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December 9, 2016
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July 28, 2000
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July 3, 1973
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1111.1111111111111111g111164MihreMid or'Relieavw2000/08/23 : CIA-RDP79-0079W00400010ocia- liaehinston? *USDA Waiver Letter In ERU File* Professor 0.1. Setdbrov Committee tor Cottecil Minister* for Science sod Teohnolosy Lontrre Street IiisecoehM 04 U.S.S.R. rofoseer 'indigo"! Mrs lay Votedierer described hilt visit with you Alio he is ue antrignment in Meow. The* you for giving bin your voluellilo tine. Me Sereeted that you and your collettegsses wore Toady for ite August motins and had. latter an its way to Ian. X. seated thet be theeriat you had not received WS totter of April. 14, *tee susitiostits III4 August aeotios. lemon* Woe to sow so Oleo* and ? the eetlleyeessa mesa to be slew, rsat sewiestog another warp of mIlf *mat IR tattoo eeS oneeittes in this Uttar sows rear specific deleila far our *elan** toe techa4e117 excheolPLu forestry. Mr. gtenlay 2rtion and He* Jock Toth of the LI. 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Dtipoupo end nem, mom the 1144444 for the multtioN" 2. Peepers a draft of et Noserewhat of Cooperate* stoilest to that peopored for asriessiture. Approved For Release 2000/08/23 : CIA-RDP79-00798A000400010005-8 roved FOrRele 2000/08r23 : P79'-00798000400010005-8 ? 34 DientifY the fioldo of sativitios and resew* tm foreitry of mutual interest to the U..S.S.R.. and U.S. for forthor emehmmge tu science an technology. 4. Fewest ftre. *Usu., the "stet* of the art" to format ? fire parosetimm eed coeteol and idestify specific emebsage activitiesth firs seisms and technology, 5.Forest Leos* *antral. tolditartba "state of the art" per* ticolorly ia biolsgicel control and mow control streetiss. Forest alums control. Seviow the "state of the ere" per* ? titularly to biological, control and uso control strotaeloo* . Afteeped legging opposites. Savia, the t'stste of rhos art" in edvensed logging spume end look fee. possibilities edi aoned tsohnelogicel devoimensut. 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' I was glad that Dr. Arnold-had an opportunity to confer with You in Moscow and to followup on our discussions in Buenos Aires. He presented the case for forestry before the meeting of the Joint Commission orC.Cooperation in Science and. Technology in Washington .on: March 20, 1973., Academician ZhaVOronk6V.17eSponded in an affirm- nave and enthUiLastic It is our understanding that the Joint Commission endorsed forestry as an excellent subject for exchange in science and technology. It directed that a joint working group be established to prepare a "Memorandum of Cooperation" and recommend proposals for cooperative? , programs to be approved by the Joint Commission. Dr. H. Guyford Stever, U.S. Co-chairman of the Joint Commission, has asked the. Forest Service of the United States Department of Agriculture to be the lead agency. on the U.S. side. In line with Dr. Arnold's comments that the U.S.S.R. might host first meeting of a joint working group in forestry, I am writing ?to you with a suggestion for it. Since time is short for planning and for official approvals, I am presuming to describe some pos- sible details. meeting ,10 days maximum Begin August. 20; 1973;. August 27, 1971; or September 3, ,1973 The U.S. will pay all costs .for,its ; delegation except for local transportation -rrangementSjn cities and interpretation if needed. ppioved For Release 2000/08/23 : CIA-RDP79-00798A000400010005-8 wok ...oft frvemorwmnrsseint. ,111111.101V ill.04;Pirage:WOO/L.01.19MIN roved For_Releasaf2000/08/23 -:,CIA-RDP79-007984900400010005-8 It seems to me that we might accomplish several things a. Prepare a "Memorandum of Cooperation" Similar to that prepared for Agriculture. b. Identify and describe the? fields of forestry where co- Operation would be mutually beneficial. C. Identify specific subjects and possible cooperative projects in forest protection - forest fire, insects, and disease. d. Identify scientific specialists and institutes On both sides for agreed upon problems. e. If time permits, make a short field tour to seeprobleths and.progress in the fields of forest protection. -8U-the Joint Commission meets in the late fall or winter as planned,_ 'rour programs might be approved. The U.S. could then host the working group'in the spring or early summer, and we cOuld:begin specific - exthanges in the protection fields. If this general idea meets uiith your approval, a delegation of six :from the U.S. including Dr. Arnold and me will serve as our initial working group. This group will include a.pathologist, a University Dean of Forestry, a representative of the timber industry, and a fores products specialist. Dr. Arnold will represent the field of forst fire. Others will be added when specific exchange programs are'approved. 411 'We understand the need for the "Memorandum of Cooperation" to include not only the State Committee on ForeStry, but also the Ministry of the Lumber and Wood Processing Industry and. the Ministry of '1,16 P1-11P , and Paper InduStry.- The. U.S.S.R. may wish to form one working group from members of all - ? three agencies, or it may wish to form a separate working group for .each one. We will adjust to the Organization you suggest and will .be prepared to,meet in one working group or separately. We would lppreetato a reply at your earty: convenience, particularly .as to. Oe date-ofthe meeting. I look forward to the opportunity to review our common forestry problems with you. ci? 4 (7,, ? J 11N R. r.cC-UIR14 cyof Approve or Release 2000/08/23 : CIA-RDP79-00798A000400010005-8