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November 4, 2016
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January 9, 2014
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November 18, 1974
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I.? purr /,/! 11.010,....74226 Va.1..b... N., . I i ; Al 214,1?Ll . ? . 4 ......, ... - ., , .. ?. i r I "fe.c article: Solzhenitsyn. said :II sort of life will the 250 million- 1.-committed in a drunken state ?ti Declassified and Approved For Release 2014/01/09: CIA-RDP79-00999A000200010076- i non-icussian petrinus: n 2.'1,1 1-.3;:vvy ?zi??..? . ? ... - 2...-------_, . . in Ll.c ilaxatav.... ,N., .,,...? ? j ?-?%,??? -...---..-: " ? .--Retiter. -? ? " -.>. -...-?:.: _ ? LONDON TIMES 18 November 19711- ..:Paiapsytholpgy in Russia Front Dr John Beloff and others Sir; We are gravely disquieted. by the treatment apparently meted out Mr Eduard IC Naumov, formerly of the All-Union Scientific Research ? Institute of Medical Technology, ? who was sentenced to two .years' ,-hard labour on. March.26, 1974, and to his former Collaborators some of Whom are reported to have lost their posts and to have been sub- jected to- various forms of harass- ? !tient. Naurnov'S tiame is well known in? ? the West as one who has worked- ? tirelessly for East-West collabora- ? tion in the field Of parapsychology. We do not wish to imply either a belief in any particular parapsycho, ?logical phenomena, Or to endorse any opinion on this controversial subject that Mr Naumov or his . colleagues may have expressed. However, we are concerned at ?reports that he may have been per- secuted because of his cordial and nutherous contacts with Western scientists, and because of the fact that he has -publicly encouraged 'research into parapsychological phenomena at a time when; for political reasons, the Soviet authori- ties have decided to concentrate research and publication in the hands of officially sanctioned and compliant protagonists. Recent . events and pronouncements suggest that such a study will only be tolerated under psychiatric and psychological auspices, and that an end will be put to the activities of any Russian amateur venturing into ." paranormal " territory without official sanction. Reports have reached us suggest- ing that, while Naumov has been sentenced for illegally taking fees for lecturing at a Moscow club, this ? money was in fact collected by the club's director and his assistant ; that these two gentlemen have been certified as schizophrenic and sub- jected to involuntary treatment at ? the Serbsky Institute for Forensic ? , Psychological Expertise under the Directorship . of Academician 'Snezhnevsky. ? .? ? Thus, 'the only -0%ritriees-' 'who could .haVe. cleared Natimov of the Charge of illegally taking lecture fees have been hospitalized ; the expert witness at Nauttiov'S trial was . none other than .Dr Sezh- nevsky Who ..reiterated his Well- known- Conviction that para- psychology ? is a ? pseudo-science based on- idealism and mYsticism ; and it *would appear that the Immerous,withesses -,testified to the 'face that they had 'bought. the tickets. fpr Nautnov's? lectureS from the ,club's director .oe. ? his assistant were Ignored. ? . All these eirr!?,--e-t-t?,-s sitgriest that there may have- been-rilis-? carriage of. justice. ? It is also. reported that Naumov, who is no - longer young, and is in poor health, has been subjected to very harsh treatment, that he has been beaten, and that he was interrogated while suffering from pneumonia and a temperature of 40C. 'We very much hope that, there will- be .an official investigatinn ? into the cir- curristances under Which ' Mr Naurnov was accused and sentenced, and that any harassment of his former collaborators ? will cease. ? Yours faithfully. JOHN BELOFF, -"" of Edin- burgh, President of the Society for Psychical Research, ' D. M. A. LEGGETT, Vice Chan- cellor, The University of Surrey, J.-11 PRIESTL-Y, B..R. DODDS, Oxford, ROBERT H. THOULESS, Cambridge, . D. J. WEST, Cambridge, - TED BASTIN, Cambridge, NORMAN COHN, University of Sussex, ROBERT HARVIE, Oxford, JOSEF SCHUBERT, University of Sussex, University of Saskatchewan, FRANCIS HUXLEY, C. W. K. MUNDLE, University College of North Wales, A. J. ELLISON, City University, ANITA GREGORY, Polytechnic of North London, As from Society for ? Psychical Research, Adam .and Eve Mew, W8, November 5. ]:7 THE DAILY TELEGRAPH, London 15 Noirember 19714 SOLZENITS DEIV_TES RUSSIA 'WITHOUT MARX . BY:. Our Communist- Affairs. i ? ?. Correspondent . . The .publi cation of . a collection of 6ss63-t On'the futirreotRirs.sia .Compiled ' jointly by the exiled. author... Alexander Solzhenitsyn and a: Moscow University pro- fessor was announced :at -81' Press.. Conference in -Moscow .? yester- day. - , , ? The -professor, the mathema- tician Igo Shafarevich, said the main purpose ? of the book was 'to start a 'debate on the -future developnient of Soviet society in-dependently of ' ?the official ideology of Marxism.. c.: ! "In Russia today . Marxism iri- no ? Move any- body or anything," he said. "But -Marxism's ideological monopoly prevents the' -majority of people. from--thinking- -a bout - funda- mental questions." Declassified and Approved For Release 2014/01/09: CIA-RDP79-00999A000200010076-2 Declassified and Approved For Release 2014/01/09: CIA-RDP79-00999A000200010076-2 Sunclery,Noti.24.1974 THE WASHINGTON- POST viets ex, ATABEREZITYNE CLNY, 11- ?Using. more than $1 billion worth of Western technology and equipment, -, the'Soviet Union is building the world's largest heavy-duty automotive works on the snow-covered Russian steppes. By any measure, the project is Im- mense. About 130,000 people are here working on 150 buildings spread across a site that is 40 miles square. A com- pletely new city has been erected, and its population grows by thousands ev- eyy month. Some time 'in 1976, it is hoped, the first truck will come off the assembly lino. At full capacity the plant will turn out 150,000 trucks and 250,000 die- r1-engines -a year. .In otter words, 'in this single project the Soviet ? Union will add about. 25 per cent to its cur-. ? rent annual production of heavy trans- port?a major boost to the economy. The Soviets call the project KamAZ, s 'after the Russian words fort Kama River Automotive . Factory,' and the name has ? become symonymous here With grand?some would say grandiose -.-planning in the modern age. Perhaps rnore ithportant, KamAZ is the most ? elaborate example to date of Post-Cold War cooperation between the Kremlin and Western industry. "KamAZ?The Billion Dollar. Begin- ning," is Show the Chase Manhattan. Bank titled a thick book it prepared this year for prospective Western . contractors. The bank is financing $86.4 million of the plant, a substanti- 'rst- ment in the -prospects for nned trade with the Soviets. 1.1.;?-/ De_cJa!_si_fie.cl_and Approved By' Peter* ,Osnos The Washington, Poses Moscow coirespondent Moscow Haberethriye ? ..Chelny . 0??????? terns are not in place by'therd of the ? Inonth. The delays may prove costly to the Soviets, and they have 'already been. embarrassing. ' Western visitors to KamAZ, Mostly ? governMent officials and politicans like Sen. Walter Mondale (D-Minn), . who was recently here, get a tightly" controlled tour and a cautiously up- - beat appraisal of the situation from Lev Borisovich Vasilyev, deputy minis- ter of the automobile industry, who is , ?KamAZ'S director. Representatives of the contracting firms, complain that they cannot get access to the site for the detailed in- kiections-they-needto -make for instal- lation of machinery. Even the U.S. em- bassy wes..twice refused permission to send: !diplomats to KaMAZ in the first fotir months of this year. Since then two,fshort -and_ largely ceremonial 'Visits have been allowed. ? ? 'Plans. call for as' manyas 1,000 West- ern engineers and specialists to live at KamAZ for months at a time. Few, if any, have arrived. _ ,_ ? . ? ? ..." ' "Tolerance on Both .Sides" Aistiatc IllastrayeeloThe:Wittbin.gttrAvRott: ? WHILE KEEPING outsiders at a (Es- - !V. lance, the Soviets make .no secret : many foreign interests have ?? Diadi'' Ka/11AZ even more-of a challenge-toAlie, of their own concern.-over the prob- leins:. Long articles in .the industrial Soviets than they apparently -realited? when work began nearly five years ago. .press cite specific shortcomings in con- At the start, the vision was simple?and., struction and productivity. One recent article told. of 'an incident in which appealing: a joining of Soviet needs and,.. equipment operators were idle for 24 manpower with foreign skills. But trol---ii\ ble soon came. The Soviets and th( , 'shifts in; a row 'because no, one had Western clients disagreed. about.desiin.,/ ? given them orders; For Release 2014/01/09: CIA-RDP79-00999A000200010076-2 dif-.