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July 18, 2000
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February 11, 1974
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? Approved Fo'r Release-0/09/06 : CIA-RDP79-00798A001000Q2#)019-0 40 NATIONAL SCIENCE FOUNDATION WASHINGTON, D.C. 20550 *DOC Exemption Letter In ERU File* MEMORANDUM February 11, 1974 TO : Dr. Wilmot N. Hess, Chairman, Working Group VIII (Influence of Environmental Changes on Climate) of the US-USSR Agreement on Cooperation in the Field of Environ- mental Protection of May 23, 1972 FROM : J.O. Fletcher, Chairman Subgroup 3 (Cooperation in Polar Research) SUBJECT: Summary of Activity TERMS OF REFERENCE The"Memorandum of the Second Meeting of the US-USSR Joint Committee on Cooperation in the Field of Environmental Protection, Washington, D.C., November 13-16, 1973", signed on November 16, 1973 by Russell E. Train and E.K. Fedorov, includes the following statement of program plans for 1974 (page 15): "VIII - Influence of Environmental Changes on Climate --3. Joint studies of the meteorology and air-sea interaction of polar regions in both hemispheres as they affect the climate of the planet. It is noted the joint U.S.-USSR programs in the polar regions, such as POLEX and AIDJEX, are at the same time part of other international agreements such as The Global Atmospheric Research Program. Activities in this area would be carried out consistent with the framework of these international programs. The detailed program of cooperation on all aspects of this area will be agreed and adopted at the working group meeting which will be held on June 10-21, 1974 in the USSR." Also approved by both sides is a "First Report on the Implementation of the US-USSR Agreement on Cooperation in the Field of Environmental Protection of May 23, 1972." Area VIII is reported as follows (Page 12): "Area VIII: Influence of Environmental Changes on Climate A preliminary meeting of this working group was held August 27-29, 1973, in Washington, D.C. The Soviet side was represented by Professor Ye. P. Borisenkov (Director, Approved Fo1R Pe RkDW GWth6Qbcmr- 7w-bO PE O1O Ob7O d9oThov (Main Approved For Release000/09/06 : CIA-RDP79-00798A00100900019-0 Geophysical Observatory), who met with the U.S. working group headed by Dr. Wilmot N. Hess (Director, Environmental Research Laboratories, National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration). It was agreed that the first full meeting of the working group would be held in Leningrad in June 1974, with literature on the subjects to be discussed to be exchanged prior to the meeting. At the preliminary meeting it was agreed to formulate several main directions for cooperative research activities, which are: the effect of changing levels of atmospheric constituents on climate; monitoring atmospheric constituents that might modify climate; climate modeling; cooperation in polar research; effects of contamination of the upper atmosphere on climate; recording of long-range climatic changes due to natural causes; and solar influences on climate variations. The parties agreed on the desirability of exchanging individual scientists for periods of three to twelve months. These exchanges are to start in the first quarter of 1974. A final decision on the structure of the area, the basic directions of joint research, the detailed program, and other joint under- takings, will be reached after all organizational questions have been examined during the meeting of the working group in June 1974." POLEX-AIDJEX Planning Activity: September 1972 (Leningrad). - Initial planning meeting under auspices of International Commission for Polar Meteorology. November 1972 (San Francisco) - Symposium on Ocean-Atmosphere Interaction in Polar Regions. Formation of U.S. National Academy of Sciences POLEX Panel under U.S. GARP Committee/ Committee on Polar Research/ Committee on Atmospheric Sciences/Ocean Affairs Board. June 1973 (Boulder)-Working Meeting of POLEX Panel. August 1973 (Fairbanks) - Symposium on Arctic Climate and discussions between Professor Borisenkov and U.S. POLEX Panel. November'19731(Tucson) - Adoption by POLEX Panel of draft scientific plan for POLEX North (discussion of POLEX South draft). Approved For Release 2000/09/06 : CIA-RDP79-00798AO01000070019-0 Approved For. Releas 2000/09/06 : CIA-RDP79-00798AO0109GB70019-0 December 1973 (Leningrad) - GARP-JOC sponsored meeting to develop an approved international plan for POLEX North. January 1974 (Melbourne) - IAMAP and GARP-JOC sponsored meeting to develop an approved international plan for POLEX South. June 1974 (Leningrad) - Review of POLEX Plans at meeting of US-USSR Working Group for Area VIII to Identify "detailed program of cooperation". July 1974 (Stockholm) - Submit POLEX plans to GARP-JOC planning conference on GARP-2 "physical basis of climate". 1975-76 - AIDJEX Field Program ' OTHER US-USSR POLAR COOPERATION May 1973 - Visit of Soviet specialists to U.S. polar research centers. (Invitation extended by Russell Train during visit to Yakutsk in September 1972). Andre Kapitsa, President Far East Division, Academy of Sciences I.P. Melnikov, Director, Permafrost Research Institute, Yakutsk F.E. Are, Assistant Director, Permafrost Research Institute, Yakutsk. August 1973 - Visit by Professor E.P. Borisenkov to Climate Conference in Alaska and U.S. polar research centers. September 1973 (Leningrad) - Planning meeting for International Antarctic Glaciological Project. December 1973 - Start of US-Soviet cooperative program in Antarctic meteorology with Phase I: Comparison of U.S. radiation instruments with Soviet equipment at Vostok Station. February-December 1973 - Antarctic Winter over scientists: Meteorologist Dr. Leonid Zhdanov at McMurdo and geologist Ed Grew at Molodezhnaya. February - December 1974 - Geologist Dr. Sergei Abakumov at McMurdo and Robert Flint at Vostok. December 1973 - Three week visit to McMurdo area by 4 Soviet scientists from Vostok (transport by U.S. LC-130 in connection with delivery of U.S. exchange scientist and equipment). Approved For Release 2000/09/06 : CIA-RDP79-00798AO01000070019-0 Approved For Release*JN0/09/06 CIA-RDP79-00798A0010000019-0 4. February 1974 - Preparation of U.S. aircraft fuel cache at Vostok for later use in IAGP. December, January, February, March, April (annually) - Relay of U.S. satellite ice observations to Soviet antarctic resupply ships. Proposed Cooperation during First Half 1974 15 April - 15 July - First Working Visit of U.S. polar specialist (S.M. Olenicoff to Arctic and Antarctic Scientific Research Institute, Leningrad). ? ? - First Working Visit of Soviet polar specialist ( to AIDJEX Project, University of Washington, Seattle). 'wZ15,14 71osepf 0. Fletcher Approved For Release 2000/09/06 : CIA-RDP79-00798AO01000070019-0 6.: CIA-RDP79'-00798A001000$y0019-0 COUNCIL 0 ENVIRONMENTA C UALITY A'Sz 1:1-M GTCN- To : Amembassy Moscow (Dr. Tech) For transmission to Hydromet as promised in Train--Fedorov letter on Climate project. ,. cc: CEQ: Dr. Talbot EPA: Mr. Strother DOI: Mr. Baysinger Dr. Skoog State: Mr. Kulick L,.-?"Mr. . Pardon Jack Perry Approved For Release 2000/09/06: 1A-RDP79-00798AO01000070019-Q: