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December 20, 2016
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January 11, 2006
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September 18, 1974
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}c? Approved For Release 2007/03/03: CIA-RDP79-00957A000100070048-1~ Journal - Office of Legislative Counsel Wednesday 18 September 1974 C 0 INI I I, D r NI T I Ai L CIA INT N AL USE Q7\L Page 4 14. (Unclassified - GLC) The Director called to advise me of his meeting with Chairman John Stennis, Senate Armed Services Committee. (See Memo for Record. ) 15. (Confidential - GLC) General Furlong, DOD Legislative Affairs, called to say that Bill Timmons, White House staff, had advised him that Senator Howard Baker will be introducing his resolution to establish a 'o_7lnt~ comrni t .e._an innLpjjjg within the next day or two. He said Baker is basing the need for such a committee on Watergate, Chile, etc. Timmons thinks Baker has Senator Mike Mansfield's support and such an action would probably get through the Senate. Timmons also said Chairmen Morgan and Hebert want to meet with Secretary Kissinger tomorrow. 16. (Confidential - GLC) Called Ed Braswell and filled him in on the Director's meeting with Chairman Stennis. Braswell advised that the Chairman wanted the stenotype notes of the 12 September 1974 briefing transcribed. I said we would take care of it. 17. (Confidential - GLC) Nancy Bearg, Senate Armed Services Com- mittee staff, called to say that Chairman Stennis has asked her to prepare a .paper on the international law pertaining to interventions in the affairs of foreign countries. She said she has had the Library of Congress do some research for her and wanted any thoughts we might have. I told her I thought OGC had prepared a paper on this and I would get it to her tomorrow. Ms. Bearg commented she had been in attendance at the Fund for Peace meeting on Friday, 13 September and was very impressed with the Director's presentation. She said she had passed her comments on to the Chairman. 18. (Unclassified - GLC) Received a call from Marian Czarnecki, Chief of Staff, House Foreign Affairs Committee, who asked that I drop by to see him tomorrow. 25X1 19. (Confidential - JGO) Met with Pat Holt, Chief of Staff, Senate Foreign Relations Committee, and asked him to meet with the Senior Seminar to discuss his recent trip to Cuba with them. Holt told me he is not yet "free" in this area and will have to check it further. He asked that I touch base with him again on this the first week of November. OTR, have been advised. M INTERNAL USE 'TTY CONADENTIAL Approved For Release 2007/03/03: CIA-RDP79-00957AO00100070048-1