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December 16, 2016
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June 9, 2005
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December 11, 1974
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D SHEET ROUTING AND RECOR -SUBJECT: (Optionol) F~eCUtfve Registry FROM: EXTENSION O DATE ~~enislative Counsel 12 December 1974 TO: (Officer designation, room number, and building) .DATE OFFICER'S COMMENTS (Number each comment to show from whom RECEIVED FORWARDED INITIALS to whom. Draw a line across column after each comment.). i. l~ y Director ~~ (`'- b~ Attac~,id for yoi~.r infor.?-na- 2. tio.ri, are ex~:erpts from. yesterday' ~ Congressic~:~al ord an House floor action Rec: _ 3' on the provision ir._ th.e Foreign Assistance Act limiting . 4 intelligence activities in.cludr,o (a} tine adoption of an arr~e::zd- ment- by Mro Burton (D. , Calif. f~ightena.rti.g up the provision; ('p) defe~.t of an amendment by Ms? Holtzman (D. , N, Y. ), and (c) the discxzssion of the Holtzman a.~iex}.tinzent ~ihich also includes a colloquy bef?r,~ee Mr, Ned.zi and the Chairman of the; Foreign Affairs Cot~nrriittee, Mr. Morga.xz, interpreti~~g the provision in line with tl^~e under standing reached with t;he Secretary of State and the Directors. 1'.he bill now gaps to conference and the Senate and House versions, which differ somewhat, -are attached. iC ~ G~J ` L ~ .,, ,v. C~~ (~. t ~ S 13. 15. A -roved For Releas 2005/0 /16 : CI -RDP79- 0957A000100020014-3 UNCLASSAfplrEwed F rc~e~5/06/16 :CIA-RDP7~0 9~dokA6M~~A614-3 ^ SECRET FoaM . 61 O USEDPRO OUS ^ SECRET ^ CONFIDENTIAL ^ u"s~E o ~v ^ UNCLASSIFIED 3-62 Approved For Release 2005/06/16 : CIA4R ~ 009 p.A10002001~3~~:~r.~~~7. ;~~ ~~7I, ~~l~,T~r.Tii1L'~S~~lv~~. ~1S xt. ----xi 7i s ~,~Ir. GFtfJSS, That is here we get moo arnenun;ccc~. ~? ~~~~ ~ v~?- rw_ _ __ difilctxlty. cotnnzittee is concerned, speaking' for my join with the gentleman in his sponsorY ' this amcrdtnen~. x I would be most lla ~pY to offer an owzl side, I have no objection. ship and support o. amencinlellt io take sot ethin?S off Israel, IVtr? JOHN L. }3URTON. Ntr. Chain opposed file anlendnlent in the will 11?.a if tilcir spoiLeslllen fort is bill are so hat man, I ask an "aye" vale on the amend ,c1>~anot Tl ~1 ainez~tent `i.sznot yn the far tnkin~; on the supp rt of more refu= meat. ~~ees throuGhout the tva?ld, The tax?pay- The CIIAIP1vIA~i. The question is on ;bill, the amendment ilz comnlittce tvhicll ere of this cauzltry cli not create this froln7lCaliPatiuao(iVlr Joxx1L~EUxxo.r) I Ilf~el it is entirely incLppropria,Ce -zt refuF;ce problem. We have had the Pal stinian refugees Tiza amendment ryas agreed td. this tune, when we still da not l,norr the on our hands for more ? ears than S can Lrrnatsrrr orrcrsn Dx ssR. Asx3AROOxs is tragic enoztnigh, but tt?natzis n ore t algic x?enlenlbex' and it has co t tls ht:ndreds of 1 '. ASHI3ROOI?;. NIr. Chairman, I af- is that we are rzoi; able to loalc at tkla nllillOns. NOw, here w are embarking fer a. amendment. - sites of known airplane crashes. upau the care of more. refugees and at The ;,Clerk read as follatrs: I fees this would lee adding insult to a cost. of $25 million. Atnextdment offered by ATr. A58DROOK: injury, and for tila.t reason I strongly ' Where in the name high heaven is Page I7: ~-ri: a lines ti-14 and renumber fo}" SL1ppOrt the amendment. it proposed to get the nr ney to take care lowing sections according?iy. 1i1?. Chairman, the difficulty in voting of refugees ail over th s world? It ap- ~, ASI-~SRpOI`~. Nir. Chairman, this on bills such as %his ane is that your paa?enUly is easy for son people here to- amendment y~ould leave the present pz'o- vote is bound to ba zzlisinterpretrd. I in- day to corlthiue this bu mess of sticking hibitions izl e, ect against furnishing as- ~+ tetxd to vote "no" on t.ilis bill because th h - ? er ot s our fora; noses into th affairs of I am convinced, ~~fter listening to hauz sistance to coti~tries trading with Nor nations all over the w rld. It'lxas cast Vietnam. The committee's bill would au- of testimony in tre I'areigzx ALairs Cem- tlle citizens of this coo try $260 billion. thorize the President to waivo prahibi- mittee, that on the whole, dais is a rad I da not Ir:now what u tell Yaur tax- floras if sctch waiver is ill the national bill. Not that them arc not sanxe goad d h ope ~,yers when you go ho no. I lzad p< interest. `- things in the bill-i caznpletely agree, t11at in the election campaign this I cio not tlxinlt that this is the time to and strongly support :or example, the fail that the public tvo ld tell Members start loosening up on, prohibitions that need to provida as,,zti~azxce to isr3 1 pct of file house that they l?e slck and tired effect Nartlx Vietnam. ' even on tkxis issue the mill is d~llclzlt, of inflation rocketing 1 ving costs, debt, Laol.ing a one issue alone-without since the aid authorization iS c.oun'e - ancl the tvaY their n ney was being even disci:;sixln the t"rtousands of North balanced by comrxitlnelxts to L(fYpt 'anti spent tLbroad. Apparent y, the public did Vietnamese x-'aris accoi?ci violations Syria, Nor is this the only contraciictialz net sneak very loudly t some of you or against South Vietnam-there is abun- in the bill. Many of my colica~ttes have you were not listening ne or the other. slant xeason to not change the present alz'eady pointed out areas tvhe:ra vre are Whatever the merit demerit of this reversing U.S. policy. ti statute. The issue that I azxi;: speakin; amandlnent it saddles nother ,25 mil- about is American MIA's and Atxlericaxl 1VIr. Chairnul,n, T stiamib that tl;.ia is lion on the taxpayers of this country. men killed in action. '. ridiculous. And I resent 'vein; forc?~d to You who vote for this mendment and ~ American families do not lulo~ what arcept something bad inn order to provide the bill ought to be a~ arced that you ha?s, happened to their loved ones because something good. If the :~~ ~yptia.n e:.anl- have added to the debt deficit, and in- rho Vietnamese Communists refuse to plc lucre tine only arxe, z could still prol,- flation that is tearing d tvxx this country. carry out their agreemez-its made tvitll ably vote for the bil1..But it i:, nat. P.ncl The C;EIAIFtMAN. Tl question is on the United States, The :Pax3s accords the bad, believe rate, far outtvoiglls the the amendment offere by the gentle- which bath the united States and Na'i tfl. goad, nlan from Netv.York C r. Bxnacs> ? Vietilaau signed were oleax as to the re- , If we wish to .help auc :friends, and ....Mr ??-JOHN L. BURTON. Dnr. Chair- ~..'I'ho parities sltau harp each atller to get glues thelxl solriethin(; with ono hazed, and man, I oiler an amendment. infannation about those military pezsonnet their enemies something with the otPz?r. The Clel'k xead as fO11oWS: and foreign. civilians o: the partlE~s missing iIt action, to determine the location and false Aild C2I'talnly riot Ono tViliCil has ~ p.rlev Amendment offered by l~Yr. Sox-xrr ]L? $IIR- oaro of rho graves of tlto dead so as to f:ti- tag 50 large ]n a Ii1T,0 tt'i1U'xl ou ta,ti^ Tarr: Page 23, line l3, insert immediately cilitate the exhumation and repatriation of paye~S' are beiri asked to c10 SO llltleil. xeftel? "unless" the following: and until". the remains, and to tal:a any such other (NIr. EINCxI~.AI~2 asl.ed 2i1d teas (iv811 R21?, JOHN L. BURTON. 1VIr. Chair- measures as may be required to get infolxna- pernliSSicil'z to x'eVise and Ostend his re- 11tan and members of the committee, I tiara about those still considered missing in marks.) '- a.m oilerizig this amendment on behalf acttott. Ntr. 73INGI31l:1T. 1VIr. Cl:o:t .nt to i.l: 1 1- Ilave apoint of order: opposition to the amendment. tional security" to ' vztai ca Hatton 1 ue- T1xC CIIAIkZMAN. Ti e gentleman will . We have in this bill a provision re- fer_se.' Tizis would preclude many aG~ivi- statC it. strainin4 certain operations of the CIA ties which might well be .lescl;~ct in Cur T,Tr. CAP,NL'Y of O. 'o. What about to those "itnllortazlt to the national awn interest I hope this allzEnclznctzt rho:+~ of us who have Iz amendments at security" a11r1 in timely fashion they are is settnuly de.etited. the desl~ all clay? obliged to bring to tine notie^ of Congress 'i'he CHAIR,i4iAN. The Chair reGa;t'l'rs 'i"he CI3AIPl+tAi~7. lave they been ai~Y activities which the CIA may be the gentleman from Florida, (.~a:r. ri.\r.rrz print~cl in the r Fcoan? engaged in which are important to rile (Ey trnanilnous conseni, iVi1. IzaT.::Y )`?ir. CAi?,NI;X of Oni . 1V'o; but I gave r_ationai socltrity. ]: submit that is a very yielded hiss trine to ilZl', itlGil!::\iS.) them to t;h~ dosk today.. important Stattital'y provision and a NIr. iG40nCxAiV? 1~Ir. Chais.r..~.:il, I ;,eld rile C?3AIsLtiIAN (1 '. Pfiic~ of Iili- departure from what the situation is at 'to the gentlemanz from Calisornia (xr'Ir. Hors). It rile amendnle: is are printed in the present tin-te. V9hen we speak about :ftYnri). tha R.1.?eolz~, uncles t' e Rules of tkze matters "vita:l to tiYe national defense" ;vfr. FLXAxti. l%ir. Chaix?tnaa, I ~-. as a:7aut Ilause ttze proponents ill be entitled to ty'+'- are then it seems to me restraizling to say that present 1 nova ul ti Ys ill 5 uxi.uutes of debato. rile ar;cnay from per:aaps operating 1n is very caref ally CiL 11C 11 to a ,ivy tl.e 117:enlbers standing t the time the antidl'ug pz?ogt?ams or 'tile agency cottici he maximum amount al. sal?pox t franc t :e motion was made wi11 e recogxlize tnl t iu id- purpose of this amendment is very s}m- ' titularly as it relates to tYle understand- lnent of the gentleslac y rrarr i se-v az.c plc. It is desigxiecl 'to enlarge colagres- izlg we soothed with 'tae ~ecretai?y of because I beiiave that tile, l~:llgtla.ga ,.'a signal control over rile Central Intel- Stai;e and the Director of Central Intel- . have now is as strong as v.'e co.n tivw aid IigenGe ASency's Han-intelligence-gatll- ligence. this pal ~iculax? time.. clzil+; :functions. ibxr. i120I~GAN. Tf the geutlerlan will The CITAII~PJiAiQ. ThE clu ,t.zxl ,~ a.l the provisions of this bill relating to yield, it is znY belief that 'the aznancl- the amendment ouerecl b,1 ~iie ?~ vic- tlte C1:A constitute a major improvement ment contalrYecl in the committee bill tivoman from New :'o.k (4 s. -sol.za- over the situation in file past. This bill carries out, and proviclES ftuther statu- ' VTnza)? perlllits file CIA to engage in covel?t ac- rosy basis for the implementation of, the The arrxelldmi;nt was rej2ci.ed. - tlvities only after the President reports ?~-~rl4rstalldlno' to tivhicll the gentleman The C:ciA~iJfA1V. ..~lie Cilalr ~ - aliau~ thew activities to the I'.iouse and has referrad as it applies to fife foreign llizes the gentleman ft} m 2'entlsi,\Ctl)IELCC far o,ll t tl; ;i ai't (, S ~ ,J:Iw COinli] l ' ' ' . tll 11nlEnt ZV ll ,~,o L Cl f.0 :; t;.i7VCi.'t a fGl?Ci;, ~ 111 iY l\?c are at ltcaco should be very r E,A ci o 1. tiV.; deal lze.e rvi;C. 2fi. ,5eatlOll (356 O file I''Oreihtl t~5.513t^ ante .Act of 1961 is an ended b;f ddini~ at tho and thereof the foil ruing sonteuce: "This seotion shall not kre cxstrued to ai?ply to em~ptoyees of i7nitecl S tes voluntary non- prvHt relief agenctes re ?'sterad titilth a.nd ap- proved by the Acivi, ry Cvtnnlittea on Voluntary. Poreien Ald or to etnpla;*ees of tlxe International Co nittee of 'tile ~~,ed RETMEVRSABLE DisVELOi''SIEDTT PK.OG':t,t3T5 AriD LIMITING IP7TELLIGENCE ACTIVITIt:S !~ Sic. 2'7a~xc I~ oreign .A`.~sistance clef of l0u"1 1 is anlencled lly aticiirlg nt tl.e end of port III;. the fotlorviilg ecru soctians: "Stsc, 639. I? EIb1IBURSABLi: Dsv~:~i,a.'?.ti,:?Tr Pao- GRn~IS.-The President is autitosized to usfa up to $2,000,000 of fife ftulds 1tlade availahIe fo'r 'tea purposes oY this Act in each oY i;lte fiscal years 1976 and 1976 to wuclc wltil fri.cxidly countries, espaciaily t.ZOSe hi 1.h1Ch United States devDlol~meztt pro ,?ra.ttts :nit's been concluded or those not raceiviu~ arsist- ance antler part I oY this Act, in (1} fay.-ilitat- Sno open a:nd fair access to natural rC:.ources n, i,>iu.?nef to FT. r, TTr,tfne~ rrn.-n., n,~A !,~? consistent with part I of this Act?. Atiy funds used Yor purposes of dais section i!u2y~ he used t itatwtthstanding arty other provision of this Art, ?SEC. Gii0, I,11tiTZ1'ATIO;i a:r Ir::?:.Llc;rx%;v AcTtvrrTES,-(a) No Sends ;tpprap; is,..~?:d ttrt- der 'rho authority of this or :stay t i:trr Au; may be esnended by or on beltaii' q, cite Cen- tral Intclgigence A;;ency foi? oo:?rrtie;ts 4t1 forri;;n rountrie;, other 'tituxi actlcit:e.; i,t- tended solely far outa.inin,g necc;;r.ry inte'ti- genre, tmiess and until rift 1 r~;i,.:zrt ;zttrl; that each such opcr:ttion is i~~tticrr_,~.;,t ca itt.: natiozlrbl Secttrit:~ of the Uzt.ttccl Si-nc;; at'_ci reports, in a tJtnely:tirtslaion, a ckc;c, i'alou anct scope of such. operatintt to the o~.ipt?opriatr, conunittces of. rho Con;rE 9 z.ht ( t fife Conunittea otx Forci~il 1 ~,la;,tot~? o; tine United Bttz.tas Senate attd tie Cioztunittce otz Forclz tt Alfn.lr::; oY file United ~iC?.Ce, Eiou: ul lteprese natives. "(b} 7.71 provlslons n. rub. is tx (.) of khis section ;hall not app1, d az tr:t, xt t ttar;;:- opct?atia'~; i.nitlaterl by th_. Unti' d ,,:, d,rt tuxder a declaratlou of war rtpiiro+: ed ?ny 'i,i,e Congress ar, an ex~rclse oC tau ??; b,y the Fre.idcttt undex rift ~xl~tr Z ou..t~ i2c, iiut.iezt:' para;raph (1), traluino may, lie furnished put?sunnt to i;hc Foreign Assistanco Act of 1001 in flit United SCntcs or t1tC Canal Zono to members of the armed forces of Citile iu aax amount not to exceed $&00,000 for Ascai year 1075. (3) '['he provisions oY sulasectian (y) (i) shall cease Lo apply wltmt the Prasicient re- pat?ls to the Cott to?;s tlxa+ the C;overntnent of (,bile fits maclc ,fuel is continuing to maico fundarnentatl itnptovemeiits in tiro observaucs and enforcement of internationally recog- nizer.'I human rights: Provirderl, That the total amount of credits furnished or guaranteed under the Foreign i4iihtary Sales Act, and of any disposal Of VDSa0I5 made ilx ilCC01'd 4nC0 with section '1307 of title X oY tho United States Code, to Chile during fiscal year 1975 shall not exceed ;p10,000,000." EXCES9 DSFL~NSE ARTICLE?'Yt1L1~ REPORT part Y/ of this Act, may~l7e iurnt iteQ l.o any country or Stxteruat lona~bt 62 ul t,i,iou 1n ixzi fiscal year, if such a..,i ,;~.nce ~ coeds a 10 percent or more the tim >7xt oz tx:bi nttlit _ry grout a:,si tints securl ~ supoartiu r ?,t- :bncc, assLStanrc tutdnx o antc'z 1 0, l,tiri: L of tills lief, of :t,,t:,t?Itrce o- ncint p tt t V of dais Art, as fire ease may e} set ,orCh in alto report rerintred by sul'~;c~ tiau (a) of buts "{L) the President re its Co fire G in?ress, at least thirty days prior to the date ou v;liicii such. excess funds arc g?oviciecl, the country or organization tv be : n?ovided t_ne e:Coss funds, the aznount anti ategory of the e:;cess funds, anti tiro ~u.^,tifica ,on for pravidittl; tiro "(2) in the case of ntii foxy giant assist nee or security supporting ssistance, tiro Presi- SEC, 23. Section 634{d) of the F''oreigu As- sistancv Act of 1061 is intended by striking out "including economic assistance and mili- tary gt?auts and sales" and inserting in?lietl thereof the failo'.viiig: "including economic assistance, military grants, and iuciucling for any such grant of any e>cess defense ax?ticie, the value of such articlo expressed in terms of its acquisition cost to tits United States), and military sales". FAMINE OR DISAST'3T7t P.'nLTEF SEC. 24. (a) Section 039 of the Foreign Assistance Act of IcJ81, clea]ing with famine or disaster relief, is amended to read as 401- lows: SEa. 639. 1~ A&tINE OR I)IS,t.ST$R FLELIEF.- Notwithstatlclirzg any other provision or this or any other Act, tiio President may provide famine Qr d19a5tel' relief: a$S15tai1C0 t0 ariy foreign country on such terrris aiicl conditions as hD may determine. For ilsCal yesr 1975 exceed ka40,0U0,000, to pravlUa such assistance. Tbo Pt?esidsnt :shall submit rtutrterly reports clti~ing such fiscal year to the Committee on Farttign Relations and the Committee on Ap- prop>~iations oP rite Senate and to the Speaker of til~ I3ouso of Izepresentatives on the pro- gramir2~' and eliligatiotx of funds under' this sectlon;t' (b) U`~the funds appropt?lttted to carry out section G$0 of the Foreign Assistance Act of 1981, cluri~g fiscal year 1975 not less than ~25,000,00o'~hall be made availaiiie to Cyprus for fife ptu?Sapses of such section 839. (c) Sectio 451 of the Foreign Assistance Act of 1061, lealing with. the contingency luncl, is amezlcied to read as follows: "SEC. 451. Cot~TINGENCY ; uNO.-(a) Them is authorized to be appraliriatecl to Che Presi- dent for the ~liscaL'~ear 197ii not to exceed F,S,- 000,000, to provide,,asslstance authorized by this part ar by section Gal fox any emergency purpctsv only in accordance wltlt the provi- sions applicable to the furnislthig of such as->istalxce. ~ "(b) The :President shall submit quarterly reports to the Committee an I'oreigtx Pela- tions atld fire Committee', ou fippt?opriations of the uctxatc and thv Sped kcr of. the House of Peprcacui;atives on the programing anti ob- liga't.ion oY lands under this'.sectio.l. "(c} No part of this i'ttnd s`lt;tll be used to pay Pot? any gifts to any o,Tic:ial:~of any YGl'elgtl government maciv heretofore a~ ixet?eafter,': crrnNrr Irv nt,LOCnTTarr oz? Foar.,tc'~r nssrsxnvci< 0 Sre. 25. Section GS3 of she I?'aiglgn .ASSist- anca Act of lOGl is amended- 0't (1) by strikiu~; out ail alter, the?(ieriacl at the encl of the fii5t sentence oC stlpseCCiot1 (2) by redesignating subs c".ion (b) s sr:b- scctiou (c) and by lnsextntL, ixxmec'atcly a.ftcr sttb,ectian (a) the 1'ollowtnU nely aY this stiDSection ti~~~~~~%r~Q'i~~~''~~`'I~e~~~~(~05~0~~;46~'~i4~R~~u0Q~7A0~(~'1~D@~0~1~?4~?3nD~,t~ tit, ;utt o~'__ t-r+:tr iJ7u. - stippor,'ng ass a,xcD, assistance ttn er cna 1) lands ahlirai;eci at' i~a.:rceci YG'i nxi;:- ? ~ ? `^?' ' "' '~>~+rt 1? o% this Act, or assistance under, foxy assistance, including supply olieratioits,