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November 4, 2016
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January 9, 2014
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July 2, 1974
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. Declassified and Approved For Release 2014/01/09: CIA-RDP79-00999A000200010084-3 THE TIMES TUESDAY JULY 2 1974 rrt.eral?KV.3Vtal.V.V4Mt.i1=GAVAZ.1.:11:MVXCii17.7.711t13....... ?=lc.:31==c2r,e,-.M.Z..177:72=7.t12XAgS..7.:=IIVFX=7.VataCnClatirkiireTtIr..T0.=r1:71:1111.'Uiexasatitaimaaaetwaca mei Moscow academics prepare for what looks like an official monopoly oLi:c?carch . _21.3 135E11111 641 2?11CIFIV"7'.."Cf ? ""i V 0 kti? ILV a mar ti t'Y It will come ns a surprise to many that there has been wide- apread interest iil the pheno- niena of plychical research in Russia not only in the popular press but et the highest aca- demie levela. In October 1973 there ap- peared in (Thestions of Philo- .!?opliv, An official publication of . the Soviet Aciidenty of Sciences it loofa careful and very inter- esting paper by four of Roasia's most eminctit psychologists, members of the Academy of l'editeoitical Sciences, V. P. Zioclictiko, A. N. Loontiev, .B. F. Lotnoy and A. R.. Luria called Pttrcpn:cholcunt: Fiction or 17:calitv, in which the authors commit titcmselves to the 'state- ment, " Obvicoisiv, cone no- paratischological pher.o. mere do happen ". 'Let selien, on 1,-;:treh 2S, 1974, tic Moieose pr.rapsychologist, Nattinov, was nentenced . to two years in a hbour camp because lie war, alleged ta have misappropriated funds of a club where Ito had been lecturing on parapsychology Dr Aliclrej Socalirevsky. a payeldatrist, teas called as ail expert ivitaess s,hr, . teatified that tiarapsyehology is pse.uilo.seicaec brined on mys- deism and lcalkin. It is, of course, rliMcult to find out exactly what intoner.ed : accord. log to friends of Natimov's, the clith's dit?ector allowed him to taaai some antrance fees for shot...ion a film mi the so-cniled Philippine spirit heider, ?Tony? a,r,pona, hoisa.ver, the director yip; not permitted to speak'on Neumov's behalf in court, hay- ' me been declared psychologic- ally milk to icatify by the itoIt oil dos. There has been activity 411 the parapsycbological field In tbe Soviet Union sine.c the oarly 1910ii, when !Academician V. M. Itedititercy. toe:: an interest hi to subject. Indeed, in 1914, a'e A. V. limakharsky, Commis. s:tr for Echietition, took the initiative in farming 1 SOViC:t 01111iLtee for Psychical Re- search .? to the International Cronmittee for ' Psychical Research. In 1322 Belitterev fotir.ded'a collection of spontaneou3r-i'lr-r---7:?zurcirA'grol-er-a- Pliettionetia, case histories of .. ? 7.1/A rrp lip el, !ID V9 \ ? ' 11 ?''''''''="1:21131174'-=-4-14"1":"71"112.1x0=x4123 national activity. For vim-Hole, made a special point of dtsso: ? ? De St of Krippoce of ..tilea elating f ruin pec,ple reporting, for. example, ... ? Maintonides 1)ecant Laiinratory Schroeder th.c'annlildvcsOitrati..e.r. .. '... it is to be welcomed that Soviet ' in Brooklyn delivered'a lecture Neither Naumoy nor any of alleged telepathic experiences; . ?? ? ..t. the psychological and physic- ? , a: . . ? . ? :. on parapsychology ar the La-hi, co-tterliers, such a5 Baehara . loeical effects of magnetic e .? a ....... ? .. ' .. ' . ? ? -. a . tute of Psyclielogy, a seetio'n. of 'sal:nova or Larissa Vilenakrati fields ; and the effects of dis- tant. Or mental sagge..tion on . subjects under hypnosis. . The scientist in charge of tho 'hypnotic programme was it Co rmer student of's, I.. L. Vasilicv, sobseatiently Professor of Physiology at titc ?- Univcraity. of 1,1111;o:.;red, who. . . throughoet the 1.920f 811C.I 'SOS ... conducted a systematic research ? project on distant iefluencing. . : . . Vaeiliev had originally wit- . . nessed an experimental demon- . . . . ? . ? meal Pat apsycnoloey. . .? selves in !more. It may stration of apparent tele:el:hie . . ?A' I ?-? 1 311 Gle :%0Viet 1;11i0/1 iraerest we. bc: tlint att. the pr..e? ??; scientists should wish the S"iet A""n". PCd1". gical Sciences in 1971. Krippner Rustiati workers teral s:resa arranged, jointly with: Nautariv, that the maili obstacle to Il r%. to organize " Intoenetiooal ? gress io pmeipi,Yelloingy the Meetitte 011 file Problem of ain. 1rick of a attiralde physicel 'oasis Energy and Related Areas" lit to caraalo the pho.oamana and Moscow, which took place in fn L0;14: ?1111*:',IC Mt lilt' Se:ill:11 for ,lily 1972. The conf', stich c:sphomitione, whereas ia grimmer wrote, " W;.0 1101 etimilads has r?rt ' 5ponr,oreci by 'the. been an codeavour to Soviet government, beim: re? ? cicitionaeate thric very aai?ded twhen its a function of existence. leavli'a theoretical ea. Naionny's Institute for Tech- planation,. !r.o ;Ake care of them. ? : to bring some scientific.and .theoretical order and restraint into the field o'r . psychical research. a ? hetinosls by K. I. Platant.IY, an .- :or are they the only ones who - i, ,,, ,,,, 1), f?,?.,?,,..; 0,.? r.,,?,,i;),,. ;;,,,c;or.: It, Izt:??,,,o., ,,,,p,,,,,i: omi.,e,t Soviet psychietrist.? ? ? ?? " ? ? Professor at the University of . tasportarit work or, medical. :' ? .. ? ? ... . . , write. for example, ;he: 'hue ? forte.11,7,on ol a unified tr.cor;.? livonotherapia The word at a . ; .? . .r.) fia ' .- . ?,, ? to e.c..ccrii., t:io basic eueray p.lnliioloat ? and .tizerapeinic ? ... ' -.'"` 11S where people vvitn? .. search for the measurement of ciectrom?,..,?cdc field, ?, tranc.oeniations itivolveci. eal et id . tirates. These fields ere caPed wher Zincheitko . ? ? . ';',10sr,,dif,'''',',...!lte,:t ric)ii:riFt.c.t1 ', C.:11;1,1i'. plistie' end incorrect '' the descrier,: es " in principle sin:. ? !nate.... that saetel ? researahers meters of sa-ctillcd is:worm:nal laharkov, late; author of an ? ? ? deplore a state of zi,;,,,c?,:o e, are manila camaitated with the and physic:1i pmet. vt-ty ineea petaled. ' Xeiptit,:r ? factor. Vardliev and his team of ? ? . enaineers, doctors, hypnotiats the .neory forwerd by Cazita-' ? ? itas /11Atic itylrumeitts ilaineiale ecrour,t for Cot1 ostensible paranormal Set 311( 1.0 te3:0,-i''n ? 'oletial I). ? ?.. . fine.. PrOlsc.:.,s search for a sinele intsle ferce Illiiili 1.11'01 tek!PilIlliC influencing - ? gift aL . s -e publicized before * - . . . . 10 allpra;:...e the fUliClio '0 31 Ph's:lioniena i ? %sets mediated by I-a:Ho-type. - - - ? . ? - state of individuals. l'or in- That Soviet : acientists %%audit waves. When the experimentera sance, the ' Xirlian elfect""Hl lc' 'l %Grit! ::cico'fic foiled. that screenieg hy rneanS? nvestigation and publication . ? .t of . a Feraday cage failed to?C' : inlithit tile ICIel/atlICIIC. 111000rt ? . and that consequently in the technical literature ... ? , so far, . . . ? ? no channel for the ostensible . ' . . . . . 110n-wrisocy no Intim it i eatio re masritesaziereertesireexizeirazaaarteasitaratiat=arasriamte7esareervarracattizenzeizzarts aaeulii be detected, 1.11C It:ICarch ?ceased. It is not entirely eicer jost wity the rest:milt was dis. eontioucd in the mid-thirtica. pointed. out to his authorities that he and thus his country certainly ehad priority Ccrtaiiiiy, as Vasiliey wrote, covery At; thii respect, anti he syhen he wes eventually ablc. to was allowed to publish sonic of publish some of his results, in his work. 1Ie was also, in 19G1), the early 1960s, the war inter- allowed to set up a research veiled (one of his most promis-? unit attached to the Institute Jug reaeauch student:;, V. S. ? for Brant Research at the lin'. SteldimE end osky was killed versiry of-Leningrad, and letters during the aitete of Leningrad). poured in from all parts of On the ether hand, there is also Russia, riving examples of what' rearms to believe that it sal;S correapemdents be- mecisely his feilore to prove the licacd to he psychic experiences. existence of a physical channel lo the oest of my knowledge that led ta the abandomnent o Vasiliey published three works.: the research. a long essay. blystorieus Mena- ? In 1919 some. articles ? ntena of .the.11untors Psyche, a appeared in the French popular. popuiar -book which has been press alleging that succeasfu. trans:wed into French under telt:0:111;y experimeots had been the title 'La suceestion 0 db.:- apceial commission for ;he carried out between toe An to tee and a ?.scientific mono - Si tidy of mental sttagmtion can. atomic submarine and the graphs translate:I lot o English in attached 'to the Iosziiiite for share. thus proving that screen- . 1963 -under the title Experi. stonare, if not al.ways critical, Brain Research at the ,Univer- ina which entirely cut nut radio mains 'in Mental Sugsos:ion. ? . interest in psychic mattees 1,1, under the atiamees.of the Czech ?pats ? . . aity of Leninctrad. The activities warps did not inhibit telepathy. This latter book countries of' the Eastern block.. Seimnific and of tbe commiasion included t. " . . . .. _ .. - Technical. . . . : Declassified and Approved For Release 2014/01/09 : CIA-RDP79-00999A000200010084-3 "peal:ors Anita Gr.....,erv? ,.-. . ThiC:17,47.r..V=.1177.CA'773.1:,=.74.,71=II.12. West. It Ives not, liovvevcr, until 1970 that the ? full impact of Rusaian parapsychological Se- tivity cause., house to the West. In 19GF, two young. American journalists. Lynn Schroeder and Sheila Osterander, ViAiteri Itle Sot ict Union. 'nide guide and mantor was Etluatil Naumov who was manifestly helpful and informative., and assisted diem tit co:It-acting a' ?great many people who might be of asaist. once to the two. journalists, . Schroeder and Ostrander re- turned to the United States and wrote ' An internatioaal best- seller, Pspchie Discoveries he- h 1(15 the Iron Curtain Which, if not distingoisiied ba? .accuracy or. restraint, nevertheless fore-? ihly 'drew the tilt:en:ion of ?Vestern researchers to a par- (photography of is tissue ex.. anti theorrair?til order and ' poaed to high fregoency ;air. resiraint into the field of rent) was osed by parapi.ychoiro Psacitiaal rerch is. of course. gists before it was ttaed la welcomed. Nor are payehola. Ruiesialt scientilts the only ent-i gists aeain: " Pt67 Whit dC.1.iir/re ',IP.1C.! of effal,s aectimi. for Tea :it-had witf.:*a Peelle whit es!clisiiihe , paeaotayeholog'y pac.imorrial gifts are pt otooie,4 mitt puldicizecl prior peopat !Jenny was organiadie within the ?Centcal Achroiniettairion of the Scientifie?Techntee! Societe of the In:Art:mem Padldiret, litLr """ C. tey. In and 1971 two'ac:icti- The takeover of any field of tificatechnical seminars on the ' study by professionals fermi erica I chffzei dct ' u. (necri.c.. r .oisty; is, and patrihilt ;t:'nmilil,n!I. It would auspices." be trag;r. ti what .1 Novo. it would scetat :hat rwnru'"'""?71" ry? ? Schroeder and Ostraral'er'a Sa?'!iv;r;i red,"11"?"3',..e,,1 book gave extreme offence in c:"? Russia. lincliettko ct sinaleu'tinlc pit'. , ;s :kit!%:t.c t l?it. for arm:. it out for disapproval, pertly li?cause of 551 iii they feel to be vs"; td sihi'lIuh(il: wcr`. ? ?us o?rtly anti-Soviet attit?de, I.1 klcr"Id k;:al iscr.. partly becau? of it" iitacettriey, .,"1.'".? a A" PriVa'"1"1"ri45" * riliS111. AL the Interotitiutial Com 4d7cit " """?c bc lip hecause iti. seasatioia nd rml"R"Ir!. i" gress of Psyettotronics (another .taelacialcirtt.2a;atv',Li; se.m.'11) hit Pl'agoe in II pc, 1973. tr'1,'? in' liastern word for trier:hi:all mi be 1. oh 0...r...mited by Dm z. di cd PNVCIAIL: eXpent,,nces In. if' ? I