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December 16, 2016
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June 28, 2005
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October 7, 1974
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Approved For Release 2005/07/1 3:k1A000100030012-4 . ? The Overt erations ? ere The following are excerpts from the Senate debate of 04...2- on an ? ? - amendment to the foreign ai4 bill tvhich teciulthave ordered the Cen. tral Intelligence Agency immediately to halt all-covert operations not related to intelligenCe. The amendment wai,deliated, 68 to ? marked the !list either house of CongreS.4kiiii debated anirvoted1 ? - - . ? ? ? _ on this issue. solved this Trohlem without having to. ? --e--- ? a-- :eolith,' covert -activity outright - Sete-jai:nes Aboneesk (D-S.D.): This a I can envision situations in.-,which amendment will, if enacted, abolish. all Lithe national security of the United clandestine or covert operations by-the ? . states, or -the. survival of .the republic,., Central Intelligence Agency. ? -SOX' the avoidance Of nuclear werwould, I believe very strongly that we must. ' have such overridingircrportance as to have an intelligence-gethering argent- justify covert aetivitaa .zation and I believe.the CIA and our: . But none .of.tliose factors-4-4e prese defense intelligence agencies do an adeea ent'in the Chilean caseanclanonn 'of' quate job in this respect.' ? -- -Tac those factors has been present in pre- We have everreleat to defend lair- vious cases which later came to- light,. selves from foreigiCittack and that wherein the CIA hasundeftaken to coy- right includes intelligence gathering to .'ertly subvert the governments ,of other protect. our security. aea countries." contrary to our tre.atieseeona But. there Is nolitstificalion In our trary to the principles of international legal, moral, orirelieous principles for law, and' contrary to the historic role operations of a. US. agency which re-, played by the United States world at- suit in assassinations, sabotage, politie fairs. cal disruptions, or other . meddling in ? another country's internal affairs, all' Sen. Hubert H. Ilumpbrey (D-Minn.):in the name of the American people. It It involves, as I see it, too important a amountsto nothing more than an arm matter of public policy to be made of the U.S. government conducting a summarily here on the floor of the secret war without either the approval. neesten of-Congress or the _knowledge of the This amendment was not presented American people.. to the committee. It has not had hear. I want to remind the Senate that the ings, even though the whole subject at present director of the CIA, William the Central. Intelligence operations Colby, said a couple of weeks ago that ? has, here and there in the committees while he preferred to retain the clan- of Congress, been looked at. destine or coeert services, the Capitol It is my judgment that the Central .eaeuld, not fall if it were abolished. Intelligence Agency needs to be care- He also said that there was not any' fully examined and that a whole set of activity ? going on anywhere in the- new directives need to -be evolved; but world at this time that required the under what 'circumstances the CIA use of 'clandestine activity. ? should be allowed to continue to en, a gage in covert operations abroad is a. legitimate and timely question. ' Sen. Frank Church1D-Idahe): I have I have offered repeatedly a -resolue alecided to vote for this amendment, tion for a joint committee on national but I do so with the expectation that it security that . would represent both vUl not pass. bodies of the Congress; that would rep- The intrusion of the CIA into the in- resent leadership in Congress as Well, aernal political affairs of C'nile for the as those.. who 'are not in leadership purpose of subverting and bringing positions; inembers from the ForeignJown the elected government of that Relations Committee, Armed Services, eountry is an episode that I find both Appropriations; members from the Jnsavory and unprincipled and in di- Foreign Affairs, Armed Services, and -ect contradiction of the traditional Appropriations Committees as well as principles for which this country has ? those tppointed by the Chair arid the rood. Speaker, to oversee the entire opera- I think :1-io fact this has now come to tion of our national security. apparatus. I believe it is needed. - iht dernrites that the- covert ac- ivities o loz CIA are presently un- ier no effective restraint. * I would :lope that it will be possible Sen. John Stennis (13, liss.). I nave o establiiin. either through a joint had some responsibility in the Senate iommittee or by some other means, for a good number of yar,.. with refer- equate ..!ou,gressional surveillance . ence to the CIA activilies. Frankly, I ver the activities of the CIA. in or; have bean more interested in the mill- er to avoid in the future such on- tary Rart, the xikrxejhltapiz.,ovpri,thgn ?eetnly: interference with the rA_pprok FrOTtN*IiERPQ41414WW1kfaiRe: rettietra'-' ,ther pei)pies. If so, then we will have .1 othat they have brought us have- talked to many senators about this.-l. have not found a single one, except the author of this amend- ment-and there are others?who firmly believe that we ought to abolish covert actions and have no capacity in that field. I say it is -a dangerous thing to do. This-surveillance is quite a aproblem, members of.the Senate. We_ have hadal- it up for many, many angles. As an .dividual senator, I am ready aul.willing -to just .get out of the picture, I do not Wantth run the thing, so to speak_But as :Chairman of the Armed Services. Committee; which has primary' juris- diction here, I am not going hi be put el out/ 'nor. run over, either. I do not- think anyone wants to do that. ? Sen. Barry-:- Goldwater (A-Aria.): If ' -we destroy our right to engage Nn cove ert.aactivity-"altogether ty the adop- tion ':of 7 this amendment?in'fact, I! think the language of this amendment ' would even _prevent us from going to war?I.think we --would be -making a verY grave:mistake. . I do not support ever,ghing that_the CIA has done. On the other hand, I do not know everything it -hos. done, and I do ? not think we necessarilieehave to kuoav. I think this would be dangerous. I cite the example of:a member of the House of Representatives who hap- pened tohave seen, so he says, a page of testimony. .We do not aricee whetter he saw that testimony or not. But on this one statement, in which, in my opinion, he violated his pledge to se- crecy, the whole CIA has come under criticism. I do not believe it is. fair of this body to accept the hearsay words of a man who divulged classified mate- _ ? So, I hope we will defeat this amend- ment and defeat it sonndly. I'think I arn safe in saying mat the chairman of the Committee on Armed Services, te- gether with the chairman of the Corn- rnittee on Foreign Relations, would be willing to institute proper hearings, at which time we could hear all argu- ments for and against the operation of our intelligence collecting agencies. ? Sen. Clifford Case If I may express my own view about covert ac- tivities, it is that they all should be re- garded as wrong. There ought not to be an institutionalization of them, even to the extent thit we have now. I do not think that a 'Committee is the answer. We have a committee down- town, a Committee .3E30, which is sup- posed to review this matter and advise the President; and he acts on their ad- vice in most cases, I understand. PAP-4095WA0004000304/ 24en it meets. I am not complainlng that it does not meet more often, because I do out think a committee is the answer. Approved For Release 2005/07/13 : CIA-RDP79-00957A000100030012-4 BEST COPY Available Approved For Release 2005/07/13 : CIA-RDP79-00957A000100030012-4 _ . Once we get into an institutionaliza- tion of this kind of thirrg?re heels eo, make it res-pectable; and fill?PtUuMile like. Teeere ought to be a general rule against it, with a general understand- ing of the American people that on oc- casion the President has to act in eta- ladon c: the-law, if you will?our law, tete: laws?and' take action in the in- terest of a ?country, in great eater- ency. Tbis I think he does at his own peril and subject to being either sup- ported or turned down by the country, titer the fact. I think this is about as close as we can come to any statement about how this matter ought to be han- dled., _. ? I would. of course, consider anyerirtie Dosal =Made for procedural reform, I want to state now that L?do reet think any such thing is possible he- :anse of the nature of the animal With, which we arf:. de'aLing-- . or Sen. Howard Baker_ (IL-Teem-)e The thing that really disturbs and' r.-esees me ie thatI am not sure in my mind tbai have any way to- know whether otefilittOvert operation') are beirr; properly-lcondutted, or con-, ducted at all, or tot What purpose. not think there is a man in the' legislative part of the government who. reaee knows what is going on in the intellieenceconnetunity, and I am tee. ribly upset about it. I am afraid of this lack oi knowledge. For the first time, 1 eupoose. in my senatorial career I am frig.hteeed. I-am generally frightened of the unenownee I have proposed, with 32 co-sponsors in the Senate, to create a special Joint Cerreniteee on Intelligence Oversight. Through such a committee, I hope we knc.w. We do not know today, so it is with :zest reluctance that-I will, vote against this. amendment Mr. eeeonresic I have just heart so=e of the most incredible arguments I have heard in my life, arguments is favor of continued. breaking and viola- tion of the laws oflthe 'United Stales and of other 'countries, promoted he the agenes of the Central Intelligence Agency. , I do not know why anybody in Con ;rest or in this country wants -to ft nithee a secret army?and that is es wh:.=.7. the CIA has been-4 seers- arth_y eolag around fighting unde- clared ---v2N, without the knowledge any ef 'a in Congress until it is to late, wehout the knowledge of any body in the country until It is too late. It 5.eerne :o me that the arguments favor of haring covert operation whir- can at some points break thv la-.v ha'.-e. as little validity as the argu- e-I-ere we ought to maintain a eoven ?-? -eration permanently. I say that ee_e_use, if this country is ever it dan;er of atack or unde,. threat frog. another _.-Juntry, we have a right tc decla:e a: and to operate under tits rules ?rf .v-irtare? that we have ap?eet to in tIle various Geneva Conventions . in tv.lich I am convinced we woulc - then "!.e eally operating in the man- ner ..? :-:se CIA is now operating Approved-For Release 2005/07/13 :__CIA-RDP791957A000100030012-4 me, it is transparently obvious that,'ben. Mark' 0. Hatfield (.Ore.): the Critese covert operselons, under- ' taken In Chile to "destabillze" the Al- lende government, were In-violation of- these commitments of international' law. At the very least, such operations , compromise ? - the sincerity of our : loudly proclaimed desire for world' peace and world freedom, I think wee ought to address ourselves to the le- , ? gal obligations this nation has under.- taken when it has ate ted its signaturi. to these- various statements and these- various charters. That is why I feel that the amend-1 ment offered by the senator from , South Dakota really does not, go fad enough. I should like to 'see it go fare titer, to put this Senate on record elite we totally and completely oppose afire. involvement whatsoever in covert act- ivity. That does not deny the gatheritign of information and intelligence, but dicates the refusal of this Senate to the CIA to go beyond gathering 1 intelligence into an action of covert ac-.1 . Sen. Stuart Symington (D-Mos): I am In great sympathy with much of thia thinking of the senator from South Da- kota?but I agree with the able sena', tor Irma Minnesota. I do not believe this is the way it should be. done. ? What should be .done is the estab- lishment of a joint committee of the Committee on Foreign Fselations and the Committee on Armed Services? and I have so presented to the distill- ? guished chairman of the Armed Serv- ices Committee for many Years. Vine have a strange dichotomy here. In every country of the world, the- head of the CIA repoila to the ambas- sador. That has been true ever since the issuance uf the so-calted Kennedy Letter. But ween information comes: back here, whereas the State?DeparC meat supervises ambassadors, the 7, Armed Services Committee-supervises ? the CIA. 1 This situation should he?corrected, and I believe it will be corrected. On the other hand, I do not think this ii' the bill where it should be considered. - Inasmuch as 0 per cent or more of - the work of the CIA has to do with countries with which we are not at war, normally at least some of the mate; tars of the CIA should come under the I Foreign Relations Committee, it is clear that the Foreign Relations Com- mittee should at least have some interee est in reviewing the work of the Cen- tral Intelligence Agency. s.. Release 2005/07/13 : CIA-RDP79-00957A000100030012-4