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aA RDP79-0097 ,0891 W42000,1-5 77 ,&,~Lo,+L4 MIL-GEO: THE GEOGRAPHIC SERVICE OF THE GERMAN ARMY M-12 Published September 1951 nf)C! _ P.T NO. NO ?,.?,~r,.- IN CLASS. n.~C-?;t tip. Jl~ 11 LATC: .._ AU fH. iHI "7O ' ? I CENTRAL INTELLIGENCE AGENCY i~.IVAL 13:~C0~?.D Approved For Release 1999/: ak. C 9 WXd00 0'0 061-6- Approved For Release 1999/09/01: CIA-RDP79-00976A000100120001-5 THIS DOCUMENT CONTAINS INFORMATION AFFECTING THE NATIONAL DEFENSE OF THE UNITED STATES, WITHIN THE MEANING OF TITLE 18, SECTIONS 793 AND 794 OF THE U. S. CODE, AS AMENDED. ITS TRANSMISSION OR REV- ELATION OF ITS CONTENTS TO OR RECEIPT BY AN UN- AUTHORIZED PERSON IS PROHIBITED BY LAW. Approved For Release 1999/09/01: CIA-RDP79-00976A000100120001-5 Approved For Release 199 P79-00976A00l P0.1 20001-5 yry~ Y d 1'C Approved For Release 199 DP79-00976A000100120001-5 Approved For Release 199 RDP79-00976A000100120001-5 Page I. Introduction......... ................. ... .. ............... 1 II. Mil-Geo in Relation to Other Geographic Agencies........ 2 III. Pre-World War II Background of Mil-Geo... 0.0.0 .......... Ii. A. Before J_935 ........................................ 4 B. 1935 to September 1939 ............................. 6 IV. Mil-Geo during World War II..... ........................ 8 V. Comments on Areal Coverage by Mil-Geo Publications ...... 13 A. Textual Publications .... ................... 13 B. Maps..... ........................................... 15 VI. Techniques and Methods .................................. 17 VII. Evaluation of Mil-Geo Publications ...................... 20 A. General.....,....................., ................ 20 B. Northwestern and Western Europe.................... 21 C. Southeastern and Southern Europe........... ........ 24 D. Poland... .... so .... so.oess .... a ... 9 ........ 25 E. TJSSR ............................................... 26 F. Middle East and Africa ............................. 30 APPENDIX A: INVENTORY AND ANALYSIS OF MIL-GEO PUBLICATIONS (ARRANGED BY AREA) ........................ 32 Introduction .................................................. 32 Northwestern and Western Europe ............................... 34+ Northwestern Europe (from Varanger Fiord to the French-Spanish Border) ................................ 34+ Approved For Release I 9,$ Qi--CIA-RDP79-00976A000100120001-5 Approved For Release 1999/Opli(qL6-RDP79-00976A000100120001-5 Page Austria... .......................................?..... 36 Belgium ...................:.............................38 Denmark ............ .................................... 41 Finland ................................................ 44 France and Corsica .... .......... .- ...................... 47 Germany.............................. ... ............... 55 Ireland (including Northern Ireland) ......... .......... 58 The Netherlands ........................................ 60 Norway (including Svalbard) ...... ....... 64 Scandinavia..,,,,,-,,,., ....... * .... *-a .... * ..... so* ... 70 Spain and Portugal ............... *too .-............... .. 72 Sweden.... ... *so**** ..... ............ 9 ....77 Switzerland ............................................ 79 United Kingdom (excluding Northern Ireland)............ 80 Southeastern and Southern Europe ...... ......................?. 89 Southeastern Europe.... ... ...............-.............. 89 Albania ................................................ 92 Bulgaria, ..............................-.........-,...... 94 Cyprus..... ... of*..* ..... 0 .... ............ 0 95 Czechoslovakia..* ....... 4 ... s...o.t.9so ... #.* ....... so. 96 Gibraltar .................... ............ 98 Greece., . . . . . .... . . . . . ? . . . , ? . . . . ? - ... .... . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 99 Hungaxy ................................................107 Italy., .... *meet* .... o..s ...... a ... o..ostoo.oot ........ lo8 Approved For Release I 999/0 ' lq -RDP79-00976A000100120001-5 Approved For Release 1999/09I'TRDP79-00976A000100120001-5 Page Malta ..................................................113 Rumania.... ........ . .. . . . . .. . . ... ............. .... . . . . .114 Yugoslavia. ............................................119 Poland ........................................................122 USSR .o ........................................................126 The Middle East ...............................................11i1 Afghanistan and Western Pakistan.......... ...... o ... oo.145 Iran ...................................................147 Iraq ...................................................150 Israel, Arab Palestine, and Jordan .....................152 Syria and Lebanon ......................................154 Turkey*....,,.*.*, .... so ...... ee*os**oooo-s ............ 156 Africa ........................................................161 Algeria ................................................163 Dakar (including Senegal and Gambia) ...................165 Egypt and Northeastern Africa ..........................167 Libya... : .............................................. 172 Morocco.......,----, .....?....................?..175 Spanish Sahara .........................................178 Tunisia., ... o-o ... ......... o-ol79 ..........Far East - Pacific Basin (including the United States) ........ 181 APPENDIX B: GLOSSARY .........................................182 Approved For Release I 999/O9 i. O1 A-RDP79-00976A000100120001-5 Approved For Release 1999/zcA-RDP79-00976A000100120001-5 I. Introduction Mil-Geo was the geographic service of the German Army. In World War II the organization published a large number of handbooks and maps of strategic areas for operational and strategic use. Al- though these publications are now 5 to 10 years old, they still pro- vide ii concise but. comprehensive form basic geographic information of value to the US intelligence agencies. The reports supply summaries of geographical information for all countries of Europe, the Soviet Union, North Africa, and the Near East. For some areas, Mil-Geo maps are either the best or the only interpretive military maps available. The techniques employed by Mil-Geo are significant because they represent the results of a generation of experience and because they culminated in the production of new and useful types of publications. The reliability of the information in Mil- Geo publications, however, is not uniformly accurate, since some of the publications were based on field work or were checked in the field and others were compiled from existing source materials. The purpose of this report is to provide a description of Mil- Geo and its operation and a complete annotated inventory of Mil-Geo publications available in Washington. At a later date the Military Geology Branch of the US Geological Survey plans to undertake an analysis of the more technical aspects of Mil-Geo methods and publications. Approved For Release 1999/TXCTA-RDP79-00976A000100120001-5 Approved For Release 1999/ 'M] CCIA-RDP79-00976A000100120001-5 This report is divided into three parts. The body of the report is a general description of Mil-Geo -- its organization, background, methods of operation, and the character of its publications. Appen- dix A is an annotated list of all Mil-Geo reports and maps available in Washington, arranged by countries. The final section, Appendix B, is a glossary of German words appearing in the report. Many people in a number of agencies have provided data used in the report, as well as assistance and suggestions during the prepa- ration. of the manuscript. The best sources for procuring loan copies of Mil-Geo materials are the Army Map Service; the CIA Map Library; and the German Military Documents Section, Office of the Adjutant General, Department of the Army. The best collection of Mil-Geo map series is at the Army Map Service Library. II. Mil-Geo in Relation to Other Geographic Agencies Each of the German military services had a geographic unit (see Chart 8081+). Mil-Geo served the Army; Mar-Geol (Marinegeographie -- Naval Geography), the Navy; and Luft-Geo (Luftgeographie -- Air Geography),the Air Force. The Department of Defense (Oberkommando der Wehrmacht -- OKW) had a special geographic unit called the Forschungsstaffel.2 Although these four geographic organizations collaborated closely at times, there was also considerable rivalry among them. 1. See Department of State, OIR, No. 3701+. 2. See Department of State, OIR, No. 3705. Approved For Release 1999/8O'11?'A-RDP79-00976A000100120001-5 Approved For Release Wehrmachtbefehlshaber (in occupied areas) Reichssicherheitshauptamt (RSHA) Militdrbefehlshaber (in occupied areas) A6teilung fiir Kriegskarten- und Vermessungswesen (Abteilung 9-Generalstab des Heeres) I Organisation E 11 Kartenwesen III Vermessungswesen IV Militorgeagraphie (MIL-GEO) a. MIL-GEO headquarters BERLIN (later GOTHA) b. MIL-GEO detachment in each Wehrkreiskammando C. Aussenstellen Mil-Geo-Gruppe Frankreich Serbien Sud (Italy) Griechenland Rumanien [with Military Mission] Niederlande Norwegen Ostland Danemark Belgien und Nardfrankreich [Russland] Generalstab des Hacres Chef des Kriegskarten- und Verm ungswesens Generalleut ant Hemmerich Heeresplankammer (Kriegskartenhauptamt after November 1943) OKW Oberkommando der Wehrmachl General der Plonlere und Festungen Gruppe Wehrgeolagie* Leiter Zentral-Aufgaben Regictratur Zahlmeistere! Planmaterial Ausland Gruppe Rechnungsstelle Gruppe I Planarbeiten Ost Gruppe II Planarbeiten West Gruppe III Planarbeiten Afrika und Kolonien Gruppe IV SUdosten Verm sung G uppe I Triangulation Gruppe II Bildmessung und Verbindungskommando Bildmessung (VBK) Kartenherstallung Kartographie Druckerei 1999Jf 9/0 : CIA-RDP79-00976A000100120001-5 OKL Oberkaand. der Luftwaffe A6teilung 7 LOFT-GEO. 1. map supply Z. navigational chart. 3. air geography, library, photo library 4. training 5. planning and policy 6. public relations, censorship Hidhrre Offiziere des Kdegskarten-und Vernessungswenenc West Kriegskarten-und Vermessungsamt Paris Brassel Utrecht Sad-ost Heeresvermessungastelle Wien Kriegskarten-und Vermessungsamt OKM Oberkommando der Kriegsmarine SKI Seekriegsleitung SKI. VI Amtsgruppe Nautik Nautisch- W issenachahliche Abteilung I Hydrographic Div sion (including Deutsche Seewarte) II Nautisch-Wise chaftliche A6teilung (including MAR-GEC.) III Meteorological Division(Marinewetterdienet and Marineobservatorium) Kbmmandeur der Karten-und Vermessungstruppen Armeegruppe la/Mess Armes la/Mess Kartenlager Vermessungs-und Kartenabteilung (motorized) Karp, Frog la/Mess Belgrad Kartenlager Ashen Beobachtungsabteilung Zagreb Druckereizug Oct Vermessungsbatterie Kriegskarten-und Vermessangsamt Division Warschau la/Mess Artillerieschule Kurs C.Juterbag elf This office coordinated all geological work in the armed forces, encept that done by the Waften SS. Late in the war, Gruppe Weh,geolagis absorbed a lore,, geological ,nir that had been under Festungen V, WaHen Priifungsamt, Heereswaffenamt (HWA), Chef der Riistungen und Befehlehaber der Enataheeres. Minsk L Regiment (artillery) NOTE: This chart doe, not show command channels as of any given period. Rather, Kiew Felddruckereiobteilung t .epraents in simple leans the Functional relatianchips of geographic and mapping Kharkhav units of the German armed force. The information has been gathered from any Riga s. Although it has been carefully checked, there are still gaps and Kowno conslstencies. Various economic, meteorologic photographic and other units with , , Approved For Re pse 1999/09/01: CIA-RDP79-00976A000100120001- hick Mil-Ge.ry cco pity re intentionally omined from this chart in aid unnece I la/Mess in each Wehrkreiskammando Wehrkreiskartenlager Armeekartenlager(reserve supply) Mil-Geo detachment library artrey reproduction cartography Approved For Release 1999/Q;9rcA-RDP79-00976A000100120001-5 Each: agency had a special mission to perform, but inevitably some of their functions overlapped. Whereas Mil-Geo produced geo- graphic handbooks and maps primarily of land areas, Mar-Geo pro- duced maps and studies of coastal areas. The Forschungsstaffel issued special.trafficability maps for small areas of strategic im- portance but. rarely published textual materials. Luft-Geo maps and handbooks were designed for strategic air operations and for training purposes. Mil-Geo initiated several new types of work that were later developed more intensively by the other geographic units. For example, Mil-Geo prepared coastal maps of a new type for the British Isles and other areas. Mar-Geo, which was established in 1942, later improved the techniques for presenting coastal geography and provided coastal maps and evaluations for inclusion in Mil-Geo publications. The two organizations collaborated particularly closely in Norway. Early in the war, Mil-Geo produced a new type of map called an Operationskarte. This map was designed to show terrain types, relief, traff icabil.ity, and, in some cases, billeting capacity. After 19+2 the Forschungsstaffel developed and improved the tech- niques that Mil-Geo had introduced. Mil-Geo and the Forschungsstaffel, although great rivals, collaborated in some areas, notably Greece and the Pripet Marsh of Poland. Although liaison was established between Mil-Geo and. Luft-Geo, there is no evidence of collaboration in the production of. maps and reports. mlfl C UA-RDP79-00976A000100120001-5 Approved For Release 1999/OS Approved For Release 1999/O9MIIRDP79-00976A000100120001-5 In the United States the term Mil-Geo has been applied loosely to a number of German agencies. Correctly used, the term refers both to the producing agency and to its publications. Failure to distinguish between the publications of the various German geographic agencies is probably the chief reason why users encounter difficulty and delay in obtaining Mil-.Geo publications from libraries where they are on deposit. In some cases the practice of designating other geographic intelligence studies as "Mil-Geo's" also has re- sulted in incorrect cataloging and filing. III. Pre-World War II Background of Mil-Geo A. Before 1935 Although Mil-Geo was not formally organized until 1935, the concept of military geography had long been prominent in German military thought. A military geographic description of Germany, for example, was published in 1889,1 and a military geographic analysis of the countries bordering Germany on the west was issued in 1908.2 Furthermore, training in terrain analysis had for a long time been given to German soldiers in all ranks. During World War I, several military geographic studies were produced by the German General Staff and were used down to regiment levels. Few of the publications, however, are in existence 1. Militar-geographische Beschreibung von Deutschland, Berlin, 1889. 2. Militar-geographische Beschreibung von Nordost Frankreich, Luxem- burg, Belgien, SO Niederlande and NW Schweiz, Grossen Generalstabe, Berlin, 1908. Approved For Release I 999/0 -gtt6j -RDP79-00976A000100120001-5 Approved For Release 1999/01CiAoRDP79-00976A000100120001-5 today, and none of the military geography procedures or directives was available for the use of the Nazi Army. The beginning of modern German military geography dates back to 1924, when a file of strategic objectives and installations was incorporated into the Abteilung Truppenamt of the Reichswehrminis- terium. Gradually the file was expanded to include most of the im- portant bridges, factories, and key buildings in Germany. Entries were made on cards according to a uniform system, and the file was called Einheitsobjektkartei (uniform target file, abbreviated as EOK). Mil-Geo developed EOK files for many areas to provide basic data for its publications. EOK data were plotted on sheets of the 1:100,000 map of Germany. Both the files and the maps were available to interested government offices and were considered valuable for handling internal disturbances and for defensive purposes. Textual materials issued before 1935 were principally inven- tories of the bridges, roads, rivers, etc., of the area covered by a sheet of the 1:100,000 map. Such data were published, along with the appropriate map sheets, in pocket-size volumes entitled Militar- geographische Einzelangaben fur die Truppenfiihrung zum Einheitsblatt, At least a dozen of these volumes were issued between 1930 and 1935? River studies also were produced before 1935.. Among these were Das Odergebiet, Berlin, 1930, and Zusammenstellung der Ubergange im Stromgebiet der Werner, Reichswehrministerium, 1933. When the additional duties of compiling billeting tables for the use of troops on annual maneuvers and of preparing textual materials Approved For Release I 999/0916 T IA-RDP79-00976A000100120001-5 Approved For Release 1999/g9rcA-RDP79-00976A000100120001-5 of a geographic nature were undertaken, the name "Mil-Geo," or mili- tary geography, was adopted. Billeting data were overprinted on 1:100,000 base maps and published as Ortsbelegungskarten. B. 1935 to September 1939 Mil-Geo was organized officially in 1935 as a small unit in the Ninth.Division of the General Staff of the German Army (see Chart 908+) -- Gruppe IV, Abteilung fur Kriegskarten and Vermessungswesen -- and functioned chiefly through its field office in each Wehr- kreiskommando. Gruppe IV, which served as general headquarters for Mil-Geo, became known as the Zentrale, a designation that continued throughout World War II, Until the summer of 1939 the Zentrale had a staff of eight people, including typists and draftsmen. At that time the staff of the Zentrale was reinforced by the addition of geographers from four of the Wehrkreiskommandos and another typist. A Mil-Geo office had been established in each of the Wehrkreise, with the possible excep- tion of Kassel, which may have had a staff but definitely did not have a chief. Wehrkreiskommandosl were distributed as follows: I. Konigsberg IV, Dresden II. Stettin V. Stuttgart III. Berlin VI. Munster 1. Wehrkreiskommandos XIV, XV, XVI, and XIX were never established. Approved For Release 1999/H8011I Th-RDP79-00976A000100120001-5 Approved For Release 1999/0+9=, COA-RDP79-00976A000100120001-5 VII. Munchen XIII. Nurnberg VIII. Breslau XVII. Wien (estab. 1938) IX. Kassel XVIII. Salzburg (estab. 1938) X. Hamburg XX. Danzig (estab. 1939) XI. Hannover XXI. Posen (estab. 1939) XII. Wiesbaden These local offices were responsible for the military geography of the Wehrkreis only. A typical Wehrkreis Mil-Geo office had, in addition to its chief, a geographer, a librarian and file clerk, a draftsman-photographer, and a typist. Its main tasks were as follows: 1. Development and maintenance of the EOK file. A copy of each card was sent to the Zentrale. 2. Preparation of the Einzelangaben texts and maps at 1:100,000. By 1938, about one-third of Germany,' chiefly frontier areas, had been mapped. 3. Preparation of Ortsbelegungskarten. These were reported as complete for all Germany. 4. Preparation of river studies of two types -- river crossings (Ubergange) and general descriptions of river basins. River data were in special demand by civil authorities and were com- pleted for all major rivers of Germany proper. 5. Preparation of city plans and traffic, or "through-way," Approved For Release 1999/0?-RDP79-00976A000100120001-5 Approved For Release I 999/O ,QIR:1 RDP79-00976A000100120001-5 The basic working methods of Mil-Geo had been developed by 1938. By that time the publication of Einzelangaben texts had been abandoned, and most of the data were being presented by color over- prints on brown monochrome editions of the 1:100,000 map. Terrain evaluations and other information were printed in the map margins. On the back of the map were city plans at 1:25,000. The Liegnitz sheet was the first one published by the Zentrale and served as a model for the Wehrkreis offices. IV. Mil-Geo during World War II Mil-Geo expanded rapidly with the outbreak of war and drew into service geographers with special skills and knowledge of foreign areas. Some of these geographers were army officers or enlisted menl and some (usually the older university professors and clerical personnel) were civilians, with military rank. In addition, senior university professors were occasionally brought in as consultants or were given contracts to prepare country studies. The professional personnel of the Zentrale reached its maximum number in 1942, with 25 to 30 employees. Among the key geographers were Major Professor Wolfgang Panzer of Heidelberg, Professor Herbert Lehmann of Berlin, and Professors Gustav Braun and Wilhelm Hartnack of Greifswald. Professors Troll of Bonn, Dorries of Munster, and Schrepfer of Wurzburg were among 1. Rank was often ignored, and in some cases enlisted men supervised the work of officers. Approved For Release I 999 %I A-RDP79-00976A000100120001-5 Approved For Release 1999/09fiTR( RDP79-00976A000100120001-5 The Chief of Mil-Geo from 1935 to about 19+1 was Colonel Schmockel. He was followed by Colonel Thielebein. Both veers World War I officers, not geographers. In October 1944, when Mil-Geo was no longer important, Captain Professor Wilhelm Hartnack took over as Chief. The Zentrale had a fairly flexible internal organization. In 1939, it included. four divisions: (1) Referat Inland, (2) Referat Ausland Ost (Lithuania, Poland), (3) Referat Ausland West (Nether- lands, France, Belgium), and (4) Referat Ausland Siid (Czechoslovakia). Within these divisions the personnel was generally organized into country units, each headed by a senior geographer. As Gruppe IV of the Abteilung fur Kriegskarten and Vermes- sungswesen, the Mil-Geo Zentrale had immediate control of the work of its detachment in each Wehrkreiskommando and of the outposts in various.occupied countries and territories. It also had some measure of control over the work of numerous other offices and received data from them. Chart 908+ is an attempt to show graphically the inter- relationships of all of the surveying and mapping services in the German armed forces. Since these relationships were not static, the graph is not absolutely accurate as of any specific date. When the German Army occupied a new area, Mil-Geo set up an outpost under the local commander. The Zentrale controlled the work program of the outposts, but they were attached administratively to the local Wehrmachtsbefehlshaber of OKW or to the Militgrbefehlshaber of OKII. The Mil-Geo outpost in Rumania, however, was attached to the German military mission, and that in Italy to an army group. - 9 - Approved For Release I 999/094Q9T IA tDP79-00976A000100120001-5 Approved For Release I 999 ' PA-RDP79-00976A000100120001-5 The following table gives a complete list of Mil-Geo outposts: MIL-GEO OUTPOSTS Place Opened Closed Parent Wehrkreiskommando 1. North Poland Radom 1939 1944 Breslau 2. (General Government) South Poland Cracow 1939 1944 Breslau 3. (General Government) Denmark Copenhagen 1940 1943 Hamburg 4. Norway Oslo 1940 1943 Stettin 5. Netherlands The Hague 1940 1943 6. Belgium-N. France Brussels 1940 1943 7. France Paris 1940 1944 Dresden 8. N.W. France St. Germain 1940 1942 9. S.W. France Bordeaux 1940 1942 10. Central France Orle'ans 1940 1942 11. E. France Dijon 1940 1941 12. Rumania Bucharest 1940 1944 13. Serbia Belgrade 1941 1944 Wien (?) 14. N. Greece Saloniki 1941 1944 Wien (?) 15. S. Greece Athens. 1941 1944 16. Ukraine Rowno (?) 1941 1942 Breslau 17. Baltic Riga 1941 1944 Konigsberg (?) 18. S. France Marseille 1943 1943 19. Italy Army Group 1943 1945 Approved For Release 1999=0 I A-RDP79-00976A000100120001-5 Approved For Release 1999/t':CAP-RDP79-00976A000100120001-5 Both the duties and the shortcomings of the outposts were des- cribed by General Hemmerich as follows: .,.Mil-Geo groups, which are extremely short of personnel and in- sufficiently provided means of transportation, must in a very short time provide exhaustive information on every part of the newly oc- cupied territory; they must kiow the latest road information as well as the billeting capacity of the towns and villages. They must be informed as to the condition of the terrain, the. degree of forest cover, the load capacity of the bridges, and the composition of the population; they must have a clear conception of the various (admin- istrative) districts of their spheres of operations, and should supplement this with a file of selected photographs. They are ex- pected to know the location and courses of bodies of water as well as the seasonal weather conditions and to give reliable information to engineers, administrative officials, road builders, and billeting officers of animal--drawn units. It is obvious that such information cannot be obtained by the small Mil-Geo group through exploration alone, when unusual war conditions, such as the lack of motor fuel and pilfering activities causd-a considerable decrease in field work, to say nothing of the ob.etacles inherent in the region, such as long winter nights in the higher latitudes, or dust-storms and summer heat in steppes and deserts. Thus, the Mil-Geo group is dependent on the closest cooperation with all military and civil authorities... As the German war effort became increasingly directed toward defensive warfare, the need indreased for data that were more de- tailed and more suitable for tactical use. For this reason, the efforts of Mil-Geo shifted t?o,the production of special target and trafficability map series at medium scale, on which strategic in- stallations and trafficability data were overprinted. Work of this- type was performed chiefly by the outposts, but the maps were gener- ally sent to the Zentrale for printing. Actually the Zentrale was not able to prepare such maps because of shortages of both data and personnel. From 191+2 on, there was great pressure on headquarters staffs to release men for the fighting fronts. Between 191+2 and Approved For Release 1999/09/Ms:IPDP79-00976A000100120001-5 Approved For Release 1999/=OTCFA-RDP79-00976A000100120001-5 1944, many of the Mil-Geo personnel were transferred to Mar-Geo?or the Forschungsstaffel, which by 1943 had superseded Mil-Geo in the favor of high-ranking staff officers. In December 1943 the Zentrale moved to Gotha, and it became increasingly difficult for Mil-Geo to control the outposts and to receive orders and supplies from the Chief of the Abteilung fur Kriegskarten and Vermessungswesen, who had moved to Zossen. In the spring of 1944 a basic order went out to all outposts still in existence to complete current assignments, secure all data, and. cease operations. Mil-Geo offices in the Wehrkreiskommandos functioned throughout the remainder of-ithe war but were not im- portant. They continued to produce city plans, river studies, etc., as in the prewar period. The General Staff was interested chiefly in the EOK files. In late 1944 and early 1945 the ambitious head of the Forschungsstaffel, Dr. Otto Schulz-Kampfhenkel, an SS officer an4 a personal friend of Hermann Goering, succeeded in establishing on paper a geographic and cartographic organization for the armed forces. The new organization was to include the Abteilung fur Kreigskarten and Vermessungswesen (of which Mil-Geo was a part), Luft-Geo, and the Forschungsstaffel, as well as all mapping and geographic offices with the troop units. Apparently Mar-Geo and the Navy Hydrographic Office (Deutsche Seewarte) were to remain independent. The new organization was to go into effect about March 1945, but by that time the German armed forced were in such state of disruption that the new consoli- dated geographic and mapping office never actually came into existence. Approved For Release 1999/O9 iiO-RDP79-00976A000100120001-5 Approved For Release 1999/OWO I?-RDP79-00976A000100120001-5 V. Comments on Areal Coverage by Mil-Geo Publications During the war, Mil-Geo published more than 102 geographical handbooks on about 40 countries, (most of which included map illustrations and map separates), and more than 300 sheets from map series, more than 500 city plans, and more than 1,300 through-way city maps (see Chart 9082 and maps 10708, First Revision,and 10707). A. Textual Publications Mil.Geo prepared geographic surveys in varying detail for virtually all of Europe, North Africa, the Soviet Union, and the Middle East. For the first 3 years of its existence, Mil-Geo did not work on areas outside of Germany proper. In 1938, however, a study was made of the Sudetenland, and studies of Lithuania and of Poland followed in 1939. Later, major emphasis was placed on European Russia, France, England, and Norway. Albania, Bulgaria. and Hungary were treated briefly in a single general handbook on southeastern Europe. Major islands -- such as Crete, Sicily, Sardinia, and Corsica -- were covered in separate publications, and the entire European coastline from the Turkish-Greek border (including the islands of the Aegean Sea) to northern Norway (not including the Baltic) was analyzed in several coastal handbooks. Spain and Rumania were not given special attention, no handbook was prepared for Iceland, only one provisional and incomplete handbook was issued for Italy, and one road map was published for Switzerland. Approved For Release 1999/0'd1ADRDP79-00976A000100120001-5 Approved For Release 1999/Q iG=-RDP79-00976A000100120001-5 Mil-Geo publications on Africa include separate handbooks for Morocco, Algeria, Tunisia, Libya, and Egypt. Short handbooks also were issued for Spanish Sahara and the Dakar area. Turkey was the most completely covered part of the Middle East, but two editions each of handbooks on Iran and Iraq were issued. With the exception of the southern part of the Arabian Peninsula, all areas of the Near East as far east as Afghanistan and western Pakistan were covered. The northern part of the Arabian Peninsula was treated briefly in a general handbook on the Near East and in a short report. For both European and Asiatic Russia, general handbooks were issued. European Russia was described in greater detail in more than a dozen regional handbooks. A handbook on Kazakhstan and Turkestan in Asiatic Russia was published, and two others for the rest of Siberia were planned but probably not completed. About 2 weeks after Pearl Harbor a short booklet on the Pacific Theater of War was issued. This booklet and a short report on the United States are the only publications on areas outside Europe, Asia, and Africa. By late 1942, when the Germans began to retreat, Mil-Geo had published basic handbooks on all areas of immediate military interest. Thereafter, emphasis was placed on revision of some of the handbooks and the collection of more detailed information on certain areas. Textual publications from then on were limited chiefly to coastal studies. Approved For Release 1999/09IrCM-RDP79-00976A000100120001-5 Approved For Release 1999/icCIA-RDP79-00976A000100120001-5 B. Maps 1. Map Types Mil-Geo produced a great variety of maps to be used in the hand- books. Among the more significant types are the following: Operationskarte, which shows terrain types, relief, traffic- ability, and, in some cases, billeting capacities. ... Militargeographische Bedingungen fur die Verteidiuung der... Kuste, or Kustenbeschreibungen, on which the coastal area is described as a unit and recommendations are made concerning landing and defense possibilities. Ortebelegungskarten, billeting maps. LTbersicht der Gewasser, or Gewasserabschnitte, which shows the drainage pattern. Stromgebiet der...., a map describing a river basin as a unit. Ubexgange, on which bridges, fords, and other crossings are located and on which conditions on either side of the river that would aid or hinder a crossing are described. Stadtdurchfahrtplan, a "through-way" city plan, which shows the best route for traffic through a city. In addition, Mil-Geo published numerous maps on such subjects as transportation, telecommunications, distribution of population, and administrative districts. These maps are not standardized in char- acter to the same extent as those mentioned above. Approved For Release 1999/09=ictA-RDP79-00976A000100120001-5 Approved For Release 1999/ICd-RDP79-00976A000100120001-5 2. Map Series Map CIA 10708 (First Revision) shows the extent of coverage by map series. Most of the maps were produced during the period 1942-44, when Germany was on the defensive. The date of the information shown on Mil-Geo maps usually appears in the upper left margin, as, for example, STAND VIII.11-3 (Conditions as of August 1943). The pattern of coverage at 1:100,000 to 1:300,000 corresponds fairly closely to those areas of "Fortress Europe" that were in danger of invasion and to the areas of actual combat, especially in the east. The combat areas of Sicily and southern Italy are conspicuously lacking in coverage. In 1943-44, great importance was attached to completion of Mil-Geo maps for rear areas west of the Eastern Front. During the last 3 years of its existence, Mil-Geo published about two dozen map series on which special transportation data or military objectives had been overprinted in a characteristic purple color. A specialized form of transportation series, the Durchgangig- keit, was designed to show mountainous terrain and routes through the mountains. Special attention was given to features that affect the defense and the movement of troops and equipment through passes. A number of city plans were issued separately by Mil-Geo apa were not included in any of the geographical handbooks. These plans, on many of which the location of strategic objectives had been over- printed, were mostly for German and Russian cities. Approved For Release 1999/d 9 "&A-RDP79-00976A000100120001-5 Approved For Release 1999/09/01 : CIA-RD'P79-00976A000100120001-5 VI. Techniques and Methods Mil-Geo was essentially a compiling unit. Like Allied geo- graphical units, Mil-Geo was at-first critically short of source materials. As war approached, an intensive collection campaign was inaugurated. Libraries and commercial establishments were combed for books, maps, and photographs. Scholars,, businessmen, and travelers were interviewed. Procurement in foreign areas by intelli- gence units was intensified, and the Luftwaffe wasrequested to supply air photo coverage. Thus a great variety of source materials flowed into Mil-Geo headquarters in Berlin.. The working techniques used by Mil-Geo were similar to those employed by Allied geographers. The main contributions are not the basic techniques used but the new format and type of studies and maps that resulted. US and British agencies provided their armed forces with somewhat comparable studies and maps, but these were designed for office use at staff levels. Mil-Geo materials were more concise, usually in pocket-type editions, and were distributed down to battalion level. The basic file of Mil-Geo was the Einheitsobjektkartei (EOK). On each card, all information about a single target or strategic objective was recorded. Each item in the file was located by geo- graphic coordinates and keyed to maps. Thus, when texts and maps were being compiled, locational and descriptive data were available in a usable and flexible form. As the war progressed, more and more Approved For Release I 999/OiiW- Iii RDP79-00976A000100120001-5 Approved For Release 1999/OVIT(C1A-RDP79-00976A000100120001-5 maps and studies were produced by the outposts, and the use of air photographs increased. This technique resulted in more compre- hensive and accurate studies. A typical Mil-Geo geographical handbook is a pocket-sized paper folder containing an assortment of booklets and folded maps. The folder generally contains a Textheft with a section in which the entire country is discussed by topics; a section describing the geo- graphic regions of the country; inventories of roads, railroads, waterways, water resources, health facilities, industrial plants, principal towns, airfields, population, administrative districts, etc.; and from 5 to 20 black-and-white maps on a variety of subjects. In general, the Textheft did not provide a military analysis of data presented, but it did call the user's attention to items of military significance by printing a bold black line in the margin opposite selected passages. For a few areas, however, the text con- tains a concise military section entitled Militarische Beurteilung (military estimate) or Gesamtbeurteilung (over-all evaluation). In most cases the folder also contains a Bildheft, or booklet of photographs with captions. The photographs usually are oriented with relation to direction of view and to neighboring landmarks, and some are keyed to a map so that the number and distribution of photos may be easily recognized. A booklet of Stadtdurchfahrtpl'ane shows town plans on which the through routes are emphasized. Also included in the folder is a gazetteer, Ortschaftsverzeichnis or Ortsbeschreibungen, in which locations are given by map series sheet Approved For Release I 999/ lc A-RDP79-00976A000100120001-5 Approved For Release 1999/69OI~7A-RDP79-00976A000100120001-5 numbers or atlas grid references and are accompanied by short de- scriptions. Among the items frequently given are the administrative area in which the place is located, population, transportation facil- ities, economic characteristics; number of hotels or other billeting facilities, and sketches or town plans. In addition to the maps bound in the Textheft, the folders contain from 2 to 5 separate large-sheet, colored maps of the country (on general topography, transportation, airfields, communications, electric power facilities, minerals, trafficability, etc.) and from 2 to 10 city plans. The efficient organization of Mil-Geo with outposts providing field information to a central coordinating staff, in combination with the use of standard formats for handbooks and maps and the use of existing official maps or German Army reproductions of them as bases whenever possible, enabled Mil-Geo to produce regional studies and maps in a very short time. The basis for the maps were generally direct reprints of topographic maps for each country covered, on which strategic objectives or trafficability data were overprinted. A Mil-Geo title and legend were added. France provides a good example of the concise Mil-Geo geo- graphic summary in map form. Sheets of the 1:200,000 map series were printed in the center of large sheets, and the four margins were used for over-all descriptions and small-scale black-and-white maps on special subjects. On many sheets the back was used for city plans and for maps giving details for areas of special im- portance. In this way a single sheet gave an integrated general Approved For Release 1999/09'e2RDP79-00976A000100120001-5 Approved For Release 1999/09 ML -CIA-RDP79-00976A000100120001-5 geographic survey in which a general map was supplemented by de- tailed maps and concise texts on subjects of special significance. Another contribution of Mil-Geo is the coastal handbooks. Although Mil-Geo initiated coastal studies, Mar-Geo developed the methodology to a higher degree. The contribution made by both Mil- Geo and Mar-Geo lies in the emphasis given to the coastal area as a unit. Mil-Geo also performed a useful service by assembling photo- graphs of various areas and by preparing and giving wide distribution to separate booklets of selected photographs that supplemented textual and map materials. Gazetteers and booklets of information on cities and towns also were published and widely circulated. The German concept of military geography traditionally has in- cluded a detailed analysis of the terrain for military operations. Early in World War II, Mil-Geo prepared special terrain maps, called Operationskarten, for planning purposes (for example, Sudoat-Europa, Militargeographische Operationskarte, 1:1,000,000, 2 sheets, 15 March 19+0). For operational purposes, more detailed map series were made, using standard bases on which special transportation and trafficability data were superimposed. VII. Evaluation of Mil-Geo Publications A. General In spite of the great quantity of other geographic literature on the areas covered by Mil-Geo publications, much of which is in Approved For Release 1999/1I"-RDP79-00976A000100120001-5 Approved For Release I 999/0 Or i RDP79-00976A000100120001-5 greater detail than the German wartime studies, Mil-Geo maps and handbooks are still of considerable value. They not only bring to- gether information from a large number of scattered sources but also comprise the largest and most comprehensive collection of geo- graphic materials analyzed specifically from the point of view of military operations. Possibly the greatest single value of Mil-Geo publications is the military-geographic approach and the method by which the variety of geographic aspects have been integrated to serve this end. For most areas, the information given concerning roads, rail- roads, telecommunications, electric power facilities, and population is now out of date and has bden superseded by more recent publi- cations. Geologic, climatic, terrain, and trafficability data, how- ever, are less subject to change, and most of these analyses are still valid. The publications vary greatly in detail, comprehensiveness, and reliability. Some were published before or during the early part of World War II, others shortly before V-E Day. Some of the publica- tions that were at first considered authoritative later proved to be superficial and inaccurate. For these reasons, a brief evaluation of the publications by larger regions is presented in the following pages. B. Northwestern and Western Europe Mil-Geo publications on northwestern Europe are among the best published by the agency, largely because outposts established in the Approved For Release 1999/09/Otsncil DP79-00976A000100120001-5 Approved For Release 1999/09/01 :.CIA-RDP79-00976A000100120001-5 RESTRICTED area were able to check the accuracy of the data in the field. The work of the Norwegian and French outposts was of outstandingly high quality. Cultural data presented in both texts and maps, however, are now out of date and should be supplemented by postwar information. Analyses-of physical features of the area are still valid. The most significant contributions are the coastal studies, which cover not only the Atlantic but also the Mediterranean coasts of Europe. The coastal waters and adjacent land are discussed as a unit on the basis of physical characteristics, landing and defense possibilities, and accessibility to the interior. The Norwegian coastal studies are the most detailed, and all are of high calibre. Even though no outpost was established in the United Kingdom, the coastal studies of Great Britain are of very good quality. The Operationskarten of England and of northeastern France are particularly detailed and thorough, whereas, by contrast, the sheets covering the Scandinavian Peninsula are overgeneralized and practi- cally worthless. The waterways of Norway, however, are covered in excellent detail by regions. The water-features of the Netherlands also are well-covered. For the Iberian Peninsula the most signifi- cant publications are the Durchgangigkeit, or trafficability maps, of the Pyrenees, which deal with the mountains as obstacles to move- ment of troops and equipment. The Mil-Geo maps on which military objectives were superimposed on sheets of standard topographic series were particularly well- developed for northwestern Europe. The maps of Denmark are complete TRICTED Approved For Release 1999/00-1 : A-RDP79-00976A000100120001-5 Approved For Release 1999/(tic RDP79-00976A000100120001-5 in coverage and excellent in quality.. Although coverage for France was not entirely completed when the war, ended, the large number of sheets published are accurate, highly detailed, and well-supplemented by textual descriptions and city plans. The sheets for Belgium and the Netherlands are similar to those for France, and the French and Belgian sheets together give an excellent presentation of the Franco- Belgian industrial area. For all parts of northwestern Europe covered, these map series are more recent and reliable than the textual' descriptions of the corresponding areas. Mil-Geo river studies are of two types: (1) river crossings and (2) detailed studies of river systems. Practi- cally all of the larger rivers of Germany were covered by such studies by the outbreak of World War II. The first type includes information on bridges, such as width, length, height above water, and capacity, as well as detailed locational and jurisdictional re- ferences. The second type presents detailed physical data on the major rivers, all tributaries, and canals, including depth of water, stream flow, ice conditions, dikes, and areas that could be flooded for military and other purposes. In both types of studies, there are frequent map and EOK references and one or more index maps on which floodable areas, bridges, etc., are plotted. These two types of studies are impressive because of their elaborate detail and com- prehensive coverage. Although they probably are not adequate for current tactical use, they cover most features of potential signi- ficance for strategic planning. _ 23 - Approved For Release I 999/09/OF1sT bk DP79-00976A000100120001-5 Approved For Release I 999/0 ' IMAoRDP79-00976A000100120001-5 C. Southeastern and Southern Europe No general evaluation of Mil-Geo publications on southeastern Europe can be made, because the items differ radically in accuracy and detail. One publication may be of exceptionally high quality, and another may contain so many inaccuracies that it should be sup- pressed. Among the examples of excellent work, the Militargeo- graphische Operationskarten at 1:1,000,000, from the geographic handbook Sizdosteuropa, Donauraum and Balkanhalbinsel, are still the best maps known for showing relative relief and trafficability in the area. Other valuable and highly recommended maps include the Mil-Geo Karte Griechenland and Mil-Geo Karte Griechenland (Insel Kreta), both at 1:100,000; Karte des von Gibraltar aus eingesehenen Gel'andes, at 1:50,000; Militgrgeographische Karte von Rumanien, at 1:200,000; Mil-Geo-Karte Durchgangigkeit Karpaten, at 1:300,000; Einzeldarstellung der geographischen Bedingungen fur die Verteidigung der Kusten Dalmatiens mit angliedender Mil-Geo-Karts at 1:500,000; and Karathohlen -- Beilagen-Mappe zur Hbhzlenkarte Italien, at 1:25,000. The Militargeographischer tberblick uber die Insel Sizilien (Entwurf) is one of the best textual descriptions published by Mil- Geo. The military geography of the terrain is so well analyzed and evaluated in this handbook that the information could still be of considerable operational value. The Bildheft zur Mil-Geo-Karte von Griechenland, 1:100,000, and the Bildanhang of the i]berblick de militargeographischen Bendingungen fur die Verteidi gong der Kusten Approved For Release 199'CIA-RDP79-00976A000100120001-5 Approved For Release 1999 cn]A-RDP79-00976A000100120001-5 Siidost-Europas are excellent collections of photographs that are well-oriented and supplement the texts and maps. In contrast to the foregoing outstandingly good items is the EisenbahnUbersichtskarte von Siidosteuropa at 1:2,250,000, which con- tains a large,number of errors. Most noteworthy of these is the in- clusion in Albania of 430 kilometers of railroad that is actually nonexistent.- The map Griechenland, Fernsprech- u. Telegraphennetz at 1:800,000 also contains so many errors that it should not be used for any purpose. Most of the other items in the Mil-Geo coverage of southeastern Europe have slight to moderate value or cover subjects for which other material of equal or greater value is available. D. Poland The handbook on Poland was one of the earlier publications of Mil-Geo. Although its organization differs slightly from that of the later handbooks, the topics covered are essentially the same. Since the end of World War II the Polish handbook has been thoroughly exploited, and most of the information of 'value has been incorporated into more recent research studies or has been added to the files of the interested agencies. Consequently, the most valuable features of the Mil-Geo publications on Poland are now available in English. Much basic information on the military geography of the area of 1939 Poland was published by Mil-Geo, but its value varies from topic to topic. Probably the best information is that on waterways. In Approved For Release 1999/09Y64T~DP79-00976A000100120001-5 Approved For Release 1999/09M1giCJ RDP79-00976A?00100120001-5 comparison, the section on terrain description is mediocre. Although more recent material on both topics has been published, it is not generally available. The terrain description in the Mil-Geo hand- book is supplemented by a good Polish physical map at 1:1,000,000, reproduced in color. Other topics -- transport, communications, economy, and peoples -- are treated superficially in the text of the handbook. Consider- ably more information is given on the corresponding maps, which were reproduced from reliable prewar Polish compilations. Because of the early date, however, the maps are now of little more than historical value. The lists of towns with their principal industrial and cultural features are still useful for reference purposes, since they are arranged alphabetically and are keyed to the 1:100,000 map series. City plans are of little value. None is dated, and some are merely crude enlargements of undated and unidentified topographic maps. The through-way sketches of towns are of little use except for street names, since no attempt has been made to indicate the suitability or adequacy of the streets for transport. The map of minor civil divisions (Gemeindekarte) is of reference value only, as some of the boundaries have been changed since the war and some of the cultural features shown are also out of date, E. USSR Mil-Geo issued more Publications on the USSR than on any other country. Although these publications were the only comprehensive Approved For Release 1999QQ1ThcIA-RDP79-00976A000100120001-5 Approved For Release I 999/O I CIk-RDP79-00976A000100120001-5 basic intelligence summaries of the USSR available in the United States at the end of World War II, they are of comparatively little value today as geographic sources. During the last 5 years the studies have been carefully examined, and significant parts have been extracted, translated, and added to research files. Many of the maps are based on sources that are readily available in the United States, such as the Great Soviet Atlas of the World, and others are direct reproductions of prewar maps. The US also has acquired a large quantity of captured German maps and aerial photo- graphs that include information of more recent date than that pre- sented by Mil-Geo. Recency of data is particularly significant for the USSR, since few parts of the world have experienced as much change in cultural features during and since the war. In spite of these limitations, Mil-Geo maps and text contain information not elsewhere assembled in convenient reference form. Until they are replaced by more recent summaries, such descriptions should not be discarded. All of the handbooks on European USSR were published in 1941 just before, and in preparation for, the German advance into that country. Consequently, they have not been checked in the field. The most valuable parts of the handbooks are the Bildhefte and the terrain descriptions. Even the Bildhefte, however, contain some notable inaccuracies. For example, the photograph captioned "Gor'kiy auto factory" is in reality a picture of the Highland Park plant of the Ford Motor Company in Detroit, Michigan, and the Approved For Release 1999/09 ]ICIAIRDP79-00976A000100120001-5 Approved For Release 1999/0Iq,&-RDP79-00976A000100120001-5 illustrations of the bridges over the Reka Moscow show the old low- level bridges, even though high-level structures had been completed before the war. The terrain descriptions are still generally useful, especially for military interpretations of topographic features. Consideration is given to such features as relative relief rather than absolute elevation, visibility, and orientation factors in almost featureless areas like the tundra. Although the descriptions are, in general, superior to the corresponding maps, the areas described are not adequately defined. Information given on economic conditions, administrative bound- aries, population, transportation, and telecommunications is seriously out of date as a result of postwar development. The economic data presented by regions and subregions, however, are still of use for studies requiring a regional approach. No other known studies divide the country into regions as small as those used in Mil-Geo publications. The Mil-Geo maps of the USSR are not uniform for all regions in content, emphasis, scale, or reliability. Consequently, com- parison between regions is sometimes difficult or impossible. The maps showing drainage features, although giving the impression of great detail and accuracy, are in some cases inaccurately drawn, whereas in others the drainage patterns are poorly selected. The Mil-Geo town plans have proved to be of less value than was originally anticipated. The greatest significance of the collection Approved For Release 1999plc~clA-RDP79-00976A000100120001-5 Approved For Release 1999/R.LM(11cj-RDP79-00976A000100120001-5 is its comprehensiveness. Many of the maps are very old, and others are merely enlargements from smaller-scale topographic maps, with most of the topographic features omitted. The two handbooks for Asiatic USSR were published a year later than those for the European area, but they also were not checked in the field. Because of the larger area covered, the first volume in particular is far more generalized than the corresponding volume for Europe. The second volume contains a good terrain map (Uber- sichtskarte) at 1:5,000,000, entitled Kasachatan-Turkestan, which was reproduced by color separation from a 1939 Soviet map. The railroad information added, however, is not reliable. The Soviet map covering the entire USSR also was issued separately by the Germans for general use. In addition to the European and Asiatic handbooks, Mil-Geo issued several studies of smaller regions. Of these, the study of the Caucasus received greatest acclaim. Further investigation, however, revealed that it was not so reliable as had appeared at first, that the maps and texts did not supplement each other adequately in all cases, and that the climatic information was not presented in detail comparable with that on other topics. On the other hand, the detailed information presented on the Durchgangigkeit map series for the Caucasus is still useful. The report on Lithuania and the Memel area was published early in the war and appears to have been based on Lithuanian sources. The studies of the Duna (Daugava) and Memel (Nemuna,s) basins and of the battle area of Staraya Russa, however, were prepared after the Germans had advanced into these - 29 - Approved For Release I 999/09 ' FDP79-00976A000100120001-5 Approved For Release I 999/0 IC1 RDP79-00976A000100120001-5 areas and incorporate information that had been collected or checked in the field. All three studies are detailed and appear to be both re- liable and useful, but it has not yet been possible to check the in- formation thoroughly. F. Middle East and Africa During the past decade there have been many changes in the Middle East and Africa -- in cultural features of the landscape as well as in political and social characteristics. For this reason, Mil-Geo cannot be considered a current authority on the area. Much of the basic information is still accurate, but the user must be familiar with recent developments in order to distinguish between areas and features that have changed and those that have not. Some parts of the Mil-Geo studies are still of value. The items of military significance today are approximately the same as those shown on Mil-Geo skeleton city plans. The general military-geology map of Palestine and Jordan contains material not found elsewhere in map form, and a few of the plans of Turkish cities are unique. The 1943 edition of the handbook on Iran is still one of the best and most comprehensive treatments of the country. Perhaps the most en- during contribution is the convenient-sized general map (tJbersichts- karte) that accompanies each study. Several of these maps of Middle East countries are being used today generally as reference maps or as bases for maps published by various organizations. The TJber- sichtskarten are almost exclusively direct copies of maps originally Approved For Release 199TIA-RDP79-00976A000100120001-5 Approved For Release 1999OWO1C1A-RDP79-00976A000100120001-5 published by other governments, but the sheets have been combined so as to cover an entire country or significant area on a single sheet. For many African areas, British Admiralty handbooks are both more recent and more comprehensive than Mil-Geo's. In addition, L'Encyclopedie Coloniale et Maritime, published by the University of Paris, provides a more complete study of French North and French West Africa. Consequently, most Mil-Geo studies on Africa are little better than tertiary references. Egypt, especially the Western Desert and the Nile Delta, is given more comprehensive treatment than other parts of northern Africa. The Mil-Geo handbooks on north- eastern Africa and Egypt were compiled in preparation for the German attempt to take the Suez Canal, which accounts for the emphasis on trafficability and water supply. The lack of British Admiralty hand- books on Egypt and Libya makes the Mil-Geo studies covering these areai3 of much greater importance than the studies of other parts of North Africa. Approved For Release I 999/0 W T RDP79-00976A000100120001-5 Approved For Release 1999/09/0*#PARDP79-00976A000100120001-5 APPENDIX A: INVENTORY AND ANALYSIS OF MIL-GEC PUBLICATIONS (ARRANGED BY AREA) INTRODUCTION Appendix A is an annotated bibliography of all Mil-Geo publi- cations known to be available in libraries in Washington and any translations of them that are readily accessible. Citations are given in the original German, but a comprehensive glossary is pro- vided in Appendix B. Under the major regions covered the countries are arranged alphabetically, and the character of the Mil-Geo publications for each is described according to five standard headings: A. Textual Materials, B. Translations, C. Map Series, D. City Plans, and E. Remarks. Mil-Geo maps may be borrowed from the Army Map Service Library or from the CIA Map Library. Other Mil-Geo publications may be borrowed or consulted at the Army Map Service Library; the Engineer Strategic Intelligence Division, Army Map Service; the CIA Map Library; and the German Military Documents Section, Department of the Army. Additional offices with substantial holdings of Mil- Geo publications are the Foreign Documents Division, CIA, and the Military Geology Branch, US Geological Survey. All map series known to have been published by Mil-Geo are plotted on CIA Map No. 10708, First Revision. The titles and Army Map Service call numbers are listed on the left-hand side of the map. Approved For Release 1999/01 I(TIA-RDP79-00976A000100120001-5 Approved For Release 1999/0' TTFA-RDP79-00976A000100120001-5 The city plans issued by Mil-Geo are of four types: (1) Mil- Geo Plan, (2) Stadtplan, (3) Bildplanskizze, and (4) Skizze.. The Mil-Geo plans are plotted on CIA Map No. 10707, but only through- way town plans are distinguished individually. Some published plans, notably for German cities, have been omitted from the index. - 33 - Approved For Release I 999/09/0'OS 19 DP79-00976A000100120001-5 Approved For Release 1999/091ITRRDP79-00976A000100120001-5 NORTHWESTERN AND WESTERN EUROPE Northwestern Europe (from Varanger Fiord to the French-Spanish Border) A. Textual Materials 1. Zusammenfassende Darstellung der geographischen Bedingungen fur die Verteidigung der Kusten Nordwest-Furopas; second edition, August 1943; first edition, March 1943. Geheim 2. Die militargeographischen Bedingungen fur die Verteidigung der niederlandischen, belgischen and franzbsischen Kusten; January 1942; AMS Call No. GB457 G,37- Geheim Text- and Bildheft Karte: Teil I - Nordsee and Armelkanal, 1:1,000,000 Teil II - Atlantischer Ozean, 1:1,000,000 B. Translations -- None C. Map Series -- See individual countries D. City Plans -- See individual countries E. Remarks The text of A-1 is divided into three sections. A general section discusses locational relationships, defines the terms used, and lists geographical factors that would affect landing operations. The second section discusses the nature of the coastal waters and beaches with regard to the possibility of landings.. The coastal area is divided into 3 parts for discussion -- Heligoland Bay, the Danish coast, and the Norwegian coast -- which in turn are subdivided into 13 subregions. The third section is a geographical descrip- tion of the coast with reference to defense against landings and against the advances of an enemy who had already landed. Included - 34 - Approved For Release 19999A-RDP79-00976A000100120001-5 Approved For Release I 999/09 I IARDP79-00976A000100120001-5 in the text are 11 sketch maps, which show areas where enemy forces might be most likely to land and the transportation network for each section of the coast. A large map at 1:2,500,000 outlines the re- gions and subregions discussed in the text and shows roads, rail- roads, and routes of approach to the major harbors. A-2 was probably the first coastal defense handbook prepared by Mil-Geo. The coastal area of the Netherlands, Belgium, and France is divided into 12 regions and discussed in terms of its defensibility against amphibious attack. Natural obstacles to military movements are shown on the two accompanying maps, which also serve as an index to the Netherlands 1:50,000, Belgian 1:40,000, and French 1:80,000 sheets. Other coastal studies of western Europe are listed under the United Kindgom, Ireland, and Spain and Portugal. Approved For Release 1999/09Y DP79-00976A000100120001-5 Approved For Release 1999/0itoRDP79-00976A000100120001-5 1. Stromgebiet der Donau in den Gauen Ober- and Niederdonau and Wien -- Einwirkung auf die Wasserfuhrung; Wehrkreis- ko;nmando XVIII, la/Mil-Geo; Wien, 1941, GMDS H 29/IG.5. Geheim 2. Durchg'ngigkeit der Ostalpen -- Rundbilder der sudl. (Bildheft); Komm. XVIII, Abt. la/Mess - Mil-Geo; 15 August 1943 Zusammenstellung der Ubergange im Stromgebiet der Donau, in 2 Teilen. Teil I: Donaut1bergange in den Gauen Ober- donau, Niederdonau and Wien (Brucken and Fahren); Wehr- kreiskommando XVII (Mil-Geo); Wien, 1943 1. Durchgangigkeit der Ostalpen; 1:300,000; August 1943. Geheim D. City Plans -- None E. Remarks A-1 is a description of the course of the Danube and its main tributaries, with data on the rates of discharge, channels, etc. River profiles are given for the sections described. A-2 consists of a series of panoramic views and a map of the northern border of Italy. Numbers on the map refer to the pages on which corresponding photos appear, and arrows indicate the direction of the view. Landmarks, boundary lines, and features of strategic importance are pointed out on the photos. C-1 presents a detailed analysis of the transportation system in the eastern Alps and is a valuable aid in transportation -36_ Approved For Release 1999/096'IRzCIA-RDP79-00976A000100120001-5 Approved For Release 1999/OWgft!RDP79-00976A000100120001-5 Ubersichtskarte at 1:1,000,000, which shows the area covered by each sheet of the 1:300,000 series and the main routes and strategic targets in the eastern Alps. Two smaller maps show, in diagrammatic form, (1) the alignment of the mountains and the main routes through the passes and (2) the duration of the snow cover and the national and military district boundaries. In the margins are general textual descriptions of the eastern Alps and the passes through them, the influence of climate on transportation, and the roads and railroads. Average monthly temperature and rainfall figures are given for seven stations. Seventeen passes are listed, and the following data are given for each: highway number, name of pass and of the route of approach, straightness of the approach and the pass, steepness of ascent and descent, width and type of roadbed, duration of snow cover, danger of snowdrifts and avalanches, and other significant factors. On the other side of the sheet is the main map at 1:300,000, which shows the details of passes and roads. Single-and double- lane roads are differentiated, and roads under construction, cart roads, and :roads not suitable for heavy vehicles are shown. Width of road and type of surfacing, distance between places, narrow sections of roads, bridges, curves, angles of slope, and avalanche and snowdrift areas are indicated. In the margins the roads are listed and described. A target list gives data on all the road and railroad bridges shown. Approved For Release I 999/09T lT`R 1 1RDP79-00976A000100120001-5 Approved For Release I 999/09 O1mn to RDP79-00976A000100120001-5 Belgium 1. Militargeographischer Lberblick uber Belgien and angrenzende Gebiete; first edition, 20 October 1939; second edition, 20 January 1940 Mappe A Textheft Landschaftsbilder Landschaftegliederung, 1:1,110,000 Bodenarten, 1:1,110,000 Geologische Ubersichtskarte, 1:1,000,000 Ubersichtskarte der Gewasserabschnitte, 1:500,000 Karte des nordbelgischen Kanalsystems and des Julianakanals mit Ubergangen and Schleusen, 1:160,000 Flandern and Nordbelgien: Gewasserabschnitte and Hohenlage, 1:300,000 Fernsprech- and Telegraphennetz von Belgien and Luxemburg, 1:400,000 Strassenzustandskarte, 1:300,000 Verwaltungskarte, 1:300,000 Stadt-Durchfahrten in Belgien and angrensenden Gebieten Strassenkarten, 1:200,000 (4 sheets) 2. Militargeographische Beschreibung von Belgien and angrenzenden Gebieten. Landschaftsgliederung von Belgien. Hochbelgien. Vorlaufiger Entwurf; no date; manuscript 3. Die militargeographi-schen Bedingungen fur die Verteidigung der niederl'dndischen, belgischen and franz6sischen Kisten; January 1942; AMS GB457 G37. Geheim (See Northwestern Europe) Text- and Bildheft Karte: Teil I - Nordsee and Armelkanal, 1:1,000,000 Teil II - Atlantischer Ozean, 1:1,000,000 4. EOK file at Engineer Strategic Intelligence Division, AMS B. Translations -- None - 38 - Approved For Release 1999/0JOi-RDP79-00976A000100120001-5 Approved For Release 1999/09MIT tCtPMDP79-00976A000100120001-5 C. Map Series 1. Mil-Geo-Frankreich-Belgien-Niederlande; 1:200,000; March 1943-November 1944; Mil-Geo-Gruppe beim Militar- befehlshaber in Belgian and in Nordfrankreich. Geheim D. City Plans 1. In A-1, Mappe B, Stadt-Durchfahrten: Through-way plane of 54 towns 2. In C-1: Plans for the following 22 Belgian cities CITY SCALE CITY SCALE Antwerpen 1.:15,000 Maubeuge 1:25,000 Brugge 1.:25,000 Mons 1:25,000 Brussel 1:20,000 Namur 1:25,000 Charleroi 1:12,500 Nieuport 1:25,000 Courtrai 1:12,500 Ostende 1:25,000 Diest 1:15,000 Termonde Gent 1.:15,000 (Dendermonde) 1:15,000 La Louviere 1:25,000 Tirlemont 1:25,000 Lowen 1.:25,000 Tournai 1:12,500 Li ttich 1:10,000 Turnhout 1:15,000 Luxemburg (n.e.) Verviers 1:10,000 Malines (Mecheln) 1:15,000 E. Remarks The texts and some of the maps of Mappen A and B of A-1 cover Belgium and its bordering areas, including parts of Luxemburg, France and Holland. The four Strassenkarten in Mappe B are reprints of a Michelin set. A-2 is probably a preliminary draft of the section on physical regions included in the Textheft of Mappe A, A-1. A-3 provides an evaluation of the coasts of France and the Low Countries from the point of view of defense against amphibious attach (see Northwestern and Western Europe, General, A-2 and E). - 39 - Approved For Release 1999/09MTCIDP79-00976A000100120001-5 Approved For Release I 999/09 R:I RDP79-00976A000100120001-5 On all but one sheet of the map series, C-l, Mil-Geo data are shown by purple overprint. On Sheet 2 the overprint is in black, which makes the comparatively small amount of Mil-Geo data given difficult to distinguish from-base data. Most of the sheets include Mil-Geo information on roads, railroads, rivers, bridges, canals, locks, harbors, military installations, electric power plants, mines, a large variety of industries, and other strategic targets, as well as target lists. Physical features, ecrnomy, transportation, etc., are described in marginal texts, and city plans are shown on the. backs of the sheets and on supplementary sheets. Some streets are named, and targets are identified. No separate city plans are included in A-l. Mappe B contains a booklet of through-way town plans, including 54 for Belgium, 11 for the Netherlands, 29 for France, and 3 for Luxemburg, and a map locating the towns for which plans are given. - 40 - Approved For Release 1999/d9 A-RDP79-00976A000100120001-5 Approved For Release 1999/0 1AURDP79-00976A000100120001-5 Denmark 1. Militargeographische Angaben Uber Danmark; 6 April 1940 Textheft TJbersichtskarte, 1:500,000 Verwaltungskarte,, 1:500,000 Verkehrslinien mit-Stationsverzeichnis, rLa. 1:750,000 F'ernsprech- and Telegraphennetz, 1:600,000 Ubersichtskarte der wichtigsten Brucken, 1:500,000 Einzelangaben fiber Brfcken (with map at 1:1,000,000) Stadtpl'ane (see D-1) Stadtdurchfahrtplane (see D-2) 2. Eingehende Einzeldarstellung der geographischen Bedingungen flux die Verteidigung der danischen Westkiiste; July 1943 Geheim Hauptteil. Anhang I Anhang II (Geheims'Komdoscache) Bildanhang (May 1943) B. Translations 1. Translation of pages 11-20 of the Textheft, on Einzelland- schaften, by the Engineer Strategic Intelligence Division, AMS, Cal]. No. Eli' 71198 C. Map Series 1. Mil-Geo-Karte Danmark 1:100,000; first edition, 1943; second edition.. January 1944. Geheim D. City Plans 1. In A-1, Stadtpl'ane Aalborg, 1:10,000 Helsingor, 1:7,500 Aarhus, 1:10,000 Kopenhagen, 1:15,000 Esbjaerg, 1:7,800 (not in Odense, 1:10,000 folder; was to be issued later) - 41 - Approved For Release 1999/01-i5RDP79-00976A000100120001-5 Approved For Release I 999/09 lilC RDP79-00976A000100120001-5 2. In A-1, Stadtdurchfahrtplane: Booklet of through-Vay sketch plans of 34+ towns, with a small-scale index map 3. On backs of sheets of C-l: Town plans, with street names and strategic targets E. Remarks A-1 is one of the early publications of Mil-Geo. The various physical and cultural features of Denmark are treated briefly and in a highly generalized manner. A simple sketch of terrain regions and another of population distribution are the only maps in the Textheft, which also includes 12 photographs. Of the 75 pages of the Textheft, 41 are devoted to brief descriptions of the cities and towns and 10 to a description of the terrain regions. A-2 presents a study and evaluation of the terrain of Denmark that is much more detailed than that in A-l. A-2 was pre- pared in 19+3 in response to demands by the German. Army High Command for a detailed analysis of the west coast of Denmark for defense purposes. The study as a whole was classified Secret, with Anhang II Top Secret. Numerous German organizations in Denmark assisted Mil-Geo with this study. The principal contributors were OEM/Skl and WFSt/Heimatstab ZTbersee. The Hauptteil (A-2) deals with geographic conditions relating to the defense of Denmark as a whole, as well as of the coasts and their hinterlands. Thirteen black-and-white maps show population density and railroads, as well as terrain conditions. Anhang I Approved For Release 1999/020txiQ1ARDP79-00976A000100120001-5 Approved For Release 1999/09/I'Lllg!3DP79-00976A000100120001-5 gives elaborate details to supplement parts B and C of the Hauptteil; for example, four colored maps show shore and offshore conditions along the west coast. Eleven additional colored maps, which are actually reproductions of parts of the Mil-Geo 1:100,000 series (C-1), cover the west coast and its hinterland from the northern tip to the German border. The outlines of the 11 maps are plotted on a colored Danish map at 1:1,000,000. Anhang II discusses briefly the significance of landing possibilities, and the Bildanhang contains 206 photographs. The map series (C-1) is considered one of the most accurate and comprehensive prepared by Mil-Geo. The base is the German Army topographic map of Denmark at 1:100,000. Roads are shown in red. Other Mil-Geo data, overprinted in purple, include road data, bridges, ferries, steep banks, dams, observation points, high-tension lines, military posts, airfields, hospitals, schools, stables, post offices, telephone and telegraph offices, radio stations, large garages, towers with views over large areas, and other strategic targets. Mar-Geo cooperated with Mil-Geo by supplying coastal data, in- cluding sandy, stony, and rocky beaches; level coast; steep ascent from the shoreline; dunes, dikes, and harbors; types of coastal reefs on the sea bottom; and isobaths for 1, 2, 4, 6, 10, 20, and 40 meters. Marginal texts discuss physical features, soil types and passability, settlement, economy, and transportation. Also in- cluded are lists of strategic targets and place descriptions. On the backs of the sheets are city plans, with street names and strategic targets. - 43 - Approved For Release 1999/09/Q1scDP79-00976A000100120001-5 Approved For Release 1999/099ATRDP79-00976A000100120001-5 A. Textual Materials 1. Militargeographisch.e Angaben uber Finnland; 1 March 1941 Mappe A. Textheft B i ldheft Ortschaftsverzeichnis tbersichtskarte zum Ortschaftsverzeichnis, 1:2,000,000 Ubersichtskarte (Zusammendruck), 1:1,000,000 Karte: Oberflhchengestalt, 1:2,000,000 Karte: Gewasser (Nordblatt), 1:1,000,000 Karte: Gewasser (Sudblatt), 1:1,000,000 Karte: Kulturland and Bevblkerungsverteilung (Nord- blatt), 1:1,000,000 Karte: Kulturland and Bevolkerungsverteilung (Siidblatt), 1:1,000,000 Karte: Industrie, 1:800,000 Karte: Eisenbahnen, Binnenschiffahrte- and Fernauto- buslinien (Sudteil, 1:1)000,000; Nordteil, 1:2,000,000) Stadtpl'ane (see D-1) Mappe B (15 January 1941) Ibersichtskarte, 1:1,000,000, Strassenubersicht Strassenkarte, in 12 Blatt: 6 Blatt, Sudfinnland, 1:200,000 5 Blatt, Mittelfinnland, 1:400,000. 1 Blatt, Nordfinnland, 1:1,000,000 Stadtdurchfahrtplane (Sammolheft) (see D-2) 2. EOK file, GMDS H 29/IE4.3 1. Translation of pages 43-47 of the Textheft (A-i),,by AMS; Call No. AMS DK45o G37 1941 Mappe A English Translation C. Map Series -- None D. City Plans 1. In A-l, Mappe A, Stadtplane: Helsinki, 1:10,000, January 1941 Tampere, 1:10,000, March 1941 Turku, 1:8,200, March 1941 Approved For Release 1999/09I01Rz RDP79-00976A000100120001-5 Approved For Release 1999/09MITR ,RDP79-00976A000100120001-5 2. In A-l, Mappe B, Stadtdurchfahrtplane: Through-way plans of 65 towns E. Remarks The Textheft of Mappe A is divided into three sections. The first section gives a general description of the country (including the geographic location and a list of administrative subdivisions), the landforme, climate, drainage, population, industry, transportation, telecommunications, and military situation. In section two the country is divided into 10 regions, each of which is described. Section three consists of a register of water features; a list of bridges (with d..mensions) along the road from Rovaniemi to Liinahamari; a discussion of the Swedish-Finnish border area; a list of radio stations, with data on each; and a German-Finnish glossary. The Textheft contains 23 black-and-white maps, an unusually large number'for a Mil-Geo study. The two-sheet population map (Kulturland and Bevolkerungsver- teilung) was based on the "Atlas de Finland," 1925, and was corrected from 1940 statistics. Owing to recent population shifts, it is now seriously out of date. On the industrial map, locations are given for mining and industrial centers, electric plants, high-tension lines, railroads, canals, and first-order administrative subdivisions. The legend contains 73 different symbols. Railroads, classified as single- and double-track broad-gauge, single-track normal-gauge, and narrow-gauge, are shown on the - 45 - Approved For Release 1999/0910$'i2c1AaRDP79-00976A000100120001-5 Approved For Release 1999/099IT2C1A RDP79-00976A000100120001-5 Transportation map. Railroad stations are located, with distances between stations indicated. Bus routes in northern Finland also are given. Approved For Release 1999/09 1,:IQI1RDP79-00976A000100120001-5 I Approved For Release 1999/09ITDP79-00976A000100120001-5 A. Textual Materials 1. Milita.rgeographische Beschreibung von Frankreich Teil I. Nordost-Frankreich Mappe A. Landesbeschreibung, Bilderbeilage, and Sonderkarten; 29 February 1940 Landeschreibung (Textheft) Landschaftsbilder, NO-Frankreich Karte: N0-Frankreich. Ubersicht and Lands chaftsgliederung, 1:750,000 Karte: NO-Frankreich. Hauptbodenarten, 1:1,000,000 Karte: NO-Frankreich. Politische Gliederung, 1:1,000,000 Karte: NO-Frankreich. Bevolkerung, 1:1,000,000 Karte: NO-Frankreich. Gewasserabschnitte, 1:500,000 Karte: NO-Frankreich. Eisenbahnnetz, 1:750,000 Wehrgeologische bbersichtskarte von Flandern, Artois, Oberboulonnais and Niederboulonnais, 1:300,000 Mappe B. Strassenkarten and Stadtdurchfahrtplane, 30 January 1940 Strassenkarten,NO-Frankreich (sheets 1-10), 1:200,000 Strassenibersichtskarte von Frankreich, 1:1,000,000 Stadtdurchfahrtplane, N0-Frankreich, mit Stadtplan von Paris Mappe C. Wirtschaftskarten, 30 January 1940 Wirtschaftsiibersicht, NO-Frankreich, 1:1,000,000 Industriekarte, NO-Frankreich, 1:200,000 Industriekarte, Lothringen, 1:200,Q00 Industriekarte, Elsass, 1:200,000 Industrie, Paris (4 sheets), 1:20,000 Elektrizitatskarte (2 sheets), 1:400,000 Mappe D. Mittelfrankreich (links der Seine) and Erganzung zu Teil I, 15 June 1940 - 47 - Approved For Release 1999/09/hiARDP79-00976A000100120001-5 Approved For Release I 999/09/41 , DP79-00976A000100120001-5 Operationskarte, Nordost-Frankreich, 1:750,000 Heft: Landeebeschreibung and Landschaftsbilder, Mittelfrankreich (links der Seine) Ubersichtskarte and Landschaftsgliederung, Mittelfrankreich, 1:750,000 Fernsprech- u. Telegraphenkarte, Nord- u. Mittelfrankreich, 1:750,000 Industriekarte Seine-Maritime, 1:200,000 (mit Industrieplan der Stadte, 1:10,000) Industriekarte, Rouen, 1:15,000 Industriekarte, Nantes, 1:10,000 Karte: Gew ,sserabschnitte, Mittelfrankreich, 1:500,000 Mappe Paris. City plan of Paris, 1:20,000 (11 sheets, with street register) Teil II. Nordwest-Frankreich, 15 May 191.0 (No Mappe A) Mappe B. Strassenkarten and Stadtdurchfahrtplane Strassenkarten, NW-Frankreich (sheets 11-18), 1:200,000 Strassenixbersichtskarte von Frankreich, 1:1,000,000 Stadtdurchfahrtpl'ane, NW-Frankreich Teil III. Sii.dost-Frankreich Mappe A. Landesbeschreibung, Bilderbeilage, and Sonderkarten, 15 June 19+0 Landesbeschreibung (Textheft) Landschaftsbilder, SO-Frankreich Karte: S0-Frankreich. Ubersicht and Landschaftsgliederung, 1:750,000 Karte: S0-Frankreich. Politische Gliederung, 1:1,000,000 Karte: S0-Frankreich. Bevolkerung, 1:,1,000,000 Karte: S0-Frankreich. Gewasserabschnitte, 1:500,000 Karte: S0-Frankreich. Eisenbahnnetz, 1:750,000 Karte: S0-Fran.kreich. Fernsprech- and Telegraphennetz, 1:1,000,000 Mappe B. Strassenkarten and Stadtdurchfahrtplane, 15 May 191.0 Strassenkarten, SO-Frankreich (sheets 19-28), 1:200,000 - 4 8 - A p p r o v e d For Release 1999/0910 R-9 RDP79-00976A000100120001-5 RESI Approved For Release I 999/09' ~~ FDP79-00976A000100120001-5 Strassenubersichtskarte von Frankreich, 1:1,000,000 Stadtdurchfahrtplane, S0-Frankreich Mappe C. Wirtschaftskarten, 5 June 1940 Franch6-Comte, 1:200,000 Savoyen, 1:200,000 Isere, 1:200,000 Rhone, 1:320,000 Loire, 1:200,000 Rhone-Maritime, 1:200,000 Marseille, 1:15,000 Wirtschaftsubersicht, S0-Frankreich, 1:1,000,000 Teil IV. Sudwest-Frankreich (No Mappe A) Mappe B. Strassenkarten und. Stadtdurchfahrtplane, 20 May 1940 Karte: Frankreich, Strassenausbau and Ubersicht, 1:1,000,000 Strassenkarten, SW-Frankreich (sheets 29-36), 1:200,000 Stadtdurchfahrtpl'ane, SW Frankreich 2. Militargeographische Beschreibung von Frankreich -- Sudwest-Frankreich, Map 1944. Geheim Textheft Karte 1 -- Landschaftsgliederung, 1:500,000 Karte 2 -- Wehrgeoingische Ubersichtskarte, 1:500,000 Karte 3 -- Bodenbedeckung, 1:500,000 Karte 4 -- Gewasser, 1:500,000 Karte 5 -- Wasserversorgung, 1:500,000 Karte 6 -- Verkehrskarte, 1:500,000 Karte 7 -- Starkstrom, 1:500,000 Karte 8 -- Landwirtschaft, 1:500,000 Karte 9 -- Wirtschaft, 1:500,000 Karte 10-- Siedlung and Unterkunft, 1:500,000 3. Ortschaftsverzeichnis Frankrelch (published by der Militar- befehlshaber in Frankreich, la/Mil-Geo, Paris, 1943) 49 Approved For Release 1999/0WQITIRtDP79-00976A000100120001-5 Approved For Release 1999/0ijWAORDP79-00976A000100120001-5 4. Die Militargeographischen Bedingungen fur die Verteidigung der franzosischen Mittelmeexkuste; January 1944; 1st edition May 1943; map at 1:500,000. Geheim (For other coasts of France, see Western and Northwestern Europe, General, A-2) 5. Militargeographische Beschreibung der Insel Korsika, 30 April 1941 6. EOK file at Engineer Strategic Intelligence Division, AMS B. Translations -- None C. Map Series 1. Mil-Geo-Karte Frankreich, 1:200,000; August 1941-April 1944 Geheim 2. Durchgangigkeit der Pyreriaen, 1:200,000; September 1943 Geheim (see Spain and Portugal, C-1) Mil-Geo-Karte Frankreich-Belgien-Niederlande, 1:200,000 (see Belgium, C-1) D. City Plans 1. In A-l, Teil I-IV, Mappe B, Stadtdurchfahrtplane: Through-way plans of 515 towns 2. In A-1, Mappen C and D of Teil I and Mappe C of Teil III: Plans of over 90 towns, 1:10,000 to 1:50,000 3. In A-l, Mappe Paris: Plan of Paris, 1:20,000 (4 sheets) 4. In C-1: Plans of about 120 towns, 1:10,000 to 1:12,500 Approved For Release 1999/099ITh tDP79-00976A000100120001-5 Approved For Release I 999/0w r j RDP79-00976A000100120001-5 E. Remarks The Mappen included in the four Teile on France (A-1) are summarized briefly in the following table: Section Mappe A Mappe B Mappe C Mappe D Mappe Teil of France (terrain) (roads) (industry) (operations) Paris I NO X X X X X II NW X III SO X X X IV SW X The texts of Mappen A of Teil I and Teil III present brief descriptions of a large number of small regions in eastern France. The natural resources, water features, transportation net, and industrial areas are discussed. Place registers, with data on population, transportation, telecommunications, and industrial centers, are included.. The Landschaftsbilder of Teil I and Teil III include nearly 300 photographs, chiefly of.industrial and transportation centers. The majority of the pictures are extraordinarily clear. Also included in each of the two Mappen A are a general map, on which the regions described in the text are delimited a map of the distribution of the principal terrain types and an accompanying alphabetical list of administrative districts; a map showing six categories of population density by very small units, probably communes; a map of water features and their utilization; and a railroad map. The last does not agree entirely with the official French railroad map and therefore should be used with caution. There is also a geological map made by Wa A (Wa Pxiuf5/x) which resembles the Mil-Geo operations and military - 51 - Approved For Release 1999/09 'X1CRDP79-00976A000100120001-5 Approved For Release 1999/09L ARDP79-00976A000100120001-5 geology maps. For each of the 13 areas distinguished, recommen- dations are made concerning trafficability for artillery, con- struction materials, aircraft landing places, etc. All four Mappen B contain Strassenkarten that are reprints of 1938 Michelin maps at 1:200,000 and Strassenutersichtskarten at 1:1,000,000. Through-way plans are given for 515 towns. Maps in the two Mappen C show the distribution of industry and electric power facilities. Industrial locations are given for about 120 cities. Mappe D is available only for Teil I. Except for an operations map of northeastern France, which shows landforms and the defen- sibility and trafficability of the terrain, the items cover central France only. Mappe Paris (A-l, Teil I) is a city plan of Paris at 1:20,000 in four sheets, with a street register. A transportation plan for Paris and vicinity at 1:50,000 is found in Teil I, Mappe B, and an industrial plan at 1:20,000 in four large sheets in Teil I, Mappe C. A-2 is a separate study of southwestern France that was produced under the German military commander of France in 1911 (la/Mil-Geo). It is one of the best handbooks prepared by Mil- Geo. The textual organization is essentially the same as that of most of the other handbooks, but a-much wider range of subjects is covered. In the Textheft are discussions of population, geographic regions, natural resources, vegatati.on cover, water Approved For Release 1999/00OOPQ ?-RDP79-00976A000100120001-5 Approved For Release 1999/09~ 4 W PDP79-00976A000100120001-5 11s~o?ce.,,,:m4t~c1'Q~ogc:'icots~i~at~7uFp~Y,;~xia'fc; o- .itia s..~,. earzitat o?:, ;vetex'~r~axyz prc b1eme:,rreiAfi { c?z omy .A; r" gX:ster of p =aQgs end ;a.. cture s pplenie t:.;a ev;; arm nc uded r:. This; _h togk pugs; greater mphas is on geq.ogy than ' most, of : the other.,M1l- ;Geo;: stud!i@s . ,; A .Qst every : page,' izi thy; regional descript o~as:: , , ; contains a geological map or profile. Ten excellent cojore& maps accompany the. ,toxt+.: Q Coxrai a,jn r5_ die;cuisj .ens, t e :general "g ograph3c features the ollowing order;;:, `location'?arid size,; soils, natural vegetation, climate, water, popu1at:on;; economy, transporttio.;, and.t~ , communications. A place register includes city plans of Ajaccio, Bastia, Bonifacio, and Corte. An outline map at 1:500,000 shows roads and railroads and the location and direction of the photographs in the picture supplement. Two maps of Corsica, reprints of a Michelin 1:200,000 (1938) and a 1:500,000 map (Ajaccio sheet) of the Service Geographique de l'Armee (1931+), are in a pocket on the back cover of the handbook. At least 1+7 sheets of the map series C-1 were published. The subtitle of the series is Militargeographische Einzelangaben uber Frankreich. The sheets are approximately 35 by 1+0 inches, folded to pocket size. In the center of each sheet is a topographic map around which are grouped short texts, small-scale special-subject maps, and lists identifying targets on the main map. On the back of the sheet, or on supplemental sheets, are city plans with street Approved For Release I 999/09/Q s:TtA DP79-00976A000100120001-5 Approved For Release 1999/09kp1tDP79-00976A000100120001-5 names, targets, and through routes. The main map was drawn from the 1:200,000 Carte de France and Michelin road map. Strategic objec- tives and amplified transportation data were added by Mil-Geo. Each sheet is in effect a brief geography of the area covered. This technique was developed by Mil-Geo to a high degree in the series on France. The city plans in D-1 were intended ae strategic target location maps and show the locations of industries in 90 or more towns. The city plans on C-l (D-4) are of good quality and are accompanied by street and target directories. - 54 - Approved For Release I 999/097 t I RDP79-00976A000100120001-5 Approved For Release 1999/09/0-4sTCA DP79-00976A000100120001-5 Germany 1. Zusammenstellung der Ubergange im Stromgebiet des Rhein; Generaletab des Heeres, Abt. fur Kriegskarten and Vermessungswesen; Berlin, 10 January 1940; GMDS H29/IG.1 (also 1936 edition, H29/IG.3) 2. Zusamme:nstellung der Ubergange im Stromgebiet der Weser and Ems; Wehrkreiskommando X (Mil-Geo) and GenSt d H, Abt. 9: Hamburg, 1939; GMDS H29/IG.12 3. Stromgebiet der Elbe; Generalkommando IV; Dresden, 1937; GMDS H29/IG.7 4. Stromgebiet der Donau: Generalkommando VII (Mil-Geo); Munchen, 1937; GMDS H29/IG.4 Zusammenstellung der ITbergange im Stromgebiet der Weser; Reichswehrministerium; Berlin, 1933; GMDS H. Dv. g. 33 6. Stromgebiet der Oder; Generalkommando VIII; Breslau, 1937; GMDS H29/IG.8 7. Das Odergebiet; no author or published named; printed at the Reichsdruckerei, Berlin, 1930; GMDS H. Dv. g. 32/I 8. Stromgebiet des Rhein -- Einwirkung auf die Wasserfizhrung; Generalkommando VI A.K. (9 Abt) Mil-Geo; Munster, 1939; GMDS H29/IG.2 9. Ubersichtskarte 1:300,000 der TJbergange im Stromgebiet der Oder and der Kiistenflusse im Pommern in.6 Teilen; Generaistab des Heeres, 9 Abt (Mil-Geo); Berlin, 1938; GMDS H29/IG.9c,d 10. Militargeographische Angaben Aber das Grenzgebiet an der Ostsee; Wehrmachtmanover (Heer) and GenSt d H, 9 Abt (Mil-Geo); Berlin, 1937; GMDS H 29/IF5..41 11. Militar.-geographische Beschreibung von Deutschland; Berlin, 1889, GMDS Approved For Release 1999/09/ T1CbARDP79-00976A000100120001-5 Approved For Release I 999/09? T2 DP79-00976A000100120001-5 . Map Series 1. Militargeographische Einzelangaben zum Grossblatt (some sheets, Militargeographische Einzelangaben fur die Truppen- fuhrung zum Einheitsblatt), 1:100,000; May 1939 to 1945. Geheim D. City Plans -- None A Mil-Geo section was established in each Wehrkreiskommando (military district) of Germany to provide information on strategic installations and transportation routes and facilities. The data were plotted on topographic maps at the scale of 1:100,000, and elaborate explanatory legends were supplied. The maps, some of them with accompanying booklets, were issued in pocket-sized folders. Most of the folders were published between 1935 and 19+0, but a few appeared as early as 1932 and others as late as 1945. This series differs from other Mil-Geo handbooks in that summaries of physical features, economy, etc., were omitted and only strategic data given. C-1 is the only Mil-Geo map series with an overprint in six colors. On a light-brown base, the colors used are purple, for boundaries, industries, and communication lines; red, for roads and road data, military installations, hospitals, post offices, and telephone cables and relay stations; blue, for a number of water features and for observation posts; green, for names of woodlands and other obstacles to traffic; black, for bridges; and _56- Approved For Release 1999/09 iTN k DP79-00976A000100120001-5 Approved For Release I 999/09 '`T RDP79-00976A000100120001-5 dark brown, for dams, escarpments, and road cuts. A text describ- ing the physical. features and a list of strategic targets are printed in the margins. On the backs of the sheets are city plans (on which the same six colors are used) and a list of strategic targets. Approved For Release I 999/09/ TIdF PDP79-00976A000100120001-5 Approved For Release 1999/09/p DP79-00976A000100120001-5 (Including Northern Ireland) 1. Milita.rgeographische Angaben Taber Irland; 30 September 1940 Textheft Bildheft Ubersichtskarte, 1:1,000,000 Elektrische Stromversorgung, 1:750,000 Eisenbahnnetz mit Stationsverzeichnis, 1:1,000,000 Funkstellen, Ferrisprech- and Telegraphennetz, 1:1,000,000 Strassenkarte mit Hervorhebung der wichtigsten Gelandehindernisse, 1:316,800 (2 sheets) Stadtplane (see D-1) Stadtdurchfahrtplane (see D-2) 2. Militargeographische Angaben uber Irland: West- and Nordkuste; 15 October 1941 Text- und. Bildheft mit Kartenanlagen Militargeographische Angaben uber Irland: Sind- and Ostkiiste; 31 May 1941 Text- and Bildheft mit Kartenanlagen 4. EOK file at GMDS, H 29/IA2.4 B. Translations -- None C. Map Series -- None D. City Plans 1. In A-l, Stadtplane: Belfast, 1:10,000 Dublin, 1:10,000 2. In A-l, Stadtdurchfahrtplane: Through-way plans of 25 towns - 58 - Approved For Release 1999/09xuOtARDP79-00976A000100120001-5 Approved For Release I 999/0 iziCt RDP79-00976A000100120001-5 E. Remarks The treatment of Ireland in A-1 is similar to that of other countries for which early Mil-Geo studies were made. The short text contains black-and-white-'maps showing administrative divi- sions, terrain regions, population density, areas in which the Gaelic language predominates, agriculture and stock raising, inland waterways, and minerals and industries. The Bildheft contains a map that gives the location of the photographs repro- duced. At unusual feature of the Ubersichtskarte is the Mil- Geo overprint that shows the terrain trafficability in general terms and classifies the large industrial cities as of first or second order. On the road map, which is unusually comprehensive, all areas with a slope gradient in excess of 1:10 are blocked out in brown, and all cliffs and numerous spot heights are shown. A-2 and A-3 cover the entire coast of Ireland. They include numerous photographs, several cross sections and sectional geological maps, a few black-and-white maps, brief texts, and six sectional coastal classification maps that are based chiefly on slope. Each Stadtdurchfahrtplan in A-1 includes a marginal list giving the distances from the town mapped to other towns along each route leading out of town. Approved For Release I 999/09/BIlST ' RDP79-00976A000100120001-5 Approved For Release 1999/09/O1sT WDP79-00976A000100120001-5 The Netherlands A. Textual Materials 1. Militargeographischer Uberlick uber die Niederlande; 20 November 1939 (earlier edition, 1 February 1939) Textheft Landschaftsbilder Stadtdurchfahrtplane (see D-2) Gewasserabschnitte, Hohenlage and Pegelstationen der Niederlande, 1:300,000 Strassenkarte, Nordblatt, 1:200,000 Strassenkarte, Mittelblatt, 1:200,000 Strassenkarte, Sudblatt, 1:200,000 Fernsprech- and Telegraphennetz, 1:1+00,000 Verwaltungskarte, 1:300,000 2. Sonderbeilage zu Militargeographische tberlick uber die Niederlande; 1939 Stadtverkehrsplane (see D-2) 3. Die militargeographischen Bedingungen zur Verteidigung der niederlandischen Kuste; 16 October 191+2; mimeographed. Geheim 1+. Die militargeographischen Bedingungen fur die Verteidigung der niederlandischen, belgischen and franzosi~ichen Kasten; January 191+2. Geheim Text- and Bildheft Karte: Teil I - Nordsee and Armelkanal, 1:1,000,000 Teil II - Atlantischer Ozean, 1:1,000,000 C. Map Series 1. Militargeographische Einzelangaben Uber die Niederlande, 1:200,000 12 sheets, with supplementary city plan, dated 1 August 191+3 to 1 January 191+1+ (see D-3) Karte der Belegungsmoglichkeit der niederla.ndischen Gemeinden, 1:200,000 (3- sheets) - 6o - Approved For Release I 999/09 'RIO IXRDP79-00976A000100120001-5 Approved For Release 1999/09/Qts.IDP79-00976A000100120001-5 3. Bruckenkarte der Niederlande, 1:50,000 (114 sheets) 4. Marschstrassen in den Niederlanden, 1:200,000 (9 sheets) D. City Plans 1. In A-i, Stadtdurchfahrtplane: Through-way plans of 43 towns, with an index map 2. In A-2, Stadtverkehrsplane: Amsterdam, 1:15,000 Rotterdam, 1:15,000 's Gravenhage, 1:15,000 Utrecht, 1:15,000 Groningen, 1:15,000 Plans for 52 towns, 1:12,500: Alkmaar 's Gravenhage Nijmegen Almelo Groningen Oldenzaal Amersfoort Haarlem Purmerend Amsterdam Harlingen Renen Apeldoorn Hengelo Rotterdam Arnheim 's Hertogenbosch Scheveningen Assen Hilversum Schiedam Breda Hoek van Holland Sneek Delft Hoorn Tiel Delfzijl Ijmuiden (1:25,000) Utrecht Den Helder Kampen Vlaardingen Deventer Krommenie Winsohoten Dordrecht Kuilenburg Winterswijk Enkhuizen Leeuwarden Wormerveer Enschede Leiden Zaandam Franeker Maassluis Zutfen Gorkum Meppel Zwolle Gouda 4. From Belgium, C-1: Bergen op Zoom, 1:15,000 Breda, 1:15,000 Tilburg, 1:15,000 Middelburg, 1:12,500 Eindhoven, 1:15,000 Maastricht, 1:15,000 Vlissingen, 1:12,500 - 61 - Approved For Release I 999/09/O1sT J1 RDP79-00976A000100120001-5 Approved For Release 1999/O9IRYRDP79-00976A000100120001-5 5.. Listed in L6:nderweise Zusammenstellung aller.Mil-Geo- Arbeiten, November 1943 (not identified with any plans or publications listed herein): Baarn and Soest Helmond Bilthoven Roermond de Bilt and Zeist Venlo E. Remarks As might be expected, the water features of the Netherlands are emphasized-in the Textheft of A-1. The black-and-white maps included show water supply, industries, and population density. The map Gewasserabschnitte, Hohenlage and Pegelstationen gives hypsometry and water features in great detail, with contour inter- vals at -5,, -2.5, -1, 0, 1, 3, 5,. 10, 30, 50, 100, and 200 meters. A-3 was prepared by the Mil-Geo-Gruppe in the Netherlands. It contains 27 pages of discussion of.coastal defense., with numerous references to the sheets of the Dutch 1:50,000 map series. The text is accompanied by three black-and-white-maps, which add nothing to the information included in A-1. No refer- ence is made to the special 18-sheet defense series at 1:200,000 (Verteidigungekarte der Niederlande), prepared by Wehrgeologie in 1941, or to the accompanying booklet (translated by ISTD, March 1945). (For AI call number and a brief discussion of A-4, see Northwestern Europe, A-2 and E.) The Mil-Geo Einzelangaben series at 1:200,000 (C-1) was prepared by Mil-Geo-Gruppe beim Wehrmachtsbefehlshaber in den Niederlanden. It provides much more local geographical detail - 62 - Approved For Release I 999/09 II RDP79-00976A000100120001-5 Approved For Release 1999/0IRIP~RDP79-00976A000100120001-5 than does the Textheft of A-l. The base is the German Army topographic map, Niederlande, at 1:200,000. The black overprint includes 30 symbols that designate bridges, harbors, light- houses, and industries, as well as numbers by which strategic targets shown on the map are keyed to textual descriptions. Physical features, transportation, economy, and supply of drink- ing water are discussed, and places named on the map are listed and briefly described. Most of the sheets include several sketc}i maps on such subjects as soil types, place names, and telecommunications. City plans are printed on the back of most of the sheets and on some supplemental sheets. On these plans the main streets are named, main traffic routes through the town are shown, and strategic targets are located and de- scribed. According to the Planheft Niederlande of the German Army dated 6 December 1943, map series C-2, C-3, and C_1 were pub- lished by Mil-Geo, but none of the sheets are in Washington. Plans for the 52 cities listed under D-3 are, with one exception, enlargements at 1:12,500 from 1:25,000 maps. All streets, some street names, and important industrial and civic installations are shown. - 63 - Approved For Release 1999/09/OT1ebARDP79-00976A000100120001-5 Approved For Release 1999/09/tTIC DP79-00976A000100120001-5 Norway (Including Svalbard) 1. Militargeographische Angaben fiber Skandinavien; 12 April 1940 Mappe B - Norwegen Einzellandschaften, Gewasser and Verkehrskunstbauten, mit Bildern Ortschaftsverzeichnis Stadtpl'ane im Grossformat (see D-1) Stadtplane im Kleinformat (Sammelheft) (see D-2) Stadtdurchafahrtpl'ane (see D-3 and D-4) 2. Militargeographische Angaben Uber Norwegen, 1942. Geheim Teil A. Allgemeine Ubersicht mit Kartenmappe (Inhalt der Kartenmappe) Karte der Elektrizitatsversgrgung Slid- and Nord- norwegens, 1:1,000,000 (2 sheets) Strassenkarte von Skandinavien, Siid- and Nordblatt, 1:1,000,000 Eisenbahnkarte von Norwegen, 1:1,000,000 Karte der Nachrichtenverbindugen Norwegens, 1:2,000,000 Teil B. Einzellandschaften and Spitzbergen, 1942 Teil C. Einzelangaben, 1943 3. Militargeographische Beschreibung der Gewasser, SO- Norwegens and deren LTbergange, mit Karte, 1:500,000; senond edition, 15 May 1943. Geheim 4. Militargeographieche Beschreibung der Gewasser, SW Norwegens and deren Ubergdnge, mit Karte, 1:500,000; 15 September 1942. Geheim 5. Militargeographische Beschreibung der Gewasser, Mittel- Norwegens and deren Ubergange, mit Karte, 1:500,000; 1.5 May 1942.. Geheim. Approved For Release 1999/0I'TADRDP79-00976A000100120001-5 Approved For Release 1999/09/0$SqRDP79-00976A000100120001-5 6. Militargeographische Beschreibung der Gewasser, N- Norwegens and deren Ubergange, mit Karte, 1:600,000; 15 November 191+2. Geheim 7. Militargeographische Einzelbeschreiburg der Gewasser, N- Norwegens and Fi-nnisch-Lapplands and deren Ubergange, 2 Karten, 1;600,000; second edition, 1 August 1944. Geheim 8. 0rtschaftsverzeicbnis von Norwegen; Mil-Geo-Gruppe Norwegen; 1 September 19113; GMDS H 29/1E3.9 9. Eingehende Einzeldarstellung der geographischen Bedin- gungen fur die Verteidigung der Kasten Norwegens; 1 February 19114 Hauptband Kartenmappe zum Hauptband Uberstchtskarte von Norwegen, 1:1,000,000, Blatt Sud and Nord Strassenzustandskarte, 1:1,000,000, Blatt Sud and Nord 8 Skizzen zur Gelandebeurteilung der Abschnitte, I bis VIII, 1:300,000 B ildband 10. Ortsverzeichnis zur Ortskarte Nord-Norwegen, 1:300,000 11. Ortsnamenverzeichnis zur Ortskarte, 1:300,000, Mittel- norwegen, March 191+3. 12. Ortsverzeichnis zur Ortskarte, Korpskartenstelle 470, Nre 1, 2, and 3, August 1944 13. Militargeographische Unterrichtungswerk Uber den Bereich der 69 Div Kartenmappe, 15 July 191+1 Militargeographische Karte, 1:200,000,Nord- and Sudb latt Strassenzustandskarte, 1:200,000, Nord- and Sudb latt Ortskarte des Bereiches, 1:300,000, Nebst Ortsverzeichnis - 65 - Approved For Release I 999/09/Hs2 IIS 'DP79-00976A000100120001-5 Approved For Release 1999/0 //sI~I14-RDP79-00976A000100120001-5 ANS translation of A-2, Teil B; 19 pp.; AMS Call No. GB21+6G37 English Translation C. Map Series 1. Mil-Geo-Karte Norwegen,, 1:100,000; April 191+1+. Geheim 2. Mil-Geo-Angaben Ostnorwegisches Grenzgebiet, 1:500,000 (Sheet 1, 1:250,000); September 1911.3 to March 191+1+. Geheim D. City Plans 1. In A-l, Stadtpline im Grossformat: Bergen, 1:10,000 Drammen, 1:10,000 Stavanger, 1:10,000 Trondheim, 1:10,000 Oslo, 1:13,000 2. In A-l, Stadtplane im Kleinformat: Plans for 25 towns 3. In A-1, Stadtdurchfahrtplane: Through-way plans of 23 towns 1+. In A-l, Stadtdurchfahrtplane, supplement: Through-way plans of 17 towns 5. On back of C-2: Plans of several cities E. Remarks Of the three folders on Scandinavia, only Mappe B deals specifically with Norway; Mappe A gives a general description of both Norway and Sweden and contains maps to be used with all three; and Mappe C describes Sweden (see Scandinavia and Sweden). - 66 - Approved For Release 1999/OIIRDP79-00976A000100120001-5 Approved For Release 1999/09/OTI&DP79-00976A000100120001-5 The Textheft of Mappe B is divided into three sections. In the first section (Einzellandschaften), Norway is divided into and discussed according to 17 regions, which are outlined on a map on the inside of the back cover. Section two (Gewasser) is a description of the water features of Norway. Section three (Verkehrskunstbauten) is a list of bridges,-with the dimensions, type of construction, and related data given for each. The list is keyed to a transportation map at the back of the text. Photo- grap$s and some sketch plans of towns are inserted in the text. A-2 is more detailed and of later date than the Textheft of Mappe A, Skandinavien. A useful feature of Teil A is a list of fylker (first-order administrative units), with their area, population distribution, and population density. Teil B is a regional description of Norway and Spitzbergen (-Svalbard). Teil C has registers of places, water features, and streets, and a list of the German equivalents of place names appearing on the Norwegian 1:100,000 map. An unusual item is a selected bibliog- raphy of literature on Norway, by subject. A-3 through A-7 provide great detail on the water resources and transportation facilities of Norway. These studies were made by the Mil-Geo-Gruppe Norwegen on the basis of EOK files. The organization followed in all five volumes is as follows: foreword; detailed description of rivers, canals, and lakes, with lists of river crossings (by sheet number of Sonderausgabe - 67 - Approved For Release I 999/09 TRM' DP79-00976A000100120001-5 Approved For Release 1999/09 MPD-RDP79-00976A000100120001-5 Norwegen, 1:100,000, on which the crossings are shown); and a short description of the dimensions and capacities of the bridges and ferries. The maps show roads of three categories, based on the type of vehicular traffic they can handle; railroads; six types of bridges; wagon roads; ferry landings, locks, and dams; railroad tunnels; and rivers that offer obstructions to military movement. A-13 covers the area occupied by the German 69th Division. The first map listed delimits first-, second-, and third-order admLnistrative unite and police and judicial districts; gives the area and population of each third-order unit; and locates military targets of 31 types. The second map shows first- and second-order roads (classified on the basis of the type of traffic the road can handle), railroads and railroad facilities, data on dimensions of bridges, and distances between places. The third map is essentially a location map and is accompanied by a comprehensive place register. The base of the map series C-1 is the German Army topo- graphic map of Norway at 1:100,000. The overlay and most.of the information for the coastal area were supplied by Mar-Geo. The legend for the Mar-Geo data includes military posts; large harbors fully equipped for repair work; harbors less'well equipped; harbors for coastal ships; landing places; shoal areas; dangerous obstacles; depth contours at 40, 50, 100, 200, and 300 meters; spot depths; and areas exposed at low tide. The Approved For Release 1999/09 'I1 ARDP79-00976A000100120001-5 Approved For Release I 999/09j Tp DP79-00976A000100120001-5 Mil-Geo legend includes main highways, secondary roads, width and surface type of roads, direction of gradients, bridges, n,;rrow bridges, ferries, observation posts with arrows showing direction of view, areas where paratroop landings are most likely, light- houses, hospitals, hotels, hydroelectric plants, shipyards, fish canneries, motor factories, iron mines, and high-tension lines. Physical features, transportation, settlements, economy, power supply, and supply of drinking water are discussed in the marginal text. A description of the coast gives information on the sea bottom, shoals, harbor installations, tidal data, and ice conditions. The purple Mil-Geo overprint stands out more clearly on the sheets of C-l than on any other Mil-Geo map series. The base of the map series C-2 is the German Army topo- graphic map of Norway at 1:500,000. Roads and road data are shown in red; railroads,, boundaries, and bridges are shown in black; and water is shown in blue. Purple is used for high- tension lines and observation posts and for identifying various industries and strategic targets. A text in the margin describes physical features, economy, and transportation. A descriptive list of strategic targets is keyed to the map, and on the back are several city plans on which streets are named, strategic targets identified, and through routes shown. - 69 - Approved For Release 1999/09Y6$TDP79-00976A000100120001-5 Approved For Release 1999/0iWgltt -RDP79-00976A000100120001-5 Scandinavia A. Textual Materials 1. Militargeographische Angaben uber Skandinavien; 12 April 1940 Mappe A Textheft Strassenkarte Skandinavien, 1:1,000,000 (Nordblatt) Straseenkarte Skandinavien, 1:1,000,000 (Sudblatt) Dbersichtskarte Skandinavien, 1:2,000,000, mit Namenregister Namensverzeichnis zur Ubereichtskarte Skandinavien and Ostseelander Fernsprech- and Telegraphennetz Skandinavien, 1:2,000,000 Behelfsmassige Operationskarte von Skandinavien, 1:2,000,000 Verkehrsnetz von Skandinavien, 1:2,000,000 Stationeverzeiohniz zur Karte Verkehrsnetz Skandinavien Mappen B and C are detailed accounts of Norway and Sweden, respectively, and are treated under those countries B. Translations -- None C. Map Series --See Norway D. City Plans -- See Norway and Sweden E. Remarks A-1 includes three Mappen on Scandinavia.. Mappe A is a general description of both Norway and Sweden, Mappe B gives specific information on Norway, and Mappe C on Sweden. Mappe A comprises a Textheft and maps that describe the physical geography, population,. economy, and transportation of the two countries. In the Textheft, Mappe A delimits the regions Approved For Release 1999/021 tziBtA-RDP79-00976A000100120001-5 Approved For Release I 999/Q tuo --RDP79-00976A000100120001-5 as discussed in Mappen B and C. The maps in this volume are to be used with all three texts. The north and south sheets of Strassenkarte Skandinavien, both dated 1939, show the main roads and also the network of lesser roads, trails, and railroads. The Ubersichtskarte and Namensverzeichnis are useful for location and orientation purposes. The Operationskarte outlines five types of areas on the basis of terrain and population density an and makes recommendations on the trafficability of the area and its ability to support and billet troops. The main trans- portation net is also shown, but this. map is not so detailed as most of the Operationskarten for other areas. Approved For Release 1999/09tg~rPCIA;RDP79-00976A000100120001-5 Approved For Release I 999/0 'IRt RDP79-00976A000100120001-5 Spain and Portugal A. Textual Materials 1. Militargeographische Studie fiber Spainen and Portugal (Iberische Halbinsel) Mappe A (30 January 1941) Textheft Ortsverzeichnisse Bildheft: Spanien Bildheft: Portugal Ubersichtskarte, 1:2,500,000 Karte: Land- and Forstwirtschaft and Fischerei, 1:1,500,000 Karte: Industri- and Lagerstatten, 1:1,500,000 Karte: Spanien and Portugal: Elektrizitats- wirtschaft, 1:2,500,000 Ei.senbahnkarte von Spanien and Portugal, 1:2,500,000, Stations- and Strechenverzeichnis;der spanischen Eisenbahnen Eisenbahnkarte von Portugal, 1:1,500,000, mit Verzeichnis der Bahnhofe and Haltestellen Strassenzustandskarte von Portugal, 1:900,000 Stadtpl'ane (see D-1) Mappe B Strassenkarte, 1:1+00,000 (14 sheets) Stadtdurchfahrtplane (Sammelheft) (see D-2) Strassenzustandskarte von Portugal, 1:900,000 2. Militargeographische Studie uber die Atlantischen Inseln (Kap Verden, Kanaren, Madeira, Azoren); Entwurf; 27 Novem- ber 1942. (Typewritten manuscript at CIA Map Library) 3. Mil-Geo-Studie uber die Kiisten der Iberischen Halbinsel; 16 December 191+2. Geheim (Typewritten manuscript at CIA Map Library) 1. Textheft of A-l, Mappe A. pages 5-15 and 45-711., trans- lated by Service Branch, ID, GSUSA, as Job No. E-711.52, 14 June 1948 Approved For Release I 999/O MRz RDP79-00976A000100120001-5 Approved For Release I 999/0 IOI RDP79-00976A000100120001-5 2. A-2 translated by Service Branch, ID, GSUSA, ad Job No. E-7942, 14 June 1948 A-3 translated by Service Branch, ID, GSUSA, as Job No. E-8427, 15 September 1948 Map Series 1. Durchg'Angigkeit der Pyrenaen, 1:200,000; September 1943. Geheim City Plans 1. In A-l, Mappe A, Stadtplane: Badajos, 1:10,000 Merida, 1:10,000 Burgos, 1:10,000 Portalegra, ca. 1:6,000 Cordoba;, 1:10,000 Porto, 1:10,000 Evora, 1:7,000 Salamanca, 1:10,000 Fara, ca. 1:4,125 Setubal, 1:10,000 Lissabon, 1:10,000 Sevilla, 1:10,000 Madrid, 1:25,000 Valladolid, 1:10 000 2. In A-l, Mappe B, Stadtdurchfahrtplane: Through-way plans of 148 towns On C-1: In margins, small-scale plans of several towns E. Remarks This is one of the weakest handbooks published by Mil-Geo. The Textheft of Mappe A, A-i, is divided into three sections. The first section discusses the geographic background of the entire Iberian Peninsula and then describes the administrative setup, population, industry, transportation, and telecommunica- tions of the two countries separately. The second section comprises descriptions of each of eight regions. The third section contains directories of water features and hospitals Approved For Release I 999/0 '~ TADRDP79-00976A000100120001-5 Approved For Release 1999/ 1efiIp-RDP79-00976A000100120001-5 and a description of the road between Irun and Cadiz. Maps in the Textheft show the distance across the peninsula at various points, first- and second-order subdivisions in both Spain and Portugal, four climatic regions of the peninsula, and the distri- bution of population on the basis of 1939 estimates. The main centers of five language types, agricultural regions, and roads through the Pyrenees are shown on sketch maps. The Ortsverzeich- nisse of Mappe A is one of the better gazetteers published in Mil-Geo studies. The Ubersichtskarte of Mappe A is an enlargement of a map published by the Geographische Anstalt von H. Wagner & E. Debes and is well-suited for use as a base map. Features shown on the map are the drainage pattern (in detail), roads and railroads, spot elevations and depths, terrain (by hachures), a large number of place names, and some Mediterranean and Atlantic shipping routes. The agriculture, forest, and fisheries map outlines areas of various types of agriculture, including irrigation agriculture, and designates fisheries by the main type of fish caught in the principal fishing grounds. This map and the one showing the locations of mineral deposits and industries were prepared by 0KW WiRu Amt/Wi. The map of distribution of electric power shows both hydro- and thermoelectric installa- tions. The road and railroad maps for both Spain and Portugal are out of date. The register of Spanish railroads and stations is keyed to the railroad map. Fourteen city plans are given in Mappe A (see D-1). - 74 - Approved For Release I 999/( Ic --RDP79-00976A000100120001-5 Approved For Release I 999/0WO1} J RDP79-00976A000100120001-5 The 14-sheet road map in Mappe B (A-1) has been superseded by more recent maps but includes through-way plans of 148 towns. The road map for Portugal at 1:900,000 is identical with that in Mappe A. In A-2 the four Spanish island groups in the Atlantic are discussed.. The text is organized as follows: Section A -- location, size, :physical geography, population, economy, and transportation for all groups; Section B -- similar informa- tion-for each island; Section C -- information on harbor and dock installations', anchorages, and coal, oil, drinking water, and food supplies; and Section D -- an over-all evaluation. Accompanying maps of each island and a general location map of the groups were out out of an unidentifiable Heeres Karte. The coastal study, A-3, is a regional description of the coasts of the Iberian Peninsula in terms of the nature of the coast, possibility of landings, harbors, natural defenses, the land behind the coast, and an over-all conclusion regarding the defensibility of each section of the coast. A map illustrating these points is included in the text. On the map series, C-l, the purple Mil-Geo overlay shows the main, secondary, and small roads; passes, tunnels, narrow roads, and roads susceptible to stone slides; steepness of slope; and airports. In the margins are descriptions of roads, some small- scale city plans, and an annotated list of strategic targets. On Approved For Release 1999/OWDV~ #'FA-RDP79-00976A000100120001-5 Approved For Release 1999/09 IRCIARRDP79-00976A000100120001-5 the back is an orientation map at 1:1,000,000. The Pyrenees as transportation barriers and the influence of climate on trans- portation are described textually. - 76 - Approved For Release 1999/09M$TR RDP79-00976A000100120001-5 Approved For Release 1999/09'2DP79-00976A000100120001-5 Sweden A. Textual Materials 1. Militargeographische Angaben izber Skandiriavien Mappe C - Schweden; 1 August 19+0 E1nzellandschaften, Gewasser and Verkehrskunetbauten mit Bildern 0rtschafteverzeichnis Stadtplane iui Kleinformat Stadtplane im Grossformat Stadtdurchfahrtplane 2. EOK file at GMDS H29/IE 2.2 B. Translations -- None C. Map Series -- None D. City Plans 1. In A-1,, Stadtpl'ane im Grossformat: G8teborg, 1:6,000 Malmo, 1:10,000 Halsingborg, 1:10,000 Stockholm, 1:12,000 Lulea, i:4,000 Sundsvall, 1:8,000 Lund, 1:8,000 2. In A-1, Stadtplane in Kleinformat: Through-way plans of 31 towns 3. In A-1, Stadtdurchfahrtplane: Through-way plans of 115 towns E. Remarks Mappe C, the third of three Mappen on Scandinavia, deals specifically with Sweden (for descriptions of Mappen A and B, see Scandinavia and Norway). The Tex-theft of Mappe C is divided into three sections. In the first section, 12 regions of Sweden Approved For Release 1999/09/ b' tDP79-00976A000100120001-5 Approved For Release 1999/O RDP79-00976A000100120001-5 are discussed in text and delimited on a map inside the back cover. The second section is a description of the water features of Sweden. The third section is a list of bridges, with dimensions, type of construction, and related data for each, and the list is keyed to a transportation map at the back. Photographs are inserted in the text. - 78 - Approved For Release 1999/09 Q1TIRDP79-00976A000100120001-5 Approved For Release I 999/q j -RDP79-00976A000100120001-5 Switzerland A. Textual Materials 1, Schweiz Strassenzustandekarte; 1:300,000 Stadtdurchfahrtplane (see D-1) B. Translations -- None C. Map Series -- None D. City Plans 1. In A-l, Stadtdurdhfahrtpline: Through way plans of 41 towns, with an index map. E. Remarks Mil-Geo made no. geographical studies of Switzerland. The only publications on that country are a road map and a booklet of through-way town plans (A-1, D-1). - 79 - Approved For Release 1999/0&*~R194RDP79-00976A000100120001-5 Approved For Release 1999/09O1TRRDP79-00976A000100120001-5 United Kingdom (Excluding Northern Ireland) A. Textual Materials 1. Militargeographische Angaben Uber England; third edition, 31 August 19+1 (first edition, 1 August 1940) Mappe A 1. Textheft 2. Ortschaftsverzeichnis (bisher im Textheft, jetzt als besonderes Heft gedruckt; new bearbeitet und erweitert) 3. Bildheft: England insgesamt (typische Landschaftsbilder) 4. Ubersichtskarte von Grossbritannien und Irland, 1:1,000,000, mit Blattbereichseinteilung fu'r die Sonderkarte 1:100,000 (neue physikalieche Uber- sichtskarte) 5. Militargeographische Operationskarte England, 1:500,000, Sudblatt (Sud- und Mittelengland) 6. Karte: Grossbritannien und Irland, Eisen- bahnnetz, 1:1,000,000, mit Stationsverzeichnis auf der Ruckseite; dient zugleich als OrtsiTber- sichtskarte (neu bearbeitet nach Unterlagen von Chef Tranep.) 7. Heft: Stationsverzeichnis zu 6 8. Karte: Grosebritannien, Fernverkehrsstrassen, 1:1,000,000 9. Karte: Grossbritannien, Ubersicht der Gewasser, 1:1,000,000 10. Karte: Grosebritannien, Fernsprech- und Tele- graphennetz (Vorderseite); Funketellen (Ruckseite); 1:1,000,000 11. Karte: Elektrizitatsversorgung von England und Schottland, 1:1,000,000 mit Verzeichnis der Grosskraftwerke und ihrer Leistungsfahigkeit 12. Karte: England, Bevolkerungeverteilung, 1:1,000,000 13. Heft: Stadtdurchfahrtplgne (verbessert und erweitert) Mappe B. London; 31 August 19+1 (second edition.). 1. Textheft mit Bildern 2. Karte: Verkehrsplan von London und Umgebung, 1:50,000 - 8o - Approved For Release I 999/0SIO V''c A RDP79-00976A000100120001-5 Approved For Release 1999/099'FTOIARDP79-00976A000100120001-5 3. Stadtplan von London, 1:20,000, mit militargeo- graphischen Objekteintragungen, in 4 Bldttern (mit Gauss-Kruger-Gitternetz) Mappe C. Kustenbeschreibungen (Text- and Bildheft mit Kartenanlagen); 1 May 1941 1. Militargeographischen Angaben Uber England, Sizdkuste, Text- and Bildheft mit Kartenanlagen.; mit 1. and 2. Nachtrag; 15 August 1940 2. Militargeographische Angaben uber England, Sudkuste. 3. Nachtrag zum Text- and Bildheft. Geneigtaufnahmen vom Ostabschnitt (Littlehampton bis Margate); 20 May 1941 3. Militargeographische Angaben uber England, Ostkuste (Sudlicher Teil, von Margate bis zum Humber). Text- and Bildheft mit Kartenanlagen; 30 August 1940 4. Militargeographische Angaben 'Aber England, 0stkuste (N6rdlicher Teil, vom Humber bis zum Firth of Tay). Text- and Bildheft mit Kartenanlagen; 15 October 1940 5. Militargeographische Angaben uber England., Westkuste-Sudlicher Teil (von Cornwall bis Anglesey). Text- and Bildheft mit Kartenanlagen; 27 December 1940 6. Militargeographische Angaben uber England Schottland, Westkiiste-Nordlicher Teil (von Great Ormes Head bis Oban). Text- and Bildheft mit Kartenanlagen; 28 February 1941 2. Militargeographische Einzelangaben Uber England; Militar- geographische Objektkarten mit Objektbildern; 15 May 1942 Mappe 1. The Border 1. England 1:250,000, Blatt 1. The Border umfassend die Blattbereiche (BB) 1, 2, 3 der Ka.rte von England 1:100,000 2. Stadtplane (see D-3) 3. Heft: Objektbilder Mappe 2. Nordliches Zentralgebiet; 6 May 1942 1. England 1:250,000, Blatt 2, N6rdliches Zentral- gebiet umfassend die Blattbereiche (BB) 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 12, 13 der Karte von England 1:100,000 RE TR 1 : K-?DP79-00976A000100120001-5 Approved For Release 1999/09// Approved For Release 1999/9&81-RDP79-00976A000100120001-5 2. Stadtplane (see D-4) 3. Heft: Objektbilder Mappe 3. Nordost-England; 30 April 1942 1. England 1:250,000, Blatt 3, Nordost-England umfassend die Blattbereiche (BB) 3, 6, 7, 9, 10, 12, 13, 14 der Karte von England 1:100,000 2. Stadtplane (see D-5) 3. Heft: Objektbilder Mappe I. Nord-Wales and Manchester; 31 March 1942 1. England 1:250,000 Blatt 4, Nord-Wales and Manchester umfassend die Blattbereiche (BB) 11, 12, 13, 15, 16, 17, 21, 22, 23 der Karte von England 1:100,000 2. Stadtplane (see D-6) 3. Heft: Objektbilder Mappe 5. Not published Mappe 6. Nord-Midlands; 12 March 1942 1. England 1:250,000, Blatt 6, Nord-Midlands umfassend die Blattbereiche (BB) 9, 10, 12, 13, 14, 15, 16, 17, 18 der Karte von England 1:100,000 2.. Stadtplane (see D-7) 3. Heft: Objektbilder Mappe 7. Sid Wales; 30 November 1941 1. England 1:250,000, Blatt 7, Sad-Wales umfassend die Blattbereiche (BB) 15, 16, 20, 21, 22, 26, 27, 32 der Karte von England 1:100,000 2. Stadtplane (see D-8) 3. Heft: Objektbilder Mappe 8. Midlands; 7 October 1941 1. England 1:250,000, Blatt 8, Midlands umfassend die Blattbereiche (BB) 16, 17, 18, 22, 23, 24, 27, 28, 29 der Karte von England 1:100,000 2. Stadtplane (see D-9) 3. Heft: Objektbilder 82 Approved For Release 1999/09/01: CIA-RDP79-00976A000100120001-5 RESTRICTED Approved For Release 1999/0 2lQ1ABRDP79-00976A000100120001-5 Mappe 9.. Ost-;Anglia;, 30 September. 1.941 . England 1:250,000, Blatt-9, Ost-Anglia umfassend die Blattbereiche (BB) 18, 19, 24, 25, 29, 30, ko der; Karte vo.n; England 1:10.0, 000 Stadtplane.(see D-1O), . Heft: Objektbilder Mappe 10. Sudwest-England; 18 September 1941 1. England 1:250,000, Blatt 10, Sudwest-England umfassend die Blattbereiche.(BB:)3l, 35, 36 der Karte von England 1:100,000 2. Stadtplane (See D-11) 3. Heft: Ob,jektbilder. Mappe 11. Sad-England; 5 October 19+1 1. England 1:250,000, Blatt 11, Sind-England umfassend die Blattbereiche (BB) 27, 28, 32, .37,.38 derKarte.vonEngland 1 100,0.00 2. Stadtplane (see D-12) 3. Heft: Objektbilder 33, Mappe 12. Sudost-England and London .;, England 1:250,000, Blatt 12, Sudost-England and London. umfass,end_die..Blattbereioh.e (BB) 28, 29, 30, 33, 34, 38, 39, 40 der Karte von England 1:100., 000 2. .,Stadtplane (see D-13) 3. ? .Heft;;. Objektbi.lder Lisle geographisoher Eigennamen mit Angabe ihrer Aussprache, Signaturen, Schriftmuster and Abkizrzungen auf englischen.Karten; 18 December 19+0 Militargeographische Angaben uber Schottland; Entwurf; 1 November 1942 1. Textheft 2. Bildheft, 3. Ubereichtskerte von Schottland, 1:500,000 4. MJrtit"rgeographischeOperationskarte Grossbri tanni.en,.1:500,000 (IVordblatt): Schottland and England (nordlicher Teil) 5. Kane: ,;Schottland: Bevolkerungsverteilung, 1931 (1:1)000,000) - 83 Approved For Release I 999/ icfi -RDP79-00976A000100120001-5 Approved For Release I 999/09 TREITi DP79-00976A000100120001-5 6. Karte: Schottland: Eisenbahnnetz, 1:1,000,000, mit Stationsverseichnis auf der Riickseite 7. Karte: Schottland: Funkstellen, Fernsprech- and Telegraphennetz, 1:1,000,000 8. Karte: Elektrazitatewirtschaft von Schottland 9. Heft: Stadtdurchfahrtplane Schottland 10. Stadtplan von Edinburgh mit Mil-Geo-Eintragungen (1:15,000) 11. Stadtplan von Glasgow mit Mil-Geo-Eintragungen (1:15,000) 12. Stadtplan von Aberdeen mit Mil-Geo-Eintragungen (1:10,000) 13. Stadtplan von Dundee mit Mil-Geo-Eintragungen (1:10,000) 5. EOK file, GMDS H 291A1.3.5 C. Map Series 1. Militargeographische Objektkarte von England, 1:250,000; August 1941 City Plans 1. City plans at 1:10,000; July 1940-June 1942. (Sheet numbers for each plan are given in D-3 through D-13, as indicated in the following alphabetical list.) Aberavon-Port Talbot D- 8 Exeter D-11 Accrington D- 4 Folkestone D-13 Barrow in Furness D- 4 Gloucester D- 9 Bath D-12 Grimsby D- 7 Birmingham D- 9 Halifax D- 7 Blackburn D- 4 Huddersfield D- 7 Bolton D- 6 Ipswich D-10 Bournemouth D-12 Keighley D- 4 Bradford D- 7 Kingston upon Hull D- 5 Brighton D-13 Leeds D- 7 Bristol D-12 Leicester D- 7 Burnley D- 7 Lincoln D- 7 Cardiff D- 8 Liverpool D- 6 Carlisle D- 3 Manchester D, 6 Coventry D- 9 Middlesborough D- 5 Derby D- 7 Newcastle D- 3 Dewsbury-Batley D- 7 Newport D- 8 Dover D-13 Northampton D- 9 Dudley D- 9 Nottingham D- 7 RESTRICTED Approved For Release 1999/09/01: CIA-RDP79-00976A000100120001-5 Approved For Release 1999/0'16?IER-RDP79-00976A000100120001-5 Oldham Oxford. Plymouth Portsmouth Preston Reading Rugby Sheffield Southampton South Shields Stoke on Trent D- 6 Sunderland D- 3 Swansea D- 8 Torquay D-11 Wakefield D- 7 Walsall D-- 9 Warrington D- 6 Wolverhampton D- 6 York D- 5 2. London, 1:20,000 (see A-1, Mappe B, 3) 3. In A-2, Mappe 1, 2 Carlisle Newcastle South Shield Sunderland BB 2a BB 3a, b, c BB 3 Zusammendruck BB 3 Zusammendruck 4. In A-2, Mappe 2, 2 Barrow in Furness Preston Accrington Blackburn Keighley BB 8a, b BB 8c, d BB 9e, f BB 9g, h BB 9ae, of In A-2, Mappe 3, 2 Middlesborough York Kingston upon Hull 6. Ir.. A-2, Mappe 4, 2 Oldham Manchester Bolton Warrington Liverpool Wolverhampton Stoke on Trent BB 12a, b, c, d BB 12e, f, g, h, i, k, 1, m, n, o, p, q, r, s BB 12t, u BB 12v, w, x, y BB l2aa, ab, ac, ad, ae, af, ag, ah, ai BB 16 Zusammendruck BB 16e, f 7. In A-2, Mappe 6, 2 Burnley Halifax D- 6 D-,9 D-11 D-12 D- 4 D-13 D- 9 D- 7 D-12 D- 3 BB 9a, b, c, d BB 91) k, 1, m - 85 - BB 6b, c, d, e BB 10 Zusammendruck BB 10 Zusammendruck RESTRICTED Approved For Release 1999/09/01: CIA-RDP79-00976A000100120001-5 Approved For Release 1999/0 RJ1RDP79-00976A000100120001-5 Bradford Leeds Dewsbury-Batley Wakefield Huddersfield Sheffield Lincoln Grimsby Nottingham Derby Leicester BB 9n, o, p BB 9q, r, s, t, U, v BB 9w, x BB 9y, z BB 9aa, ab, ac, ad BB 13a, b, c, d, e BB 14 Zusammendruck BB l4e, f BB 17 Zusammendruck BB 17c, d, e BB 17f, g 8. In A-2, Mappe 7, 2 Swansea Aberavon-Port Talbot Newport Cardiff 9. In A-2, Mappe 8, 2 Walsall Dudley Birmingham Coventry Rugby Northampton Gloucester Oxford 10. In A-2, Mappe 9, 2 Ipswich 11. In A-2, Mappe 10, 2 Exeter Plymouth Torquay BB 26 Zusammendruck BB 26c, d BB 27 Zusammendruck BB 32a, b, c BB 17h, i, k, 1 BB 22a, b, c, d, e BB 23a, b, c, d, e, f, BB 23 Zusammendruck BB 23m, n BB 23 Zusammendruck BB 27g, h, i, k BB 28 Zusammendruck h, i BB 35 Zusammendruck BB 36 Zusammendruck BB 36 Zusammendruck In A-2, Mappe 11, 2 Bath Bristol Bournemouth Portsmouth Southampton BB 32 Zusammendruck BB 32 Zusammendruck BB 38 Zusammendruck BB 38 Zusammendruck BB 38 Zusammendruck Approved For Release 1999/OWOIRzc A-RDP79-00976A000100120001-5 Approved For Release 1999/b I3\-RDP79-00976A000100120001-5 13. In A-2, Mappe 12, 2 Reading BB 33 Zusammendruck Brighton BB 39 Zusammendruck Dover BB 40 Zusammendruck Folkerstone BB 40 Zusammendruck 14.. Plans of four Scottish cities (Aberdeen, Dundee, Edinburgh, and Glasgow) at various scales (see A-4) 10-13) 15. Through-way plans of 146 English towns (A-1, Mappe A, 13) 16. Through-way plans of 14 Scottish towns (A-4, 9) E. Remarks Mil-Geo did a rather complete job on England, Wales, and Scotland, with special attention to coasts and strategic objectives. A-1, Mappe A, 5, is a very detailed operations map. For example, it is much more carefully done and shows more information, than the Norway operations map. The map on drainage (Mappe A, 9) gives figures on depth and width of streams. The population map (Mappe A, 12) shows general distribution of population according to the latest complete census, 1931. Population density is shown by isOrithms. The Textheft on London (A-l, Mappe B, 1) is merely a listing of transportation and telecommunications centers, with some mention of industry. The pictures stress the importance of bridges. A-1, Mappe 0,is composed mainly of pictures and maps of the coastal areas described in the text. The short textual introduction describes small sections of the coast on the basis of coastal forms, the beach, and the hinterland. - 87 - Approved For Release I 999/0 /suz ik-RDP79-00976A000100120001-5 Approved For Release 1999/09'.-bfAtDP79-00976A000100120001-5 A-2 comprises 11 folders (Mappen 1-12, with Mappe 5 missing), each of which contains a Mil-Geo map at 1:250,000, a picture booklet, and some city plans. The base of the map series, C-1, is the German Army topo- graphic map of England and Wales at 1:250,000. Mil-Geo data are printed in black, red, and purple. Bridges are the only item shown in black, and fewer of them are identified than is usual in these studies. Items such as radio stations, military posts, airfields, hospitals, railroad workshops, and harbors are shown in red. Mines, electric power stations, and a large variety of industries are shown in purple. An Objektverzeioh- nis identifies and describes the strategic targets, this list being the only text. The sheet lines for the Sonderausgabe der Karte von England and Wales at 1:100,000 are shown on the Approved For Release 1999/0 o I-RDP79-00976A000100120001-5 Approved For Release 1999/OftZ(GI-RDP79-00976A000100120001-5 SOUT$EASTERN AND SOUTHERN EUROPE Southeastern Europe A. Textual Materials 1. Sudosteuropa, Donauraum and Balkanhalbineel; 15 March 191+0 Ein militargeographischer Uberlick, Beschreibungen and Angaben uber Slowakei, Ungarn) Rumanien, ehemaliges Jugoslawien, Bulgarien, Albanien, Griechenland and Europaische Turkei Militargeographischer Uberlick (Textheft) Ubersichtskarte 1:1,000,000 (Nordblatt) Ubersichtekarte 1:1,000,000 (Sudblatt) Landschaftsgliederung, Karte 1:3,000,000 Die Volker des Donauraumes and der Balkanhalbinsel, Karte 1:3,000,000 Ubersicht der Kartenwerke, Karte 1:3,000,000 Militargeographische Operationskarte, 1:1,000,000 (Westbiatt) Militargeographische Operationskarte, 1:1,000,000 (Ostblatt) Eisenbahnubersichtskarte von Siidosteuropa, 1:2,250,000 2. Nachtrage zur Mappe: Sudosteuropa, Donauraum and Balkanhalbinsel; December 191+0 Ubersichtskarte von Rumanien, 1:1,000,000 (Grenzen am 30 August 191+0) Beriohtigungen zum Textheft Pausen (3) mit den zur Zeit gultigen Grenzen fur die wichtigsten Karten der Mappe Sudosteuropa (March 191+0) Uberlick der militargeographischen Bedingungen fur die Verteidigung der Kusten Sudost-Europas; July 191+3. Geheim Texthefft with map (1:2,500,000) in pocket Bildar fang B. Translations -- None Map Series 1. Mil-Geo-Karte Siidost-Europa, 1:200,000; 1939 to March 1941+ - 89 - Approved For Release 1999/09*4T2tIkIkDP79-00976A000100120001-5 Approved For Release 1999/09 RiCtABRDP79-00976A000100120001-5 D. City Plane 1. In A-1, Textheft: An annotated directory of important cities 2. On C-1: Plans on backs of sheets E. Remarks The study on southeastern Europe is especially useful in that it provides the only textual coverage of Bulgaria and Hungary by Mil-Geo. More detailed handbooks were published separately for European Turkey, Greece, Rumania, and Yugoslavia, but the only other coverage for Albania is a coastal defense study, and for Slovakia only prewar studies were used. The Textheft of A-1 is unusually long -- 295 pages. Following a summary of the entire area, each country is treated separately. First, the general geography is presented, and then the geography of each region within the country. Numerous black-and-white maps illustrate the text. The volume also contains a directory of water features, gazetteers of important cities and of place names, a summary of linguistic characteristics for each country, a brief listing of the main German map series of Southeast Europe, and a bibliography of the most important geographic works on each country. The two-sheet Milita.rgeographische Operationekarte is the best relative relief map of the Balkans. Approved For Release I 999/( , ICaA-RDP79-00976A000100120001-5 Approved For Release 1999/tIC1L-RDP79-00976A000100120001-5 Coastal defense problems are covered in detail in A-3. The coast is divided into 15 sections, which are outlined on a map in the pocket of the Textheft. The text for each section is accompanied by a colored map-, and the pictures in the Bildanhang are grouped according to the sections. The study was done jointly by OSM/Sk1 and three Mil-Geo Aussenstellen (Mil-Geo Gruppe Saloniki-Agais, Mil-Geo Gruppe Sudgriechenland, and Mil-Geo Gruppe Sorbien), The base of C-1 is the Germany Army topographic map of southeastern Europe at 1:200,000. The purple overprint shows the main roads and road data, passes; tunnels, bridges, river data, areas susceptible to flooding, harbors, cliffs, observa- tion points, sink areas, areas where gliders might land, mines, various types of industries, power plants, high-tension lines, hospitals, military posts, and seaplane bases. There is a list of strategic targets. The data on bridges and tunnels are given in tabular form rather than in the more usual textual form. Also on the map is a brief description of physical features, transportation, population and settlement, economy, billeting, supplies, and health conditions. City plans are on the backs of the sheets. Streets are not always named, but the main through routes and strategic targets are shown. - 91 - Approved For Release 1999/ORPIRDP79-00976A000100120001-5 Approved For Release 1999/09/diSbI'RDP79-00976A000100120001-5 Albania A. Textual Materials 1. Orts- and Gelandenamen Albaniens; 15 February 1941; GMDS H29/I C2.1 2. Einzeldarstellung der geographischen Bedingungen fur die Verteidigung der Kusten Albanians; October 1943. Geheim B. Translations -- None C. Map Series 1. Albanien - Kustengestaltung, Durchgangigkeit, Verbindungen, Luftlandem6glichkeiten, 1:500,000; preliminary edition, June 1943; third edition, October 1943. Geheim D. City Plans 1. In A-2, on back of map: Tirana, 1:15,000 E. Remarks There is no standard-type geographical handbook on Albania. The only general geographic treatment appears as a brief summary in Sudosteuropa, Donauraum and Balkanhalbinsel, pages 162 to 172. Two black-and-white maps are included. A-1 (12 pages) gives the various spellings of place names that appear on eight different map series covering Albania, with indexes for two of the series, Balkan 1:200,000 and Sonderausgabe Albanian 1:50,000. The coastal study (A-2) is limited primarily to considera- tions of defense of the Albanian coast. An important part of the study is a map that shows coastal forms, trafficability, RESTRI TED Approved For Release 1999/09/01: CIA-RDP79-00976A000100120001-5 Approved For Release 1999/09R' 7611 tDP79-00976A000100120001-5 transportation routes, aircraft landing possibilities, and other related data. On the back of the map are a general description of Albania, descriptions of the various sections of the coast, at 101,000,000 showing the distribution of malaria in the country, and, the city plan of Tirana. Mar-Geo assisted Mil-Geo in the preparation of the coastal portions of both the text and the map. s2ESTRI TED Approved For Release 1999/09/01: CIA-RDP79-00976A000100120001-5 Approved For Release 1999/0WM, A-RDP79-00976A000100120001-5 Bulgaria Mil-Geo did not publish a separate handbook on Bulgaria. A generalized treatment is given the country in the handbook on Southeast Europe. A book on Bulgarian roads, which is often mistaken for a Mil-Geo work, is "Bulgarian," published by Fremde Heere Ost in December 1940. _ 91 - Approved For Release 1999/ 1-RDP79-00976A000100120001-5 Approved For Release 1999/O91 1'? #-RDP79-00976A000100120001-5 A. Textual Materials Militargeographische Angaben uber Zypern; 10 May 19+1 Textheft mit Bildanhang Obersichtskarte, 1:250,000 Seekarte, 1:325,OOQ C. Map Series -- None D. City Plans 1: In A-1, Textheft: Famagusta and Varosha Ktima und, Paphos Kyrenia Larnaca Limassol Nicosia Troodos und. Pano Platres 2. In A-l, inset on Tbersichtskarte: Nicosia, 1:15,625 E. Remarks The text is short and general. It is stated in the foreword that insufficient material was available from which to prepare a detailed study. Included are seven black-and-white sketch plans of the main cities (D-1) and four black-and-white maps, two of which show annual precipitation and terrain regions, respectively. Approved For Release 1999/0?P RDP79-00976A000100120001-5 Approved For Release 1999/0 TADRDP79-00976A000100120001-5 A. Textual Materials 1. Militargeographische Beschreibung der Sudetenlander (Bohmen, Mabren-Schlesien); GenSt d H, 9 Abt (Mil-Geo); 1937 and 1 July 1938; GMDS H 29/1F1+.5 and H 29/lF1+.1. Geheim 2. Militargeographische Beschreibung des sudetendeutschen Gebietes beiderseits der Elbe; Generalkommando IV A.K., Abt Mil-Geo; Dresden, 15 May 1938; GMDS H 29/lF4.2 3. Durchfalutplane von Orten in der Tschechoslowakei; OKH, GenSt d H, 9 Abt; Berlin, 1938; GMDS H 29/1F3.1 4. EOK file, GMDS H 29/1F.1 B. Translations -- None C. Map Series -?- See Rumania, Mil-Geo-Karte Durchgangikeit Karpaten (C-2) D. City Plans 1. In A-3: Pilsen, 1:15,000 Prag, 1:25,000 Briinn, 1:25,000 Olmittz, 1:25,000 E. Remarks A-1 is an early Mil-Geo study. The Textheft contains descrip- tions of individual regions, water features, weather, air transpor- tation, railroads, roads, telecommunications, economy, and population; directories of populated places and strategic targets; and pictures of the places and objects discussed in the test. - 96 - Approved For Release 1999/69MiI'cA-RDP79-00976A000100120001-5 Approved For Release 1999/0?QTR'tI*-RDP79-00976A000100120001-5 Five maps show the distribution of soil types, geographic regions, road classifications; industry, high-tension lines, transportation,telecommunications, agricultural districts, and distribution of nationalities. Mich of this information is given in tabular form. Approved For Release 1999/09Mgl"EIW"RDP79-00976A000100120001-5 Approved For Release I 999 c iA-RDP79-00976A000100120001-5 Gibraltar A. Textual Materials 1. Militargeographische Angaben uber die Strasse von Gibraltar; 12 December 1940. Text- and Bildheft Karte: Strasse von Gibraltar, 1:200,000 Karte: Halbinsel Gibraltar, 1:10,000 Karte des von Gibraltar aus eingesehenen Gelandes, 1:50,000 B. Translations -- None C. Map Series -- None D. City Plans 1. Halbinsel Gibraltar, 1:10,000 E. Remarks This study on Gibraltar was intended to be a supplement to the Mil-Geo handbook on Spain and Portugal. In addition to Gibraltar, the text describes the Spanish hinterland, Tangier, and Spanish Morocco and discusses the oceanographic characteristics of the Straits. Photographs are included as a part of the Textheft.. There are brief glossaries of Spanish and Arabic geographical terms. An unusual map at 1:50,000 shows land exposed to observation from Gibraltar, with visible areas in the Spanish hinterland blocked out in red. - 98 - Approved For Release 19991MCAic~&I A-RDP79-00976A000100120001-5 Approved For Release I 999/Oi9i i z IA-RDP79-00976A000100120001-5 Greece A. Textual Materials- 1. Siidosteuropa, Donauraum lnd Balkanhalbinsel, pages 173-197; 15 March 19+0 2. Militargeographische Beschreibung von Nordost-Griechenland (Ebene von Saloniki bis Maritzatal); 20 December 19+0 Textheft mit Bildhang Mittelbalkan, 1:1,000,000 Strassenkarte, 1:600,000 (2 sheets) Stadtpla:n von Saloniki, 1:10,000 3. Militaxgeographische Beschreibung von Griechenland (ohne Nordost-Griechenland); 31 March 19+1 Textheft Bildheft Sudosteuropa, Donauraum and Balkanhalbinsel, Sudblatt, 1:1,000,000 Griechenland. Fernsprech- u. Telegraphennetz, 1:800,000 Strassenkarte von Griechenland, 1:600,000 Stadtplan von Athen, 1:10,000 Mil-Geo-Plan von Piraus, 1:10,000 4. Militargeographische Beschreibung von Griechenland (mit Makedonien and Westthrakien); 20 April 19141.. Geheim Textheft Ortschaftsverzeichnis 5. Militargeographische Beschreibung von Griechenland Teil: Kreta and Agaische Inseln; Entwurf; first printing 19 March 19+1; Textteil, Bildteil, and Kartenanhang (8 maps) bound together 6. Militargeographische Uberblick uber die Insel Rhodos; Entwurf; 3 March 19+3; mimeographed. Geheim 7. Die italienischen Inseln des Agaischen Meeres; April 1942; typewritten manuscript. Geheim 8. Militargeographische Beurteilung der Insel Zante (dazu Militargeographische Skizze der Insel Zante), 1:100,000; 27 October 19+3; mimeographed. Geheim Approved For Release I 999/0 k'I RDP79-00976A000100120001-5 Approved For Release 1999/09TIC1ARDP79-00976A000100120001-5 9. Der Einfluss des Klimas auf die ,Benutzbarkeit and Leistungsfahigkeit der Strassen Sizdgriechenlands, sowie der Ionischen and Sfidagaischen Inseln; no date, catalogued by Germans in 19+3; mimeographed. Geheim 10. Bildheft zur Mil-Geo-Karte von Griechenland. 1:100,000; Mil-Geo-Gruppe Griechenland Aussenstelle Sa.loniki; 19l11. Geheim B B 8-D Epanomi B B 9-D Polijiros B. Translations -- None C. Map Series 1. Mil-Geo-Karte Griechenland, 1:100,000; October to December 1943. Geheim 2. Mil-Geo-Karte Griechenland (Insel Kreta), 1:100,000; September to December 1943. Geheim Mil-Geo-Karte LGriechenland7, 1:500,000; May to December 1943. Geheim Sheet A: Nordgriechenland and Agaische Inseln Kiistengestal- tung, Durchgangigkeit, Luftlandemoglichkeiten, Malariage- f ahrdung Sheet B: Nord- and Mittelgriechenland Kusstenpestaltung, Durchgangigkeit, Luftlandemoglichkeiten, Malariagefahrdung Sheet C: Mittel- and Siidgriechenland Kustengestaltung, Durchgangigkeit and Luftlandem6glichkeiten D. City Plans 1. In A-2: Saloniki, 1:10,000 2. In A-2, Textheft: Drama, 1:12,000 Saloniki, 1:75,000 Komotini, 1:12,000 Serres, 1:1+,000 3. In A-3: Athen, 1:10,000 Patras, 1:10,200 Kerkira (Korfu)no scale given Piraus, 1:10,000 Larisa, 1:18,690 Approved For Release 1999/Q9 7.cQtA-RDP79-00976A000100120001-5 Approved For Release 1999/ IcCM-RDP79-00976A000100120001-5 E. Remarks About 25 pages of the Textheft of A-1, a general handbook for all of southeastern Europe, are devoted to Greece. A general de- scription of the country is followed by descriptions of the 10 regions into which Greece is divided. Three black-and-white maps, at approximately 1:7,000,000, show the boundaries of the 35 provinces, the population density per square kilometer as of 1928, and the vegetation types. Greece is also included in the general discussions and on the maps of southeastern Europe. (See also Southeastern Europe, Remarks.) The Textheft of A-2, which covers northeastern Greece, is small but detailed. Several sections not usually found in Mil-Geo texts are included. One section contains descriptions and photographs of seven large cities (Saloniki Serres, Drama, Komotini, Kavalla, Xanthi, and Alexandrupolis), with black-and-white maps of the first four (D-2). In another section, important military installations are discussed. The spellings of place nemes on four German map series and one Greek series are compared in tables. At the back of the Textheft are four large-scale black-and-white maps which show. respectively, agricultural areas. road connections, railroads. and roads. A road map, Das Strassennetz von Griechenland, at 1:1,650,000, evaluates the quality of the roads, which are shown on a base that gives elevations, a rather unusual feature. Other maps in the Textheft include one on the distribution of malaria in northeastern Greece and one showing the drainage system in the vicinity of Approved For Release I 999/09Y'O !R:I -RDP79-00976A000100120001-5 Approved For Release 1999/1k&?h-RDP79-00976A000100120001-5 Salonika. A better map on malaria, at a larger scale, is included in the Textheft of A-I+. The Strassenkarten in A-2 and A-3 are sheets 82, 83, and 90 of Freytag and Berndt's Autokarten, a good six-color road map that was kept up to date. The sheets also cover large areas adjoining Greece. The city plan of Salonika in A-2 has extensive street and place registers, whereas the plans of Athens and Piraeus in A-3 lack such lists. A-3 covers all of Greece except the northeastern part. The Textheft is divided into three sections. The first section gives a general picture of the physical geography, population distribution and characteristics, sanitation, transportation, industry, and, military problems. The second section is a description of each of the regions of south Greece and the Greek islands. The third section describes individual water features, railroads, roads, airfields and facilities, radio facilities, submarine cables, mines, industries, and electric power stations. A place register contains plans not available elsewhere for Patras, Larisa, and Kerkira (Korfu) (D-3). Several harbor plans included in the text are for the eastern and western entrances to the Corinth Canal, Bucht von Elunta (Spinalonga), Bucht von Ajos Nikolaos (Golf von Mirabella), Hafen von Ermupolis (Siros), Hafen von Argostoli, Hafen von Saloniki, and Hafen von Volos. Three monochrome maps at the back of the Textheft are Umgebung von Chania and der Suda-Bucht, 1:25,000; Umgebung von Iraklion (Kreta), 1:20,000; and Umgebung von Pachiammos (Ost Kreta), 1:20,000. - 102 - Approved For Release 19994%1 : CIA-RDP79-00976AO001 ICTED Approved For Release 1999/(pAiCPJ8-RDP79-00976A000100120001-5 Other items ofinterest in the Textheft are a map delimiting the provinces_;-a 1928 map of population density; a sketch map of the distribution of malaria in Greece and neighboring areas (in red, white, and black); a drainage map of the vicinity of Salonika; and a sketch map showing distances from Greek cities to points in Sicily, Italy, Albania, Bulgaria, Turkey, Cyprus, Rhodes, Egypt, and Cyrenaica. A-4 is a revised edition of A-2 and A-3. A-4 was classified Secret, whereas the earlier volumes were Restricted, The organi- zation of the material and the test figures are the same in all three. A sketch map of submarine cables is included at the end of the text of A -4j and a map in the pocket on the back cover, for which the Deutsche Weltkarte was used as .a base, shows the distri- bution of malaria in Greece and delimits the terrain regions dis- cussed in the text. The malaria map was prepared by the Hygeniker beim Heeresgruppenarzte E. A-5 is a single volume. The text deals in fair detail with Crete and in lesser detail with the Aegean Islands, which are grouped for discussion,as follows: the Northern Islands, the Eastern Islands, the Northern Sporades, and the Cyclades. Next is an alphabetical list (in German spelling) of the Aegean Islands. The picture section is only fair. The following maps are included: Ubersichts- and St:rassenkarte von Kreta, 1:500,000; Umgebung von Chan.iaund der Suda-Bucht, ca. 1:25,000; Umgebung von Iraklion (Kreta), 1:20,000; Der Golf von Mirabella; Umgebung von Pachiammos Approved For Release 1999/0 9 -RDP79-00976A000100120001-5 RETRICTED Approved For Release 1999/icp*-RDP79-00976A000100120001-5 (Ost-Kreta), 1:20,000; Kreta: Flugplatze, Funkste.llen,.Fernaprech- and Kabelnetz; Hafen von Hermupolis (Syros); and Griechenland, Karte der Telegrafenlinien, Seekabel, and Funkstellen. A-6 is handled in the standard manner. A German Army map, Tiirkei, 1:200,000, sheet J-III, accompanies the study. A_-7 covers the Dodecanese, the former Italian islands of the Aegean Sea ceded to Greece on 10 February 1947, including Rhodes, Castel Rosso, and about 40 small islands and islets. The first section is a general discussion of the islands under these headings: strategic importance, administration, land forms, climate, roads, telecommunications, industry, and military significance. The second section is an alphabetical register of the islands, which includes the area and population and a short description of each. A-8 is an eight-page mimeographed report on the Island of Zante (Zakynthos). A map at 1:100,000, by the Generalkdo, I,XVIII. A.K. Ia/Mess, which accompanies the report, indicates mountains, plateaus, and lowlands; shows several types of coast; and locates roads, airports, potential landing areas, swamps, and seasonally flooded areas. A-9 is a five-page mimeographed report which discusses the effects of climate on use and load capacity of roads in each of three zones. A-10 consists of two small booklets of pictures with a map that locates the places where the pictures were taken. Approved For Release 1999/Affi@i1ic A-RDP79-00976A000100120001-5 Approved For Release 1999/OW&h&RDP79-00976A000100120001-5 The base used for C-1 is a German Army topographic map, Griechenland, 1:100,000. A purple overprint shows the main roads, with width, type of surface, curves, steep gradients, and bridges; sandy beaches; high points affording views in all directions; cliffs; and springs, swamps, and areas subject to flooding. Words indicating the type of surface of subsoil, such as "'Karst," "$alk" (chalk), and "Steiniger Boden" (stony surface), are overprinted in purple across the map. Each sheet has several sketch maps, which show malarial areas, political subdivisions, the area for which aerial photos were available at the time of compilation, and an index of adjoining sheets. A textual description of the physical features, roads,and transportation, economy, population and settlement, health conditions, and telecommunications is found on each sheet. A place register with short descriptions of each important place also is provided. City plans are shown on the back of some sheets, but streets are not named, and only a few buildings and installations are identified. The base of C-2 is the German Army topographic map Griechenland (Inset Kreta), 1:100,000. A purple overprint shows the main roads, the width and surface material, narrow passages, passes, tunnels, bridges, canals, high-tension lines, soil materials, anchorages, cliff coasts, and flat beaches where landings are most feasible. It is unusual to find landing data on a Mil-Geo map.series, this in- formation usually being included only on Kiistenbeschreibung maps. Also shown are disembarkation points; observation posts, with arrows I Approved For Release 1999/09 RItDP79-00976A000100120001-5 Approved For Release 1999/~~ 1 A-RDP79-00976A000100120001-5 showing the direction of the view; places where paratroop landings could be made with the least difficulty; industrial areas; and areas where the water supply is sufficient for the whole year, where it is insufficient in summer and fall, and where it is insufficient during the entire. year. Sketch maps in the margin show the adjoining sheet areas, the coverage of 1:50,000 sheets for the same sheet area, the distribution of malaria, and terrain regions. The textual description covers the physical features, health conditions, roads, passes, native transportation, population, settlements, agriculture, industry, power, and telecommunications. A list of strategic targets and a gazetteer also are included. Strategic targets are identified either on the map or in a list in the margin. Some streets are named. The C-2 series of maps is considered the best produced by Mil-Geo. 106 - Approved For Release 199910-MI - C1l4-RDP79-00976A000100120001-5 R=Ic Approved For Release I 999/08 f &RDP79-00976A000100120001-5 Hungary Mil-Geo published no separate handbook on Hungary, but the country is included in the general chapter of the handbook on southeastern Europe. There is an EOK file at GMDS, Call No. H 29/IF.1, and part of Hungary is shown on the map series of ad- joining countries (see CIA 10708, First Revision). Approved For Release 1999/OWGdTR DP79-00976A000100120001-5 Approved For Release 1999/Q-cQJA-RDP79-00976A000100120001-5 Italy A. Textual Materials 1. Ober-Italien Strassenkarten and Stadtdurchfahrtplane; June 1940 Strassenubersicht and Strassenausbau, 1:1,000,000 Strassenkarten Ober-Italien, 1:200,000, sheets 1-12 Stadtdurchfahrtplane Ober-Italien (see D-1) 2. Militargeographischer Uberblick die Insel Sardinien; Entwurf; 15 March 1943. (Mimeo) Geheim 3. Militargeographischer lberblick caber die Insel Sizilien; Entwurf; 25 March 1943. (Mimeo) Geheim 4. Militargeographischer Uberblick caber die Halbinsel Italien (ohne Italienisches Alpengebiet); Entwurf; 1 June 1943. Gehe im Textteil Kartenskizze: Durchgangsstrassen Stand von 1938 Ubersichtskarte, 1:1,000,000: Gangbarkeit and Kusten- beschaffenheit 5. Nautisch-Geographische Kiistenbeschreibung der Halbinsel Italien; Entwurf; 15 July 1943. Gehelm Textteil Kartenmappe 1 Militargeographische Karte, 1:1,000,000 7 Seekarten, 1:250,000 2 Seekarten, 1:750,000 B. Translations -- None 1. Mil-Geo-Karte Italian, 1:200,000; November 1943 to December 1944. Geheim D. City Plans 1. In A-l, Stadtdurchfahrtplane: Through-way plans of 88 towns in northern Italy -lo8- Approved For Release 1999114 A-RDP79-00976A000100120001-5 Approved For Release I 999/09 iRi RDP79-00976A000100120001-5 2. OnC--1: Sketch maps and through-way town plans E. Remarks It is surprising that Mil-Geo published so little on Italy in view of the importance of that country in World War II. Much of the material that was completed is not of high quality. A-1 includes an Italian road map (Raci Stato Delle Strade d'Italia 1938), at 1:1,000,000, to which a German legend was added. A German printing of Carta Auto Mobilistica al 200,000 del Touring Club Italiano shows 7 classes of roads, railways, cogwheel railroads, trams, road crossings, underpasses and overpasses, toll stations, 14 types of plans of interest to tourists, and first-order internal boundaries. A-2 comprises a text with five maps. One of the maps shows the position of Sardinia in the Mediterranean Sea and names the places within a-radius of 500 kilometers from Oristano, Sardinia. Another shows the terrain types (flat, hilly, or mountainous) and delimits the terrain regions of Sardinia discussed in the text. The third is a road map (as of 1938) that shows five classes of roads keyed to the text discussion. Another map locates the coastal... types described in the text, possible landing places for seaborne troops, potential landing fields for airplanes, main roads, railroads, and the drainage network. The other map is a reproduction of sheet 6 of the 19+2 edition of the Carta Aeronautica d'Italia(Corsica and Sardinia), 1:500,000, which shows six classes of roads, single-and. Approved For Release 1999/09OIR QIA.RDP79-00976A000100120001-5 Approved For Release 1999/Qlc@IA-RDP79-00976A000100120001-5 double-track railroads, and aircraft landing facilities. This sheet has only the Italian legend, which is a deviation from the usual Mil- Geo custom of supplying a German legend and title on a foreign map and making only a brief reference to the source. A-3 is an excellent study of Sicily. Six sketch maps included in the text show (1) the location of Sicily in the Mediterranean, (2) the climate, (3) land forms and terrain studies, (4+) distribution of wells, (5) distribution of population, and (6) agricultural pro- ducts., In a pocket at the back are two more maps, one of which is a simplified version of an Operationskarte which shows parts of the coast where landings would be likely or unlikely, railroads, roads and potential landing fields for aircraft. A-1 covers the mainland of Italy south of a line connecting Mount Cenis, Milan, and the northernmost part of the Gulf of Trieste. There are more black-and-white maps in this handbook than in any of the others on Italy. The following subjects are covered: location, administrative subdivisions (including those of second order), drain- age basins, Apulian water-supply system, population density, patterns of settlement, distribution of malaria, important agricultural areas, industry and mineral resources, terrain regions, and a map showing the location of the coastal areas described. In the back pocket of the Textteil is a map entitled Kiistenbeschaffenheit, Gangbarkeit and Hafen, 1:1,000,000, which shows the mountainous areas, swamps, passes, tunnels, types of coast, and four types of harbors. This map gives less detail than do the Operationekarten for the United Kingdom and Approved For Release 1999poctlA-RDP79-00976A000100120001-5 Approved For Release I 999/O B:IPI RDP79-00976A000100120001-5 Norway. A Gea-Karte was used as the base. There is also a black- and-white map showing three classes each of double-track and single- track railroads and the main highways as of 1938. The Textteil of A-5 is a description of the coastal features of Italy written by the 0berkommando der Kriegsmarine, Amtsgruppe Nautik Nautisch-Wissenschaftliche Abteilung (Mar-Geo). It was the first project of the type undertaken by Mar-Geo. According to OIR Report No. 3704 of the Department of State, it was completed in 1 month from "pource material which included nautical charts, topographic maps, nautical handbooks, and various geographical publications. No air photos were used and no field reconnaissance was possible. The text contains no maps, pictures, graphs or tables." The maps in the A-5 folder include a summary sheet overprinted on a Gea Verlag map and nine sheets printed on German nautical charts. The base of C-1 is the German Army topographic map Italien, 1:200,000. The main roads are given, and the Mil-Geo overprint gives the width of the roads and the types of surface. The map shows narrow passages; direction and percentage of slope; bridges; stream depth, width, and flow per second; flooded areas; escarp- ments; observation posts, with direction of view indicated; power plants; and various types of industries. Physical features are discussed in the margins, and a sketch map delimiting the regions accompanies the text. The settlements, economy, and transportation routes are described, and a list of strategic targets, with a brief - 111 - Approved For Release 1999/09/01: CIA-RDP79-00976A000100120001-5 RESTRICTED Approved For Release 1999/0Q,fttJ-RDP79-00976A000100120001-5 description of each, is given. Some sheets have additional sketch maps and city plans of the through-way type. The purple overprint outlines the sheet area of the German Army topographic. map at 1:100,000. Approved For Release 199911cfEtA-RDP79-00976A000100120001-5 Approved For Release 1999/ObRDP79-00976A000100120001-5 Malta . A. Textual Materials 1. Militargeographische Angaben uber Malta; 20 March 19+1 Textheft mit Bildanhang Seekarte, 1:70,000, Malta and Gozo Karte von Malta, 1-25,000, mit Mil-Geo Angaben B. Translations --- None C. Map Series -- None D. City Plans 1. In A-l, inset on Seekarte: Hafen von Valletta, 1:12,500 E. Remarks The Textheft of A-l is a short summary of the physical geo- graphy, population data, transportation, economy, and military significance of Malta. A sketch map shows the main physical fea- tures and settlements. The Seekarte is a chart by the Oberkom- mando der Kriegsmarine corrected to March. 1941. The 1:25,000 map is a topographic map of Malta with strategic installations shown by a red overprint. Approved For Release 1999/014RDP79-00976A000100120001-5 Approved For Release 1999/9 icc$-RDP79-00976A000100120001-5 Rumania A. Textual Materials 1. Militargeographische Beschreibung von Rumanien; 1 June 1940 Textheft Landschaftsbilder Landschaftsgliederung, 1:1,500,000 Verwaltungskarte, 1:1,000,000 Volksgruppen, 1:1,000,000 Verzeichnis der Orte mit deutscher Bevofkerung Wirtschaftsiabersicht, 1:1,000,000 Strassenubersicht, 1:750,000 Eisenbahnkarte mit Stationsverzeichnis, 1:1,500,000 Fernsprech- and Telegraphennetz, 1:1,500,000 Stadtplan (see D-1) Stadtdurchfahrtplane Rumanien (see D-2) 2. Nachtrag zur Militargeographischen Beschreibung von Rumanien (as of 1 December 1940); Berlin, 5 January 1941. Ubersichtskarte von Rumanien, 1:1,000,000 (boundaries as of 30 August 194o) Rumaniens neue Grenzen (boundaries as of 30 August 1940) Pausen mit den zur Zeit gialtigen Grenzen fur die wichtig- sten Karten der Mappe B. Translations -- None 1. Militargeographische Karte von Rumiiien, 1:200,000; August 1943 2. Mil-Geo-Karte Durchgangigkeit Karpaten, 1:300,000; 1 July 1944 and 15 August 1944. Geheim 3. Donau-Delta, 1:100,000, Ausgabe Nr. 1, August 1943 D. City Plans 1. In A-l, Stadtplan: Bukarest, 1:20,000; Bukarest, 1:10,000, on back 2. In A-1, Stadtdurchfahrtplane: Through-way plans of 24 cities, with an index map - 114 Approved For Release I 999 11rC 4-RDP79-00976A000100120001-5 Approved For Release 1999/ im fttRh-RDP79-00976A000100120001-5 3. On back of C-1 (at 1:10,000 except as noted): Barlad BuzKu. Calarasi Cernavod Cetetea Alba (Akkerman). (now in USSR) DnJestr-Mundung bei Bugaz and Carolina, 1:20,000 Dorbritsch (Bazargic) (now in Bulgaria) Focsani Ismail (now in USSR) Medgidia Ra micul-Sarat Siliatra Sulina Tighina (Bendery) (now in USSR) Tulcea E. Remarks The Textheft of A-1 is a typical Mil-Geo volume, except that it contains only one black-and-white map, a sketch of vegetation types. A directory of water features and towns occupies about one- third of the 100 pages of text. The regions outlined on the landscape map in A-1 are described in detail in the Textheft. The map showing ethnic groups is very detailed. An unusual feature is the inclusion of a booklet of towns with the German population of each. The economic map gives a rather detailed treatment of agriculture and industry, and an in- dustrial target list is given in the margin. On the back are two other maps -- one of the Ploesti oil area at 1:100,000 and the other a small-scale index of standard topographic sheets at the scales of 1:200,000, 1:100,000, and 1:75,000. A-2 was prepared as a supplement to A-1 to provide information on boundary changes. The 30 August 1940 boundaries are shown on three different overlays, to be used on the maps in A-1 at the scales of 1:1,500,000, 1:1,000,000, and 1:750,000. - 115 - Approved For Release 1999/Ogf1gjRDP79-00976A000100120001-5 Approved For Release I 999/0OO I RDP79-00976A000100120001-5 A more generalized geographical discussion of Rumania is given in the handbook on southeastern Europe. The road net of Rumania is discussed in a booklet with a bright red cover which is often mistaken for a Mil-Geo work but which was actually published by GenSt d Reeres, 0. Qu, IV. Oat, in June 1940, under the title Das Strassennetz Rumaniens. C-1 was prepared by the Mil-Geo-Gruppe of the German military mission in Rumania, using the Generalkarte von Mitteleuropa-Balkan, 1:200,000, as a base. The major emphasis is on trafficability. The width and load-bearing capacities of roads and of highway and rail- road bridges, the type of road surface, steepness of grades, tunnels, cliffs, flooded areas, crossing points, and observation posts are shown. There also are many notes on the passability of the terrain. The width, depth, and rate of flow of rivers and the location of dams are indicated. Among the other features overprinted are hospitals, granaries, mills, and schools. Marginal text includes discussions of the land forms, soil types, vegetation cover, climate, drainage system, population, transportation, economy, health conditions, drinking-water supply, and war damage. Inset maps in the text show geographic and admini- strative regions and transportation. Each sheet has a strategic target list, and some sheets also list industrial targets. Most sheets have city plans on the back. The base map used for the four westernmost sheets of C-2 (4+9, 50, Q!+9, and Q50) is the Obersichtskarte von Mitteleuropa. All other other sheets are on the Osteuropa base. 116 Approved For Release 1999/QN(MIe-RDP79-00976A000100120001-5 Approved For Release 1999/09 XIAr-RDP79-00976A000100120001-5 Mil-Geo data, shown by purple overprint, include double- and single-track and narrow-gauge railroads and five categories of roads, based on width, condition, passability in various kinds of weather, and type of traffic they can carry. Distance between places, type of surfacing, width, and route number are indicated along the routes. Bridges are shown and keyed to the text description, and passes, deep road cuts, percentage of slope over 8 percent, areas subject to snowslides, cliffs, and observation posts are shown. The width, depth, and rate of flow of rivers are given. Marginal text on each sheet gives a general description, with some interpretation, of land and water features and the type of construction material, length, width, height, load capacity, and condition of all bridges shown on the sheet. An index map of the series at 1:2,000,000, showing the main passes and routes, is on the back of the sheets. A text describes the whole area under the following headings: general, geological construction, surface construction of individual areas (Westkarpaten, Waldkarpaten, Siebenburgische Bergland, Ostkarpaten, Sudkarpaten, and Banater-Gebirge), climate, vegetation, railroads, roads, and passes. C-3, a two-sheet map prepared by the Mil-Geo Group with the German Army Mission in Rumania, differs from regular Mil-Geo maps in the following several ways: (1) the Mil-Geo Group compiled their own base from Rumanian maps and German air photos, supplemented by field reconnaissance; (2) the characteristic purple overprint that Approved For Release 1999/ OIki(2-RDP79-00976A000100120001-5 Approved For Release I 999/QIMQ i~ -RDP79-00976A000100120001-5 is generally employed to point up roads and installations is not used, and no trafficability data are given; and (3) the map more closely resembles a German Army topographic map than any of the other Mil-Geo maps. The map appears to offer the best available coverage of the Danube delta at this scale. Approved For Release 1999/IIWIc rRDP79-00976A000100120001-5 Approved For Release 1999/Q Oi(Qh-RDP79-00976A000100120001-5 Yugoslavia A. Textual Materials 1. Militargeographische Begchreibung von Jugoslawien; 15 June 19+0 Text- and Bildheft Ubersicht and Landschaftsgliederung, 1:1,000)000 Strassennetz, 1:1,000,000 Eisenbahnnetz (mit Stationsverzeichnis), 1:1,000,000 Verwaltuagseinteilung, 1:1,000,000 Fernsprech- and Telegraphennetz, 1:1,500,000 Volkliche Gliederung, Kerngebiete, 1:1,500,000 Volkliche Gliederung, Mehrheitsgebiete, 1:1,500,000 Verzeichnis der Orte mit deutscher Bevo'lkerung (containing a black-and-white map of population density) Stadtplane (see D-1) Stadtdurchfahrtpl'ane (see D-2) 2. Einzeldarstellung der geographischen Bedingungen fur ?lie Verteidigung der Kusten Dalmatiens mit anliegender Mil-Geo- Karte, 1:500,000; October 1943. Geheim 3. Karsthohlen -- Beilagen-Mappe zur Hohlenkarte Italien, 1:25,000; Stellv. Gen. Kdo. XVIII A.K./Ia/Mess-Mi1.Geo and Kriegskarten- and Vermessungsamt 8 (or Heeresvermessungs- stelle Wien) for OKH, Wien 1944. Geheim Trieste Fiume Mune Grande/S. Lorenzo Postumia Matteria Tarnova B. Translations 1. Portions of the Textheft of A-1 dealing with physical fea- tures, FDD translation No. 100, 28'Nov. 1947 C. Map Series 1. Mil-Geo-Karte Serbien, 1:100,000; November 1943. Geheim (See also Southeastern Europe, 1:200,000) D. City Plans 1. In A-l, Stadtpl'ane: Stadtplan von Belgrad (mit Zemun), 1:15,000 - 119 - Approved For Release 1999/0 IEiikRDP79-00976A000100120001-5 Approved For Release 1999/0AJAJ TCghA-RDP79-00976A000100120001-5 2. In A-l, Stadtdurchfahrtplane: Through-way plans of 18 towns 3. On sheets of C-l, plans of the following cities at 1:200,000, dated April 19+1: Agram (Zagreb) Marburg Banja Luka Nisch (Nis) Brod Sarajevo Dubrownik (Ragusa) Subotica (Maria Theresiopol) Esseg (Osijek) Uskup (Skbplje) E. Remarks The Textheft of A-1 is less elaborate than the usual Mil-Geo Textheft and contains fewer and poorer black-and-white maps. The administrative map has been made more usable by the listing of minor civil divisions along the margin. The two ethnic maps are reprints of maps done by Dr. Manfred Straka, Sudostdeutsches Institut, Graz. The Stadtdurchfahrtplane, usually in booklet form, are all on a single sheet. A-2 is an excellent study produced jointly by Mar-Geo and Mil-Geo-Gruppe Serbien. Coastal defense is discussed in 71 pages. The accompanying map, Dalmatinische Kuste and Hinterland -- Kusten- gestaltung, Durchgangigkeit, Verbindungen, Luftlandemoglichkeiten, 1:500,000 (preliminary edition, July 1943, and third edition October 19+3), was prepared with the assistance of Mar-Geo. A thumbnail sketch of the geography of the Dalmatian Coast is printed on the back of the map. Each folder of A-3 contains a number of excellent booklets that give descriptions and show cross sections of caves in the area. -120- Approved For Release 1999/ /$ I qtA-RDP79-00976A000100120001-5 Approved For Release I 999/0 ' 4 RDP79-00976A000100120001-5 Caves are classified into five types on the basis of their suit- ability or availability for supply dumps and billeting units. The base map for C-1 is the German Army topographic map Jugoslawien, 1:100,000. A red overprint shows main roads only. A purple overprint shows roads classified into three groups on the basis of width, type of foundation, and bridges and crossings; hospitals; several. types of industries; power stations; high-tension lines; flood lands; stream data; soil types; and availability of water. Also included are short descriptions of physical features, communications, population, economy, and strategic targets and a list of abbreviations. A note on the map states that the base is out of date and that the bridge and road data are unreliable because of the destruction. of many of the bridges and roads by sabotage. Additional material on Yugoslavia appears in both the general and the coastal defense studies of southeasten Europe. Approved For Release 1999/0. x-RDP79-00976A000100120001-5 Approved For Release 19991#?1ldjA-RDP79-00976A000100120001-5 A. Textual Materials 1. Militargeographische Beschreibung von Polen (mit Einzelang- aben zum Nachschlagen); 1:July 1939. Geheim 2. Kartenbeilagen zur Militargeographischen Beschreibung von Polen; 1939. Geheim Physikalische Karte von Polen, 1:1,000,000 Strassenzustand in Polen 1939, 1:1,000,000 Eisenbahnkarte von,Polen, 1:1,500,000 IndustrieUbersicht Polen, 1:1,200,000 Gemeindekarte der Republik Polen, 1:1,000,000 Ubersichtskarte Landschaftsgliederung and Bilderverzeichnis Ubersicht der Kartenblatt-Numerierung in Polen Ost-Oberschlesisches Industriegebiet, 1:50,000 26 city plans (see D-2) 3. Verzeichnis der Ortsnamen im ehemaligen Korridorgebiet in Deutsch-Polnisch and Polnisch-Deutsch; Stellv. General- kommando XX A.K. (Wehrkreiskommando XX) Abt. la/Mess; 1 July 1911; at ANS 4. Wehrkreis XXI (Reichsgau Wartheland) Militargeographische Uberblick (with Bildheft); Stellv. Genkdo. XXI AK (Wehrkreiskommando XXI) Abt. la/Mil-Geo; Posen, 1 July 191+1; at AMS and GMDS 5. Der Reichsgau Danzig-Westpreussen Militargeographische Ubersicht unter besonderer Bericksichtigung der vorher polnischen Gebiete I and II; Wehrkreiskommando XX Mil-Geo; 1 March 191+0; 2 manuscripts; GMDS H 29/ID1.7 6. Ostpreussen and Danzig -- Einwirkung auf die Wasserfuhrung in Flussen and Kanalen Konigsberg; Generalkommando I AK/Mil- Geo., 9 Abt.; at GMDS 7. Der Bezirk Bialystok -- Militargeographische tlberblick; Stellv. Generalkommando I AK (Wehrkreiskommando I) Abt la/Mil-Geo; 28 September 1911+; typewritten manuscript with several ozalid maps; at CIA Map Library 8. Ortsbeschreibung fur den Bezirk Bialystok; Generalkommando I AK (Wehrkreiskommando I) Abt la/Mil-Geo; 15 June 191+2; manuscript; at AND Approved For Release 1999//,A,,Rb4-RDP79-00976A000100120001-5 Approved For Release 1999/O9ItJ-RDP79-00976A000100120001-5 B. Translations -- None C. Map Series 1. Mil-Geo-Karte Deutsches Reich Generalgouvernement, 1:100,000; February 1944 to August 1944. Geheim D. City Plans 1. In A-1, Stadtdurchfahrtplane: Through-way plans of 73 towns 2. In A-2: Warschau (mit Einzelangaben), 1:20,000 Verkehrsplane Konigshutte, 1:15,000 Kattowitz, 1:15,000 Krakau, 1:15,000 Lodz, 1:20,000 Gnesen, 1:15,000 Inowroclaw (Hohensalza), 1:15,000 Kalisch, 1:15,000 Bielitz-Biala, 1:15,000 Czestochawa, 1:15,000 Bromberg, 1:20,000 Thorn, 1:15,000 Graudenz, 1:15,000 Gdingen and Zoppot, 1:15,000 Bialystok, 1:15,000 Grodno, 1:10,000 Wilna, 1:15,000 Lemberg, 1:15,000 Przemysl, 1:15,000 Tarnow, 1:15,000 Posen, 1:20,000 Wtoctawek, 1:15,000 Radom, 1:15,000 Kielce, 1:15,000 Brest, 1:20,000 Lublin, 1:15,000 E. Remarks The study on Poland was the earliest of the World War II Mil-Geo publications. A-1 resembles the Texthefte of later publications; A-2 Approved For Release 1999/ ZCC1A-RDP79-00976A000100120001-5 Approved For Release 1999/Qic--RDP79-00976A000100120001-5 is a folder containing maps. Although introductory orientation is lacking in A-1 and the organization of material is different from that in later studies, the type of data presented is essentially the same. Thirteen regional descriptions are followed by a system- atic discussion of communications, water features, economy, popu- lation, climate, and health conditions. There is greater emphasis on the water features than in most of the later studies. For most of the rivers and canals, the depth, width, rate of flow, rate of fall, and a short description of the adjacent areas are given. References are made to related topographic sheets. A-1 includes directories of places and targets. Through-way town plans (D-1) and a picture section are bound with the text. Also included are black-and-white maps showing through roads, telephone net, airfields and landing places, current (1939) and planned water-transportation net, major agricultural and forest areas, administrative boundaries, population density, and ethnic groups. A-7 is a typewritten manuscript with several sketchy maps. No published editions of this detailed study have been located. The text contains 23 maps, which show population density and distribution, ethnic types, railroads, distribution of various industries, and water features, and a 1:300,000 sheet of the Bialystok district. The base of C-1 is the German Army topographic map of Poland, 1:100,000. The purple overprint shows the main roads, road surface, width, crossings, bridges, swampy forested places, new forests, river data, areas susceptible to flooding, observation points, military Approved For Release I 999/09, zc -RDP79-00976A000100120001-5 Approved For Release I 999/O RLlA RDP79-00976A000100120001-5 posts, hospitals, post offices, electrical works, and several in- dustries. Soil types and obstacles to traffic are shown and named. The margins include texts describing the physical features, popu- lation, health conditions, and industry, as well as a list of strategic targets? Approved For Release I 999/O9 za --RDP79-00976A000100120001-5 Approved For Release 1999{ 1c. jA-RDP79-00976A000100120001-5 A. Textual Materials 1. Militargeographische Angaben uber das Europaische Russland Mappe A. Allgemeiner Uberblick; second edition, 31 October 19+1 (earlier edition, 10 August 19+0) 1. Textheft 2. Grosse Kartenakizzen zum Textheft (im Umschlag) Anlage 1 - Bodenarten, 1:8,500,000 Anlage 2 - Bewachsung, 1:8,500,000 Anlage 3 - Funkstellen, 1:8,500,000 Anlage 4 - Fehlt (omitted) Anlage 5 - Bodenorganisation der Fliegertruppe, 1:3,333,333 Anlage 6 - Industrie, 1:5,750,000 Anlage 7 - Kraftwerke, 1:8,500,000 Anlage 8 - Dichte der landlichen Bev6lkerung, no scale 3. Ortschaftsverzeichnis 4. Bildheft 5. Gewasserverzeichnis 6. Gewasserkarte: Europaisches Russland 1:2,500,000 7. Ubersichtskarte: Europ,isches Russland 1:2,500,000 8. Wehrgeologische Ubersichtskarte des Europaischen Russland, 1:2,500,000 9. Heft: Erlauterungen zur wehrgeologischen Uber- 10. sichtskarte Verkehrskarte: I Europaisches Russland (Eisenbahen and Strassen) 1:2,500,000 11. Strassenkarte: Europe,isches Russland 1:2,500,000 12. Karte: Fernsprech- and Telegraphennetz (tJbersicht) der U.S.S.R. (Europaischer Teil) 1:1,300,000 Mappe B. Die Baltischen Lander (Estland, Lettland, Litauen); March 19+1 Textheft B ildheft Karte: Ubersichtskarte der Baltischen Lender, 1:1,000,000 Karte: Gewasser and sonstige Gelandehindernisse, 1:1,000,000 - 126 Approved For Release 1999/92~941 -RDP79-00976A000100120001-5 Approved For Release 1999/09.O1TxRDP79-00976A000100120001-5 Strassenkarten, 1:300,000 Blatt 1, Estland Westblatt Blatt 2,.Estland Ostblatt Blatt 3, Lettland Westblatt Blatt 4, Lettland Ostblatt Blatt 5, Litauen Westblatt Blatt 6, Litauen Ostblatt Heft Stadtdurchfahrtplane Teil III Stadtplhne (see D-1) Mappe C. Gebiet Leningrad; 10 June 1941 1. Textheft 2. Bildheft 3. Karte: Ubersicht 1:1,000,000 4. Karte: Verwaltungsgliederung and nationale Minderheiten 1:1,000,000 5. Karte: Strasseniibersicht 1:1,000,000 6. Karte: Bevolkerungsdichte 1:1,000,000 7. Karet: Bodenarten 1:1,000,000 8. Karte: Eisenbahnen and Schiffahrtslinien 1:1,000,000 mit Sta:tionsverzeichnis auf der Ruckseite 9. Stadtplan von Leningrad, 1:25,000 ) 10. Stadtplan von Pskow (Pleskau), 1:25,000)(see also D-2) 11. Plan des Leningrader Hafens, 1:15,000 ) Mappe D. Karelien and Kola; 15 June 1941 1. Textheft 2. Bildheft 3. Karte: Ubersicht 1~2,000,000 4. Karte: Verwaltungsgliederung 1:2,000,000 5. Karte: Nationalitaten 1:2,000,000 6. Karte: Bev6lkerungsdichte 1:2,000,000 7. Karte: Vegetationazonen 1:2,000,000 8. Karte: Strassenibersicht 1:2,000,000 9. Karte: Strasseniibersicht 1:1,000,000 10. Plan: Eisenbahnen u. Schiffahrtslinien 1:2,000,000 Approved For Release I 999/09 OlTp DP79-00976A000100120001-5 Approved For Release 1999MiIcTi1A-RDP79-00976A000100120001-5 Mappe E. Weissurussland; 22 April 19+1 1. Textheft 2. Bildheft 3. Karte: Weissrussland, Ubersichtskarte 1:1,000,000 1!. Karte: Weissrussland, Strassenkarte 1:1,000,000 5. Karte: Weissrussland, Gel'ande- and Gewasserkarte 1:1,000,000 6. Karte: Weissrussland, Eisenbahnkarte 1:1,000,000 7. Karte: Pripet-Polessje, Operationskarte 1:500,000 8. Heft: Stradtdurchfahrtpl'ane 9. Stadtplane (im Umschlag) (see D-3) Mappe F. Ukraine; 5 September 1941, third edition Textheft Ortschaftsverzeichnis Bildheft LTbersichtskarte 1:1,500,000 Strassenkarte 1:1,500,000 Gew6sserkarte 1:1,000,000 Industriekarte 1:1,500,000 Schema der Eisenbahnen 1:1,500,000 Donez-Industriegebiet 1:500,000 Teil II (5 September 19+1) Heft Stadtdurchfahrtpl'ane Stadtplane (see D--) Mappe G. Zentral-Bussland (ohne Moskau); 15 May 19+1 1. Textheft 2. Ortschaftsverzeichnis 3. Heft: Stadtdurchfahrtplane k-. Bildheft 5. Karte: Zentral-Russland, Ubersichtskarte 1:2,500,000 6. Karte: Zentral-Russland., Strassenkarte 1:1,000,000 7. Karte: Zentral-Russland, Gel"ande- and Gewasser- karte 1:1,000,000, Nordteil, Siidteil 8. Karte: Zentral-Russland, Schema der Eisenbahnen and Schiffahrtslinien 1:1,500,000 Approved For Release I 9991 9 1cz tA-RDP79-00976A000100120001-5 Approved For Release 1999/09/(I1P79-00976A000100120001-5 Mappe H. Moskau; 20 June 1941 1. 2. 3. Text- and Bildheft Atlas Mil-Geo-Plan Moskau I, 1:25,000 ) 4. Mil-Geo-Plan Moskau II, 1:10,000 ) (see also D-5) 5. Moskau: Verkehrsmittel, 1:35,000 ) (No Mappe I) Mappe J. Kaukasien; first edition, 10 August 1941; second edition, 17 August 1942 1. Textheft 2. Bildheft 3. Karte: Ubersichtskarte 1:1,500,000 4. Karte: Gelandekarte 1:1,500,000 5. Karte: Schema der Eisenbahnen and Schiffahts- linien 1:1,500,000 6. Stadtplane (first edition) (see D-6) Mappe K. Die Wolgagebiete; 10 July 1941 (supplement, 1 December 1941) 1. Textheft 2,. Ortschaftsverzeichnis 3 ... Bildheft 4,, Karte: Die Wolgagebiete: Ubersichtskarte 1:1,500,000 5.. Karte: Die Wolgagebiete: Strasseniibersicht 1:1,500,000 6. Karte: Die Wolgagebiate: Gelande- and Gewasser- karte 1:1,500,000 7. Karte: Die Wolgagebiete: Schema der Eisenbahnen and Schiffahrtslinien, 1:1,500,000 8. Stadtplan Gorkij (see D-7) Mappe L. Ural-Gebiete; 30 September 1941 1. Textheft 2. 0rtschaftsverzeichnis 3. Bildheft 4. Karte: Ural-Gebiete: Ubersichtskarte 1:1,750,000 5. Karte: Ural-Gebiete: Strassenu`bersicht 1:1,750,000 6. Karte: Ural-Gebiete: Gelaxi de- and Gewasserkarte . 1:1,750,000 7. Karte: Schema der Eisenbahnen and Schiffahrtslinien 1:1,500,000 8. Stadtplane (see D-8) - 129 - Approved For Release 1999/09.01 tDP79-00976A000100120001-5 Approved For Release I 999 ' cTgAA-RDP79-00976A000100120001-5 Mappe M. Gebiete Wologda-Archangelsk; 5 August 19+1 1. Textheft 2. Bildheft 3. Stadtplan von Wologda ) (see also D-9) 4 Stadtplan von Archangelsk ) . 5. Karte: Gebiet karte (zuglei e Wologda Archangelsk, Ubersichts- ch Strasseniibersicht), 1:2,500,000 6. Karte: Gebiet e Wologda-Archangelsk, Gewbsser- karte, 1:2,500,000 7. Karte: Gebiete Wologda-Archangelsk, Schema der Eisenbahnen and Schiffahrtslinien, 1:1,500,000 Mappe N. Nordost Russland (Entwurf); 1 June 19+2 1. Textheft 2. Bildheft 3. Karte: Nordost-Russland, Ubersicht, 1:2,500,000 4. Karte: Nordost-Russland, Gewasserkarte, 1:2,500,000 5. Karte: Nordost-Russland, Schema der Eisenbabnen and Schiffahrtslinien, 1:2,500,000 2. Militargeographische Angaben uber das Asiatische Russland Mappe A. Allgemeiner Uberblick (Entwurf); 27 April 19+2 1. Tex-theft 2. Bildheft 3. Karte: Asiatisches Russland, Ubersicht, 1:10,000,000 4. Karte: Asiatisches Russland, Eisenbahnen and Schiffahrtslinien, 1:12,500,000 5. Karte: Asiatisches Russland, Flugwesen (Gesamt- iibersicht der Bodenorganisation), 1:10,000,000 Mappe B. Kasachstan-Turkestan (Entwurf); December 19+2 (first edition April 1942) 1. Textheft 2. Einzelheft: Ubersicht Taber die Verwaltungseinheiten 3. Einzelheft: Gewasserbeachreibungen 4. Einzelheft: Ortschaftsverzeichnis 5. Bildheft 6. Karte: Ge19nde- and Strasseniibersicht, 1:5,000,000 7. Karte: bersicht, 1:5,000,000 8. Karte: Gewasserkarte, 1:5,000,000 9. Karte: Schema der Eisenbahnen and Schiffahrtslinien mit Angabe der Stationien, 1:2,500,000 Approved For Release 1999/QQi1i"-RDP79-00976A000100120001-5 Approved For Release 1999/ICMA-RDP79-00976A000100120001-5 3. Die Hochgebirgspasse im Kaukasus; 10 January 1943 (first edition, 18 July 1942) 1. Heft: Das Hochgebirge des Kaukasus; Literaturnachweis; Alphabetisches Namensverzeichnis 2. Heft: Beschreibungen der Ubergange fiber die Hochge- birgspasse im West-Kaukasus 3. Heft : Beschreibungen von Ubergange iulber Hochgebirgs - passe im Zentral-Kaukasus (in first edition only) 4. Heft: Beschreibungen von Ubergangen and Hochgebirgs- passen im Ost-Kaukasus (in first edition only) 5. Heft: Umgehungswege im Gebiet des Nenskra-Tales (Ober-Swax.etien) 6. Heft: Alphabetisches Namenverzeichnis zu den Heften 2-4 4. Militargeographische Angaben uber das Stromgebiet der Duna and der benachbarten Kistenflu`sse (by Mil-Geo-Gruppe Ostland); 1943. Geheim 10 Kartenbl'atter, 1:300,000 (see CIA 10708, First Revision 5. Militargeographische Angaben fiber das Stromgebiet der Memel and der benachbarten Kflstenflizsse (by Mil-Geo-Gruppe Ost- land); 1943. Geheim 10 Kartenblatter, 1:300,000 (see CIA 10708, First Revision) 6. Militargeographische Beschreibung von Litauen and dem Memel- gebiet; 15 February 1939. Geheim Mil-Geo-Beschreibung Kampfraum Staraja Russia; by X A.K. la/Mess; December 1943. 1. Textheft 2. Hohen.schichtkarte, 1:200,000 3. Baustoffkarte, 1:200,000. 4. Uberschwemmungskarte, 1:200,000 5. Schematische Darstellung der Fluss- and Talprofile entnommen aus Bruckenbauplanen 6. Waldkaxte, 1:200,000 7. Strassenkarte, 1:200,000 8. Verwa,ltungsgrenzen u. Dorfzerstorungsizbersicht, 1:200,000 8. Mil-Geo-Studie Kuban-Gebiet; 5 August 1942; typewritten manuscript; (at CIA Map Library) 1. Textteil 2. Bildteil 3. Objecktverzeichnis 4. Karte: [target map; shows bridges, three classes of roads, and railroads on four sheets of Osteuropa, 1:300,000 Approved For Release 1999/02MA CAA-RDP79-00976A0001001200.01-5 Approved For Release I 999/091 iel RDP79-00976A000100120001-5 Aufstellung des Ortsnamenverzeichnis von Litauen; by Mil- Geo-Gruppe Kauen; 15 May 1914-; manuscript; at CIA Map Library 10. EOK files, GMDS H 29 ID 2.57, -58, -59, -60, -61, -62, -63 B. Translations 1. Translations (mostly "extract translations") published by Foreign Documents Division (FDD), CIA Area FDD. No. Date (1948) European Russia. A 134- 7 April B 136 9 April C 11+0 11+ April D 119 15 March E 138 12 April F 137 12 April G 126 19 March H 135 9 April IT 11+1 15 April K 139 13 April L 122 17 March M 128 23 March N 129 21+ March A 130 25 March B 127 22 March a. Parts of A-2, Mappe A, Textheft, Summary No. 3/1+9 incorported in FDD b. A-2, Mappe B,3, translated by FDD as Translation No. 45/1+9 c. 51-page translation of Asiatic Russia made by Service Branch, ID, for Topographic Detachment, ID, 23 Sept. 191+8, as E-851+2 d. A-1, Mappe J. 1st edition, translated at AMS (179 pages) DK27G37, Mappe J, part 3 English translation e. A-l, Mappe J. let edition, Erganzungsheft: Strassen and Pgssen tin Kaukasus-Gebirge, translated by Engineer Strategic Intelligence Division, ANS, as EIF 71215, 71216, October 1947 - 132 - Approved For Release 1999/OQIRDP79-00976A000100120001-5 Approved For Release 1999/ Mi:c(MA-RDP79-00976A000100120001-5 C. Map Series 1. M,il-Geo-Karte Osteuropa, 1:300,000; March 1942 to June 1944 2. Durchgang3.gkeit des Kaukasus, 1:500,000; May 1942 to August 1942 3. Militaxgeographische Angaben izber des Stromgebiet der Duna and der benachbarlen Ktistenfliisse, 1:300,000, 10 sheets, 1943 (A-3) 4. Militargeographische Angaben fiber des Stromgebiet der Memel un.d der benachbarten Kiistenfliisse, 1:300,000, 10 sheets, 1943 (A-4) 5. Durchgangigkeit des Pripetgebietes, 1:300,000, 6 sheets ' (actually a part of C-1 with a separate title) D. City Plans 1. In A-1, Mappe B, Teil III: Dorpate(Tartu), 1:7,500 Narwa, 1:10,000 Dunaburg (Daugavplls), 1:15,000 Pernau (Perna.), 1:15,000 Kovno (Kaunas), 1:15,000 Reval (Tallinn), 1:12,000 Libau (Liepaja), 1:10,000 Riga, 1:25,000 Mitau (Jelgava), 1:10,000 Wilna (Vilnius), 1:15,000 2. In A-1, Mappe C (9, 10, and 11): Leningrad, 1:25,000 Pskov (Pleskau), 1:25,000 Leningrader Ha 'ens, 1:15,000 3. In A-l, Mappe E (9): Bialystok, 1:7,500 Grodno, 1:10,000 Bobruisk, 1:25,000 Minsk, 1:15,000 Borissow, 1:10,000 Witebsk, 1:7,500 4. In A-1, Mappe F, Teil II: Mil--Geo--Plan Charkow, 1:15,000 Mil-Geo--Plan Chersson, 1:15,000 Stadtplan Czernowitz, 1:12,500 Mil-Geo?-Planskizze Dnjepropetrowsk, 1:15,000 Bildplanskizze Dnjepropetrowsk, 1:15,000 Bildplanskizze Feodossija, 1:10,000 Bildplanskizze Kertsch, 1:15,000 Approved For Release 1999/09M IRDP79-00976A000100120001-5 Approved For Release 1999/01,9RDP79-00976A000100120001-5 Mil-Geo-Plan Kiew,}1:25,000 Stadtplan Kischinew, 1:10,000 Bildplanskizze Kriowj Rog, 1:25,000 Stadtplan Lemberg, 1:15,000 Bildplanskizze Melltopol, 1:10,000 Bildplanskizze Nikolajew, 1:15,000 Mil-Geo-Plan Odessa, 1:15,000 Bildplanskizze Saporoshje, 1:25,000 Bildplanskizze Ssewastopol, 1:10,000 Bildplanskizze Ssimferopol, 1:10,000 Stadtplan Stanislau, 1:10,000 5. In A-1, Mappe H (3, 4, and 5): Mil-Geo-Plan Moskau I, 1:25,000 Mil-Geo-Plan Moskau II, 1:10,000 Moskau: Verkehrsmittel, 1:35,000 6. In A-1, Mappe J (6): Batum, Bildskizze mit Mil-Geo-Objekten, 1:10,000 Erewawan, Stadtplanskizze mit Mil-Geo-Objekten, ca. 1:12,000 Noworossijsk Bildplanskizze mit Mil-Geo-Objekten, 1:15,000 R ostow a. Don, Mil-Geo-Objekten, 1:15,000 Tagenrog, Mil-Geo-Plan, 1:5,000 Tbilissi (Tiflis), Mil-Geo-Plan, 1:7,500 7. In A-l, Mappe K (8): Stadtplan Gorkij -- new town plan, dated. 1 in supplement to Mappe K; no scale given 8. In A-l, Mappe L (8): Kirow, 1:12,500 Magnitogorsk, 1:22,000 Sswerdlowsk, 1:33,000 Tscheljabinsk, 1:50,000 9. In A-l, Mappe M (3 and 4): Archangelsk Wologda 10. On back of sheets of C-l: Armawir Jefremoff Astrachan Jelez Cetetea Alba (Adderman) Kasan (see Rumania) Kolomna 134 December 1941, Approved For Release 1999 A16-r,A-RDP79-00976A000100120001-5 Approved For Release 1999/ IcetA-RDP79-00976A000100120001-5 Gorkij Kostroma Ismail (see Rumania) Krassnodar Iwanowo Kronstadt Jarosslawl Kuibyschew Lipezk Tighina (Bendery) (see Rumania) Nowoross:L jsk Tula R jasan. Wladimir Rostov a. Don Wologda Rybinsk Woroschilowgrad Ssaratow Woroschilovsk Stalingrad 11. Alphabetical list of city plans: ("S" indicates a separate plan not included in or on the map series) the Mappen Archangelsk D- 9 Kasan D-10 Armawir D-10 Kauen S Astrachan D-10 Kem S Batum D- 6 Kertsch D- 4 Bialystok D- 3 Kiev D- 4 Bobruisk D- 3 Kirov D- 8 Borissow D- 3 Kirovabad S Cetetea .Alba D-10 Kischinew D- 4 Charkow D- 4 Kolomna D-10 Chersson D-4 Kostroma D-10 Czernowitz D- 4 Kovno D- 1 Dnjepropetrowsk D- 4 Krassnodar D-10 Dorpat D- 1 Kriowj Rog D- 4 Diznaburg D- 1 Kronstadt D-10 Elista S Kuibyschew Engels S Kutais D-10, S S Erewanan. D- 6 Kusnezk S Feodossija D- 4 Lemberg D-4 Gorkij D- 7, Leninakan S D-10 Leningrad Grjasi S Lenkoran D- 2 S Grodno D- 3 Libau D- 1 Grosnyj S Lipezk D-10 Ismail D-10 Liwny S Iwanowo D-10, S Ljaki S Jarosslawl D-10 Machatsch-Kala S Jefremoff D-10 Magnitogorsk Jeisk S Maikop D- 8 S Jelez D-10 Melitopol D- 4 Jerewan (see Erewawan) Minsk D- 3 Kandalakscha S Mitau D- 1 Approved For Release 1999/0 +1:tiWPoRDP79-00976A000100120001-5 Approved For Release 1999/OIPk-RDP79-00976A000100120001-5 Morschansk Moskau S D- 5 Ssaransk Ssaratow S D-10 Murmansk S Ssewastopol D- 4, S Narwa D- 1, S Ssimferopol D- 4 Nikolajew D- 4, S Sswerdlowsk D- 8 Noworossijsk D- 6, Ssysran S D 10 St - alingrad D-10 Odessa D- 4 Stanislau D- 4 Pensa .D-10 Taganrog D- 6, S Pernau D- 1 Tambow S Petrowsk S Tiflis D- 6 Pinsk S Tighina D-10 Podolsk S Tscheljabinsk D- 8 Poti Pskov S D- 2 Tuapsse Tula S D-10 Reval D- 1 Uljanowak S Riga D- 1 Wilna D- 1 Rjasan S-10 Witebsk D- 3 Rostow a. Don D- 6, Wladimir D-10 D-10 Wologda D- 9, D-10 Rybinsk D-10 Woronesh S Saporoshje D- 4 Woroschilowgrad D-10 Ssalsk S Woroschilowsk G- 1 E. Remarks Although there are a large number of Mil-Geo studies on the USSR, their quality varies widely, and the information must be care- fully scrutinized before being accepted as reliable. The greatest variation in quality occurs on the maps. The maps included in the text volumes are of more consistently high quality than the map series, but they are all much smaller in scale. Many of the maps showing the distribution of industry, power plants, natural resources, landforms, railroads, and telecommunications are based on the Great Soviet Atlas of the World. The Gewasserkarten contain data on water features, such as depth and width of rivers, extent of flood plains, valleys with dams, the type and location of bridges over important rivers, and the opening and closing dates of navigation in relation to ice conditions. - 136 - Approved For Release 1999M1=q'4fA-RDP79-00976A000100120001-5 Approved For Release 1999NO7OiMA-RDP79-00976A000100120001-5 Most of the maps of railroad show gauge, stations, and dis- tances between main stops. A-1, Mappe C. item 4, is a type of map not commonly found in the Mil-Geo studies. It locates national minority groups but gives no indication as to their size. A-1, Mappe D, item 5, a somewhat similar map, shows the areal but not the numerical distribution of six nationalities, one of which is Russian. All are based on pre- war censuses. A-1, Mappe E, item 7, is a detailed operations map that shows the distribution of nine types of land surface and gives descriptions of the land forms, vegetation, terrain trafficability, obstacles to military movement, and availability of fresh water. Two versions of Mappe G (A-1) were published on the same date. One is marked Entwurf and contains only the first three items. Why two versions were published at the same time is not known. The Textheft of Mappe H (A-1) deals at some length with the location and identification of hospitals, industrial establishments, bridges, and other features in Moscow. Item 2 of Mappe H is a large- scale atlas of Moscow, but the information presented is now obsolete. The atlas contains 25 maps that show the distribution of industry, bridges, hospitals, telecommunications, etc. The two editions of Mappe J (A-1) differ greatly. For the second edition, all. of the maps were brought up to date; the Text- heft was revised; and the city plans were omitted. Approved For Release I 999/s 1 -RDP79-00976A000100120001-5 Approved For Release I 999/09 O B t RDP79-00976A000100120001-5 A-2, Mappe A, item 1, follows the same organization as the Textheft of A-1, Mappe A, but because of the larger size of Asiatic Russia and the smaller amount of material available, the Textheft of A-2 is less detailed, Mappe B, item 2, is a translation of an undated official Soviet handbook on_the territorial-administrative organization of Asiatic USSR. It gives the complete administrative breakdown, with figures on area, population, etc., but is not reliable in view of the numerous changes made in the Soviet system. Two additional handbooks were planned for Asiatic Russia. Mappe C was to cover west Siberia, Mappe D east Siberia. No copies of either are known to have been printed, and no manuscripts have been discovered. Many of the 19+1 and 19+2 city plans are poor. Later, with the availability of aerial photography, revisions of some plans were made by field units and published as separates rather than in the handbooks. The best maps are those that were made for the air force and ground troops just before their advance over the area mapped. A-3 is a specialized study of the Caucasus Mountains. The geography, climate, population distribution, and other general fea- tures are discussed in one volume, and three other volumes cover passes through the mountains in the west, central, and east Caucasus, respectively. A-1+ is a series of 10 maps on the drainage basin of the Duna River (Daugava) with marginal dedcriptions of the river, the bridges, and strategic military features along the river. A-5 is a similar study of the Memel River. - 138 - Approved For Release 1999 Q'Z1A-RDP79-00976A000100120001-5 Approved For Release 1999/(f1I-CC4A-RDP79-00976A000100120001-5 A-6 is one of the earliest,Mil-Geo studies. The organization is slightly different from that of the later studies, and the material is much less detailed. A large proportion of the one- volume study consists of a list of places, some with as few as four inhabitants. A small photograph section is included. The two maps are in a pocket in the back cover of the handbook. The general map is different in appearance from later Mil-Geo maps. The legend is very long, there are eight insets with information similar to that later put in Stadtdurchfahrtpl'ane, hachVes are used instead of contours, and some of the colors on the map are difficult to cor- relate with those in the legend. A-7 is. a microgeographical study with a text, accompanied by maps, that gives much finer detail than most of the studies. A-8-is a small unpublished manuscript. The usual Mil-Geo organization is followed but in less detail. The Bildteil contains only 12 pictures with annotations. The Objektverzeichnis lists bridges and dazes with approximate dimensions and is keyed to the accompanying map. Railroads, railroads under construction, and three categories of roads are hand-drawn on the map. The base of C-1 is the regular Osteuropa topographic series. A purple overprint indicates strategic targets such as industrial developments, military installations, airports, power stations, mines, bridges, and communication centers; the width and depth of the main rivers at a number of places; the width, surface, strength of road- bed, and type of traffic the roads can carry; and the number of rail- road tracks. Approved For Release I 999/09 I IIRRDP79-00976A000100120001-5 Approved For Release 1999/0?-RDP79-00976A000100120001-5 The features are keyed to a target list on the margin of the sheet. Also in the margins is a textual description of the administrative organization, physical features, roads, popu- lation, settlements, and economy. The base of C-2 is the Deutsche Weltkarte.(DKW) at 1:500,000. The routes are shown in red, with numbers keyed to a descriptive text. Curves, tunnels, passes, surface types, and road widths are shown in purple, with strategic targets keyed by purple numbers to-an annotated list. An orientation map at 1:1,000,000 on the back of the sheet serves as an index to the series and also shows the main routes and strategic targets, though in a more general manner than the main map. This series gives the most detailed analysis of transportation routes and facilities in the Caucasus and is considered to be useful still. - 1'+0 - Approved For Release 1999/N M4' clA-RDP79-00976A000100120001-5 Approved For Release 1999/MICA-RDP79-00976A000100120001-5 A. Textual Materials 1. Militargeographische Ubersicht fiber den Vorderen Orient; 31 March 1941 Textheft (19 April 1941) Bildheft Vorderer Orient, 1:4,000,000 Verkebreiibersicht, 1:4,000,000 bbersicht \zber Flugplatze, 1:3,000,000 Bergbau, 1:3,000,000 Industrie, 1:300,000 2,, Ortsnamen im Vorderen Orient (Vorlaufige Ausgabe); 31 May 1941 3. Mil-Geo-Studie izber Syrien, Irak, Nordarabien: Gelande- f ormen, Verbindungen, Versorgiangsmoglichkeiten; 31 January 1941; (typewritten manuscript) 4. Militargeographische Angaben fiber Arabien; Entwurf; (manuscript) B. Translations -- None C. Map Series 1. Mil-Geo-Karte Vorderer Orient, 1:500,000; September 1941 to April 1943 2. Durchgangigkeit des Kaukasus 3. Mil-Geo-Karte LKaukasusgebiet7 fosteurop 4. Mil-Geo-Karte Vorderer Orient 5. Strassenkarte Vorderer Orient, 1:1,000,000; 20 August 1942 D. City Plans -- None E. Remarks The general study on the Middle East (A-1) includes Turkey, Iraq, Iran., Palestine, Jordan, Sinai Peninsula, Kuwait, the northern Approved For Release 1999/0I 1 DP79-00976A000100120001-5 Approved For Release 1999/093fiJC RDP79-00976A000100120001-5 part of Saudi Arabia, Syria and Lebanon, Bahrein, and Qatar. Part of Egypt is included on most of the maps. In the 170-page Textheft, a fairly comprehensive survey is given of physical geography, popu- lation and settlement; economy and transportation, and the military significance of each. In the first part of the Textheft the treat- ment,is on a functional basis. Part B provides data that supple- ment those in Part A. The Textheft includes 11 black-and-white maps on a variety of subjects and 12 sectional maps on transportation in the transportation section. The arrangement of the pictures in the Bildheft follows the order in which the subjects are discussed in the Textheft. The large-sized general map of the Middle East in A-1 is based on the GSGS 1:4,000,000 series on Eurasia, although no credit line is given. The other four maps in A-1 are highly generalized. The maps of minerals and industries show data obtained from OKW, WiRu Amt, Wi. Data on the airfield map were obtained from the Luftwaffe, Genet. 5. Abt. The transportation map shows roads and railroads in relation to terrain trafficability types. A-2 is a 39-page gazetteer keyed to place names on well-known maps at various scales from 1:4,000,000 to 1:50,000. Arrangement of names is alphabetical by country. A-3 is a 73-page typewritten study that was never published. Most of the material is included in the later and more comprehen- sive study on the Middle East (A-1). Three of the four maps in the folder of A-3 are also included in A-l. The fourth is a general map of the "middle Near East" at 1:2,500,000. 142 - Approved For Release 1999QTA-RDP79-00976A000100120001-5 M-RDP79-00976A000100120001-5 Approved For Release 1999/ A-4 was issued in manuscript form and is not known to be avail- able in the United States. The study includes Saudi Arabia, Yemen, and Aden. C-l. shows, by purple overprint on the Deutsche Weltkarte at 1:500,000, strategic targets and road data (width, surface, road- bed, passes, curves, tunnels, and narrow passages). Data are keyed to an Ob ektverzeichnis in the margin. Other items shown are seasonally flooded areas and steep hills or escarpments. A complete legend for the series is given on each sheet. A text in the margin gives a, description of physical features, population and settlement, economy, roads, and health situation. Insets in the marginal texts illustrate these topics. On the back of some sheets are city plans on which streets and important buildings are identified. The area along the boundaries between the USSR and Turkey and between the USSR and Iran is shown on three map.series, C-2, C-3, and C-1+. C-2 and C-3 show Mil-Geo data for the area within the USSR, and C-l+.f or the area not in the USSR. The Mil-Geo-Karte /Kaukasusgebiete70steuro a duplicates coverage of some of the area included in Durchgangigkeit des Kaukasus, but the data given are not identical. C-5 is an 8-sheet transportation map emphasizing roads. It was prepared under the direction of Mil-Geo by A.O.K.12. A.Pi.Fu. U. Sonderstab "F." The series is not plotted on the index map, CIA 10708, First Revision. The data are now out of date, since most - 143 - Approved For Release I 999/09 ?1TE RDP79-00976A000100120001-5 Approved For Release 1999/09181 RDP79-00976A000100120001-5 of the roads now classified as good were improved after the map was published, in the course of transporting supplies to Russia during World War II. The standards used in classifying the roads are not known, but apparently they were not strict. Although most of the railroad information given is correct, there are some notable inac- curacies. Sheet 8, for example, shows a narrow-gauge line from Bushire to Borazjan that does not exist. The railway from Qum to Kashan, shown on sheet 6 as completed in 1942, was not actually completed until 1949. The pipeline information is fairly accurate but not up to date. Approved For Release 1999/O9 i:cCIA-RDP79-00976A000100120001-5 Approved For Release 1999/09=, A-RDP79-00976A000100120001-5 Afghanistan and Western Pakistan A. Textual Materials 1. Militargeographische Angaben fiber Afghanistan, Baluchistan and die Britisch-Indische NW-Grenzprovinz; Entwurf; 25 August 19+2 Textheft Afghanistan Textheft Baluchistan Textheft Britisch-Indische Nordwest-Grenzprovinz Bildheft, Militargeographische Angaben uber Afghanistan, die Britisch-Indische NW-Grenzprovinz and Baluchistan Ubersichtskarte, 1:2,000,000 Verkehrsubersicht, 1:3,000,000 B. Translations 1. Textheft Afghanistan: translated by Division of Language Services, Department of State; copy in CIA Map Library C. Map Series -- None D. City Plans -- None E. Remarks A-1 includes three separate booklets: Afghanistan, 109 pages; Baluchistan, 30 pages; and British India, Northwest Frontier Province, 60 pages. The last two areas now form the major part of western Pakistan. The handbook provides a general but useful survey of Afghanistan and western Pakistan, the value of which is enhanced by the scarcity of other basic studies of the area. All three Texthefte have the same functional organization. Part A of each discusses location and administration, physical geograph.,r, population and settlement, economy, transportation, and military interpretation. Textheft Britisch-Indische and Textheft Afghanistan each contain a Part B, which describes the area by regions. Textheft - 145 - Approved For Release 1999/O9:I RRDP79-00976A000100120001-5 Approved For Release I 999/0 'RIC. ADRDP79-00976A000100120001-5 Afghanistan also contains a Part C (Einzelangaben), which gives an inventory of administrative divisions (in detail), water features, town descriptions, hospitals, money and weights, and road routes. Textheft Baluchistan has no Part B or C. Each Te heft contains 6 to 10 black-and-white maps, one showing ethnic elements and the others summer and winter pre- cipitation. Textheft Britisch-Indische also contains maps showing the administrative divisions and terrain regions. Textheft Afghanistan includes maps of administrative divisions, land use, terrain regions, and main roads. The Bildheft covers all three areas and contains 156 photo- graphs. The Ubersichtskarte is a full-color topographic sheet based on the GSGS Southern Asia series at 1:2,000,000. The Verkehrsiiber- sicht, also in color, shows transportation, with rail gauges indi- cated and roads and routes classified according to passability. - 146 - Approved For Release 1999/09'lc-RDP79-00976A000100120001-5 Approved For Release 1999/OSMICCtA-RDP79-00976A000100120001-5 Iran A. Textual Materials 1. Militargeographische Angaben u'ber Iran; Entwurf; 31 January 19+3 (earlier edition, Vorlaufiger Teilabdruck, 25 September 1942) Textheft Ortschaftsverzeichnis Bildheft (10 February 1943) Ubersichtskarte von Iran, 1:2,000,000 (fourth edition, December 19+2) Verkehrsu'bersicht, 1:3,000,000 Industrie and Bergbau, 1:3,000,000 Flug- and Landeplatze, 1:4,000,000 Telegraphen- and Telephonnetz, Sendeanlagen, 1:3,000,000 2. EOK file, GMDS H 29/11 A6.3 through A6.5 B. Translations Parts of Textheft translated: 1. Pages 14-30, Physical features, CIA-00-W-6)+71/x+9 2. Pages 84-92, Elburz Mountains, CIA-0O-W-2540/)+9 3. Pages 165-172, 74-79, 191, Waterways, CIA-00-W-78/)+9 C. Map Series 1. Mil-Geo-Karte Vorderer Orient, 1:500,000 (see Middle East) D. City Plans. 1. On back of sheets of C-l: Astara Kermanshah Babul Naushahr Babulsar Pahlevi Bandar Shah Shahi Bebshahr Tabriz Firuzkuh Teheran Julf a E. Remarks The 1943 edition of the handbook is one of the best basic studies of Iran currently available. The preliminary edition Approved For Release I 999/09 FR APRDP79-00976A000100120001-5 Approved For Release 1999/OTt-RDP79-00976A000100120001-5 contains only part of the text.material and only a few of the maps included in the later edition. Although Iran is covered comprehen- sively in other German and English studies, the Mil-Geo material is particularly useful because of the number, variety, and quality of the maps. The Textheft (293 pages) is divided into three parts: All- gemeine Ubersicht (with chapters on functional aspects), Einzelland- schaften, and Einzelangaben. 'Thirteen black-and-white maps are included. Subjects treated are administrative divisions (before and after 1938), land forms and terrain regions, winter and summer climate, water and water supply, vegetation, population density, distribution of ethnic groups, crop-production areas, and roads and railroads. Over 100 towns are described briefly in the Ortschaftsverzeichnis. The 212 photographs in the Bildheft are grouped by region and by subject within each region. The map of Iran, based on IMW sheets, is an excellent general map as of its date, December 1942. It has detailed legends for terrain and transportation. Major terrain features are emphasized by plastic shading. The general transportation map is a clear presentation of the road and rail networks of Iran by classes. Some terrain data are also shown. The map on industry and mining is one of the best available economic maps of Iran. Nine types of the mineral exploitation Approved For Release 19SOM9M?FDCIA-RDP79-00976A000100120001-5 Approved For Release 1999/0.fticQ1-RDP79-00976A000100120001-5 and 56 kinds of industrial activity are identified and located by symbols, and major, secondary, and minor installations are dis- tinguished. Some transportation features are given. The schematic telecommunications map, although out of date, is still one of the best available. Translations 13-3 and B-4 incorporate information from other sources. - 14+9 - Approved For Release 1999/OMB'Cl RDP79-00976A000100120001-5 Approved For Release 1999/(/ 1cq-RDP79-00976A000100120001-5 Iraq A. Textual Materials 1. Militargeographische Angaben u'ber den Irak; Entwurf; second edition, 1 August 1943 (GMDS 1129/II A5.1); first edition, 15 October 1941, with supplement dated 15 April 1942 Textheft Bildheft Vorderer Orient, 1:4,000,000 (in first edition only) Irak, 1:1,000,000 ?Ubersicht ilber Flugplatze in Syrien, Irak, Palastina, Transjordanien, 1:3,000,000 (third edition, 1 July 1943) Syrien-Irak-Palastina-Trans,jordanien; Verkehrsiibersicht, 1:2,500,000 (second edition, June 1943) Syrien, Irak, Palastina, Tran6jordanien: Industrie - Olgewinnung, 1:3,000,000 (in first edition only) City plans (see D-1) 1. Parts of Textheft dealing with physical features, CIA- O0-W-5646/49 2. Parts of Textheft dealing with roads, FDD Summary No. 33, 25 September 1950 C. Map Series 1. Mil-Geo-Karte Vorderer Orient, 1:500,000 (see Middle East) D. City Plans 1. In A-l: Baghdad, 1:15,000 Basra (Umgebungskarte), 1:25,000 Basra-Maqil (Hafenplan), 1:10,000 Haditha Kirkuk Mosul - 150 - Approved For Release I 999/OyWg I ;RDP79-00976A000100120001-5 Approved For Release 1999 Q1~ 1A-RDP79-00976A000100120001-5 E. Remarks The first and second editions of the handbook, A-l, differ very little. In the latter, three pages of text and one black-and-white map were added, two colored maps were omitted, and two were revised. The Textheft of 137 pages has three parts: Allgemeine Nersicht, Beschreibung der Einzelland.schaften, and Einzelangaben. In the last part, major emphasis is given to transportation. The more important maps show administrative division, climate, terrain and terrain regions, vegetation, new irrigation districts of lower Mesopotamia, population densities, communications, crop areas, several separate irrigation districts, transportation, and harbors and land routes in the Persian Gulf area, the last In color. The Bildheft contains 80 photographs in 4 sections: landscape areas, transportation, settlement, and economy and water supply. The detailed map of Iraq at 1:1,000,000 was based on IMW sheets and printed in IMW style. Transportation features were corrected to January 1942. - 151 - ' Approved For Release I 999/0 1gie1A RDP79-00976A000100120001-5 Approved For Release I 999/09 7 IRDP79-00976A000100120001-5 Israel, Arab Palestine, and Jordan A. Textual Materials 1. Militargeographische Angaben uber Palastina and Trans- jordanien; 15 October 1941 Textheft B ildheft Vorderer Orient, 1:4,0oO,000 Syrien, Irak, Palastina, Transjordanien; Industrie - olgewinnung, 1:3,000,000 Ubersicht uber Flugpl"atze in Syrian, Irak, Palastina, Transjordanien, 1:3,000,000 Palastina-Transjordanien, 1:1,000,000 Strassenkarte von Palastina, 1:500,000 Wehrgeologische Ubersichtskarte von Palastina, 1:300,000 Cit l y p ans (see D-1) B. Translations -- None C. Map Series 1. Mil-Geo-Karte Vorderer Orient, 1:500,000 (see Middle East, C-1 and E) 2. Mil-Geo Wehrgeologische Karte der Wasserversorgung von Mittelpalastina, 1:100,000 (11 sheets) D. City Plans Gaza, 1:10,000 Jerusalem, 1:10,000 Haifa, 1:15,000 Lydda and Er Ramle, 1:10,000 Jaffa and Tel Aviv, 1:10,000 E. Remarks The handbook on Israel, Arab Palestine, and Jordan is very similar in organization to that on Syria and Lebanon. The Textheft (93 pages) is divided into three parts: functional aspects of the region, terrain regions, and Einzelangaben. A brief index and 12 black-and-white maps are included. The most important maps deal Approved For Release 1999/WfCTtVA-RDP79-00976A000100120001-5 Approved For Release I 999/O ~ A-RDP79-00976A000100120001-5 with the following subjects: administrative divisions, precipitation, population density, land use and Jewish colonization, agricultural production areas, Rutenberg hydroelectric installation, surface features and terrain regions, radio stations, wells in the southern desert area of Palestine, and main routes. The 78 photographs in the Bildheft are keyed to the text. The first two maps cited under A-1 are the same as those in the handbook for Syria and Lebanon. The airfield map is a later and revised edition of that in the handbook. The general map of Israel, Arab Palestine, and Jordan is a very clear composite of parts of three IMW sheets. The road map is merely a copy of a 1937 British map of Palestine. The military geology map covers Palestine north of a line through Gaza and Hebron and shows 10 categories of terrain. The map is in color and uses a British base. Terrain types and their military uses are described in an elaborate table. Approved For Release 1999/0?M.L9L RDP79-00976A000100120001-5 Approved For Release 1999/O,C'I*-RDP79-00976A000100120001-5 Syria and Lebanon 1. Militargeographische Angaben u'ber Syrien; 15 October 1941 Textheft Bildheft Vordered Orient, 1:4,000,000 Syrien, Irak, Palastina. Transjordanien: Industrie - Olgewinnung, 1:3,000,000 Ubersicht Taber Flugplatze in Syrien, Irak, Palastina, Transjordanien, Nordarabien, 1:3,000,000 Syrien, 1:1,000,000 City plans (see D-1) 2. EOK file, GMDS H 29/11 A4.3 B. Translations 1. Parts of the Textheft translated as CIA-OO-W-5205/49 C. D. Map Series See Middle East, C-1 City Plans 1. In A-1: Aleppo, 1:10,000 Horns, 1:5,000 Beirut, 1:10,000 Latakia, 1:5,000 Damaekus, 1:10,000 Palmyra (Tadmor), 1:10,000 Deraa, 1:5,000 Saida, 1:5,000 Hama, 1:25,000 Tripoli - El Mina, 1:10,000 E. Remarks The handbook, A-1, covers the former French mandate area of Syria and Lebanon. The Textheft of 115 pages is divided into three parts: (1) functional aspects of the area as a whole; (2) regional descriptions, including a section on coasts and harbors; and (3) Einzelangaben, which emphasizes water features and roads and also 154 Approved For Release 1999fi11CIA-RDP79-00976A000100120001-5 Approved For Release 1999/09/01: CIA-RDP79-00976A000100120001-5 RESTRICTED contains a short section on towns. The more important of the 11 maps included deal 'with administrative divisions, rainfall and temperature, surface features and terrain regions, vegetation, population density, nationalities, radio stations, crop areas, and roads. A short index is included. The Bildheft contains 87 photographs arranged in the following groups: landscapes, transport, settlement, and economy and water supply. Of?the four maps in A-l, three are similar to maps in the handbook for the Middle East. The 1:4,000,000 map in A-1, however, is probably a reproduction of a Bartholomew map on the Middle East, whereas the corresponding map in the handbook for the Middle East is probably a reproduction of part of a GSGS series. The map in the handbook for Syria and Lebanon is superior in every respect to that in the handbook for the Middle East and also to the two British originals. The map on industry is a later edition than that in the handbook for the Middle East, covering a smaller area but locating more industrial plants. Except that it also covers a smaller area, the airfield map in A-1 is almost identical with that in the handbook for the Middle East. Both maps of Syria were reprinted from an IGN map dated February 1941, with a German legend added. - 155 - Approved For Release 1999/09/01: CIA-RDP79-00976A000100120001-5 RESTRICTED Approved For Release I 999/09 iiC ABRDP79-00976A000100120001-5 Turkey A. Textual Materials 1. Militargeographische Angaben fiber die Turkei; 10 August 1941 Textheft Bildheft Ortschaftsverzeichnis Turkei, 1:2,000,000 Operationskarte der Turkei, 1:2,000,000 Bevolkerungskarte, 1,:4,000,000 Industrie and Bergbau, 1:2,000,000 Fernsprech- and Telegraphenkarte sowie Funkstellen, 1:2,000,000 Ubersicht fiber Flugpl'atze, 1:3,000,000 City plans (see D-1) 2. Militargeographische Angaben tber die Europ'Aische Turkei einschliesslich der Meerengen; 20 December 1940 Textheft Ubersichtskarte der Europaischen Turkei einschliesslich der Meerengen mit Hervorhebung des Hauptstrassennetzes, 1:500,000 Bosporus. Ubersichtskarte 1:100,000 mit militargeo- graphischen Eintragungen Izmit and Umgebung. TJbersichtskarte 1:100,000 mit militargeographischen Eintragungen Militargeographischer Plan von Istanbul, 1:15,000 3. Turkei: Ubersicht uber Strassen and Eisenbahnen; 31 January 1941.. Geheim Textheft mit Bildanhang Heft Stadtdurchfahrtplane (February 1942) (see D-3) Ubersichtskarte der Strassen and Eisenbahnen, 1:1,000,000 (2 sheets) 4. EOK'file, GMDS H 29/II A1.5 through Al-7 B. Translations 1. Parts of Textheft, A-l, dealing with physical features, CIA-oo-w-6224/49 - 156 - Approved For Release 1999 a'CIA-RDP79-00976A000100120001-5 Approved For Release I 999/09 9?dRz -RDP79-00976A000100120001-5 2. All handbooke on 'T'urkey have'been translated by Engineer Strategic Intelligence Division, AMS (555 pp.). Call No. DR428G37 Eno'l,iah Translation C. Map Series See Middle East, C-.1 D. City Plans 1. In A-l: Ankara, 1:15,000 Izmir (environs), 1:40,000 Buraa, 1:10,000 Izmit, 1:8,000 Istanbul, 1:15,000 (also in A-2) Istanbul, 1:15,000 Izmit and environs, 1:100,000 3. In A-3, Stadtdurchfahrtplane: Through-way plans of 37 towns 4. On back of diddle East map series, C-l: Many plans of Turkish cities E. Remarks The first Nil-Gee publication on Turkey appeared in December 19+0 as a study of European Turkey (A-2). A special study on roads and railroads of Turkey (A-3) followed in January 1941. In March 19+1 a section on Turkey appeared as a part of the general handbook on the Near East. The regular Mil-Geo handbook on Turkey (A-1) was published in August 1941, following an incomplete preliminary edition. Approved For Release 1999/09AIE1'ADRDP79-00976A000100120001-5 Approved For Release 1999/09/01: CIA-RDP79-00976A000100120001-5 RESTRICTED The Textheft of A-1 is divided into four parts: general re- view, regional description, coasts and harbors, and Einzelangaben. The inclusion of a separate section on coasts and harbors reflects the importance of the coasts of Turkey. Because of the separate study on transportation (A-3), little attention was given to that subject in A-1. The Textheft contains 10 monochrome maps, several of which have red overprints. The more important maps show administrative divisions, climate, percentage of the popula- tion with malaria for selected places, minority groups, forest areas, agricultural land use, and terrain regions. An unusual feature of the Einzelangaben section of the Textheft is a 10-page detailed list of power plants. The Ortschaftsverzeichnis gives information on over 100 cities and towns. The 243 photographs (some panoramic) in the Bildheft are grouped by terrain regions and, within each region, by subject. The general map of Turkey at 1:2,000,000 is based on a Turkish map published in Vienna in 19+1; a gazetteer is printed on the back. The Operationskarte is a trafficability map with some industrial and transportation data added. The population map shows seven categories of population density and six of cities. The industry and mining map locates 53 types of manu- facturing and gives the number of plants of each type by cities. Mines are located, and in some cases production figures are given. - 158 - Approved For Release 1999/09/01: CIA-RDP79-00976A000100120001-5 RESTRICTED Approved For Release 1999/OIR,WRDP79-00976A000100120001-5 In the Textheft of A-2 a brief description of the area is followed by individual descriptions of eight regions. A-2 has no Einzelangaben section. Photographs are assembled in a separate section of the Textheft. Four black-and-white maps show distances between points, terrain regions, communications, and airfields. Of the separate maps in the handbook, only the general map is worth mentioning. It is enlarged from a Turkish sheet at 1:800,000 and shows the straits area and all of European Turkey in conventional topographic style, with roads overprinted in red. The Textheft of A-3 gives brief summaries of terrain and climate and of roads and railroads. Most of the 67 pages of text are devoted to a description of individual railroad lines and roads. For, this purpose, the country is divided into seven transportation areas (shown on a map). A short section describes the connections between the Caucasus area and northern Iraq, and 38 photographs illustrate transport features. Two maps in the back show mountainous areas and roads. Red is used to emphasize connections from southeastern Europe to Syria and the Iraq oil area on one map, and between the USSR and the Iraq oil fields on the other. Detailed road and railroad information is presented in color on two maps included as separate sheets in the folder. Approved For Release 1999/09/OsrcflcI(RDP79-00976A000100120001-5 Approved For Release I 999/O p 44RDP79-00976A000100120001-5 Mil-Geo devoted considerable attention to Turkey and pub- lished a comprehensive survey of its military-geographical aspects. Although postwar intelligence studies on Turkey have rendered much of the work obsolete, the Mil-Geo texts still serve as an introduction to the geography of the area, and a few of the maps are still of use. -160- Approved For Release 1999/OBi@.Ii IA-RDP79-00976A000100120001-5 Approved For Release I 999/O9 O1 r RDP79-OO976AOOO1 OO12OOO1-5 A. Textual Material 1. EOK file, GMDS H 29/111 B1.2; H 29/111 A.2 B. Translations -- None C. Map Series 1. Mil-Geo-Karte Afrika , 1:500,000; January-March 19+3 D. City Plans 1. On back of sheets of C-1 E. Remarks There is no M11-Geo handbook dealing with Africa as a whole. The handbook on northeastern Africa is considered along with that for Egypt in the section on Egypt and northeastern Africa. The 1:500,000 map of Africa (C-1) is described here as a unit rather than under each of the numerous countries of North Africa that it covers. The base is the Deutsche Weltkarte, 1:500,000, Afrika. A purple overprint that shows strategic targets and road data (width, surface, roadbed) is keyed to a target list. Other items shown by overprinting are passes, sharp curves, narrow road cuts, land too steep for crossing by motor vehicles, land impassabld for other reasons, land tempo- rarily impassable, and land passable only with great difficulty. Dunes, seasonally flooded areas, and escarpments are noted. A text in the margin gives descriptions of the physical features, transportation, population and settlement, and economy. Approved For Release 1999/09O$TRRDP79-00976AO00100120001-5 Approved For Release 1999/0-PtDP79-00976A000100120001-5 The legends for the overprints describe only those items used on the individual sheets. Insets in the marginal text show the areal extent of the landforms and geological formations. In the city plans printed on the back of most of the sheets, street names are generally given, and many of the buildings are Identified. - 162 - Approved For Release 1999/Qjzc4 RDP79-00976A000100120001-5 Approved For Release 1999/ = , -RDP79-00976A000100120001-5 Algeria 1. Militargeographische Angaben fiber Algerian; Entwurf; 10 November 1912 Textheft Bildheft Ortsbeschreibungen Nord-Algerien: Ubersichtskarte, 1:2,000,000 Strassenkarte von Algerian, 1:2,000,000 Verkehrswege durch die mittlere Sahara, 1:1+,000,000 City plans (see D-1) 2. EOK file, GMDS, H 29/III B1.2; H 29/III A.2 B. Translations -- None C. Map Series 1. 10 sheets of the Mil-Geo 1:500,000 series cover Algeria (see Africa, C-1) D. City Plans 1. In A-1: Algier, 1:10,000 Constantine, 1:5,000 Oran, 1:10,000 Sisi-bel-Abbes, 1:5,000 2. In A-l, Ortsbeschreibungen: Sketch plans of 37 towns E. Remarks The Mil-Geo handbook on Algeria, published in November 191+2, is more comprehensive than most of the earlier handbooks. Approxi- mately 1+Q pages in the Textheft are devoted to the physical, economic, and social aspects of the country, and another 40 pages to regional descriptions. Compendia of administrative divisions, - 163 - Approved For Release 1999/09/jM5i DP79-00976A000100120001-5 Approved For Release 1999/ q&,g -RDP79-00976A000100120001-5 electric power installations, airfields, routes of travel, etc., occupy about 50 pages. The nine black-and-white maps in the Textheft show the distances from Algiers to other Mediterranean points, annual precipitation, language distribution, population density, land use, railroads, terrain regions, administrative divisions, and dams and irrigated lands. The 112 photographs in the.Bildheft are arranged by major landscape areas. A Baedeker-like inventory of over 100 towns, with sketches of 37 of them, is given in the Ortsbeschreibungen of A-l. Town descriptions are based on the 1938 editions of "Guide Bleu," and "Guide du Tourisme au Sahara." The general map of northern Algeria in A-1 is a composite of two sheets of Africa 1:2,000,000. The road map is an adaptation of a Michelin map, 1939 edition. The map showing transport routes through the middle Sahara, based on a special Michelin map and a French Army map, is a very detailed presenta- tion of motor transport routes, with helpful notes on traffic- ability, accommodations, water supply, airfields, and garages. In general, only north-south rail lines are shown. -164+- Approved For Release 1999/OJWQfiI -RDP79-00976A000100120001-5 Approved For Release 1999/OWiRJRDP79-00976A000100120001-5 Dakar (Including Senegal and Gambia) 1. Militargeographische Angaben Uber Dakar and sein Hinter- land (Senegal and Gambia); second edition, 31 January. 19+2 (with a supplement dated 10 November 19+2) Text- and Bildheft Ubersichtskarte Senegal and Gambia, 1:1,000,000 Gewasser and Brunnen im Hinterland von Dakar, 1:500,000 City plans (see D-1) B. Translations,-- None C.. Map Series -- None D. City Plans. 1. In A-1: Dakar, 1:5,000 Dakar, 1:25,000 Saint Louis-, 1:5,000 The Textheft is more comprehensive than many of the texts on other areas. It covers physical geography, population, economic development, transportation and communications, and landscape areas. Section C of the Textheft contains a discussion of the administrative divisions (with a map); climatic tables (qualitative only); a section Qn water features; description of towns; discussion of important diseases and sanitary facilities; descriptions of routes from Dakar to several distant places; lists of airfields in Senegal (with a map) and of radio stations - 165 - Approved For Release 1999/Oar;i RDP79-00976A000100120001-5 Approved For Release 1999/09tRI CF j -tDP79-00976A000100120001-5 in Senegal and Gambia; and a map showing the sheet lines for the 1:100,000 map series on Senegal. The unusually small Bildheft contains only 19 photographs. The most important map in the Textheft is a tipped-in colored map at 1:2,000,000, on which terrain and vegetation distribution are shown in considerable detail and with unusual clarity. Of the separate maps in the folder, one that is unusual for Mil-Geo shows water featured and wells, the latter classified according to depth and quality of water. Each of the three city plans in the folder has an overprint of strategic buildings and areas. - 166 - Approved For Release 1999/0941t&DP79-00976A0001001.20001-5 Approved For Release 1999/0lk-RDP79-00976A000100120001-5 Egypt and Northeastern Africa A. Textual Materials 1.. Militargeographische Beschreibung von Nordost-Afrika; 28 November 1940 Text- and Bildheft City plans (see D-.l) 2. Militaxgeographische Angaben hiberAgypten; Entwurf; 20 June 191+2 Textheft Bildheft Ubersichtskarte, 1:2,000,000 Befahrbarkeitskarte, 1:500,000 (2 sheets) Karte der wichtigsten Kanal- and Flussizbergange in Agypten,`1:500,000 (3 sheets) 3. EOK file, GMDS H29/III A1.3 through A1.6 1. Most of the Textheft of A-2, on Egypt, has been translated. Pages 12-11+, 38-90, 95-112, and 162-181 were translated by the Topographic Section, Intelligence Division, General Staff, U.S. Army; and pages 18-31 by Foreign Documents Division, CIA, as CIA.-00-W-61221+9 C. Map Series 1. Mil-Geo-Karts LAfrikaj, 1:500,000 (see Africa) 2. Befahrbarkeitskarte, 1:500,000: Sheet 1, Matruch; Sheet 2, Kairo 3. Karte der wichtigsten Kanal- and Flussuberginge in Agypten, 1:500,000: Sheet 1, Kairo; Sheet 2, Assiut; Sheet 3, Kena 1+. Mil-Geo-Karte.Agypten, 1:200,000 (1+ sheets); 20 June 1942 - 167 - Approved For Release 1999/091TRUKZRDP79-00976A000100120001-5 Approved For Release 1999/0:IRDP79-00976A000100120001-5 D. City Plans Alexandria,, 1:15,000 Beni Suef, 1:5,000 Cairo, 1:25,000 Hurghada, 1:15,000 Port Said and Port Fouad Qena, 1:5,000 Zagazig, 1:5,000 2. In A-2, Textheft: Assiut Assuan Benha Beni Suef Damanhur El-Mahalla el-Kubra El-Mansura E1-Minja Es-Simbillawen Heliopolis Heluan Hurghada Kena Luksor Mit Ghamr Sagasig Schibin el-Kom Sifta Taicha Tanta Sheet Marsa Matruch -- Sollum, 1:10,000 Marsa Matruch, 1:25,000 Sheet Kairo -- Sues, 1:10,000 Heluan, 1:12,500 Sheet Baharije -- Bahari,je Sheet Assiut -- Beni Suef, 1:5,000 El Minja, 1:12,500 Assiut, 1:10,000 Sheet Kena -- Assuan (and environs), 1:25,000 Kena, 1:5,000 Luksor, 1:12,500 4. On backs of sheets of C-4; Sheet Rosette -- Alexandrian, 1:10,000 Damanhur, 1:20,000 Talkha, 1:7,500 Mansura, 1:10,000 Sheet Port Said -- Port Said, 1:10,000 Sheet Kairo -- Kairo, 1:10,000 Sheet Ismailija -- Ismaili,ja, 1:10,000 El Kantara, 1:15,000 Environs of El Kantara Zagazig, 1:8,000 - 168 - Approved For Release I 999/( l ~-RDP79-00976A000100120001-5 Approved For Release 1999/gioJ-RDP79-00976A000100120001-5 i E. Remarks A-1 and A-2 are similar in scope and content. A-1, on northeastern Africa, emphasizes Egypt but also covers eastern Libya. A-2, on Egypt, published more than a year and a half later, both supplements and complements the earlier study; some new subjects.are discussed, and some corrections have been made; sections on economic resources, transportation, and communications have been expanded; and the number of city descriptions has been increased. In A-1 the Bildheft is bound into the Textheft, whereas in A-2 the Bildheft is a separate volume and contains more photographs. Each Textheft has over two dozen black-and-white maps. A-1 contains 14 sketch maps, which deal mostly with small sections of Egypt or eastern Libya, and 12 maps, which cover mainly transportation and oases; there is also a large, highly generalized, colored map of transportation and land use, Nordostliches Afrika, at 1:2,000,000.. Of the 32 sketch maps in A-2, 20 are city plans. Most of the others cover a variety of subjects for Egypt as a whole. Great attention is given to terrain and water conditions. A-2 also has an index, an unusual feature for a Mil-Geo study. The Ubersichtskarte of A-2 is a detailed topographic map similar to an IMW'.. The two-sheet trafficability map, Befahrbar- keitskarte (A-2 and C-2), was made for Mil-Geo by Wehrgeologie -169- Approved For Release 1999/G' ff Approved For Release I 999/09 O1R A-RDP79-00976A000100120001-5 Stella 12. The significant obstacles to overland travel in northern Egypt and northeastern Libya as far west as Sollum are overprinted in bold symbols on Agypten 1:500,000. The three-sheet map of important canal and river cross- ings in the Nile Valley from the Mediterranean almost to Aswan (A-2 and C-3) is an overprint by Mil-Geo on Aypten 1:500,000. Every bridge and ferry crossing is shown on the map and also listed in the margin with a reference to a large-scale map sheet. On the four sheets of C-4, overprinted on Egypt 1:200,000, Mil-Geo data include only symbols locating military installations, airfields, bridges, and hindrances to traffic; figures on the depth, width, and rate of flow of rivers, canals, and flooded areas; and notes describing the roads and water supplies. Textual description concerns the physical features, roads, population and settlement, and economy. Each sheet has a target list. In D-1 the plan of Cairo is on Sheet 81/630 of Agypten 1:25,000. The map of Alexandria includes a partial street directory and shows contours. Both English and German names of targets are given on the plan of Zagazig. In addition to the plan of Port Said and Port Fouad listed in D-l, a sketch map of Port Said appears on page 69 of the Textheft of A-1. Approved For Release I 999/O .IC RDP79-00976A000100120001-5 Approved For Release I 999/OgQ T RDP79-00976A000100120001-5 The town plans in D-2 appear as black-and-white sketches supplementing the section on towns in the Textheft of A-2. The scales vary, but most are about 1:20,000. The German forms of place names, as they appear in the introductory list in the Textheft, are given in D-2; the names are spelled differently on some of the plans. - 171 - Approved For Release I 999/O9IR1 j RDP79-00976A000100120001-5 Approved For Release 1999/09/01: CIA-RDP79-00976A000100120001-5 RESTRICTED Libya 1. Militargeographische Beschreibung von Libyen (Entwurf); 29 January 19+1 Text- and Bildheft Ubersichtskarte von Libyen, 1:3,000,000 Verkehrakarte von Nord-Libyen, 1:2,000,000 /KKarte der OaseJ Cufra, 1:100,000 2. Erganzungen zu MilitErgeographische Beschreibung von Libyen; December 19+2; typewritten manuscript. Befahrbarkeit and Wasserverkialtnisse im Gebiet der Grossen Syrte, 1:1,000,000 (2 maps) Erla.uterungen zur Karte B. Translations 1. Parts of the Textheft (GMDS H29/3) were translated by FDD as unpublished report U-967 C. Map Series -- None D. City Plans 1. In A-l, Textheft: Bengasi, app. 1:35,000 (p. 4+7) Tripoli, app. 1:35,000 (opp. P. 54) The Mil-Geo treatment of Libya appears to contain no serious errors. It is particularly useful because there are few studies of Libya in English. The text of A-1, although called an Entwurf (survey), is a fairly comprehensive study of the military geography of Libya. Section A is a general description of the country. The principal - 172 - Approved For Release I 999/( Ir09 -RDP79-00976A000100120001-5 Approved For Release 1999/09%,yq DP79-00976A000100120001-5 regions and important oases are treated in Section B. Section C is a description, in more than usual detail, of important towns and harbors; Section D devotes more than 30 pages to routes of travel; and a glossary gives the German equivalents of Arabic words? The picture section of 96 photographs is bound with the text.. There are 10 black-and-white maps in the Textheft. Sub- jects covered are (1) distances between points in Libya, Sicily, and Crete, and rainfall averages along the Mediterranean Coast; (2) colonization in Cyrenaika; (3) city plan of Bengasi; (4) city plan of Tripoli; (5) terrain and road network; (6) climate, vegetation, and crops; (7, 8, 9) sketches of three oases; and (10) water supply in the Tripoli area, at approximately 1:500,000, showing distribution of wells. Three colored maps in the folder are adequate but not outstanding. In A-2 are two trafficability maps prepared by the German military geology staff (Wehrgeologenstab Wannsee, W. Geol. St. 29). Significant terrain and water features are plotted in India ink and colored crayon on the IMW sheets, Sokna and Audjila. Parts of the maps are designated as "unknown," and about half the area of each sheet is not evaluated. The only c:Lty plans (D-1) are two black-and-white sketches bound into the Textheft of A-l. The plan of Tripoli shows the settlement pattern of the city and its environs. - 173 - Approved For Release I 999/094 p J DP79-00976A000100120001-5 Approved For Release 1999/ ,l, -RDP79-00976A000100120001-5 The handbook on Northeast Africa (see Egypt and Northeast Africa, A-1) includes some data on Libya. Three of the maps in that Textheft deal exclusively with Libya: Karte 1 - Verkehrswegwe in der westlichen Libyschen Waste (approximately 1:5,000)000); Karte 2 - Verkehrsyerbindungen in Tripolitanien (approximately 1:2,250,000; and Karte 3 - Verkehrsverbindungen and Wasserleitungen in der Cyrenaika (approximately 1:2,000,000). -174 - Approved For Release 1999/ .RL Approved For Release 1999/09/ IIERDP79-00976A000100120001-5 A. Textual Materials 1. Militargeographische Angaben fiber Marokko, Entwurf; 20 July 19+2 Textheft Bildheft Ortsbeschreibungen Ubersichtskarte, 1:2,000,000 Strassenkarte von Marokko, 1:1,000,000 City plans (see D-1) 2. EOK file, GMDS H29/III B3.3 and H29/III A.2 C. Map Series -?- None D. City Plans 1. In A-1 (all at 1:10,000): Casablanca Meknes Fes Port-Lyautey urn Mehdia Marrakech Rabat-Sale 2. In A-1, Ortsbeschreibungen: Sketch plans of 26 towns and oases E. Remarks This handbook covers Tangier, Spanish Morocco, French Morocco, and Ifni. The major emphasis is on French Morocco, for which coverage is good; the other areas are given only general treatment. The study is less detailed than that on Algeria. All the political units are covered in the discussion of physical, economic, and social features and in the description of sub- regions. Approved For Release I 999/09 hTIV"DP79-00976A000100120001-5 Approved For Release 1999/091 J"DP79-00976A000100120001-5 There are 13 black-and-white maps in the Textheft, only one of which is larger than page size. Subjects of the maps are location and distances from neighboring countries; dates of pacification of various parts of French Morocco; topography; vegetation and soils; precipitation; distribution of Arab- and Berber-speaking peoples; population density; mines in French Morocco; power stations and lines in French Morocco; railroads; physical regions; administrative areas of French Morocco; and roads. ,Part C of the Textheft contains inventories of water resources, power facilities, airfields, and landing possibilities on the coasts, besides 40 pages on roads, with routes and distances between places. This is one of the few Mil-Geo texts with an index. The 146 photographs in the Bildheft are arranged accord- ing to physical regions and are referred to in the Textheft. The pictures are keyed to a map showing locations of the views. The Ortsbeschreibungen contains descriptions of about 80 towns and oases and sketch plans of 26 of them, including Tangier. This booklet is one of the most valuable parts of the handbook. The Ubersichtskarte is a fairly complete map of the IMW type. The Strassenkarte is a detailed transportation map based on two Michelin sheets published in 1941. -176- Approved For Release 1999/OR2:RDP79-00976A000100120001-5 Approved For Release 1999/091IZrRDP79-00976AO00100120001-5 The detailed city plans (D-1) are based on plans published by the Service Geographique du Maroc in 1930-35. All plans but that of Meknes have street gazetteers, and all but that of Casablanca have contours. Strategic installations are over- printed in red. Most of the 26 sketch plans in the Ortsbesch- reibungen are from the Guide Bleu, Maroc, 1938. Approved For Release 1999/09TI$RDP79-00976A000100120001-5 Approved For Release I 999/09/ P A'DP79-00976A000100120001-5 Spanish Sahara 1. Militargeographische Studie fiber Spanish-West-Sahara (Rio de Oro mit Spanish-Sahara and Spanish-Sizd- Marokko); Entwurf; 10 November 19+2 B. Translations -- None C. Map Series None D. City Plans -- None E. Remarks In this very short handbook the terrain, population and settlement, economy, transportation, and telecommunications of Spanish Sahara are described. The photo supplement contains views of some of the terrain and cultural features described in the text. The three maps included are highly generalized sketches of the terrain. -178- Approved For Release 1999/09O'CcARDP79-00976A000100120001-5 Approved For Release I 999/091 r c1A RDP79-00976A000100120001-5 Tunisia 1. MilitErgeographische Beschreibung von Tunis; 10 October 19+1 (earlier edition, 16 May 19+1) Text- and Bildheft Tbersichtskarte, 1:1,000,000 Verkehrskarte von Tunis, 1:1,000,000 Stadtdurchfahrtplane (see D-2) City plan of Tunis (see D-1) 2. EOK file, GMDS, H 29/III A.2 B. Translations -- None C. Map Series All of Tunisia but the southernmost part is covered on six sheets of the 1:500,000 Mil-Geo series on North Africa (see Africa) D. City Plans 1. In A-1: Tunis, 1;10,000 2. In A-l, Stadtdurchfahrtplane: Plans of 13 towns, with an index map E. Remarks The handbook on Tunisia probably set the pattern for the studies on Morocco and Algeria, which appeared more than 6 months later. The Tunisian study has as many maps (10) in the text as the others, but it is less detailed and comprehensive. Photographs, town descriptions, and compendia of miscellaneous data, as well as the usual functional and regional descriptions, Approved For Release I 999/09 'RL*i -RDP79-00976A000100120001-5 Approved For Release 1999/09NI - ~ DP79-00976A000100120001-5 T'R are all in the Textheft. Five large maps are included. Among the subjects presented are precipitation, drainage, mines, power stations, railroads, terrain regions, soil conditions on the south Tunisian coastal plain, airfields, water supply of the city of Tunis, land use, population density, adminis- trative divisions, transportation along the Tunisian- Tripolitanian border, and water supply of the country. The city plan of Tunis (D-1) shows details of land use, especially water facilities, in the suburbs. On the back of the map is a street directory and a map of the environs of Tunis at 1:30,000. The Stadtdurchfahrtplane are not in the usual booklet form; the 13 town plans and a small-scale map that locates the towns are printed on one long, narrow sheet. Approved For Release 1999/09fi&DP79-00976A000100120001-5 Approved For Release 1999/0 ,RDP79-00976A000100120001-5 (Including the United States) A. Textual Materials l.. Studie fiber den ostasiatisch-pazifischen Kampfraum; 18 December 1941 Text and Beschreibung Anlagen: Ubersichtskarte des ostasiatisch pazifischen Kampfraumes, 1:40,000,000 Ostasiatisdher Raum, 1:10,000,000 2. Mil-Geo-Unterlagen zu Orientierungsheft "U.S.A." -- Die Vereinigten Staaten von Amerika; ca. 1942; (manu- script) (at CIA Map Library) B. Translations --.None C. Map Series -- None D. City Plans -- None E. Remarks A-1 is a 16-page booklet that gives the strategic picture of the Far East-Pacific area in a general manner. A black-and- white map shows population figures of the constituent countries. A colored map at the scale of 1:40,000,000 portrays the empires, bases, distances, and strategic raw materials of the area. Another colored map shows railroads and cities of -the Far East in considerable detail. A-2 is an introduction to the geography of the United States in seven typewritten pages, with no maps. Probably the manuscript was never printed. Approved For Release I 999/0 II:1 RDP79-00976A000100120001-5 Approved For Release 1999/09O9T1 fRDP79-00976A000100120001-5 APPENDIX B: GLOSSARY Abdruck: separate print Abgeschlossen: completed (as of a given date) Abkurzung: abbreviation Abschnitt: section, segment Abteilung: division: as in Abteilung fur Kriegskarten and Vermessungswesen (Abt. f. Kr. Kart. u. Vertu. W.), Division for Military Maps and Surveying Ackerbau: agriculture (cultivation of fields) allgemein: general Amt: office (governmental) Anderung: alteration, variation Angaben: data angrenzend: bordering on, adjacent to Anhang: appendix, supplement Anlage: appendix, annex, plan or lay-out (of a city) anliegend: adjacent, attached Ansichtsskizze: sketched view Anweisung: directions, instruction Anzahl: number, quantity Arbeit: work Auflage: edition (printing) Ausgabe: edition Approved For Release 1999/09'DP79-00976A000100120001-5 Approved For Release 1999/09/k'~~DP79-00976A000100120001-5 Ausgearbeiten: to compile, to work out (as a problem) Ausland: foreign Ausschnitt: out (out of), section (of a map) Aussenstelle: outpost Aussprache: pronunciation Ausstattung: outfit, equipment, provision Auswertung: evaluation, interpretation Bahnhof: railway station Baustoff: construction material Bearbeitung: compilation, treatment Bedingungon: conditions Befahrbarkeit: trafficability (vehicular) Befestigung: fortification behelfsmassig: temporary, improvised, makeshift beiderseits: on. both sides Beilage: enclosure, supplement (in a manual) Beispiel: example Belegungamoglichkeit: billeting possibility benachbart: neighboring, adjoining Benutzbarkeit: usability Bereich: scope, area (figuratively and literally) Bergbau: mining Bergstriche: hachures Berichtigung: revision (map), correction - 183 - Approved For Release 1999/09w1J DP79-00976A000100120001-5 Approved For Release 1999/09/01, : C RDP79-00976A000100120001-5 Berucksichtigung: consideration (taking into) mit Beruchsichtigung -- with special reference Beschreibung: description Beschrifbung: legend, caption (including all printed matter, e.g. on a map) Besiedlung: settlement besonders: distinct, especial Beurteilung: judgment, criticism, evaluation Beutekarte: captured map Bevolkerung: population Bevolkerungsverteilung: population distribution Bevolkerungsdichte: population density Bewachsung: vegetation cover beziehungsweise (bzw): respectively, making allowance for circumstances Bezirk: district (usually political) Bildanhang: picture appendix or supplement Bildbeilage: picture supplement Bildheft: picture volume Bildplan: photomap Binnenschiffahrt: inland navigation bis: up to, down to, as far as, until bisher: up to now, until now Blatt: sheet (of a map) Blattbereich (BB): area covered by map sheet -184- Approved For Release 1999/09/01: CIA-RDP79-00976A000100120001-5 RESTRICTED Approved For Release 1999/09/01 : CIARDP79-00976A000100120001-5 Blattbereichoeinteilung index of map sheets Blattnumerierung: sheet numbering (of a map) Blattrand: sheet margin (of a map) Bodenart: soil type Boderibedeckung: vegetation Bodenbeschaffenheit: condition of the soil, nature-or quality of the soil Bodenbewachsung: vegetation cover, overgrowth Bodenorganisation: ground personnel Bodenschatze: minerals, natural resources Brucke: bridge BrUckenbauplan: bridge construction plan Brennen: well Bucht: bay Chaussee: highway Darstellung: presentation, representation Dorfzerstorungeubersicht: map of destroyed villages Durchfahrt(s)plan: through-way plan D'urchgangigkeit: passability Durchgangstrasse: through-way road ehemalig: former, old Eigenname: proper name - 185 - Approved For Release 1999/09 fiARDP79-00976A000100120001-5 Approved For Release 1999/0,WQ RDP79-00976A000100120001-5 Einfluss: influence, power, inlet (e.g., of a lake) eingehend: thorough einsehen: to view Einheitsblatt: unit map (refers to small-size edition of 1:100,000 series on Germany or equal-sized sections of a Grossblatt) Einheitsobjektkartei (EOK): individual or uniform subject file einschliesslich: inclusive Einteilung: distribution, classification, subdivision Eintragung: registration, entry, recording Einwirkung: influence, effect Einzelangaben: individual data, detailed data, data on individual subjects Einzeldarstellung: presentation as a unit, presentation of a single subject Einzelheft: single volume Einzellandschaft: individual region Eisenbahn: railroad Eisenbahnnetz: railroad net Electrizitatswirtschaft: electricity system endglltig: final, conclusive, definitive Energieversorgung: power supply entnommen: taken from, borrowed Entwurf: rough draft, outline, sketch, project, survey Erganzung: supplement - 186 - Approved For Release I 999/( /AJi-RDP79-00976A000100120001-5 -C IA Approved For Release 1999/0901 TRIO: CI, -RDP79-00976A000100120001-5 Erlauterung: explanation Erm6glichen: render possible or feasible erweitern: to enlarge Fahre: ferry Faltblatt: folder sheet (map) fehlt: omitted, missing Fernautobuslinierz: long-distance bus routes Fernsprechnetz: telephone net Fernverkehrstrasse:? long-distance highways Fliegertruppe: air force, air troops Flugplatz: airfield Flugwesen: airway system, aviation Flurkarte: field map Fluss: river Forstwirtschaft: forest economy Fizhrung: operations (military) staff Furnkstelle: radio station Generalstab: general staff Gangbarkeit: passability (on fdbt) Gau: district (usually administrative) Gebiet: area, region gegenwartig: present geheim: secret - 187 - Approved For Release 1999/O1Rj&RDP79-00976A000100120001-5 Approved For Release 1999/09/01: CIA-RDP79-00976A000100120001-5 RESTRICTED geheime kommandosache: top secret Gel'andeform: land for,. Gelgndehindernis: terrain obstacle Gelandename: terrain name (designation) Gemeinde: commune, minor civil division (of Germany) Geneigtaufnahme: slope survey Generalkommando: corps headquarters gesamt: total, entire Gesamtbeurteilung: over-all evaluation Gewasser: waters, drainage Gewasserabschnitt: section of a drainage system (description or map) Gitternetz: military grid (on map) Gliederung: distribution, configuration, classification greifbar: palpable, tangible Grenze: border, boundary Grenzgebiet: border area Grenzubergang: border crossing Grossblatt: large sheet (map) Grossformat: large size (map or book) Gruppe: group gultig: valid, authentic H H. Dv. g. Z417, Heeres Druckvorschriften geheime /1+1/: Army printing regulation, secret AV Approved For Release I 999/0, p& RDP79-00976A000100120001-5 Approved For Release 1999/091017 CTII -RDP79-00976A000100120001-5 Halbinsel: peninsula Haltestelle: stop (railroad or bus) Hauptband: main volume Hauptbodenart: main soil type Hauptstrassennetz: principal road net Hauptteil: main part Heer: army Heft: paper-bound volume or brochure herausgeben: to publish Herstellung: production Hervorhebung: emphasizing, stressing. Hochgebirge: high mountains Hochgebirgspass: high mountain pass H6henlage: altitude Hohenschichtenkarte: contour map I Industriegebiet: industrial area or region Inhalt: contents Insel: island Insgesamt: total, altogether Joch: narrow pass, col - 189 - Approved For Release 1999/0i-RDP79-00976A000100120001-5 Approved For Release 1999/0Ng~RSJ -RDP79-00976A000100120001-5 Kampfraum: combat area Karte: map Kartenanhang: map supplement Kartenberichtigung: map correction Kartenblattnumerierung: map sheet numbering Kartenlager: map depot Kartenmappe: map folder Kartenekizze: . sketch map Kartenstelle: map depot Kerngebiet: nucleus or core area Kleinformat: small size Klima: climate Kraftwerk: power plant Kriegskarte: war map, military map Kulturland: cultivated land Karte: coast KUstenbeschaffenheit: nature of coasts Kustenbeschreibung: description of coasts Kizstenfluss: coastal river Kizstengebiet: coastal area Kizstengestaltung: coastal configuration L Lage: location, position, situation Lagerstatte: deposit (of minerals) - 190 - Approved For Release 1999/09in Rp4WDRDP79-00976A000100120001-5 Approved For Release 1999/O9Q1riC RDP79-00976A000100120001-5 Landeplatz: landing place (airplane) landerweise: by countries Landesaufnahme: survey of the country, topography, also survey agency Landesbeschreibung: description of the country Landeskunde: knowledge of a country, geography Landesplanung: regional planning Landschaftsbild: picture of a landscape or region Landschaftsgliederung: subdivision of land into geographic regions Landwirtschaft: farming (including livestock-raising), agriculture Leistungsfahigkeit: capacity Literaturnachweis: bibliography Luftlandemciglichkeit: place where air landing is possible Mappe: folder Masstab: scale (of a map) Meerenge: strait Mehrheit: majority Militarbefehlshaber: army commander Minderheit: minority Moglichkeit: possibility, feasibility, opportunity Muster: sample, model Nachdruck: reprint Approved For Release I 999/09# T DP79-00976A000100120001-5 Approved For Release I 999/09f C DP79-00976A0001.00120001-5 Nachrichtenverbindung: signal communications Nachtrag: supplement Namenverseichnis: index of names (e.g. gazetteer) nautisch: nautical nebet: alongside of, including, and also Niederschlag: precipitation, rainfall n5rdlich: northern 0 0berkommando (des Heeres-OKE., der Kriegsmarine-0K , der Luftwaffe- OIL, der Wehrmacht-OKi): High Command of the Army, the Navy, the Air Force, the defense forces Oberflachengestalt: surface configuration, relief Objektbilder: pictures of objectives, target photos Objekterl'auterung: target (or objective) explanation Objekteintragung: indication of objectives Objektkarte: map of objectives, target map Objektverzeichnis: target (or objective) directory Olgewinnung: oil production Operationskarte: (military) operations map Orientierung: orientation Ort: place Ortsbelegungekarte: billeting map Ortschaftverzeichnis: gazetteer of towns and cities Ortskarte: place map Ortsname: place name - 192 - Approved For Release 1999/09RDP79-00976A000100120001-5 Approved For Release I 999/0 4RI9& RDP79-00976A000100120001-5 Ortsverzeichnis: gazetteer Pause: tracing Pegel: water-level gauge Pegelstation: gauging station Pflanzendecke: plant cover Piste: track Quellgebiet: head-water region Raumforschung regional research Referat: report, (reporting agency) Reichsgau: administrative district of the fThird7 Reich Ruckseite: back, reverse side Rundbild: panorama S Sammelheft: collection of articles in a single volume Schema: diagram, plan Schiesekarte: fire control map Schiffahrtslinien: navigation lines or routes Schleuse: lock (e.g., in a canal) Schriftmuster: sample of type Seekarte: hydrographic chart Sendeanlage: radio transmitter - 193 - Approved For Release 1999/09L pf~DP79-00976A000100120001-5 Approved For Release I 999/09 89TI RDP79-00976A000100120001-5 Siedlung: settlement Signatur: legend, symbols Skizze: sketch Sonderausgabe: special edition Sonderbeilage: special supplement Sonderkarte: special map Stadtdurchfahrt(s)plan: through-way town plan Stadtplan: town plan Starkstrom: high tension current Stationeverzeichnis: directory of railroad stations Stellvertreter: representative, assistant (commander, etc.) Strasee: road, street, strait (e.g,, of Gibraltar) Strassenausbau: road improvement or development Strassenzustandskarte: map of condition of roads StrassenUbersiGht: general. road map Streckenverzeichnis: list of distances Stromgebiet: drainage basin Stromversorgung: electric power supply Stuck piece sudlich: southern Tal: valley Talprofile: valley profile or cross section Taleperre: dam Teil: part - 194 - Approved For Release I 999/0 7 i RDP79-00976A000100120001-5 Approved For Release 1999/09IRt RDP79-00976A000100120001-5 Teilabdruck: partial reprint Telegrafennetz: telegraph network Textheft: text volume Truppenfiihrung: conduct of troops, field service manual Uber: over, across Uberblick: survey Ubergang: crossing Ubersicht: survey, over-all view Ubereichtskarte: general map, orientation map, index map Uberschwemmungskarte: map showing floodability M umfassend: comprehensive Umgebung: environs, surroundings Umgehungsweg: route for evading (the enemy) Umschlag: wrapper, jacket (of a book) Unterlage: basis, evidence, source material Unterkunft: shelter, billet Unterrichtungswork: training manual V verbessern: to improve, to correct Verbindung: connection verfugbar: available Verhaltnis: relationship, condition Verkehr: transportation, traffic Approved For Release 1999/0 4T DP79-00976A000100120001-5 Approved For Release 1999/09%.1CDP79-00976A000100120001-5 Verkehrskunstbaute: engineering structure along transportation routes (bridges and tunnels) Verkehrslinien: communication lines Verkehrsmittel: means of communication Verkehrverbindung: transportation connections Verkehrsweg: transport route, traffic route vermerkt: noted, marked, recorded Vermessung: survey, surveying Vermessungswesen: conduct or operation of a survey Versorgung: supply Verteidigung: defense Verteilung: distribution Verwaltungseinheit: administrative unit Verwaltungsgliederung: administrative structure or organization Verwaltungsgrenze: administrative boundary Verwaltungskarte: administrative map Verwendung: use, application zur besonderen Verwendung -- z.b.V. -- for special work, unattached Verzeichhis: list, index, directory Viehzucht: stock farming, livestock raising Volksgruppe: ethnic group Volkstumskarte: ethnographic map vorleufig: provisional; preliminary -196- Approved For Release 1999/09 j cI tDP79-00976A000100120001-5 Approved For Release 1999/OIRRDP79-00976A000100120001-5 WasserfUhrung: aqueduct Wasserleitung: water supply or management Wasserversorgung: water supply Weg: way, route Wehrgeologisch: military geological Wehrkreis: military district Wehrkreiskarten:Lager: military district map depot Wehrkreiskommando: military district command Wehrmacht: military services Wehrmachtsbefeh:Lshaber: Department of Defense commander, as distinguished from Milit .rbefehlshaber westlich: western wichtig: important Wirtschaft: economy Wirtschaftskarte: economic map Wirtschaftsobjekt: industrial (economic) target Z Zeit: time zur Zeit -- at present zerstoren: to destroy zugleich: simultaneously Zusammendruck: composite printing Zusammenfassend: comprehensive, collective, summarizing Approved For Release 1999/091'DP79-00976A000100120001-5 Approved For Release 1999/09 RICTALRDP79-00976A000100120001-5 Zusammenstellung: list, inventory, table zustandig: competent zwischen: between, among - 198 - Approved For Release 1999/0 1RtRDP79-00976A000100120001-5 EUROPE, AFRICA, AND THE NEAR EAST CITY PLANS PUBLISHED BY MIL-GEO* M ,m ram- I. p., rrlh.-. i.dimF. Nr. G.Tma. qulv,I.M M laml,I idol pom-. WMr. both ram- ,, .SRMlalry rh...., only Nr. b5al M &W pain. I. Jrow.. G.rma. W.Ili.ip marl pNI. br whIFA plan how b..n ppblbh.4 aM Mk., from "larrdarwM.. Zu.ommMM.II..g .ll- Mil'- Arbei*" (N ...b., 1943) e.d from vo,Ioa milimry 9.5- 9rpphiwl handbook.. Capi.. .f lh... publilio- o owilobb M Map CIA.. .d .. Army Mop S.M.. MiIG.o airy pbm w.M publl.h.d a. pasts map and Inc vprl.ry of MW form.. In 9.o.M1, only fSy plaro whirl Jaw NM.1 paM.rM Mr. l,.dlwNd a. Ihi. map. S BaobbP of *.ugh- y row,, plain availabl. (5ad 4 Mshryltln.) I BaokA of hrwn pbm and d. o,ipfio,. (OO.bnch-iburr9.n) VASE: EUROPE AND THE NEAR FAST 1:4.04..5 11. 4.1- G,.o phip SOdMP. Washington, a C., 1590 INTERNATIONAL BOUNDARIES IN EUROPE ARE AS OF 1937. 'MILITARY GFASRATHIOAL SECTION OF THE GERMAN GENERAL STAFF cr