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Approved For Releass~2000/09/06 : CIA-RDP79-007984001000130002-1 Activities Record of the First Meeting of the US-USSR Joint Working Committee on Harmonization of Air and Water Pollution Standards July 29 The joint meeting with the Soviet delegation (list attached) was formally opened on July 29, 1974 with a luncheon, hosted by the Scientific Apparatus Manufacturers Association (SANA). Cordialities were exchanged among Dr. Sidney R. Galler and Dr. Boris Fedin the two Chairman of the US/USSR delegations, and Mr. Richard Curry(SAMA). There were preliminary descriptions of the activities of the various agencies represented at the luncheon. The first working session was held at the headquarters of the Environmental Protection Agency at Waterside Mall and started at 2:30 p.m. This session consisted of a series of presentations by EPA officials to provide the Soviet delegation with an overview of Federal standard setting activities. The topics discussed included (1) research aspects of standards setting, (2) development of water standards, (3) development of air standards, (4) enforce- ment of standards, and (5) economic aspects of standard setting. The latter topic discussion was continued the next day. Julj 30 This session, held at the Council on Environmental Quality's offices, opened with the consideration of the US proposed itinerary for the two week visit of the Soviet group. The USSR delegation accepted the itinerary (copy attached) with two modifications, at the Soviet delegation's request, i.e. the visits to Durham/EPA and Spokane (Expo 74) were dropped. Following the Soviet acceptance of the proposed itinerary, the agenda topics proposed by the US side were reviewed (copy attached). In response the USSR delegation submitted its draft topics work plan (copy attached), which they indicated was a product of a six month effort in the USSR. The Soviet *DOC Exemption Letter In EUR File* Approved For Release 2000/09/06 : CIA-RDP79-00798AO01000130002-1 Approved For Release 2000/09/06 : CIA-RDP79-007984301000130002-1 list of topics in their plans were extensively discussed and the US delegation proposed to review and respond to tt? Soviet delegation on J-ily 8 upon the return-of their delegation to Washington for the final sessions. The US delegation presented in general terms its own preliminary views on the possible areas for cooperation within the frame of reference of Area XI for this Committee. After general discussion it was agreed that it would be premature to adopt a joint work plan at this first meeting of the Joint Working Committee. I'-- activities and relationships among the U.S. Federal ,agencies were summarized by agency representatives. The role of the Council of Environmental Quality was described and followed by a summary of the activities-of the American Society for Testing Materials. Then a presentation was made by the USSR delegation on the function and organ.i zation of Gosstandart within the administrative structure of the USSR. The basic components of the Soviet environmental program, and the- conceptual approach to environmental pro- tect-ion and conservation were described. The international aspects of pollution were recognized by both sides and the Scri et delegation expressed the view that US/USSR cooperation -culd contribute to the development of international standards for environmental quality. The Soviet delegation were the grests of the American Society for Testing Materials for a lunch- eon and the guests of a NBS scientist for an informal cook out. JuIv31 This session of the first meeting of the Joint Working Com- mittee was held at the National Bureau of Standards (INBS) offices at Gaithersburg, Maryland. A general presentation was made by the Director of the functions, organization, funding and research activities of NBS. This was followed by a detailed description of its environmental research program in the areas of air and water pollution, noise,. radioactivity and related scientific inquiries. The positions of standard reference materials and the standardization of measurement' technology in -pollution control activities-were described. The discussions on the research activities of N3S and Gosstandart conn==ed through the luncheon hosted by NBS and were followed by a tour of the laboratories Approved For Release 2000/09/06 : CIA-RDP79-00798AO01000130002-1 Approved For Releasv'2000/09/06 : C1-RDP79-0079S4Q01000130002-1 which emphasized research and development related to pol- lution measurement techniques and instrumentation. The tour of NBS and associated discussions covered the following areas: (1) air pollution standard reference materials, (2) water pollution electrochemical monitoring instrumen- tation, (3) laser Raman spectroscopy facilities, (4) nuclear reactor facilities, (5) liquid chromatography studies, (6) acoustic laboratories, and (7) particle analysis.' The Soviet delegation was taken on a nighttime motorcar tour of Washington D.C. The visits by the Soviet delegation to the National Bureau of Standards concluded the first part of the meetings in Washington D.C. of the Joint Working Committee on Harmoni- zation of Air and Water Pollution Standards. The Soviet delegation then proceeded to visit Federal and industrial facilities in the United States during the period August 1-7, 1974. SYNOPSIS OF SITE VISITS BY THE SOVIET DELEGATION - August 1--7, 1974 August ?l Colorado National Center for Atmospheric Research (NCA.R) at Boulder, An overview briefing of the organization, programs, funding, and personnel of NCAR was given, followed by a-tour of the laboratory facilities. The tour and the ensuing discussion centered around (1) the global atmospheric research program, (2) the national hail research experiment, (3) the climate project, (4) the small scale analysis and prediction project, and (5) atmospheric aerosols and other related programs. National Bureau of Standards (NBS) at Boulder, Colorado Ageneral orientation into organization, funding and program activities of NBS at Boulder was presented. Special emphasis was given to the standardization activities in areas having application to environmental pollution monitoring. The individual laboratory facilities visited included (1) the standard frequency, and the standard time broadcasting Approved For Release 2000/09/06 : CIA-RDP79-00798AO01000130002-1 Approved For Release 2000/09/06 : CJA4RDP79-00798 01000130002-1 laboratory (cesium clock) and, (2) an advanced laser spectrometer for free radical measurements with demonstration. The discussion at NBS proved to be of sufficient interest that the delegation split into two parts so that Messrs. Korobov and Sorokin could continue the discussion the following day. A motorcar tour of the Rocky Mountains and a dinner for the Soviet delegation was given by NBS. August 2 EPA Field Investigation Center at Denver, Colorado The morning consisted of a series of briefings which covered .,the following subject areas: (1) process engineering, (2) remote sensing, (3) enforcement, (4) biology, (5) chemistry, and (6) field operations. Unlike the facilities previously visited, EPA-FIC is not primarily a research facility. However, some research was being conducted in the area of the effects of pesticides and herbicides on fish, and on the use of sewage sludge as the nutrient for algae. The main strength of the facility was its application of current technology on routine field investigations in support of guidelines for effluent quality control 1972 Water Pollution Control Act Amendment. Extensive discussions concerning the developments and application of effluent guidelines for the water pollution program took place. The chemistry and biology laboratories, the field investigation facilities and the mobile laboratories were inspected and demonstrations of the sampling and testing techniques were given. A luncheon for the Soviet delegation was given by EPA. August 3and 4 The weekend was free. August 5 Varian Associates at Palo Alto, California A number'of briefings were given by Varian specialists in gas chromotography, liquid chromotographs, atomic adsorption, and on-line computer processing of environmental data. These discussions covered the engineering design, applications, performance characteristics and accuracy, and costs of Varian Approved For Release 2000/09/06.: CIA-RDP79-00798AO01000130002-1 Approved For. Release 2000/09/06 :'DID-RDP79-0079M001000130002-1 instrumentation. Specific questions related to frequency of`de'sign changes, R&D budgets, manpower, and the applicability of instruments for field use. Varian's new development in its atomic adsorption spectrometer attracted considerable attention. A tour of the laboratory was given and sample instruments inspected. EPA - San Francisco Regional Headquarters This visit was abbreviated due to transportation difficulties caused by the strike of Teamsters Union which resulted in massive traffic congestion. After a very brief general description of the regional offices jurisdiction (territory and programs), the activities of the regional office were illutrated by a serial recital of a case study involving contingency plan development and implementation during a recent air pollution alert. August 6 California State Water Quality Control Board and the Central Valley Water Quality Control Board at Sacramento, California The plans for the water quality management for the Central Valley Basin were discussed. Examples were given for urban, industrial and recreational studies and how implementation of state standards was achieved. Monitoring of pollutants at the outfall and along stream stretches was described. The State water quality discharge permit program, established under Federal guidelines, was described. The interrelation- ships between the State and regional organizations were also discussed. Beckman Instruments Corporation at Fullerton, California A tour was conducted of that portion of the production facilities which deal with air and water quality measurement. instruments. Some of these instruments are intended for. continuous monitoring while others were batch type instru- ments of the type used for both production and enforcement activities. A general briefing was given with special attention to the organization, funding, product line, reliability, costs, R&D budgets, manpower, and frequency of product changes. The Soviet delegation were the guests of Approved For Release 2000/09/06 : CIA-RDP79-00798AO01000130002-1 Approved For Releas.2000/09/06 : CIA6RDP79-0079&01000130002-1 Be hTar for dinner and a visit at Disneyland. August 8 The first sessions of the meeting were reconvened in the CEQ headquarters. The USSR draft joint work program was discussed in greater detail and the US delegation identified several areas of mutual interest. A US draft Record of the First Meeting was presented, discussed, and a final Record was agreed upon (copy attached). This Record sets forth (1) the objective of the work of the Committee, (2) the forms of cooperations which may be undertaken, (b) specific areas of possible joint projects, (4) the return visit of the US delegation to the USSR, and (5) the financial arrangements for future visits.. August 9 .The Record of the First Meeting of the US-USSR Joint Working Committee on Harmonization of Air and Water Pollution Standards was signed by Dr. Sidney R. Galler and Dr. Bernard Steigerwald for the US and Dr. Boris Fedin Chairman of the Soviet delegation for the USSR. . August 10 There were no scheduled activities and the Soviet delegation was free to make preparations for their return trip and sightsee. The Soviet delegation was the Chairman's guest at an informal crab feast. August 11 The Soviet delegation visited New York City before returning to Moscow that evening. Approved For Release 2000/09/06 CIA-RDP79-00798AO01000130002-1 Approved For Release 2000/09/06 : CIA-RDP79=0079 01 STATINTL FORM CD-14 U.S. DEPT. OF COMM. (5-10-711 DATE Preser. by DAO 214-2 TRANSMITTAL SLIP 5 Sept. 74 TO; Mr. Ray Pardon REF. NO. OR ROOM, BLDG. Room 42219 FROM: REF. NO. OR ROOM, BLDG. Mr. Robert Grant Room 3419 ACTION NOTE AND FILE 0 PER OUR CONVERSATION NOTE AND RETURN TO ME ^ PER YOUR REQUEST E] RETURN WITH MORE DETAILS ^ FOR YOUR APPROVAL NOTE AND SEE ME ABOUT THIS XJ FOR YOUR INFORMATION PLEASE AN$WER Fj FOR YOUR COMMENTS PREPARE REPLY FOR MY SIGNATURE ^ SIGNATURE TAKE APPROPRIATE ACTION INVESTIGATE AND REPORT COMMENTS: Thank you for your help in this matter. Attached are copies of the Activities Report and Record of the First Meeting. Approved For Release 2000/09/06 : CIA-RDP79-00798A001000130002-1