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December 16, 2016
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June 9, 2005
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December 18, 1974
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;rlj-k eu4ae Approved For Release 2005/06/16 : CIA-RDP79-009 &005-3 THE WASHINGTON POST DATE_ `" - PAGE By Spencer Rich Washington Post Staff Writer 0 e.-qe to ~,e Si S ag e-- yesterday to dela a to- treto ,,pf weapons ' aid to Turkey until Feb. 5, to give Secretary of State Henry A. _ Kissinger mi? -P time to negotiate peke iri Cyprus. !p'ie postponement was en- dorsgd by the conferees after Kissinger met with House leaders and foes Q a141oTu "eyonday night in a plea for more negotiating time. The Feb. 5 cutoff date was then written into the final ver- Sion of a $2.69-billion foreign aid authorization bill ., and he They also stressed that the e~pat p sg~l theconference Feb. 5 date in a bill that will report, 49 to 4` ~_. become permanent law makes Ear_Igpproyal is ex- the cutoff absolute and un- p_cted clearing the measure avoidable, , unless Turkey for the White House. I agrees to start withdrawing Its Thomas F. Eagleton (D-Mo.) and Reps. John Brademas (D- Ind.), Paul S. Sarbanes (D-Md.) and Benjamin S. Rosenthal (D- N.Y.), said they still favor an immediate end of aid to, Tur- key tut_ had agreed n t to tlemen "w shortly. t for Indochina, and $145 mil- lion for South Korea, with an- other $20 million to }g-avail- able if South Korea makes "substantial progress in the observance of human i hts" by reducing political regres- sion. The bill also bars 'weapons aid to the military government of Chile, limits economic aid to Chile to $25 million, allows $25 million for Cyprus refugee aid and $25 million for eco- nomic .aid to Portugal. The. meaaure.-.0]V jarse vert_._disruptive activities in fa_ countries unless ?`(ron- rss is notified in-_a-d- v ance, g_ rin wartie or war- powers emergencies undFr he WAr 1?.R31' ..5. XUde"cT~enate langna a imposing a simi'Iar bal~ on all other aencies of the gnvernmenwas dropped. A previous cutoff voted by Congress was attached to tem- porary legislation. Brademas repeatedly re- fused to say whether 'Kis- singer had informed them of plans to open &Syprus set- ! that . the . hope for talks soon commence ` is a realistic hope based on reoresentatinn.e that have . .rotas foreign arc for camoo- dia was limited to $371 million instead of` the $578 million re- quested by the White House. Jam` the total, $200 million .could be for weapons aid. In addition, $75 million in author- ity to draw down existiing U.S. m.ili,xary supplies to help Cam- -+bodia was provided, for a 'total sof $275 million in weapons aid. -The bill also imposes restric- tions on U?S. training of for- eign police and security forces. The ' White House had sought $3.25 billion in. new au- thorizations for foreign aid. The bill was some $555 million less. been made to us." He declined to elaborate. The aid cutoff resulted from charges that Turkey was using U.S.-aid weapons for aggres- sion in Cyprus, contrary to aid laws and agreements. For Israel, the final aid bill carries $325 million in eco- nomic aid and $300 million in military aid. It also carries $250 million economic aid for Egypt, $100 million for Syria (provided Syria removes barri- ers to emigration of some 4,- 000 Jews), $100 million arms aid for Jordan, $617 million economic "reconstruction" aid See AID, A4, Col. 4 House Foreign AffairsCom- mlittee Chairman Thomas E. Morgan (D-Pa.) said the Feb. 5 cutoff date on aid to Turkey .as included in the bill; "with the expectation that there's going to be negotiations . . The secretary is satisfied. He would be in opposition to a complete rimmediatel cutoff but he felt confident some progress could be made by then." Until Feb. 5, aid to Turkey may continue, provided it isn't used to resupply troops on Cy- prus with "implements of war" and provided Turkey doesn't break the Cyprus cease-fire or increase its forces there.- Brademas said Kissinger pledged no accelera- tion of, arms shipments to Tur- key in the weeks before; Feb. 5. y On final passage, both Mary-. Land senators voted for the bill, both Virginians against. Approved For Release 2005/06/16 : CIA-RDP79-00957A000100020005-3 Cutoff of Turicish Aid Delayed