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November 4, 2016
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June 11, 2003
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August 19, 1976
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Approved For Release 2003/08/08 : CIA-RDP79-00999A,000300100002-9 OTS/CB Memo #760150 19 August 1976 MEMORANDUM FOR THE RECORD SUBJECT: Visit with Dr. H. Puthoff and 'fir. R. Targ, Stanford Research Institute (SRI), 12 August 1976 1. The above investigators were visited to review their current R&D technical and administrative attus. Several items of interest are recorded below. In brief, Targ and Puthoff have changed divisions within SRI, have received rata replicating several of their experiments, remain in financial difficulties and believe they can more accurately and reliably produce paranormal phenomena. 2. The latest reorganization of SRI has affected Taa'q and Puthoff. The Bioengineering and Information Science Division is now headed by Earl Jones who replaced Bart Co*.-,. Cox was replaced because of his di*isions unsatisfactory financial performance. Jones has decided because he has it financially weak division, Targ and Puthoff would be better off in a financially stronger division. Accordingly, they moved to the Radio Physics Division (RPD) which is concerned with various telemetry and communications problems. Within the division are numerous intelligence and military projects. An S$/TK conference room is part of the P2D facility hour d in Building 44. It is my opinion that Terg and Puthoff will be better off with this arrangement. After talking with their new management, it became clear they will not be treated as special cases. They will interact more strongly with otht:*.r people in the division and will be given the benefit of the division's marketing contacts. Their access to IR&D money' will be the same as any group and their direct exposure to prei- sures from Charles Anderson, President of SRI, and others will be minimized by the RPD management. The only disadvantag' is that Targ and Puth-off will be given a finite time to develop a funded program and then will be forced into support of other funded projects within RPO. 3. The financial situation of Targ and Puthoff is once again percarious. They have 100K from the Air Force which is being applied to remote viewing of AF intelligence problems. They have spent almost all of the 50K from the Office of 'Naval Research (ONR) as described below. They expected 80K now and 200K soon from the Navy. This Navy support has all disappeared because a Dr. S. Kaslaf of the staff of the Assistant Secretary of the Navy for R&D has decided the research is not worth the potential adverse publicity. (SRI actually had 30K in hand SG1A Approved For Release'2003/08/08,,: CIA-RDP79-00999A000300100002-9 NAVY-SG review(s) completed.., Approved For Release 2003/08/08: CIA-R?P79-00999Q0300100002-9 when it was recalled by the Navy.) It seems inevitable that when this R&D field is reviewed at high levels the politics becomes overwhelming. 4. The Office of Naval Research funded a replication of one aspect of our former program. The experiment was a remote flashing light used to induce changes in the brain wave activity of a sensitive Subject. This experiment pro- duced positive results when done by an or institute under conditions specified by QT/R. It recently even produced results when the observer of the flashing light was removed. In general, a very controlled replication of an objective effect seems to have been accomplished. If true, this effect has profound implications for science and intelligence. It means that objective information can be passed and sensed in an unconscious mode by an unidentifi 3. means. 5. Although they could not share the details with me, SRI claimed the AF contract has already produced results. Supposedly, operationally significant experiments as well as analysis experiments have been successful. Dale Graff, the A? project officer, will share these results with me after he returns from a month's leave. It is noted that Ed Leeve-ett provided some of the significant results. We shall see. SG1I Approved For Release 2003/08/08: CIA-RDP79-00999A000300100002-9