - Ohio State for bonding 2. Power and structural charac- terization of plastic deformation (?) 3. Kinetics of contact formation Fisher/Speich - U. S. Steel (soft metal/ceramic contacts- Bauer - Carnegie-Mellon friction)(new equipment and control) 4. Centers of chemical interaction Goldstein/Notis/Hilton - Lehigh (formation of new phases) Bauer - Carnegie-Mellon 5. Mathematical models of joint Sekerka/Heckel - Carnegie-Mellon formation Goldstein - Lehigh 3. Formation and Mechanical Behavior of Composites 1. Investigation of bonding (hot pressing study) (?) 2. Roll bonding of fiber composites (?) 3. Residual stress effects in Ebert - Case Western composites Heckel - Carnegie-Mellon 4. Acoustical study of work Fisher/Speich - U. S. Steel hardening and fracture in composites Approved For Release 2000/09/06 : CIA-RDP79-00798A000300070021-5