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December 9, 2016
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August 2, 2000
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November 1, 1975
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? ' Analyst.- C/CH Pro'ect 23. 8202) CONTROL RECORD FOR SUPPLEMENTAL DISTRIBUTION DISSEM: 26 Nov 75 NO ELITE STATINTL SERIES NUMBER A (ER) 75-75 CLASSIFICATION OF REPORT UNCLASSIFIED DISTRIBUTION TO RC 167 DATE OF DOCUMENT November 1975 NUMBER OF COPIES 8001") /,if(7 NUMBER IN RC O Y RECIPIENT DATE NC - - SENT RETURNED 200 cy Rec'd in St/P/C 26 Nov 75 1 cy DDI 1 c D/OER S TATINTL 1 c - DD/OER 1 c via O/D/OER 1 cy SA/ER & D/SA/ER 1 c Ch/D/C STATINTL Ir I cy C/ CH " 1 c D/NIO rr 1 c NIO/ CH 1 c NIO/EC 53 cys D/C for Univ. distri. - see attached 28 Nov 75 5 cys D/ C 26 Nov 75 2 cys via CRS/ADD Release icy icy n Icy rl ITI STAIII 3 cys rr S 1 cy rr- 1 cy OPR 28 Nov 75 STATINTL 1 cy Ch/D/C 2 cys ORD STATINTL 1 cy rr 1 cy 1 cy 1 cy Icy 1 cy Ret'd to St/P/C Rear Adm. Joseph W. -Russell, Chief, 1 Dec 75 ,c 76 28Nov75 28 Nov 75 STATINTL National Strategic Target List Div. , JSTPS, Offutt AFB, Neb. 68113, Attn: JLEO - Ca t. Gay (USAF) 35 cys Recd in St/P/C 28 Nov 75 3 cys via OCI 22 Dec 75 STATINTU- 2 cys SA/ER IT 2 cys via SA/ER II 2 cys via OCI rI 4 cys via SA/ER STATINTL icy ,I 2 cys C/CH 1 Dec 75 1 9-0 928A00030003 001-9 COPY roved or a ease NO.(S) C I P I ENT SENT RETURNED 2 cys Betsy. Mac Leish, Fed. Energy Adm. 2 Dec 75 3 cys Art Morrissey, Office of Strategic 3 Dec 75 Affairs, Bur. of Intelligence & Researc h, Dept. of State 1 cy Fran Lawson, Dept. of the Treasury 4 Dec 75 via CRS/DSB 1 cy IC Staff for trans. to 5 Dec 75 blAl L Lawrence Livermore Lab 1 Cy C/IN 8 Dec 75 SIAIINIL 1 cy Suzanne Swenson, Fed. Reserve Board 10 Dec 75 1 Cy Mr. Parker, State/AID via CRS/DSB 10 Dec 75 1 Cy via'CR.S/DSB 10 Dec 75 10 cys Nancy Chen, Dept. of Commerce, Bur. 10 Dec 75 of 'East-West Trade via CRS/ DSB 1 cy DDO/EA via CRS/DSB 10 Dec 75 STATINTL 1 cy ?OPR Consultant via 10 Dec 75 DCI/NIO/EC A I L 1 cy D/OER 11 Dec 75 7 cys 12 Dec 75 STATINTL 1 cy Ret!d to St/P/C 12 Dec 75 1c 12 Dec 75 STATINTL 1. cy OGCR/GD/EA, 511 Ma g. Bld g. 15 Dec 75 - 25 cys Rec'd from-Records Center 15 Dec 75 STATINTL 3 c s 16 Dec 75 1 cy 16 Dec 75 STATINTL 1 c Mr. Thuermer, ADCI 24 Dec 75 1 c Mr. Thuermer, ADCI 29 Dec 75 1 c 30 Dec 75 STATINTL 1 Cy " STATINTt- 10 c s 1 c via CRS/DSB DO EA via CRS/DSB 5 Jan 76 6 Jan 76 STATINTL _ 1 Cy , I/JP 8 Jan 76 Approved or a ase pa CONTROL RECORD FOR SUPPLEMENTAL DISTRIBUTION SERIES NUMBER S CLAS IFICATION F REPORT DISTRIBUTION TO RC DATE OF DOCUMENT / /921 NUMBER OF COPIES NUMBER IN RC COPY RECIPIENT DATE NO.(S) SENT RETURNED k l a t4. IUcJ ki, A2 -2L N J a. 6 Co nk&'o x, G~ I o") ? 3 J vt. SIAIINIE LJ ,t. '-7 '( AAR FOR M 2353 2. 65 COPY pprove or a easeEC P E NO. (S) I I NT NT RETURNED I STATINTL STATINTL STATINTL 0 FL) STATINTL ?7b , 7b STATINTL- T / ~k h mss, 1 -E c/ 13 ?S" I f? `! (o 14 SIAIINM Ntci 5 9 71, 1 d, 6 c V -7c. 24 STATINTL STATINTI L Vs/'Y? ...1..,.f.Pr x'71 ~(V v Y' td 1 zy / Relz U STATINTL -7( - STATINTL Approve or a ease 3 CONTROL RECORD FOR SUPPLEMENTAL DISTRIBUTION SERIES NUMBER 1t?)7~-7S- CL=SIFICAT N OF RErPO T DISTRIBUTION TO RC E DATE-OF DOOCUMEN i NUMBER OF COPIES NUMBER I N RC V COPY RECIPIENT DATE NO.(S) SENT RETURNED c l 2 ~ ~ STATINTL o c - STATINTL ~---2 -2 L> 1/' - /Z$ IA,, A SIAIINIL STATINTL 7 ti-7 11 7 LuL -7 STATINITI e. e b,'511 A `7 7 6 . ? aG [ (~ 3a STATH STATINTL tJ c STATINTL &- 94WRM3203 0001 -9 COPY pproved or a ease ,P, NT NO.~S) SENT RETURNED Mimi NOW, ffiw~ MINII 1 c 17Dec75 1 c 17 Dec 75 1 c 17 Dec 75 1 c 17 Dec 75 1 cy 6Jan76 D C STATINTL c 7 STATINTI- STATINTL STATINTL Approved or a ease Approved For Release 2000/08/23 CIA-RDP79-00928A000300030001-9 CONTROL RECORD FOR SUPPLEMENTAL DISTRIBUTION SERIES AUM E CL SIFICATI OF POR DISTRIBUTION TO RC A E OF DOCUME T NUMBER OF COPIES NUMBER IN RC COPY NO, (S) RECIPIENT DATE SENT RETURNED STATINTL / 3 TATI NT C~- 1 7 7 STATINTL u 1w Ala h1 STATINTL 74 STATINTL v l 928A00030003 001-9 A OP pproved For ReleaseE2QQWQ8/23 : CIA-RDP79-0 030003 0001-9 NO (S) SENT RETURNED ) .t1QiL _D-01. ,?z i i z 6 7X STATINTI.- ~? r 7 6 y STATINTL STATINTL STATINTL R T R.. / TL STATINIL CL -- - ~- - STATINTL STATINTL 76 STATINTL STATINTI a 76 STATINTL c40 STATINTL C~~~-c~776 16 3 7 6 STATINTL Q ' /v o ,ems u5u D/9 (f' " Approved For Release 2000/08/23: CIA-RDP79-00928A000300030001-9 Approved For Release 2000/08/23 : CIA-RDP79-00928A000300030001-9 CONTROL RECORD FOR SUPPLEMENTAL DISTRIBUTION SERIF NUMBER CLA$SI ICAT N OF.REP RT , DISTRIBUTION TO RC D F DOCUMEN 9 7S NUMBER OF COPIES NUMBER IN RC COPY RECIPIENT DATE NO.(S) SENT RETURNED -, L 2S S rcr.t "^7 QT TINITI ,~ - STATINTL o a i3 0r. 4 53,41 ,. 6 C i C S t? cal S yh. ~. di 7 +-,--7 /0 IAIINIL s1 C~~,, O W / I /0 76 1,; rV ;~-c, STATINTL I . ( l am A- ft o b ( 91Qt,(L 4 -' v-n , STATH a ~~ C 76 ry -.For.. Release.2Q00/0.,$123: CIA-RDP79-0 928A0003000 0001-9 FORM 2353 (13) 2.65 COPY Approved For Releas jpQQ108/23 : CIA-RDP79-0 , No. (S) SENT RETURNED t' '.a 5 3 -7~ k, AO m A~11A~!- u / q&4-Vj""4 - sh:4 ~, / t~ 7~ - I 41 11 A TL 1) C) STATINTL- AT S S --A SIAIINIE STATINTL -v7 g STATINTL c. ll,}7~ STATINTL STATINTL 49 1 o STATINTL r4?.,0G Approved For Release 2000/08/23 : CIA-RDP79-00928A000300030001-9 CONTROL RECORD FOR SUPPLEMENTAL DISTRIBUTION SERIES NUMBER S~- 7j- CL SIFICATION OP REPO T DISTRIBUTION TO RC r ~-~ DATE F DOCU NT NUMBER OF COPIES NUMBER IN RC COPY RECIPIENT DAT E NO. (S) SENT Jus, o 984 RETURNED STATINTL ? la, / 7 7 Lam- 3 -7,2 STATFNTL STATINTL g - A1212roved For Release 2000108/23 CIA-RDP79-06E 1003 ~0- 0 1 - 9 FORM 2353 (13) 2.65 COPY NO. (S) or Keiease 1 REC I 928A000300030001-9 Iii 11, is 1] 1] t ; -0-0" Approved or a ease Di s semAnpaptroved For Kelease 8/1 I R 5-9.00. 1%A000300030001-9 No. of Copies Recipient" STATINTL 1 Finished Intelligence Project, Room 154, PSD Bldg.. 1 DDI/SSG, Room GD0442, Hq. XX6 6 2 OTR/II, Room 926, CoC 1 OWI, Room I D0409, Hq. STATINTL 1 D/CRS, Room 2E60, Hq. I CIA Librarian Rm. 1HI124, Hq. 5 CRS/ADD/Std. Dist., Room GFZ8, Hq. 11 OSR, Room 3F50, Hq. STATINTL I R m. 2 9020, Key Bldg. 1 Room 811, Key Bldg. 45 Rm. 812. Key Bldg. 7 3 OSI, Room 6F30, Hq. STATINTL STATINTL 3 OPR, Room 3E63, Hq. 6 OCI, Room 7G15, Hq. 1 INDICO, Room 7F30, Hq. STATINTL 1 Congressional Support Officer, Room 7F36, Hq. STATINTL 1 OCI/Special Projects, Room 7G07, Hq. 4 OGCR, Room 1011, Magazine Bldg. 3 NPIC/IB, Room 15315, Bldg. 213 3 IAS, Room 1S518, Bldg. 213 STATINTL 2 CGAS/HSG, Room 2G40, Hq. 1 Chairman, COMIREX, Room 3E14, Hq., 1 DDI Management Staff,? Room 2F28, Hq. Approved 8/23 : CIA-RDP79-00928A000300030001-9 55 OER, Room- 4F21, Hq. !fIrAl [USE 3 STATSPEC^ Di s sen Y*M964 oioR eR2800Y08f14 1i 679=(Og`~8 aia6030001-9 - (continued) National Security Agency, Attn: Room ZE024, Ft. Meade, Md. STATINTL 1 Commandant, The National War College, ' Attn: NW CLB/ CR, Attn: Mr. Robert H. Ferguson 6 Department of the Treasury, Document Analysis and Dissemination Section, Room 4308, 15th St. & Pa. Ave., N. W. 1 John Dale Pafenberg, INAKB, Department of the Air Force, Room 4A870, Pentagon No. of Copies Recipient Defense Intelligence Agency, DS-4C, A Bldg., AHS Dept. of State, INR/CC, Room 6510, New State Bldg. 1 - Leo Tansky Chief, Tr de and Resources Div., INR 20 suggested d stribution tor Embassies in Moscow, Brussels(for Ralph Moore. US Mission to NATO). London. Paris, Bonn, Rome, Canberra, Manila, Wellington, Taipei, Djakarta, 2 cys for Hong Kong, Tokyo, Seoul, Kuala Lumpur, Singapore, 2 cys for Bangkok (I cy for US Rep to SEATO), & Ottawa Mr. Dick abler, Department of the Treasury, Rm. 4308, 13th St. & Pa. Ave. , N. W. Council on International Economic Policy, Rm. 204, EOB. Attn: Mr. J. M. Dunn XXXY=KXX MICROFICHE 1 - Camera original to Archives I - Diaso copy to Archives 1 - Silver Duplicate to CRS/CLD/DSB, Room. 1H1124, Hq. 1 - Diaso copy to OGCR, Room 507, Magazine Bldg. 1 - Diaso copy to OER/St/P_/ C, Room 4F41, Hq.,. : . Approved For Release 2000%08/23: CIA-RDP79 00.928 a0 T-In0al rr zg -2- 6 :xi ,1 a Approved For Release 2000/0$/23 d-!A ab1 '9}O0)(000300030001-9 Dissemination List for OER Report, A (ER) 75-75 (Job 544-133) (continued) No. of Copies Recipient Department of Commerce, Mr. Harold E. Allen, DIB, Rant. 1617M, Main Commerce Bldg. I - Mr. William W. Clarke, Dir. , - PRC Affairs, Bur. of East-West Trade I - Mr. David Denny, Bur. of E-W Trade I - Mr. John Phipps, Bur. of E-W Trade ZOO Mr. Nathan R. Einhorn, Document Expediting (DOCEX). Project Exchange and Gift Division, Library of Congress STOP 303 Agency Archives 167 Agency Records Center Total: 600 copies 0 Approved For Release 2dO6f08f73 CAA P 928A000300030001-9 Approved.fIr-Retpag-e 2000/08/23 CIA-RDP79-00928A000300030001-9 Project No. Title: Responsible Analyst and Branch: MENEEMEN-aAc" I i- PACIFIC SOVIET BLOC Bulgaria, Sofia Czechoslovakia, Prague Germany, Berlin Hungary, Budapest Poland, Warsaw Romania, Bucharest R, Moscow Austria, Vienna .----a-----? -- ------ (1 copy of all reports fora-// I Mpe f Milton. Ke e , US Mission to NATO) 11 copy for US Mission to the European Communities) Denmark, Copenhagen gland, London Finland, Helsinki fiance, Paris many, Munich Iceland, Reykjavik Ireland, Dublin Rome Luxembourg, Luxembourg Malta, Velletta Netherlands, The Hague Norway, Oslo Portugal, Lisbon Spain, Madrid Sweden, Stockholm Switzerland, Bern Geneva Yugoslavia, Belgrade ustralia, anberra Melbourne awfi-i-l'ippines, Manila .4> Zealand, Wellington .FAR EAST Burma, Rangoon vl 'rmosa, Taipei 07 n_,~,,~o Kong 'C" a.krtl.onesia; Djakarta k, an, Tokyo K6rea, Seoul Laos, Vientiane Taysia, Kuala Lumpur apore ame,,,T-h-ailand, Bangkok (2 cys - I cy for US Rep Vietnam, Saigon (2 cys if report receives Vietnam distribution) ,eANADA, OTTAWA to SEATO 25X1A (see reverse side) 25X1A Approved For Release 2000/06 kWODP79-00928A000300030001-9 SECRET AFRAFroved For Release 2000/08/23: CIA-WPA7R9-ROW 4 49PMIA Algeria, Algiers Botswana, Gaberones Burundi, Bujumbura Cameroun, Yaounde Central African Republic, Bangui .Chad, Fort Lamy Congo, Kinshasa Dahomey, Cotonou Ethopia, Addis Ababa Gabon, Libreville Gambia, Bathurst Ghana, Accra Guinea, Conakry Ivory Coast, Abidjan Kenya, Nairobi Lesotho, Maseru Liberia, Monrovia Libya, Tripoli Malagasy Republic, Tananarive Mali, Bamako Malawi, Zomba Mauritania, Novakchott Mauritius, Port-Louis Morocco, Rabat Mozambique, Lourenco Marques Niger, Niamey Nigeria, Lagos Rhodesia, Salisbury Rwanda,- Kigali Senegal, Dakar Sierra Leone, Free Town Somalia, Mogadiscio South Africa, Pretoria Sudan, Khartoum Swaziland, Mbabane Tanzania, Dar es Salaam Togo, Lome Tunisia, Tunis Uganda, Kampala Upper Volta, Ouagadougou Zambia, Lusaka Afghanistan, Kabul Ceylon, Colombo Cyprus, Nicosia Egypt, Cairo Greece, Athens India, New Delhi Iran, Tehran Iraq, Baghdad Israel, Tel Aviv Jordan, Amman Kuwait, Kuwait Lebanon, Beirut Nepal, Katmandu Pakistan, Rawalpindi Saudi Arabia, Jidda 'South Yemen, Aden Syria, Damascus Turkey, Ankara Argentina, Buenos Aires Bahamas, Nassau Barbados, Bridgetown Bolivia, La Paz Brazil, Rio de Janeiro Chile, Santiago Colombia, Bogota Costa Rica, San Jose Dominican Republic, Santo Domingo Ecuador, Quito El Salvador, San Salvador Guatemala, Guatemala Guyana, Georgetown Haiti, Port au Prince Honduras, Tegucigalpa Jamaica, Kingston Mexico, Mexico City Nicaragua, Managua Panama, Panama Paraguay, Asuncion Peru, Lima Trinidad, Port of Spain Uruguay, Montevideo Venezuela, Caracas Approved For Release 2000/08/ lbP79-00928A000300030001-9 Approved For Release 200,18/ CI Aj RDP79-00928A000300030001-9 19 November 1975 MEMORANDUM FOR: St/A/R FROM: Chief, St/P/C SUBJECT: Dissemination of A (ER) 75-75, China: Energy Balance Projections (Project 32. 82O2), UNCLASSIFIED You will receive 55 copies of subject report.. It is requested that they be disseminated as indicated below. No. of Copies Recipient 1 DAC 1 St/CS 11 D/C (S-C/CH; 1-CIRE; 1-C/Il'k') D/U X 4 D/I (2-I/IE) 1 D/ D 35 St/P/C STATINTL T V Approved For Release2bt08123`' "CIA =00928A000300030001 9 "\ STATINTL Approved For Release 2000/08/23 : CIA-RDP79-00928A000300030001-9 Next 2 Page(s) In Document Exempt Approved For Release 2000/08/23 : CIA-RDP79-00928A000300030001-9 Approved For Release 2000/08/23 : CIA-RDP79-00928A000300030001-9 STATINTL F S E E V 5. 7 5 10 I E U D I T I O R N S I O V 5 Approved For Release 2000/08/23 : CIA-RDP79-00928A000300030001-9 Approved For Release 2000/08/23 : CIA-RDP79-00928A000300030001=9.. MEMORANDUM FOR: CRS/ADD Release SUBJECT: Release of A(ER) 75-75, China: Energy Balance Pro j'ections November 1975, Unclassified, to Foreign Governments 1. It is requested that the attached copy of subject report be forwarded as follows: 1 copy STATINTL 2.- All OER responsibilities as defined in the DDI memorandum of, 13 August 1952, "Procedures for Dissemination of Finished Intelligence to Foreign Governments, " as applicable to this report have been fulfilled. STATINTL Chief, St/P/ C/ER Approved For Release 2000/08/23 : CIA-RDP79-00928A000300030001-9 r SECRET Approued For Release F' I RECORD OF REVIEW OF OER PUBLICATIONS FOR SECURITY/SANITIZATION APPROVAL SUBJECT A SECURITY REVIEW ? ANITIZING IN TRUCTIONS ITEM DATE INITIALS REMOVE UNEDITED DRAFT 25X1A EDITED DRAFT 25X1 C DELETE RELEASABLE TO FOREIGN RECIPIENT YES DIS (L) SIRE (0) NORAD JIO (A) SUBSTITUTE JIB (W) X JIC (S) GIS REMARKS /Gyres AIIi -- 4 100 49 AS V`~"w r %OWL. 25X1 C ? G7j 25X1 A 1~ 0? ,,1-r f ' -- r+o.r1.? 0,0 00.1 (24AACAP7Q.ninw2gar~~- nnl-q GROUP 1 Excluded from automatic 25X1 C 25X1 C 25X1 C 99-7-1~ 74 25X1 C Approved For Release 2000/08/23: CIA-RDP79-00928A000300030001-9