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May 16, 1974
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C-O-N-?F-I-D-E-N-T-I-A-I.~ Approved For FRelease pp'~0/09/06 : CIA-RDP79-00798A000600 01-5 (DATE) J SUBJECT: Opinion Request - y8 - JC~4R,vtoC~M 2~""cJ C S i-7 Attached is self-explanatory material from the Department of State. May we have your opinion by L -7 Please state degree of interest and whether we will receive requirements. 'ClIIA_GE DISTRIBUTION E2 IMPDET CL BY: 007622 Approved For Release 2000/09/06 ? C P 9-0 7 0 0 0 060001-5 -Approved For Rel6as PO6 l 9/O6 : CIA-RDP79--OO798AOOO6O OO %-( Dr. Richard W. Roberts Director, U.S. National Bureau of Standards Washington, D. C. 20234 7: would like to express my appreciation for your remarks on the proposal of the Terms of Reference for the Working Group and detailed curriculum vitae of your colleagues. We will forward a new version of the Terms of Reference for the Working Group in the immediate future. I would like to bring my apologies to you for the delay in answering; your letter and would like to give to you our comments concerning the proposed Working Plan, as well as the names of individuals responsible for the implementation of the Plan (Attachment). All of the coordinators proposed to you are among the oldest workers of the USSR Gosstandart system and have made substantial contributions to the development of metrology and standardization in our country. :z would like to let you know at this time that Dr. Tech transmitted a proposal of a possible visit to the Soviet Union of Mr. R. Trowbridge, Mr. D. L. Peyton, and Mr. F. Lague prior to the scheduled meeting of our Working Group for the purpose of discussing topics for. cooperation in the field of standardization. We will be pleased to discuss all new proposals at a time convenient for Mr. R. Trowbridge, Mr. D. L. Peyton, and Mr. F. LaQue. Thank you once again for your letter. With best ,,rishes. Sincerely yours, V. Boytsov, Chairman Moscow, 11-1-49, Lenin PR. 9 State. Cox,mittee on Standards of the Council of Ministers of the USSR Telephone 236-40-44 Telegram: Moscow, Gosstandart #32--35/896 Dated April 4, 1974 Approved For Release 2000/09/06 : CIA-RDP79-00798AO00600060001-5 Approved For Release O/09/06 : CIA-RDP79-00798A000600WOO1-5 remarks on the Working Tian for Scientific and Technical Coop e~ratioz: in the Area of Metrology and Standardization. Part- I Topic 1. Intercomparison of mass standards. Gosatandar.t agrees with the NIBS proposal to undertake this work within the framework of the International Bureau of. Weights and Measures (BIPH) . Topic 2. Intercomparison of length standards. Gosstandart agrees with the NBS proposal, to undertake this work within the framework of the International Bureau of Weights and "Ieasures (BIPT.4) . Topic 3. Intercomparison of pressure standards. Gosstandart agrees with the NIBS proposal for bilateral exchange of pressure measurement devices and for its part would think it desirable to start with comparisrn of piston gauges (working standards) with the range of (6 - 600) 10 Pa. Gosstandart can furnish for intercomparison the following piston gauges: 1-21-60, MP-600, ;IJ?--2500, and '1111-6000. We do not intend to furnish sets of weights for the gauges. Gosstandart is ready to receive for intercomparison in the fourth quarter of 1974 ---- first quarter of 1975 corresponding NIBS equipment for pressure measurements with the above-mentioned range, under the condition that the American side furnish in advance concrete data on its equipment (coupling sizes, etc.). USSR Gosstandart would like to propose that it send its equipment to NUS for intercoriparison in the fourth quarter of 1975 -- first quarter of 1976. The responsibility for implementation of. Topic 3 rests with. V dII U, 1xendeleyev on the TJSSR side. Responsible scientist: Candidate of Technical Sciences: I. V. Plotnikov. Topic 4. Intercomparison of transportable volt standards. Gosstandart agrees to accept from NBS for intercomparison in the fourth quarter of 1974 -- first quarter of 1975 -- four transportable standards (normal elements) in a thermostatic enclosure under the condition that NBS furnish ahead of time description of the transportable standards, specifications on their use in intercomparisons and data on the method of calibration used at NBS. Approved For Release 2000/09/06 : CIA-RDP79-00798A000600060001-5 -2- Approved. For Release*MbO/09/06: CIA-RDP79-00798A00060 OO1-5 Gosstandart is iii turn ready to forward to UBS in the fourth quarter of 1975 --- first quarter of 1976 --- four thermostatically enclosed normal elements for intercomparison. Responsibility for the implementation.of Topic 4 has been given to ViII,11MM, Mendeleyev on the USSR side. Responsible scientist: G. I. Galakhoya. ToL)ic: 5. Intercomparison of standards for ionizing radiation. Gosstandart agrees with NBS proposals on the necessity for the meeting of specialists from both sides to discuss the prograin of intercomparison of standards in ionizing radiation. Taking account of the US interest in the measurement of absorbed radiation doses, Gosstandart is ready to undertake intercomparison of standards of absorbed -radiation doses and the first to be the measurement of absorbed dose of bremsstrahlung with photon energies up to 50 MeV. In addition, Gosstandart is interested in making intercomparisons of standards of units of nuclide activity. In order to discuss cooperative programs on the above mentioned and other topics, Gosstandart could send to PTBS two specialists in the fourth quarter of 1974 - first quarter of 1975. Responsibility for the implementation of Topic 5 has been given to VNIIM, Nendeleyev on the USSR side. Responsible scientist: Candidate of Technical Sciences V. I. Pomin. Tonic 6. Intercomparison of laser wavelengths. Gosstandart is ready to receive at any time an NBS specialist to discuss a program of cooperative activity in the development of iodine stabilized lasers. Responsibility for the implementation of Topic 6 has been given to WT-II;`N, Mendeleyev on the USSR side. Responsibility scientist: Professor G. M. Malyshev. Topic 7. Intercomparison of thermocouples. Gosstandart agrees with the NBS proposal for manufacture from the same material and subsequent exchange of thermocouples for intercomparison. Tentative target for exchange of thermocouples with the required documentation: fourth quarter of 1974 -- first quarter of 1975. Responsibility for the implementation of Topic 7 has been given to VNIItt'., M.endeleyev on the USSR side. Responsible scientist: B. I3. O1eyni_k. Approved For Release 2000/09/06 : CIA-RDP79-00798A000600060001-5 Approved For Release.2000/09/06: CIA-RD'79-00798A0006060001-5 It is proposed that each side provide a number of specially selected and certified for stability, thermocouples manufactured. from the oelectrode material Pf 30 (Pt - 70%, Rh -- 30,%) and PR 30 (Pt - 94%, Rh - 6%). The diameter of the thermoelectrode wire should he 0.5 mm, the length 1500 ram, Insulating sheath is made of aluminum oxide (A1203 > 99.5%). Diameter of insulating sheath 4-5 mm, channel diameter not less 0.8 rug. The length of the sheath not less than 500 rim. than Cosstandart, USSR, proposes that the work proceed in the following sequence: 7.1. A number of the thermocouples will be fully calibrated in the range of temperatures 300-1800?C. Calibration can be made by the reference point method and by the intercomparison method. It is desirable to also estimate the inhomogeneity of. the thermocouples. 7.2. It is undesirable that the thermocouples selected for shipment be subjected tolong exposures to heat. However, in order to have confidence in the ascribed calibration values, calibration of these thermocouples must be made at the reference points such as points of zinc, tin, gold, palladium, platinum. 7.3. The thermocouples (preferable five in number) are shipped for intercomp.arison to the laboratory of the other side with the :following data: a. Composition of thermoelectrodes b. data on annealing of thermoelectrodes and thermocouples c. calibrated values of thermocouples at reference points d. information on the purity of metals used for the reference points c. data on the depth of immersion of thermocouples in the oven. 7.4. The laboratory of the other party will work for the most part (full. calibration in the range of 300-1800?C) with two of the exchanged therr_.ocouples. The other thermocouples will be held in reserve. If the calibration is done with different methods, different thermocouples can be used with different methods. 7.5. 'Returned thermocouples should be accompanied by documents containing the following; data: a. calibrated values of thermocouples. Here the thermo- electric force must be given at the reference points. b. inforination on the duration of exposure of thermocouples Approved For Release 2000/09/06 : CIA-RDP79-00798A000600060001-5 Approved For Release 2000/09/06 : CIA-RIP79-00798A000600060001-5 to the calibrate'ng telperatures. c. data on the death of_ _i_w ersion of thermocouples in the oven and on the temperature gradients in the ovens. d. purity of Metals, used for the reference points e. brief description of electrical measuring equipment used f. any other information that could affect the results or precision of calibration of thermocouples and a brief analysis of the results obtained. 7.6. Upon return, the thermocouples undergo a second calibration in their o;art laboratory and the data obtained, together with a short analysis, are sent to the other party. The work also will include exchange of specifications and scientific and technical documentation concerning the properties of thermoelectrode materials, construction of thermocouples and of the ovens used in the calibration of thermocouples. Topic 8. Intercostparison of standard thermoelectric voltage converters. Gosstandart, USSR, agrees with the B'S, USA, proposal to conduct :intercomparison of thermoelectric voltage converters (up to 1 1411z) w.,wi thin the framework. of BIP?? where this work is being carried 'out by USSR, Japan, Great Britain, and USA. Responsibility for the implementation of Topic 3 has been given to V NIIPi., Mendeleyev on the USSR side. Responsible scientist: Professor T. B. Rozhdestvensl a. Topic 9. Refinement of physical constants. Cosstandart, USSR, agrees with the USA/NBS, proposal on the desirability of discussing in the course of exchange, questions associated with the planning of experiments and the conducting of analysis of the results of determination. of some physical constants and could send its specialists to NBS in the fourth quarter of 1974 first quarter of 1975 --- for this purpose. Concerning the questions proposed for discussion at a meeting of specialists, Cosstandart feels that: It is important for us to refine a number of constants associated with the reproduction of the Absolute Volt. Among these constants are the Approved For Release 2000/09/06 : CIA-RDP79-00798A000600060001-5 Approved'For Release 00/09/06: CIA-RDP579-00798A000600 001-5 Rydberg constant, fine structure constant, Avogadro number and the ratio of the rest mass of the proton to the rest mass of the electron. It appears that the Rydberg constant, known with an error of a few parts in 10 , does not, at the present time, limit the accuracy of the volt. This must be particularly emphasized in view of the work being done in a number of laboratories on the refinement of this constant by using lasers, As far as Avogadro's number is concerned, in spite of its importance, Gosstandart is not yet ready to measure its value and does not intend to start the work before 1976. At the present time Gosstandart would like to propose cooperation in the determination of the fine structure constant and the ratio of proton. to. electron masses and to start this work in the fourth quarter .of 1974. Concerning cooperation on the agreement for values of physical constants, Gosstandart has a number of remarks concerning 'the choice. and evaluation of data based on the material obtained by Cohen and Taylor in 1973. We will present the results of our work on the reconciling the differences at CODATA in mid-1975 and hope that a comparison of our results with the results of Cohen and Taylor will be of use. Responsibility for the implementation of Topic 9'has been given to VMTIIM, Mendeleyev on.the USSR side. Responsible scientist: Candidate of Technical Sciences, K. A. Krasnov. Topic 10. Exchange of standard reference materials. Gosstandart, USSR, finds it impossible to start in 1974 cooperation with NUS on the development of stardard reference materials for clinical measurements and environmental protection. Part IV Topic 1. Automated information and control systems in the area of standardization, and Topic 2(a). Use of computers for the contro:L of the process of standardization. Responsible scientist for this topic is V. 1. Romanov, Head of GIVTS. Topic 2(b). Use of computers in the development of standards and ~._._. _ calibration of measuring sytems.__.~__'-_~m_ Approved For Release 2000/09/06 : CIA-RDP79-00798A000600060001-5 Approved For Release` 00/09/06 : CIA-RDF'T9-00798A000600W001-5 Responsible scientists for this topic are: scientific staff member of CIVTS, V. N. Shurupov, and staff member of VNIIt?IS, Candidate of Technical .Sciences, S. S. Gusev. Topic 2 (c) . rise of computers and automation in pVlanninn and industrial processes. Responsible scientist is Yu. Shirokiv, staff member of \T23IP4AS T. Part V Cooperation in the area of standard reference data. Gosstandart, USSR, would like to propose the cooperation begin in 3.974 on "Determination, refinement and correlation of values of thermophysical properties of the most important substances as well as of the most important chemical kinetic data." Responsibility for the implementation of work in Part V has been given to VNIIMS. Responsible scientist: Candidate of Technical Sciences, S. S. Cusev. Approved For Release 2000/09/06 : CIA-RDP79-00798A000600060001-5 Approved For, Release 2000/09/06 : CIA-RDP79-00798A000600060001-5 COFE1IP. USAF POSITION ON COMMUNIST BLOC VISITORS Visitors: Standards and Standardization Project and Sponsor: AFSC FTD /m/2) F_U'I_17 8. USAF also provides the following: Opinion #- 36-5 Due 3 Jun 7 4 Passed to IIAGE Approved For Release 2000/09/ Classificd by ......... .. ......... ................................... EXEMPT FE'D'` DECI_ASS1FICATION SCHEDULE: U ORDER 11652 EXEMPTION CATEGORY ............. -............................._.... DECLASSIFY ON... L-~___. ~.~... .. 600060001-5 , TOP SE RET Qx;ed'For Release- AM6T/06 - CIA-RDP79-00798A00060006 '61 T I AL SECURITY CLASSIFICATION OF ATTACHED MATERIAL SHOULD BE CIRCLED TOP AND BOTTOM I IC # DEADLINE DATE 1 J (at`t_ ff - -aces L ) Leo C. ii s proposed viyjtj exchancre S Gt 3 Lr3 Zi- - +) l Fa s ci e3 o iie f3iS[~F>!C~ I will not n G713 INSTRUCTIONS: Under each comment a line should " If comments bear a higher classification than be drawn across sheet and each comment numbered the attached material, the security classifi- to correspond with the number in the "TO" Column. cation of this sheet be changed. FORM 964 USE PREVIOUS EDITIONS 6.6`' Approved For Release 2000/09/06 :CIA-RDP79-00798A000600060001-5 UNCLASSIFIED CONFIDENTIAL SECRET TOP SECRET