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December 12, 2016
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July 19, 2000
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October 23, 1974
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Approved For Release 2002/03/28 : CIA-RDP79-00798A000600100011-9 PROTOCOL. OF THE MEETING OF THE JOINT U.S.-U.S.S.R. PROJECT COORDINATORS ON "'LA.ii'iING, UTILIZATION AND 1XIANIAGEi SENT o +?A I ER RESOURCES" Washington, D. C., USA October 23, 1974 In accordance with the U.S.-U.S.S.R. Agreement on Cooperation in the Field of Science and Technology signed in Mosco;,i, May 24, 1972, and with the R cord of the First i~leeting of the Joint U.S.-U.S.S.R. Working Group on Scientific and Technical Cooperation in Water Resources, signed September 30, 1972, the meeting of U.S.-U.S.S.R. Coordinators for "Planning, Utilization and Management of Water Resources" was held in Denver, Colorado, October 15-16, 1974. The U.S.S.R. delegation was headed by A. M. Volynov, Soviet Project Coordinator and Director General, Sojuzvodproject. The U.S. delegation was headed by Warren D. Fairchild, U.S. Project Coordinator and Director, Vater Resources Council. A list of the participants in the meeting is attached as Appendix 1. At the meeting, each side presented and discussed the following items: 1. Coordination of the programme of priority cooperative activities for a period of 1974-76 (Appendix 2). 2. Draft plan of visits of U.S. specialists to the U.S.S.R. and Soviet specialists to the USA for 1975 on the priority cooperative activities (Appendix 3). 3. Technical problems of large river runoff transfers. 4. Technical solutions for desalinization of soils and saline water use for irrigation. *DOI Waiver Letter In ERU FILE* Approved For Release 2002/03/28 : CIA-RDP79-00798A000600100011-9 Approved For Release 2002/03/28: CIA-RDP79-00798A000600100011-9 At the meeting, each side exchanged opinions and information on the activities, undertaken in their countries in the sphere of planning, utilization, and management of water resources being of mutual interest; discussed the form, scope, and the execution time of cooperative activities on separate items under the Project; and agreed on the Programme of priority cooperative activities for a period of 1974-76 (See Appendix 2). In accordance with the mentioned "Programme," both sides agreed to have in the 4th quarter of 1974 and 1st quarter of 1975, an exchange of methodologies and draft working programs of research on all priority activities with reference to concrete projects or experi- mental plots. It is planned that a detailed review of the scope of cooperative activities on separate items of the Project will be made during the forthcoming meetings of specialists and be completed in the 1st half of 1975. Agreement will be reached on working research program (with reference to concrete projects). Both sides discussed the Soviet proposals pertaining to the draft plan of visits of U.S. specialists to the U.S.S.R. and Soviet specialists to the USA in 1975 on priority cooperative activities under the Project (Appendix 3) and agreed to consider them as a basis for making up of3their delegations in 1975. Both sides agreed that a preliminary agreement on visits of specialists is to be reached three months prior to the planned departure of specialists. Final agreement will be made one month before the departure of a delegation. Both sides agreed that materials to he exchanged shall include four (4) copies in sender's language and the final reports prepared by the lead side shall include ten (10) copies in the sender's language. The sides agreed to reiterate the position that items relating to: (1) ground water and (2) fisheries structures should be assigned to this group. Approved For Release 2002/03/28 : CIA-RDP79-00798A000600100011-9 Approved For Release 2002/03/28: CIA-RDP79-00798A00000100011-9 The sides agreed that within two (2) months the American side shall present the Soviet side a list of organizations fulfilling the work according to the joint programme. The sides agreed that ,,iith respect to use of saline water for irrigation, and irrigation of saline soils, it was observed that there is a potential for duplication of activities under this agreement with those proposed under the Agreement on Cooperation in the Field of Agriculture, dated June 19, 1973. To reduce such duplication, soil science and related agronomic activities will not be considered under this agreement except for such items as water delivery and use, leaching rates, drainage techniques, and prediction of water-salt balance. At the meeting, both sides made reports on interbasin large river runoff transfers, desalination of soils and saline !eater use for irrigation. Each side exchanged opinion on the research activities in both U.S.S.R. and USA and on techniques used in projects in their countries to solve the mentioned problems. The following technical problems were discussed at the meeting, and in particular: .1. Methods of soil conservation in river basins. 2. Methods of desalination in the Lower Colorado Valley. 3. General outline of desalination plant to be constructed on the Lower Colorado River. 4. Math modelling for regulation and prediction of water resources in the Colorado River. 5. Discussion on choice of equipment in pumping plants. 6. Methods of drainage used in the USA. Approved For Release 2002/03/28 : CIA-RDP79-00798A000600100011-9 Approved For Release 2002/03/28 : CIA-RDP79-00798A000600100011-9 The U.S.S.R. specialists ,sere acquainted w ith the activities of several ,?;a tier agencies and firms; scientific research work and technical solutions on large-scale projects; and also visited: 1. Tennessee Valley Authority in Knoxville, Tennessee 2. Soil Conservation Service watershed projects in Oxford, Mississippi 3. Corps of Engineers Waterways Experiment Station at Vicksburg, tiississippi 4. New Orleans port facilities in New Orleans, Louisiana 5. Bureau of Reclamation projects in Yuma, Arizona 6. Metropolitan Water District of Southern California, Joseph Jenson Filtration Plant, and the Edmonston Pumping Plant 7. Bureau of Reclamation Engineering and Research Center at Denver, Colorado During the visit in the USA, the Soviet side handed over to the U.S. side the summary reports both in Russian and English on the following subjects: 1. Problems of Siberian rivers' partial runoff utilization to improve water availability in the arid zone of the U.S.S.R. 2. Information on the present state of saline land reclamation and use of saline water for irrigation. 3. Methods and assessment of the influence of economic activity on water resources and the hydrologic regime. In its turn, the American side handed over to the Soviet side: Status Report - Colorado River plater Quality Improvement Program - U.S. Bureau of Reclamation - January 1974 Approved For Release 2002/03/28 : CIA-RDP79-00798A000600100011-9 Approved For-Release 2002/03/28 : CIA-RDP79-00798AO00600100011-9 L I S T of the participants of the meeting of the Joint U.S.-U.S.S.R. Project Coordinators on "Plannin,,, Utilization and NLanagement of Wdater Resources" Deriver, Colorado, USA October 6-20, 1974 Soviet Side 1.- Volynov A. M. Project Coordinator, Director General, Sojuzvodproject 2. Guerardi I.A. Deputy Chief Engineer, Sojuzvodproject 3. :ost:yakov N.S. Chief of External Relations Department, Sojuzvodproject 4. Bobchenko V.I. Chief of Soils and Reclamation. Laboratory of the All-Union Research Institute for hydraulic Engineering and Reclamation (VNII.GiM) 5. Linyuchev V.A. Chief of Hydromechanical Department, Hyciroproject Institute United States Side 1. Warren D. Fairchild Project Coordinator and Director, Water Resources Council 2. James J. O'Brien 3. Jack C. Jorgensen 4. Joseph Haas 5. Jack R. Thompson Assistant Commissioner - Resources Planninz, Bureau of.Reclamation, U.S. Department of the Interior Associate Director, Office of Water T:ese?arc= and Technology, Department of the Interior Assistant Deputy Administrator, Soil Conservation Service, U.S. Department of Agriculture Assistant Chief, Engineering Division, Civil Works Directorate Office, Corps of Engineers, U.S. Army 6. Thomas D. Maddock Senior Researcher, Geological Survey, U.S. Department of the Interior Approved For Release 2002/03/28 : CIA-RDP79-00798A000600100011-9 Approved For Release 2002/03/28 : CIA-RDP79-00798A000600100011-9 "Irrigation Nanagement for Salt Control," by Schilfgaarde, Bernstein, Rhoades, and Rawlins, Journal of the Irrigation and Drainage Division, ASCE, September 1974 Selected papers and Reclamation Instructions, on land classification procedures used by the Bureau of Reclamation Reconnaissance Report on West Texas-Eastern New Mexico Import Project, U.S. Bureau of Reclamation, June 1973 Selected reports and papers on conceptual plans for major interbasin water transfer projects. It is the position of the Project Coordinators that the scope and timing of realization of priority cooperative items as framed by the Programme may be subject to closer definition in the process of working out of research programs under the condition of mutual agreement between the Coordinators or their designated representatives. The discussions were held in the business-like manner and atmosphere of mutual understanding and narked the beginning of realization of cooperative activities under the Project. The present Protocol is signed in English and in Russian (two copies each) on October 23, 1974. Both texts are authentic and equally authoritative. Warren D. Fairchild U.Qlyi) o v U.S.S.R. Project Coordinator USA Project Coordinator Approved For Release 2002/03/28 : CIA-RDP79-00798A000600100011-9 'CS S 4_.1 U C f ? J U) O U) CJ ;-+ 'U C) CC C) 11 0 Agp ovec#1For R lease 200,?J0J/ 8 oGi L C: Ia ^, CJ P. Ci C) )- I U C) , F: T C) C-I - U) U 1-1 ;n 0 .-i Ci c3 U .=? 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U ?-j C~' CJ C-. : i pproved For' Re Tllr~ DP79-00798AO00600100011-9 r4 J U) H `.--) . a 1J -H H C) v 1-4 .C ;J 'U C C; U) 0. r+ C OU'b rJ G C.1 4 CO cC Cl CJ Cl O H U 'O 4-) iJ > O C; rte' iJ C) 4 7" c3 ) r S 'U CU b ? -i i-) 4 }a U r-I N v) CC n 1n i QJ ;- -O H CJ 4 - J- 1 ?,-1 (3 CC) U 0 O ?rl U )-, 11l ?r1 ^ 5 .. .-I U 1n P rJ N c~ cn C C) ?,-4 G.O CI lJ O Cf) Co ;-) CJ U) C4 H U C CJ) )-1 4-1 :3 CJ C H ccl 'LJ CJ ^ G cJ C) C) C) C) O U U) :J 4-I ?H 1-1 C O J n d C) U 0 C^ 1, i) O ? 'H A 'j t-0 ' ) O LcC i) C) 1 U1 U C, a-1 -=? ?ri [7 Cn 44 C1 CJ U , (D 1-1 u) C r -I 0 14 O O CC U U i-, J }, J CJ r...r -! CJ ?r1 "U O .:~ C:) :J :" J O ?-I rya u ;~ ; i c) * U 4J aJ U ; c7 P )) : J v CJ O C) -u 14 Ga d 0 C) C) C() v) 1a :t 1+ Cr] $4 I-+ f i J f`. C) r- Q) C) aJ C) 4_i a-1 v ) Sa *{ 1 r r I 3 tr') t(1 P 11) S-I r I CJ Cd r-. r. J r. 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'0 14 t-0 U CT C:4 Cn O J O - Z . 5 J 1..) :7 :!) J -H J ?rf CJ J O O --1 )) :J t_1 > cl ' > '> Cu ?rJ r-4 ?rl i -r-) -) -0 CJ i : ' : f J t_, r --A O O U H ci )~ aJ CJ) CI C4 U CJ t) P O U) U U -rl 4-4 la O 'rl r0 U? C. C) CJ p :Jj -r'1 C-3 U 0, I I I I 'Approved For Release 2002/03/28 : CIA-RDP79-00798A000600100011-9 I w U) .U CO. cl? G c, in n) 0 Cl rl C) 1-i . +1.i Approved o Q R eleo sle c) T. (d ?- 'C7 o U C Sl O U i7 C, C) (. 1) F: ;_i (1 F ri ?~{ J O U U F. ( la -r-{ U Sa 0 C: + (J C 4-1 U ci 4-i IZ 4-l O U s: C) 002/03/28: CIA-RDP79-00798A000600100011-9 d ?r-{ Li c) (c c] r-I C: (J V) Cl J) ! 1-1 '.J I r- 1 (; rt N ?.t S-r Ul Ur Or- con 1J CJ~ 11 GN 11 G' i t r 4 Sa r-i ~~ r{ (6 c7 N H C' O H U, O H 010 >1 U' 1 i 4_) C) H &) H ~ .^ O C) ,s:' .* (n 1J U 1 4 U ?r{ S-+ O .IJ O ?rt C) r, (I ?ri ? -I U U r! CO r; rl to n CI-i U Ci O rl P, -(J .rJ rC) 1 (j c3 O Ca 'd Ud S-i .` ?r-1 H N 41 r--{ d-) G (-j I U ci 41 ci 00 &1 ?ri r-4 L1. U) (_l., -. U U) cn E. I w r--i CS CJ J iJ .. 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CJ > ;) 4-1 c: O C1 H ?; W H C!' 0 d-1 H 0 r-1 H 0" 0 H p W (0 O I 'U 0 aJ N C) 0 O n H n 0 H F?-1 0 3-r a ri H / -H 44 r0 i cc i 0 .-'4 UU C ! r-1 0 O U) U 0 -r-1?(i C'J CC -I C) rl :J CO r-1 0 C (2) 3 i C) -r-I U -rH I-i C U4 U + 'c7 CO 3-i TO ccl -r-i 0 S O c U J J-i 3-+ CJ o L c) C C E C .C t. U U 0 C) ;-.I :-) O -H Cl) to -I O C) ?ri O 4-1 Cl r 1?) 4-1 C) r'1- -' W -m 0 -4 ?r-I u I Ci G '--i O U) cJ 1 C-0 ?r-I cJ 0 U (?=. Cl' r-i U ?H r-i U4 O ?rl CC ~I 1-1 ?ri 0 r-1 r-1 > O 0 0 0 4-I 4-l U O 1J ?ri 0 0 >. -H U ( U n 34 'C) U O r--I to P-. U4 (tS ;-I cn CC C) cJ U4 0 co -1 r r-) 'U c; r-1 -0 ,C. 0 c3 -H U) C: 1-+ U 34 C U) U Cl) L4-1 U -ri U O J J J U aJ CJ S I C; 4-+ U) U C (n O C'S O L r-i 0 U ?r1 u w r-A cs c n Cn O -L) r.. ci ; 3-. CJ C)) - o ?r1 C : O U 0. C 34 c 3 CS c3 C) I Cl) cJ 0 'O Cl) Cl) r-i a) --i Y? 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CC) 'J C? 04 '?'3 S4 n C CO U C C 4 - 1 0 ) 0 ( 1 ) 1-J C) ?ri 'H 0 Ci ?Hi C) J,J ?ri t CA) J -I C.+ i r i cJ J 4 'O O i J U O ?r1 C S4 4~ 3 cJ U U 0 )) to 4-4 _O 0 J G E: 4-1 1. ?. ?r4 ?ri 'J CJ C~ ? 0 ?U ?r4 U) n (~ 4.1 CJ /4-i ri CC r i -r4 cJ J O CJ )_i' U ?r-i (; r C) r-1 S4 I) CS U CJ Sa U () CJ CJ Ci C4) (n 0 ?ri )4 S4 C: (7 44 rJ 'Hi U )4 'J ?.-1 C' ?r4 ?r4 UI (J 1.4 C" CC. C. UI CJ 44 ICIA-86079-60 -96&OJ600l-bdbl'i-9 n ..', o I I Approved For$elease 2002/03/28: CIA-RDP79-00798A000600100011-9 ri .-i r-I r^I C) r i Ci iJ 4-i O cn rJ O c?J U) C.: G l7) 41 O d O ti C C) ?ri 0 ?ri to U) iJ U-+ rl G cJ U C O t7 C: r GO 6) I I H iJ c'J ?+ c) '4-1 cJ Ui 1?. O '() cJ ?H Cj G N i_i tO C) -i .-1 C: O C) ?H F, ..w u O Q1 ?H U U iJ CJ S-+ C~ ~ O cJ Cn CO C) Cn G ~-i v C) cJ H .j 1- i O ..~ cJ44 of C) rr u r'. U) r- } + c- J rn u ON i J G O CJ F-- Q) r- C) Li O \ tJ CS iJ H C cci w r- H G 4-I > G U4 > :J rn H 0 0 H 0 0 H CT ri ?r?i C.0 O iJ CJ 3-I G C) CA r-I iJ C) O ?r-i ?r1 C) C) 4J r(1) C3 C) 5- Q) U 't7 ci. U-+ 0 (ll O 1=i U 4--I H 0 r O CJ u 0 4-I LO 0 U) iJ v Cn ^ U) ci : .-H 00 ?ra C c1 o co CJ c: cn 0 U? ,i, ?H ?r-I > ?H b0 to }-i }i tJ r-{ :J 0 G 0 CJ c,) ci C) Ui ?ri ,3 -i d C; ~4 C,. }-1 iJ r- CJ ,t] C) i4 G ? I 'u cJ (I) 4-, 0 C H cJ U ci 0 4-i c; C) G C) 4,3 Z 4-3 }i O ;-J ?r1 .C_1 (U Ti ?r1 0 03 C U N CC1 O C U) ,.o G) N ?rl ci 4-+ P CC 41 CJ ?n ,.~ 1-) (`, CJ f c) O O Ci P O 41 O Cn {D O (i Ii O ?rl 4-) ~ U) ? ; U Q O -r1 4-1 4-1 O H 4J -1 ?rl 4.I (I) C) U ?ri ?C C) ;.' t) .-) t ( O U 1 J U 4-1 O 1--I Ci C) ~4 O ~, G C) O C1 CD U C)) I -) CJ 'L) }-) O r' i+ G ' C?' ("J O 1 P- d N) > () > c F--1 N eJ r-+ 4_I a 'i ^ U 1-1 1--) G I I-) r--I : 1 14 U C) U 4-, O O C) U) 1 )-1 -U 3 ) 01 'H C) 4J < ?r1 4) CJ ~1 C7 ,r > SI I G ) U) 4j Approv dFrFe1 If) cn O) C) Cl) G 4J G I ii .-+ a .u (?) J-) w O P4 0 41 1^I U) 0 ?r4 O S-( ?r{ C-' r-t ^1 r-1 O G CR C) 41 G O CH ,J G r-. TI O O +-1 c) U) (1) 4-I 5 ?r1 U) U co r, ?ri 0 C ?rl Cl C} ?f7 ;J 4-C C) C) G :S }-+ ?rl Q r. U ;4 c:, r { O P O C- ;? .u , U) O P G r) O v Ci r3 ?r1 r1 4-4 1I ?r U G is ..) O F-. O G Cn C) -t.J 'G O ,c. v} U ?rl H C) C Cl ?r1 ( O U CO ,C: 4-t L) U G Crq O N C) O :') O C1 C) ~r h ?r 1 O Sti Ci 1,J U bO r-1 ?rl O S-+ C1 U) :--1 Q :J ? ^ U) P4 ) ?ri 1 J . O O O O r1 CO '.-1 U) ?r{ J 0 11 O r-I 4 C U C) .U G .?.) C TI co C} H U Cn }y ;4 .CJ r; i - ?ri :J m P ?rl CJ J 4-) CO G CJ ~., CJ ?ri C ?I ,f: CJ CJ ?r1 C) C'~t 7 f.1 .~ to I 1 U C ~J } k C) C O S~ ?r1 4-I H J C) U C 44 C) U) C') 4-I 'H O O H N) :-I U) . C} O a-1 :J F O .-) ase 2002/03/28 : CIA-RDP79-00798A000600100011-9 Approved For. please 2002/03/28 : CIA-RDP79-d798p00600100011-9 0 r-1 P?I ~ eJ 10 1 1 1 ?'i U) I I ?rl ~4 U I 1~ Cd tN Cv ?r~i O O bO 1 O C) CL' O C) O ,!) 'H . U) -i r~ C O tJ H to u O U) 0 =J C) rl C ri U C) ry' r 'H O C) C_ S- 11-4 r-I C) 0 4-4 r- U /1 DO C P. G C C S H CC) 'H U i O U G? 0 C -j 4.} 4-4 4-+ CH 0 O CJ 'C} :-) p. CJ) Ci C) J ] " s.a r) Cn r J O ?ri ,C C) CJ 'u O U G; O rI C W O ~. C) J PJ CJ (n i rJ rl O u-1 4J CO .0 U) O O O O' .~ C) O U) N ,r0 U O c3 P O C. U Co 4-H 10 ~4 4.J J :3 0 W 0 ~4 ;J 1J -H 4-1 z CC; CJ ~> C) ?rl lc~ 0 44 {; U) tJ W :J L-s N CS O O ?ri 'H tJ ?rl O O ?rl Cn ?H G H U O H to ;J S-+ ?r1 ?, ? ^ C'J iJ ?ri P U) O :v CJ ,0 C P ~ G C) U) U) '0 Cd U) 10 CJ H (n r ' - O O ?ri ~' r C: r C' -- H ?rl ci$ C'+7 U U) 'H G (:,O :) U v U U] U( U 3 CO n CJ - (3 I CC --1 4J r 1 G CO C) N CJ ,C Ccl r), 1-) U P r-! U ?r. " AJ J 'r-4 ?r! '-i P (1) V P J U U U) U) O P. C U) 'U U) $J U) .-i CO 4J P bO t,4 FA H 0 H CO H U C H HI O U) 'c7 N C U ca H U C) F-) .W O H to S, H 1J U P U) rl CJ ;J _J P CO .n 0 6 En U r1 1 U7 cO O U) O H 0 W 0 r-1 N a1 G -i N i O O ra CS ?rl Cn G -`! 0 ?r1 rr) -J C ?rl ?rl C7 ?rl t.^, G O r-i C) C) N _0 4J 0 U G C7 ,r' CU C~ C7 -H C) 4-) 4J :-i U) O U) rcl Cl O O cJ U r-1 1J ?rl ?r( C ; O ' N ?H C J 'U ? ^ 1J 1J 0 :) -A U) U4 V) cci C1 P O C; '0 U) C~' cJ U O C) P ci (1) O } U 7 CJ > 'H 'LS CO dJ C) H ci P4 K P P U tN O G 4--) U'-d 1.1 4J C) G ,O U 0 0 H: U) U) I- Approved For Release 2002/03/28 : CIA-RDP79-00798A000600100011-9 Approved For Release 2002/03/)28 : CIA-RDP79-00798A000600100011-9 In )n r i r-I r-1 r-1 ?rl c ci -e4 P ~ a. 'U O O P. 1 O 0 r: Cv U) .r{ U) 1J J ..3 J 41 41 4-J ?ri 7 C> L) +~ C O U 0 = cJ G P, ?:-4 0 ?ri Cr 41 cO 4-1 S4 4t 41 1 r O O O U t3 ( O ?r 4-4 J Cl U ?4 U) cJ 'cl U ;J C C r, C 4-J O Q) 1J S-+ C ?rl ?? i U O ?rl C1 S-1 ?; ?~ P+ 0 Cl) Cn r 4J ?rl c~ O C C) ?r' ^J co H -3 CJ 0 J U cU ',J co U rJ U ?r-i m O C: C) 4-1 cr :CS :J to CJJ )J C) .H S4 O U U S-: CJ O ?rl ?rl Ci 1J 4-I 'H O U1 Sa H) 'C7 '> O ?ri 0 44 4-1 Q) 'H P H 'H ,C O O U iJ cJ cn C~ H ';J U U) r14 U CJ C!) aO Cn C: O U ?r4 . C , U C 3 C ' J ? I aJ O C C: U }4 C) rti ?rl U CJ C H C , ) C) Ci C)) C U H 'U JJ 1J U C7 C) U S: U C O .] J U C C ! Q) tJ .c. O U U aJ L O H r{ 1J S 4 (!) m AJ U O O 'c) r-i S I t: p cd C Ci G ?rl C-+ 4-i C) G' u 0 U r 1 t F: 0 c; 'Lt O Ci O C Sa U) C) U C1 ], r-i U C e3 :J t O ctl O Cl ,0 P U U C: Q) 'b cn GO U) O Q) i_i 'O P4 CJ 0 C) C) ?ri C). CJ C) 0 ?r1 PP Sa iJ 0 Ci O CC) P4 U U r CJ O }a'J U) Ci r1 ?.C U c. 'H (1 ,CC O U O C r-: Q) P U ? ) P-i O ci ; to O CJ U C) CJ J U C) U' U C) 1J U? J ;--1 U) 4-t Q) CG 4-a Q) CJ 'H i' C) O n Ca O N ,O (j7 F P 4-) r-! O) ,a 0 0 1. :) ri P-P c; U) 41 c" '- proved For Release 2002/03/28 : CIA-RDP79-00798A000600100011-9 JI A),-, r,~ ,rJ3o Approved For Release 2002/03/28 : CIA-RDP79-00798A000600'IDOV 1-9- _.. At the Second Session of the tUS--US,R Working Group on Cooperation in the Field. of Water Resources, October 16-23, 1974, in the United States In accordance with the US-USSR Agreement of Cooperation in the Field of Science and Technology signed in Moscow on f./Tay 24, 1972, and the Record of Discussions at the First Session of the U'1`-USSR Joint Working Group of .September. 30, 1.972, the Second Session of the US--USSR Joint Working Group on Cooperation in the Field of Water Resources was held in the United States from October 16-23, 1974. The USSI delegation was headed by 1. 1. Borodavchenco, Deputy Minister, USSR Ministry for Reclamation and Water. 1~Tanagement. The U.S. delegation was headed by William S. butcher, Professor of Water Resources Engineering, the University of Texas at Austin, Texas. The list, of participants in the Session is attached in Appendix No. 1. The points discussed at the Session were: 1. The results and progress achieved in implementation of the wor. k planned for each project since the First Session of the Working Group in September 1972. 2. Approval of program of work for the period of 1.975 -- 1976 and longer ran g e . 3. Tentative programs of. exchange of delegations during 1974 - 1975. 1. In the course of the discussions of the Woking Group, both sides exchanged information on the results achieved in implementation of the work for each project. Both sides expressed their satisfaction that cooperation on the projects has been conducted in conformity with the plan approved at the First Session of the Working Group in September 1972. The results of work conducted in each project within the period of 1973 1974 are briefly given in Appendix. No. 2. Approved For Release 2002/03/28 : CIA-RDP79-00798A000600100011-9 Approved For Release 2002/03/28 : CIA-RDP79-00798Q000600100011-9 2. The delegations considered and approved the programs. of coopera- tion for the following projects: - Planning, utilization, and management of water resources (project 1-1). - Plastics in. hydrotechnical construction (project 11-3). - Methods and means of automation and remote control in irrigation systems (project 111-2). - Cold weather construction techniques (project 11-2). The detailed work programs for each project are given in Appendix No. 3. 3. The delegations agreed that the detailed programs of visits of the U.S. and Soviet specialists should be submitted and finalized by the sides not later than 2 months prior to the starting date of a visit. 4. In the course of discussions both sides approved the desire of the coordinators of projects I-1 at the Session held in Moscow from May 11-25, 1974, to consider the following points within the framework of this project: "ground water" and "fish protection installations. To avoid duplication with other working groups, ground water will be considered during the preparation of the water balances and fish protection and fishway installations as part of hydraulic structures only. 5. Any problems that may arise in the process of cooperation will be decided through communication between the representatives of both parts of the Working Group, their authorized officials or at the next session of the Working Group. 6. The Third Session of the US-USSR Joint Working Group on cooperation in the field of water resources is planned to be held in the USSR, possibly during the second half of 1975. Both sides express their satisfaction that the Second Session of the US-USSR Joint Working Group in the field of water resources continued the atmosphere of friendship and mutual understanding, thus contributing to further development and strengthening of cooperation between the two sides. During the stay of the Soviet delegation in the U.S. from October 16 to 23, 19741, it had an opportunity to get acquainted with the work of a number of Approved For Release 2002/03/28 : CIA-RDP79-00798A000600100011-9 Approved For Release 2002/03/28 : CIA-RDP79-00798AP00600100011-9 - Automation of irrigation laboratories, and reclamation of sandy soils in the area of Lincoln and North Platte at the University of Nebraska. - Water and sewage treatment facilities, Omaha, Nebraska. - Colorado Big Thompson project tour. - Bureau of Reclamation E & R Center, laboratory of reinforced concrete, temperature variations in reservoirs, and computer facility. This Record of Discussions was signed in Washington on October 23, 1974, in two copies, English and Russian, both. copies being equally valid. 1. Borodavchenko William S. Butcher Chairman of the USSR Side .-~ Chairman of the U.S. Side of the Joint, Working Group /l , of the Joint Working Group Approved For Release 2002/03/28 : CIA-RDP79-00798A000600100011-9 Appendix I Approved For E,elease 2002/03/28 : CIA-RDP79-007984D00600100011-9 LIST OF PARTICIPANTS AT THE SECOND SESSION OF THE US-USSR JOINT WORKING GROUP ON COOPERATION IN THE FIELD OF WATER RESOURCES USSR__ Group: I. I. Borod.avchenko - Deputy Minister, Ministry for Reclamation and Water Management. Chairman of the delegation. N. R. Khamrayev -? Chief, Middle Asian Department on Irrigation and Construction of State Farms (Glavsredasi.rsovhozstr.oi); member of the Working Group. A. M. Volynov - Director General, V/O "Sojuzvodproject", Coordinator of project I-I, member of the Working Group. I-I. T. Peterson - Counsellor on Reclamation and Water Management, the USSR Embassy in the USA, Washington US Group^ William S. Butcher - Professor of Water Resources Engineering, The University of Texas at Austin, Austin, Texas, Approved For Release 2Q02LO3/28 : CI4 DP~9 009 ~~00600100011-9 iaixxnan 0 t 1e e1e ,a Approved For ]Release 2002/03/28 : CIA-RDP79-00798e,000600100011-9 on the results of -.ctivities of the Working Group on "'Vater Resources Appenc]ix 1\'o. 2 As of October 23, 1974, the following has been done under individual. projects of cooperation. Protect No. 1. Planning and Development of Measures for Rational The coordinators determined a preliminary list of topics and a general program of cooperation. In May 1974, at the first meeting of coordinators of the Soviet and American sides, the joint program of. scientific and technical cooperation was finalized and priorities set within the project framework for the next two years. An exchange of scientific and technical information was carried out during this period in all topics. While visiting the USSR, the US delegation were given every oppor-- tun1ty to get acquainted with planning and research organizations and see water management projects (Kakhovka Irrigation. System, North- Crimean Canal Project, the Hungry. Steppe, Karshi Irrigation Constr.uc- ti.on Project) and were familiarized with the work of the All Union Organization SOJUZVODPROJECT specifically in the area of economic evaluation of H2O resource programs. A return visit of USSR experts to the United States took place during October 6 - 20, 1974. A specific program of priority projects for 1.974 - 1976 was discussed, along with a number of technical points related to problems of large-scale flow transfer, land desalinization and the use of mineralized. water for irrigation. The following reports were delivered by the USSR experts: - The Problems of Utilization of Part of the Siberian River Flow Aimed at Improving Water Supply Conditions of Arid Areas of the Soviet Union. Approved For Release 2002/03/28 : CIA-RDP79-00798A000600100011-9 Ay?_pendix I Approved For Release 2002/03t g8 : CIA-RDP79-00798A000600100011-9 Warren D. Fairchild - Director, Water Resources Council, Washington, D. C. Edwin F. Sullivan - Assistant Commissioner - Resource Managern.ent, Bureau of Reclamation, Washington, D. C. Gunner N. Thorsky - Chief, Division of Engineering Support, Bureau of Reclamation, Denver, Colorado Homer B. ,Willis - Chief, Engineering Division, Civil Works Directorate, Chief of Engineers, U. S. Army Corps of Engineers, Washington, D. C. Approved For Release 2002/03/28 : CIA-RDP79-00798A000600100011-9 Approved For Release 2002/03/28 : CIA-RDP79-00798.A000600100011-9 Reclamation of Saline Lands in the USSR and the Use of Mineralized Water for Irrigation (state-of-the-art report). ? Methods and Evaluation of Human Activity on Water Resources and Hydrological Regime. Besides, the USSR delegation handed over to American colleagues technical iterature, monographs and publications. The Soviet experts will visit some research organizations and water management projects. As a.:result: of joint studies under this Project, experience of the two countries will be synthesized and recommendations -worked out concerning a wide range of questions related to designing and construction of water management projects, planning and rational use of water resources. ]?roject II-3. Plastics in Hydrotechnical Construction. The first meeting of coordinators of the USSR and US sides took place in July 1974 in the USA. The meeting was predated by exchanges of information and opinions on projects of cooperation (pamphlets, magazines, articles, state-of-the-art reports). While on a visit to the USA, the Soviet delegation had an opportunity to get familiar with a number of water management projects and companies producing plastic articles (polymer films for seepage control membranes, polymer materials for soil stabilization, plastic pipes and fittings used in the construction of drainage and irrigation works), research projects in the field of interest. At the final, meeting held in Denver Engineering and Research Center, both sides tentatively agreed upon the specific program of joint research projects. The program envisages planning of construction through joint efforts of experimental projects in both countries, using films and plastic pipes of Soviet and American manufacture as well as carrying out applied research projects in the field of polymer materials used in repairs. During the return visit of US experts to the USSR (September 12.29, 19?4),, the program was further improved on and finalized. Approved For Release 2002/03/28 : CIA-RDP79-00798A000600100011-9 Approved For Release 2002/03/28 : CIA-RDP79-00798A000600100011-9 Considering that implementation of base items of the joint program is time-consuming, the program has been extended through -1980. While in the USSR, American experts were familiarized with the work of some research and planning institu es, technical approaches and c on-- str_uction practices employed in the USSR (visits to Kakhovka Main Canal. Construction Project, Headwork of North-Crimean Canal). Project 111-2. Methods and Means of Automation and Remote Control of Water Resource Systems. Cooperation under this Project has proceeded as follows: Contacts were established between the coordinators. The coordinators exchanged opinions on possible trends of cooperation., information on achievements of the two sides in the area as well as technical literature. Both sides exchanged delegations of experts headed by coordinators, as agreed. The delegation of Soviet e xperts visited the USA in June 16-28, 197-1:. The US delegation visited tlbs USSR'. during September IA-21, 1974. In the course of the trips, the delegations got acquainted with the management of activities under the Project, with a number of water management projects and systems, with organizations in charge of project operations. The USSR delegation visited a pilot section of the automated pipeline irrigation system in the State of Nebraska, an experimental station of the Nebraska State University, water development district Westland, the California acqueduct, Salt-River Project, irrigation area in Palo Verde Engineering and Research Center of the Bureau of Reclamation., Denver. When in the USSR, the US delegation visited the All-Union Association for Planning Water Management Projects V/O SOJU7,VOID POJECT, Moscow, SANIIRI Institute, Tashkent; the All-Union Institute of Integrated Automation of Water. Resource Systems, i'runze; water management projects in Uzbek SSR (Grand Ferghana Canal, Grand Andi.zhan Canal, Southern Hungry Steppe Canal); water management projects in Kirghiz SST (At.-Bashi.nsky Canal, Al-Amedinsky Canal). A general program of scientific and technical cooperation under the Project for the period 1973-1980 and a more detailed program for the period 1975-1976 were drawn up and agreed reed upon at the meeting. Approved For Release 2002/03/28 : CIA-RDP79-00798A000600100011-9 Approved For Release 2002/03/28 : CIA-RDP79-00791 000600100011-9 The results of the meeting are contained in the Records of Discussions, Project I1-?2. Cold Weather Construction Techniques. During the period 24 September -- 9 October 1974 a six-member delegation from USA visited the Sovi.c,. Union to study potential areas for cooperative interchange and to discuss arrangen.-nents for such interchange. The USA delegation was composed of representatives of the Bureau of Reclamation, Department of the Interior and of the Corps of Engineers, U. S. Army. The Soviet delegation on this subject was drawn from representatives of the Ministry of Power and Electrification, the "Hydr.oprojcet" Institute and the B. E. Vedeneer All-Union Research Institute of Hydraulic Engi- neering at Leningrad. The USA delegation was given opportunity to visit and inspect the Scientific Research Center of "Hydr.oproject" Institute in Moscow and the All-Union Research Institute of Hydraulic Research at Leningrad. The delegation also visited four hydropower projects in central Siberia, the Irkutsk, Bratsk and Ust Ili.msk projects on the Angara River and the Viliuy Hydroelectric Station at Chernysl:evsl~.y in the permafrost region of Siberia. Major construction activities were observed at the Ust Ilimsk and Vi.liuy projects and at an extremely large wood products manufacturing plant in Bratsk. At all the sites visited the delegation received technical briefings and was given extensive opportunities for discussions with the Soviet engineering staffs. At Chernyskevsky briefing and discussions were held at the branch of the Permafrost Institute, USSR Academy of Sciences. The USA delegation also was given a number of excellent opportunities to learn of the history and culture of the Soviet peoples. In a protocol signed by the heads of the USA and USSR delegations in Moscow on 8 October 1974 it was agreed that future forms of cooperation in the area of cold weather construction techniques would include: a. Mutual interchange of scientific and technical literature and information. b. Sponsorship of joint Seminars and Symposiums. c. Exchange of delegations of specialists for consultation and exchange of experience in cold weather construction. Nine main topics or themes were identified in which there are mutual interests in developing cooperative interchange related to cold weather construction with special emphasis on construction for water resource development. Approved For Release 2002/03/28 : CIA-RDP79-00798A000600100011-9 Approved For Release 2002/03/28 : CIA-RDP79-00798A000600100011-9 Details of the exchange program will be further defined during a return visit of the USSR delegation to the USA planned for the early part of 1.975. Definite plans were made for participation by Soviet exports in an Inter- national Symposium on Ice Engineeri-- Problems to be held in August 1975 at the U. S. Army Cold Regions Resei:.rch and Engineering Laboratory at Hanover, New Hampshire. Approved For Release 2002/03/28 : CIA-RDP79-00798A000600100011-9 Approved For Release 2002/03/28 : CIA-RDP79-00798A000600100011-9 AJjendix 3 Record of Discussions of Project Groups A. I-1 ---- Planning, utilization,' and management of water resources, 5/25/74, 10/23/74 B. II-3 Pi.asl:ics in hydrotechnical construction, 9/28/74 C. 111-2 -- Methods and means of automation and remote control, 9/24/74 D. II-2 Cold weather construction techniques, 10/8/74 Approved For Release 2002/03/28 : CIA-RDP79-00798A000600100011-9 Approved Fsir Release 2002/03/28 : CIA-RDP79-0078A000600100011-9 US-USSR JOINT WORKING GROUP ON WATER RESOURCES .Study Tour for Soviet Members W e da 23 d O t b O 16 t t b d y, o e n s c o er c er ay, o Itinerary - Wednes Mr. Peter Budzilovich (State Department Interpretator) Mr. H. Khamrayev (USSR Member of the Working Group) Dr. William S. Butcher (US Chairman of the Working Group) Wednesday, October 16 i