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December 12, 2016
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July 20, 2000
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March 11, 1974
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-Apjiromed F. ,Release 2002/03/28 : CIA-RDP79-0074A00060010 046-1 21.10 L STHH;LLT, N.W. WASHINGTON, D.C. 2.0037 MAR 1 1 1974 66 i S( 'Leat:.i fic and Technical Colloquium 011 the Qleoi1 of Mr. A..Vol.ynov Director, Soyuzvodporekt c/o All Union Scientific Research Institute for Automation of Reclamation Systems No. 11, Gorky Street No scow U.S.S.R.' Dear Mr. Volynov: Your letter dated D;:comber 27, 1973, has been reecivcd and reviewed by the U.S. ado,:king roue on Planning, 7Jt_i.l..i.zati.on Management of Water Resoui: ces . We agree with your proposal for a meeting in Moscow in May 1974 for a period of two weeks. We would suggest the period of May 12 through May 25, 1974. It is our ret.ommendation that she meeting cover two (2) pr_:i.nci.pal activist.' uus : (1) Agiec.mnent on a specific program of joint: work; and (2) a tour of selected water management facilities. These .ctivitics to be the same as items 1. (a) (b) and 3. in the Preliminary Progra`n. included in your letter. The scheduling for these two items should be approximately equal in It i..u our 2u,i~,,e stion that your p r:el.-i_1a.l n.ral:'y 1)1-ogi:; 1 item .er--basin Transfer of the Flow of Large Rivers, be :iacl.ucled as a sub---.-i_tein under I. (a) and (b) along with the 20 on Planning and Utilization and three items on ii lragcme.nt which I included i.11 1,hy July 1.3, 1973, correspondence to you. We bel_i.eve that tl.1.e major objective of the May 1974 Moscow meeting should be directed toward reaching agreement on the specifics of such joint work. Dc tailed scientific and techni- cal colloquy and activity would follow immediately thereafter. At this point in time, we strongly endorse reaching accord on specific items that will result in mutual benefits to the U.S. and the U.S.S.R. it Dili' S 01 I:' i 1. '"( ;!11 ,I . P.iti'~' .t,I` i. JCAfIl1N ?D Lf.~l'f of (Ai'C.N ~. i,: 1A -, r ,pploW d. ' eleiw-2002/0-/s~8 CIA=RiJP78r0 }7518A000~O01'00046 1; i l ; v D JL, 10 ..Y C... .._I -,1 Al. LI (. k `:r , .,.. JS Apjpr"oved F4-Release 2002/03/28: CIA-RDP79-007 A000600100046-1 The U.S. team traveling to the U.S.S.R. in May will consist of individuals that are at the administrative, policy, and pro grain level with broad interdisciplinary technical backgrounds. They will be prepared to discuss each item as to: objective; description, scope end state--of-.-the--art; potential joint under- takings; the U.S. priority r;;iting; and scheduling and financing. We will be prepared to discuss the technical and :scientific aspect of each item at a high and conceptual level. Detailed di_scussioris must follow w:i-Lh personnel having specific The proposed visit of U.S.S.R. specialists to the U.S. in august or September 1.974 could initiate this kind of discussion. It is planned that I attend and lead the U.S. Delegation to l bscow .an May 1974. I will be accompanied by officials .from the Corps of Engineers and the Departments of Interior and Agriculture. These officials will be identified to you at least 30 days prior to the meeting. I would appreciate an early reply to this letter so that we may complete our plans for rnceti.wg u you in Nosrow In May. We, on the U.S. Working Croy ,p, are quite :i-ous to -move_ this program from the discussion stage into implementation. Sincerely yours, Warren D. Fairchild Warren D. Fairchild Director Approved For Release 2002/03/28 : CIA-RDP79-00798A000600100046-1