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July 14, 1972
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000120003-1 j Approved For Release'WOO/09/06 : CIA-,RDP79-00798AFU 14 1y 19?2. of Soviet Air Pollution Delegation 7-25 June 1972 PROGRAMMING STATI NTL AGENCY Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) REPORT ONs US Visit under US-USSR Cultural Exchange Program Vladimir B Grinioff, Escortinterpreter, State LSD ~I rjJ ll? a A. S'~"~. mV The visit of four highranking Soviet specialists on pollution was a continuation of such exchanges started some years ago, but the present one took on particular significance because of the Nixon-Podgorny agreement on collaboration on pollution, signed with much publicity last May in Moscow. The purpose of the visit was thus not only to exchange technical information but also to identify areas of possible joint research effort. This purpose was accomplished. The delegates after a coast-to-coast trip of some 20 days, were quite favorably impressed with the scope, vigor aiid financing of the anti-pollution drive and realized that it would be to their advantage to join hands with the US since their own effort seems to be a less vigorous one. At the wrap-up meetings with EPA officials on 22-23 June, Dr. IZRAEL, the head of the delegation, outlined three broad "directions if ,] l w t. a c~ `L p./, ~ct Lwt~C~ ( air P AI) as he put it, where collaboration might bZ fruitful. They were (1) standards setting (2) back-up research (3) techniques and methods, The US side accepted this broad formul.s,tion ( here condensed) with the UnrIersta.ndinp that rto iou id b o s3iZuN.~, Vw v.l~lA ,. PA A_1~_- L A XpproM-''& i se 1' 1b` O '/b : ~ M?#8 0 W (3-1 enountered during the trip which ?rooeeded smoothly. Approved For Release MO/09/06 : CIA-RDP79-00798ADW000120003-1 However the oft->revi sed trip was revised again at the ha] Tway mark to accomodate the SovietoZ he trip was lengthened by four days, And for one day the Delegation was split?, two delegates returning to Washington and two proceeding to South Bend Ind. Each of the groups was always accompanied by a Government official. The amenities during the trip were excellent save in California where the meetings were limited to business The Sovdel notably avoided any critique of the US. B,. The Delee atea Prz# _ xuriy Antonovieh IzraelHead of the delegation Deputy Chief, Main Administration of Hydrorneteorological Services Mr. Aleksandr Sergeyevich Zaitsev Chief, Main Geophysical Observatory (Chief of instruments group in Leningrad) Mr. Anatoliy Aleksandrovich Pomin Chief, Laboratory of Toxicology of Agents (Control technology laboratory for toxic vehicle emissions), USSR Ministry of Tractor and Agricultural Machine Building Mr. Vladislav Aleksandrovich Anikiev Chief, All-Union. Association for Purification of Gas and Dust, USSR Ministry of Oil Refinery and Petrochemical Industry Drs Izrael, had visited the US before, and speaks excellent scientific English. Mr. Zaitsev also speaks English. Both are active meteorologists, but Izrael had the broader administrative problems at heart. Fomin, at 51 the oldest of the group is a much honored engineer, a designer of internal combustion engines now " undoing the harm I have done". He was of course the efforts of the Ford company in QQmbatting _ pollution. A {~ Ke~~ ale i n ~gPant ~pu utO.01000e1v2000s3-1 for s ?.aonarv sourcs- nnw^r m+n+innn Pin+.,,,;_.- _.-_ t 3 ep 1. 8-9 June, Washington D.C. Substative and organizational top officials briefing by EPA/on their effort in administering the Act of 1970: the responibilities of US government, states and counties. ( Hard on the Soviets whose society is much different) Trip to enormous computer center of Nat. Meteorology Center of NOA early warning system, in Suitland - modelling,/control of weather satellites etc. 2. 12 June,Boston- visit to a demonstration facility of the "wet" method of removal of sulfur pollution from electric power station stacks. (Note= Boston inner city is in a state of recon- struction and presents a sad spectacle and the hippies have taken over the famous Commons) 3. 13-14 June Raleigh N.C. at the EPA "Re march Triangle" This was probably the high-point of the trip. Our host was Deputy Director Dr. Thompson, and co-host was Dr. McCormick an ex-US delegate well known to the Soviets who scored a personal and professional triumph. The research program of EPA is vary extensive and some of iti highly advanced ( particle acceleration). Sovdelegates highly impressed. When Fomin dissented and said (in Russian) that the effort was too great and costly, Izrael answered at once" No government - not theirs or ours- will ever pass laws changing industrial methods until the need has been scientifically demonstrated. The Americans have taken the correct path and we should follow". My attempts to fan this discussion were not successful. We also met an exRussian PhD chemist who was delighted with the Sovdel and they with him. I think they were t it *Broadly speaking the program dealt with mathematical 2DiC#A~tx~~s~boo'?ec~d asuremen o air po u ion. Approved For Releas00/09/06: CIA-RDP79-00798A901000120003-1 4. 15 dune, Pittsburgh Pa. US Bureau of Mines Energy Research Lab ( Dr. Wender chief; Dr. Schlesinger, staff coordinator) This was another highlight showing US government research work in developing the "dry" method of combatting sulfur pollution from stacks. Other work dealt with advanced and "clean" method of energy production such as gassification and magnetohydrodynamics( electricity from ionized gases with no moving parts) Again the much underrated government scientists showed their exciting work and ,left artery favorable impression on Sovdel. Leter we visited the Allegany County Health Department, Bureau of Air Pollution control and saw at first hand how the system operated and was enforced. The Pittsburgh visit in killing heat and humidity, concluded with a stop at School of Public Health(Graduate) at University of Pittsburgh. Fine reports were given by PHD candidates on their pollution experiments and the meeting produced a r..;r.l American maverick.. one Dr. Hery Smith, (retired) and an ex-US delegate to USSR on pollution. He thought the EPA program was excessive and we were "not wise to fight evolution which is going on all all but around us all the time" iF'+.e (invited us to join the extinct carrier pidgeon. Perhaps some of his points ,we-j% valid, but the extreme presentation was counterproductive. Yet no one could doubt that US has free speech ( at a price). The Soviets disagreed with Dr. Smith to a marl. Approved For Release 2000/09/06 : CIA-RDP79-00798AO01000120003-1 16 June San Francisco ( regional EPA Office) There wau -ol4Foa. iebse A0)G9M&z(>- A P ,9rW7xMAd glagO@t-.fie ct or,-, and his cooperative staff. The information covered the entire work of the office from budgeting to early warning systems and scientific research grants to outside institutions. As with all other delegations, San Francisco produced a memorable impression and the weather was perfect. 6. 18-19 June Los Angeles. We visited Disntiand. Nuff said. The Los Angeles County Air Pollution Board gave an excellent account of its work- as the pioneer organization fighting air pollution. There were many questions on air sampling techniques and the like on the part of the Soviets and much printed data was given to them. 7. 20-21 Dearborf and Ann Arbor, Michigan. The visit to the Ford JIotor Co ( company particularly admired by the Soviets) with Mr. Simpson of Ford International as program coordinator, entailed some very technical engineering papers on Ford work in producing an engine which meets Federal emission standards The fact that Ford was having-trouble on this very point was not a significant factor and the Sovdel, especially Fomin,were quite captivated by the data both oral and printed. The amenities were thoseof a wealthy great company. The Ford Museum was highly appreciated although our time there was short. The Ann Arbor EPA Motur Vehicle Emissions Laboratory ( Mr. John Brogan was our principal host) much: like the Ford laboratory impressed the Soviets who indicated they would like to buy some of the sc ..r'nti fie rn a.;1urirr.F?" o nnnrat1urs f?rt'ca#' irli 1 v t c corr. cr.iics Vog apps made by T'e a s Instrumaritis Go arid A~oD%tl 8'i 19%19 IdM0?)b: A t)P4WOOP68AO 1 OO42ACR3wlith which he would like to carry out joint research projects. A myi (Fe 4 JgW99A9 v R v ~iOcQeZt l~ c~ 093-1 attempts to develop the clean power plant,-- we even took rides in the Chrysler turbine powered autos. 8. 22 June South Bend Ind and Washington. Because, Mr. Ruckelshaus, the EPA Ad.r..lnistrator, just back in the US from the Stockholm meeting, could only receive Dr Izrael on Thursday, ( Dr. Izrael also had pressing meetings at the SovEmbassy) a decision was made to split the delegation. ON the 21st, Izrael,Zaitsev accompanited by EPA"8 Stanton Coerr ( tour manager who made the entire trip save the last leg to New York City) returned to Washington and met with both Mr. Ruckelshaus and Dr. White of NOA. Meantime, Fomin and Anikeiv,accompnied by myself after one more night in Dearbornon the 22rr flew for oz:-day to South Bend Ind. to visit the Wheelabrator Co. makers among other things of dust ;eliminating equipment. Our main hosts were Mr. George Chane. group vice-president, and Mr. Jo--.;;;!, Condom,' Preside:at, Wheelabrator International. The company was genial, allowed a complete tour of main facilities and gave samples of material from which bags are made. The Soviets had bought some of this equipment in Europe from some firm, not realizing it was a licensee of Wheelabrator-- so it was the parent"s firm equipment that they were using. Anikiev was well pleased with the visit and expressed a desire . to purchase _ some of the klroducts -- presumably technical data. Both sides were w-1-31 pleased with one-day visit. Mr. Condon spoke excellent Russian having spent some time Ap in th J SSJ n s t a u ~??%A0_11601'U-92%be-fme R91 44*00 9. 23 June, Washingtor 1).C. These were 7 wrap-up r stings Apt1 rov Fort Release X00/09/06 : CIA-RDP79-00798Af000120003-1 at wnichLr. zrael gavein writing the three main areas in which he deemed collaboration with US was possible. Hurricane Agnes put a very considerable damper on planned festivities for that evening. N fi'o(d 0 c $4t C4 -H r4 10 10. 24-25 June New York City. Outwitting the effects of the .' .0 0sq flood thanks to EPA's Holmberg 's station wagon and Mrine .,-i 0 Corps spirit, we made it to the National airport and arrived o 0 a 10 Vq 04 Cd -1 in New lark. The time was spent in shopping and in Museum 0 ,-4 C visitingi Guggenheiem and Metropolitan. We were also treated to an eight block long parade of t)Gay Liberation Front carrying ;N such banners as " A Lesbian in Every Bed". The Soviets showed r remarkable restraint in thier comments. I was unable to contact any-tP 0 u~ A eroflot despite-frantic: phoning-- no officials were in sight when we arrived at Kennedy. There was a two hour defy. The plane was overbooked. The confusion and lack of consideration for passengers was maddening. Coerr and I always smoothly pre- boarded the visitors on the US iii es, but here even Izrael's status arid diplomatic passport were ignored. The delegation was unceremoniously pushed and shoved into line where they stood for an hour and there I left them at 11 I'M among the howling 4iv F 10 el, children and exhausted mothers. Dr. Izrael had a first class ticket P D. Spvi lTi ~!w of KPec}~ Order It is hard to imagine a more appropriate to the sovdel gift/than Mr. Rucke'? shaus' color photoes of the ceremony in Moscow when Nixon and Yodgorny signed the collaboration agreement. This broup-ht on discussion of 4iew of say xkosygin, ~odgorny or rezhnev executing a docum PBP Iga?@ 'ObW99/b6tPCM4M M71)hQ%7!1#A@94009120003-1 even ano ambassador could sign for thn US ~AVI?Ynrnm.n+ __ ApptAAed3 - Re I g QriolCog R-PRI% P 798 j t40,003-1 felt that Kosygin's signature would be the lowest. He is a prime minister. Podgorny would come next, as head of the State. The Delegation was proud that he had committed the government to collaboration with the US- and not Kosygin. The Delegation regarded the SALT agreement signed by Brezhnev as very significant because he as CP head signed it. The Party dictates to the government they explained. SALT agreement signified a very meaningful shift in the "Party's long range philosophy". Without the Party's committment, the SALT agreement would not meal; .o much in their opinion. .- EP.ra The Soviets were deeply appreciative of the personal in washy tan attention given them/ - partie at homes of Dr. Middletlbnu., Mr. Robert Fri( Deputy EPA Administrator), Mr. Fuller's and They also noted the efforts of Mr. Doerr in endlessly ImW= FencReiea~~er2 /~~14i6 alEdAksR qQ?p$A'1Q1990 X9003-1 met. by i:'err and myself in New York when A ro $' ?8r a FO1W-FDP7VO( AMGOOT 0M& .nkle ss and little visible chore fell on Coerr