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December 21, 2016
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May 27, 2005
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September 17, 1974
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Approved For Release 2006/09/27: CIA-RDP79-00957AO00100090 17 b~ep n r 1974 `i"he ; hs,te House 4r aaaxata, D. C. 20500 Attached is$ a recap i = o the Caa)Csg: esaio'nai oversight of CIA ac.tiviti.ea 3 x eque aced by sec.-4-tar y pis sizg:er. CIA's xela.tio a4 with Cone z a.: a on three levels: a. ~iher j .p propria (although illi equentl; ), C .A appears jn a. seg toaZ%aro y given in e. ctitiv ' s es*ioa ope se ion o rei when it is neither c. aAsi ied nor revealing of intelligence sources and m :s. b, jx executive ;aeaaion, CAL "t appeaaxs before a variety of com- rtteea to provide aubst.in.ve intia'.slisce data an;l ase~zxa:ss. 'We u3e our rno3t s ensitx_ru sources as the 'b,a:ai s #or such testiin ny. but We do .ot reveal or discuas them or our o era.:ions. c. Cv-rsight of our ep~rations i:a conducted by Appropria. ions and Aimed ervicaz Sub coauni a :s in execn.tive Hessian. No :na:ter;q aa-a held secret fro in these committees, and it is may obligation to vo1u tear to then na tex?s of pc-araiia~e intere s. The abo arr in ement i loegg,standing and 1-4.s been subject to various :itt mpts to cssan;o it over ~:h-e years. In particular, the F ortign :k~laar Conn..nlttees ,have preazied for greater exposure rto our ope' - tionaL activities. in m/ coniirxnation hearings and publicly I have t; lcen the. position that CIA will resapo 4 to Coa;ress` oversiglalt in any method established d~cur::: r_t mcy be c-s~ ~;; h ri e; C. ):> -1 ~iS dL tcc h sd. TT Approved For Release 2006/09/27: CIA-RDP79-00957A000100090003-7 Approved For Release 2006/09/27: CIA-RDP79-00957AO00100090003-7 BEST COPY Available Approved For Release 2006/09/27: CIA-RDP79-00957AO00100090003-7 Approved For Re "asei2QQ6/P9q : CIA-RDP79-00957A0 0100090003-7 L~g+ S '~. Lev U by the Con,rsre.%v, but th t I propose '-o C`JYSL['s~1a.t! the ~'"~YL31Calished p.I'f?Ck:Q'~.~r':,3 Until the congress c .arages them. s_,jis is of course only : ref ectior o the C iitit~7ltloa 7]ltlepend ace of the tiConrw s aYad its power, i13 e;. r ?rnIss to legislate with respect to our author ivies or appropriatioxas. -A bill cur- x rzatly exists in both Houses which would amend the National Security Act to provide that CIA's activities be reported to the Co:agre s 11a such man- ner as the Congress derexmi ,es. r' 1 have indicated support of this amexid- men~. The attached paper pre:sesats on page 12 ce.rtain optaons. for your consideration as to how fhi, ma ter might be handled in the iucure. These might he used by you as the basis for the discussions you indicated you intend to have with the Cong,:e:~aional leaders:hip. I would be pleased to discuss this with you further at your convinie ace. Itesp actiuUy, /s/ Bill W. E. Colby- Director WEC:blp Distribution: Original - Addressee via Secretary Kissinger (delivered to Rob Roy Ratliff 1 - OLC on 17 September 74) 1-OGC DDCI I -DCI 1-ER 1 - Assistant: to the Director NOTE: Copy also sent to Governor Rockefeller (w/atts) with covering note from DCI (on 18 September 74) 2I13 Approved For Release 2006/09/27: CIA-RDP79-00957AO00100090003-7 Approved For Release 2006/09/27: CIA-RDP79-00957AO00100090003-7 CONGIP, ESSt0N.AL OVERS1G1HT 'a Act of 47. The 19 CL.: -,.vas established as o art of f the ota? t Security A Agency's enabling legislation, the Central intelligence Agency ACS of 19 ~l, provided for the general administration of t;ie Agency and exempted the Agency from normal reporting requirements which could corlp~omi- Agency security. On the basis of the provisions of this tatter Act, the CIA appropriation is handted securely and the organization, its functions, and the names of its personnel are protected. 1. The Armed Services Comraittees (on the basis of juris- diction over the legislation) and the AOPrOpriations Committees (to approve funds) have exercised cor_tinious.tegislative oversight. (a) The Committee on Expenditures in the Executive Departments (now the Committee on Government Operations) actually held hearings and reported out the National Security Act of 19-17 but under the new Legislative Reorganization Act the House Armed Services gained permanent jurisdiction. (b) in the Senate the corresponding Committee or_ Expenditures challenged the referral of the National Security Act of 1947 to the A -med Services Committee, but it w s d efe fit.: ?`- t.?!r'en the Senate upheld the ruling o[ the President pro tern. Approved For Release 2006/09/27: CIA-RDP79-00957AO00100090003-7 Approved For Release 2006/09/27: CIA-RDP79-00957A000100090003-7 (c) Fro.:. Elide to tilde? the Covers,-rje t Opera ions Com tii tees particiila iy on the House side have insis :41 on. c1. righL. O% congressional oversight of the economy and efficiency with which the Agency conducts its activities. Up to now the issue has not been joined, essentially as a result of our voluntary cooperation with their various investigations or informal handling between., committees. Chairman Hclifield has been gene rally supportive of the Agency position. Mr. Mkoorrhead and Mr. Moss being Most interested in asserting some type of j"uisdiction. f (d) The Senate Foreign Relations Co ttee, over recent years has pressed to extend its, jurisdiction over intelligence activities.through the efforts to establish the overall authority abroad of State, which it overseas, and to include broad l raitations on :funding of , pr ograms A principally administered by CI.A. 3? CHRONOLOGICAL DEVELOP ,ENTS 1. 1947 the ough early 1950's - Over sight was benign_ Approved For Release 2006/09/27: CIA-RDP79-00957A000100090003-7 Approved For Release 2006/09/27: CIA-RDP79-00957AO00100090003-7 zoo h ( ~) CO- L~ oiled by strongly entrenched Lvngre s le')tl 'ly certai i,ie^ acrd u: th Cc:;'neS. tt3 11;1- d` sirab:e: o,t I aru to rna:e i cl.:ar that every' one or thoa3 i.^tl S ha peen orc'.e:ed by t, :,:,resident,a. e C n- tral in eiIi-zence ; enc7 Cio~3 T:Ot i' t enga_e in -,ctivitics for the iov:O of work. I know that thy Central Intelligence Agency. dtrir:'z the I ennedy :;ears and the John:>on year. was engn.`sed in ac- tiv;tie3 in J, .O5--- ? l.ti. pr,eSlcea. the Central 1C:tt:~tl_?:1..O Agency i7 pns3hii_y the mcst In l oorta.nt azency in this Governl:hent. BY and la e, it is made uo of people who are com- petent, able. and ;. no llr.': e se:-Ved C-0:5 cm try well a lid faltLLlilj. TO be sure, there are tides wizen it has ei:gaped in activities, as we i a7e said. that :.re looked upon with 5usoic'.on; but, I ii ink it would be :ofiy or us to Publicize all of !t a,;tivities, to publicize the amount; It receives, pa,-ticula ip whsa there are way:; and n1eaas witnin.1 this body and within the of er body o; Conn, ess to supervise. it:and to keep a aleck rein upon it. snr-ing on the i;;ttional SPcurih..y Cntlncil. to telmy coi!eacu s tha, the arci ^-,t Central Inteiil Brice A-ency was the r,1os: accurate and e ~cti?: e instrument of Gov :zrn?_nt for that cow-tcil. 'irs reports were ,ont accurate, and had we ;niiowed ?th~ advice of trie Cent,~.l i;h?.ettl3-??re Agency in many areas, we v,o lio have been better oil, hit at least it n,aJ tt wre. ,Gltt jl:st 0.1 slir?cly ^5 '.+? arc %:1 tht3 Cody today d?'_ Z`.ia': ;-:h?th '., not th e ui ot_igi-t's to have rl?a-:e of t ft,7rte, next ;ear it vJiil be ih?th., it Is too i,iz or too litti e, a d til?.a is will 17e v;hat C.. e tar, t art. possible, but thin:^_.s chat :;hau:d, X thinic there a c som be kept secret for cant o7-rn se,u:itg. ~{ Approved For Release 2006/09/27: CIAr.RDP79-00957AO00100090003-7 Senator Jackson: " Approved For Release 2006/09/27: CIA-RDP79-00957A000100090003-7 li.Ul.1:S OF THE ROUST, OF REPU SENTATIVES Rule Xl. record vote is dernanded. The result of each rollcall vote in any meeting of any committee shall be made available by that committee for inspection by the public at reasonable times in the offices of that corn- mitt.ce. Information so available for public inspection shall include a description of the amendment, motion, order, or other proposition and the name of each Member voting for and each Member voting against such amendment, motion, order, or proposition, and wvllether by proxy or in person, and the namcs of those 131MIcmbers present but not voting. W Tith respect to each record vote by any committee on each motion to report any bill or resolution of a public character, the total number of votes cast for, and the tot ,l number Of votes cast against, the reporting of such bill or rc ..ol,lticn shall be included in the colnlnittee report. . `i'hc first part, of this paragraph was derived !rain Sec. 133(b) of the Legk1ati c Reorganization AcL of If1G (GO Stat. 812) and made part, of the ~-tn.nding rules on January 3, 1953, p, 24. The requirements that committee roil calls be subject to public inspection and that the eoinmitloe report on a public bill or resolution include tlic vOtc thereon, wcrc : clded by Sec. 101(b) of the Legislative Reorganization Act of 1070 (81 St :t. 1140) and made a part of the rules on January 22, 1971, p. --, H. Res. 5. C(Z'All committee hearings, records, data, charts, and files, shall be kept separate and distinct from the con ression al office records of the Member serving as chairman of the committee; and such records shall he the property of the House r,ndall I1fcn,.bers of the Ilc>>,lsc; 911:111 have access to Such records. Each conl- nlittec is authorized to have printed and testimony and other data presented at hearing by the committee. This provision from Sec. 202 (d) of the Lc,izla'.ivr, 1,vrjrtr Act of 110 (00 Stat. 812) tires made a pert of the ,ta!t:'. January 3, 1953, p. 24. (d)(1) It shall be the duty of the chairman c committee to report or cause to be reported pro to the house any measure approved by his CO1fl a.nd to take or cause to be taken necessary si brim the matter to a vote. (2) In any event, the report Of :111-' COnlmi a measure which has been approved by the com. shall be Bled within seven c: lendar clans (c x~ of days on which the ITolisc is not in st on the clay on wvhich there has hcen ?ec': itlh f11:. of the committee a written request, sirauccl majority of the members of the conlnlittee. f; reporting of that measure. Upon the :-titer, n such request, the clerk of the committee transmit immediately to the chairman of the mittee notice of the filing of t at request. This paragraph does not apply to a report of t e mittee on Rules with respect to the rules, rules, or order of business of the house or to reporting of a, resolution of ingluiry address: the head of an executive department. (3) If, at the time of approval of any rne.asti. matter by any committee (excei~t t.11e Cnu'ir,1i! Rules) any 11'ien1 ber of the co1m11ittee, Approved For Release 2006/09/27: CIA-RDP79-00957AO00100090003-7 Approved For Release 2006/09/27: CIA-RDP79-00957A000100090003-7 September 1974 CIA SUBCOMMITTEES SENATE APPROPRIATIONS INTELLIGENCE OPERATIONS John L. McClellan (D. , Ark. ), Chairman Jon C. Stennis (D., Miss.) Milton R. Young (R. , N. Dak. ) John O. Pastore (D. , R. I.) Roman L. Hruska (R. , Nebr. ) SENATE ARMED SERVICES CIA SUBCOMMITTEE John C. Stennis (D. , Miss. ), Chairman Stuart Symington (D. , Mo.) Peter H. Dominick (R. , Colo.) Henry M. Jackson (D., Wash.) Strom Thurmond (R., S. C.) HOUSE ARMED SERVICES SPECIAL SUBCOMMITTEE ON INTELLIGENCE Lucien N. Nedzi. (D. , Mich.), Chairman F. Edward Hebert (D., La.) William G. Bray (R., Incl.) Melvin Price (D., Ill.) Leslie Arends (R.., Ill. ) O. C. Fisher (D, , Texas) Bob Wilson (R., Calif.) HOUSE APPROPRIATIONS "SPECIAL GROUP" George H. Mahon (D., Texas), Chairman iiitten (D., Miss.) F. Sikes (D., Fla.) Elford A. Cederberg (a., Mich) Approved For Release 2006/09/27: CIA-RDP79-00957A000100090003-7 Approved For Release 2006/09/27: CIA-RDP79-00957AO00100090003-7 T ASS Reports Colby Testimony on CIA actions in Chile . L231442 %Ioscow TASS in English 1350 GMIT 23 Oct 73 L (?T ExT) VT.\SEHINGTON OCTOBER 23. TASS- -FRESIH FACTS HAVE DEEM LEARNED iERE .:\BnUT THE SUBVERSIVE ACTIVITY OF THE USA CENTRAL INTELLIGENCE :+-GE :'':vi' AGAINST SALVADOR ALLEN-DE'S POPULAR UNITY GOVERNMENT PRIOR TO SEPTEMBER ELEVENTH. THESE FACTS ARE CONTAINED IN THE TRANSCRIPT OF SECRET TESTIMONIES BY CIA DIRECTOR WILLIAM COLBY AND CIA SENIOR STAFF- \,E`;BER F. DA,V,rI S AT THE INTER-A."7 CAN AFFAIRS SUBCOMMITTEE OF THE ~IOUSE OF REPRESENTATIVES. A SUMMARY OF THE TESTIMONIES WAS PUB-- LISIIED BY THE"WASHINGTON POST." THE TESTIMONY OF THE CIA LEADERS SHOWS THAT THE DEPARTMENT' CARRIED ON LARGE-SCALE SECRET INTERVENTION IN THE INNER-POLITICAL A D' ECONOMIC AFFAIRS OF CHILE. THIS ACTIVITY, THE NEWSPAPER SAID, INCLUDED INFILTRATION INTO ALL PRINCIPAL POLITICAL PARTIES, SUPPORT OF ANTI -GOVERNMENTAL DEMONSTRATIONS AND ALIGNMNETS, SUBSIDIES FOR OPPOSITION PRESS ORGANS. THE UNITED STATES, THE WASHINGTON POST GOES ON TO SAY, REFUSED CREDITS TO THE ALLENDE GOVERMMENT TO WRECK THE CHILE ,N EGJNOMY AND ALSO OBSTRUCTED THE GRANTING OF LOANS TO CHILE-BY INTERNATIONAL FINANCIAL AGENCIES. THE ONLY EXCEPTION '?'~S '.'ADE FOR THE SALE ON CREDIT OF AMERICAN WEAPONS TO THE- 'CHILEAN ARMED FORCES. THUS, THE UNITED STATES SOUGHT TO SPEED UP THE ECONOMIC CRISIS IN THE COUNTRY AND TO ENCOURAGE INTERNAL .OPPOSITION TO THE POPULAR UNITY GOVERNMENT, THE TESTIMONY OF THE CIA DIRECTOR AND OTHER INFORMATION SHO111 THAT THE UNITED STATES MAINTAINED CLOSE CONTACTS WITH THE CHILEAN `MILITARY THROUGHOUT THE PERIOD FOLLOWING ALLENDE'S ELECTORAL VICTORY, THE NEWSPAPER SAYS. . TEE WASHINGTON POST ADDS THAT THE CIA ALLOCATED 400,000. . DOLLASS FOR SUPPORTING PRESS ORGANS OPPOSING ALLENDE ON THE EVE OF THE PRESIDENTIAL ELECTIONS. 23 01C7 1755Z JB/GS Approved For Release 2006/09/27: CIA-RDP79-00957AO00100090003-7 Approved For Release 2006/09/27: CIA-RDP79-00957AO00100090003-7 BEST COPY Available Approved For Release 2006/09/27: CIA-RDP79-00957AO00100090003-7 Approved For Release 2006/09/27: CIA-RDP79-00957AO00100090003-7 Approved For Release 2006/09/27: CIA-RDP79-00957AO00100090003-7