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December 21, 2016
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September 11, 2006
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December 2, 1974
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Approved For Release 2006/09/11: CIA-RDP79-00957AO00100020037-8 CONFIDENTIAL OFFICE OF =,EGIS LATIVE COUNSEL 25X1 STATOTHR STATOTHR 25X1 Monday - 2 December 1974 CIA IN T Z,IMAL USE QNLX 1, Received a call from George Berdes, on the staff of the Subcommittee on National Security Policy and Scientific Developments, House Foreign.Affairs Committee, who asked if the briefing next week on SALT for the Subcommittee could be changed to Thursday, 12 December, at 10:00 a.. m. in H. 236 of the Capitol. After checking with Mr. Duckett's office, I told Berdes that this time appeared to be fine, but I would confirm later with Mr. Duckett. 2 In the absence of William H. Hogan, Counsel, commi ee, Armed Services Committee, I gave Intelligence Subcommittee,' Rita Argenta, his Personal Secretary, a proposed response for Chairman Lucien N. Nedzi's use in replying to Representative Robert W. Kastenmeier D. Wis; concerning a letter from a constituent, 3. Received a call from Rita Argenta, Personal Secretary to William H. Hogan, Counsel., Intelligence Subcommittee, House Armed Services Committee, who told me the transcripts of the testimony of Dr. Schlesinger, General Cushman, James McCord and John Young are .ready to be picked up for sanitization by the Agency. Miss Argenta also told me that Mr. Hogan would appreciate the return of the transcripts of 4. et with Guy McConnell, Senate Appropriations Committee staff, an e livered to him the Director's letter of 29 November 1974 relating to a withdrawal from the Reserve. McConnell will brief Chairman McClellan at his earliest opportunity. 5. et with Ralph Preston, House Appropriations Committee staff, and delivered to him the Director's letter of 29 November 1974 concerning a Reserve withdrawal. Preston needed no further briefing since he -- - --'-- -1-'-- -- '-? - - ---- -r - -. ^__e.__ r.._..... ... ,. ,, _.,...,,,, L. ,,,...C:,....., 25X1 CIA INTERNAL USE ONLY CRC, 9/29/2003 CONFIDENTIA[ Approved For Release 2006/09/11: CIA-RDP79-00957AO00100020037-8 S.33Ty Approved For Release 2006/09/11: CIA-RDP79-00957AO00100020037-8 25X X1 Journal - Office of Legislative Counsel Monday - 2 December 1974 CIA INTERNAL USE t & Y Page 2 CONFIDENTIAL 6. I I Accompanied OCI, to a meeting with Norvill Jones, Senate Foreign Relations Committee staff, who will be leaving on Friday, 6 December, for China. He will be travelling with Senator Mike Mansfield (D. , Mont.) and Frank Valeo, Secretary of the Senate, and some six or seven other persons. Since Jones had visited China with S for Mansfield in 1972, the dialogue between himself and as a rather cryptic question and answer session which was enjoyed by both parties. There are no follow ups from today's session. 7. Talked to Art Kuhl, Chief Clerk, Senate Foreign Relations Committee, who told me there are no definitive plans for floor action on the Foreign Assistance Act. The Committee report was filed on Friday and it is expected there will be further discussions in the Committee today with regard to various aspects of the floor action. Although it is always possible that the bill could be called up during the week, more than likely it will be scheduled for the week of 9 December. 8. Called Paul Summitt, Chief Counsel, Senate Judiciary Subcommittee on Criminal Laws and Procedures, and requested an extension of a few days for the submission of our comments on the latest Committee Print of S. 1 and S. 1400, the revision of the criminal laws. Summitt said anytime this week would be fine. We discussed briefly section 1124 of the bill, which establishes criminal sanctions for the unauthorized disclosure of classified information. Summitt said there has been considerable pressure from liberal groups against the measure. Senator John L. McClellan (D., Ark.) is intent on keeping the provision strong in Committee. Any changes will have to be made on the floor. Summitt personally feels that section 1524 will be defeated with the present climate in Congress. 9. et with Charles Holmes, Administrative Assistant to Representative Bob Eckhardt (D. , Tex. ). I mentioned Mr. Eckhardt's reference, during the House debate on the privacy bill, H. R. 16373, to the problems of an unnamed female Agency employee which caused him concern. I made it clear that I was not probing or conducting an inquiry but only wanted to be of assistance if Mr. Eckhardt wanted to pursue the matter. Holmes said he had no knowledge of the case but will discuss it with Mr. Eckhardt and asked that I call him in a few days. CIA INTERNAL USE ONLY CONFIDENTIAL. Approved For Release 2006/09/11: CIA-RDP79-00957AO00100020037-8 Approved For Release 2006/09/11: CIA-RDP79-00957A000100020037-8 Journal - Office of Legislative Counsel Monday - 2 December 1974 CIA INTERNAL USE ONLY CONFIDENTIAL Page 3 10.1 I Bill Skidmore, OMB, returned my call of Friday and I questioned him regarding the procedure for handling the submission Yef comments on S. 1, the bill to revise Title 18 of the U. S. Criminal Code. Skidmore said under the circumstances they had waived OMB clearance procedures, that reporting agencies should submit their reports directly to the Committee as well as to the Department of Justice which is coordinating all comments for the Executive Branch. Skidmore said the bill was just too voluminous a. to go through the normal clearance procedures. I have advisedi OGC, who is preparing our reply on this. Called Guy McConnell, Senate Appropriations Committee staff, and alerted hi n to the possible problems that might be Lncou.ntered with the Hughes amendment to the Foreign Assistance bill as modified by our language. I raised the Committee jurisdiction question with McConnell since the bill would cut off all funds under the Foreign Ass istance Act or any other act for purposes of covert activities unless the President makes a finding and a subsequent report to the Congress. McConnell did not recall this amendment and thanked me fo:c letting him know about it. 12. Talked with Ed Braswell, Chief Counsel, Senate L,Armed Services Committee, about the implications of the Hughes amendment to ? the Foreign Assistance bill, S. 3394. I suggested some possible alternatives by which Senator Stennis might tackle this problem including the possibility of moving to delete the Hughes amendment with the understanding the Senate would then take up Stennis' amendments to the National Security Act,..:S. 2597. I said conceivably the House committee could then add the Director's Intelligence Sources and Methods legislation for acceptance by the Senate either on the floor or in conference, I told him I thought this was not too extreme a procedure in view of the fact that Senator Proxmire had successfully obtained Senate passage of a measure comparable to the Stennis bill although it failed in the House. Braswell said he tho}ight it would be difficult to do ::his since Stennis would have to report his bill out of committee without having held hearings on it. In any event we agreed I would provide Braswell with a talking paper and possible colloquy for use on the Senate floor on this. CIA INTERNAL USE ONL CONFIDENTIAL Approved For Release 2006/09/11: CIA-RDP79-00957A000100020037-8 Approved For Release 2006/09/11: CIA-RDP79-00957AO00100020037-8 Journal - Office of Legislative Counsel Page 4 Monday - 2 December 1974 CIA INTERNAL USE ONLY C0~lFIDENTIAL 13. When notified there would be a Legislative Interdepartmental Group meeting at the White House tomorrow morning, I strongly urged Bud McFarlane, of the NSC staff, to have a member of the Justice Department present in view of the constitutional issues over the Hughes t/amendment. He thanked me for the suggestion and said he would take care of it. 14. Received a call from Don Henderson, Senate 25X1 Foreign Relations Committee staff, who said he and Pat Holt, Staff Director, had been informed by someone who they considered to be reputable (although 25X1 not high-level) that he had information to the effect that Frank Carlucci, while 25X1 25X1 15.1 Received a call from Greg Rushford, in the office of Representative Clarence Long, who was most apologetic and said he found that through a scheduling error, Mr. Long would not be able to receive our briefing on the Persian Gulf area on Wednesday. He suggested that we try a date sometime next week or the following week. I told him I would check on the availability of our briefers and be back in touch with him. 16. alked to a number of officials at OMB and State Department concerning steps the Administration would be taking bin connection with the amendment in H. R. 17488 to phase out the tax exemption for overseas allowances for Government employees. General indications were that effective steps are being taken and there is little likely prospect for favorable action on this amendment this Congress, but we will have to stay on top of it. See Memorandum for the Record. 17. In connection with his call of Wednesday, 27 November 1974, advised PFIAB staff, that there was nothing in our records inconsistent with what he had reported to Governor Rockefeller based on PFIAB records, e. g. , that the 3 and 4 December 1970 briefings of PFIAB on-Chile. were post mortem in nature. See Memorandum for the Record. CIA INTERNAL USE ONLY ~f- Approved For Release 2006/09/11: CIA-RDP79-00957AO00100020037-8