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November 4, 2016
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June 11, 2003
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February 4, 1976
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Approved For Release 2003/06/24,': CIA-RDP79-00999A000300100007-4 OTS/CB Memo #76-18 4 February 1976 11IL,MORA DUM FOR THE RECORD SUBJECT: Stanford Research Institute (SRI) Investigation into Parapsychology 1. Attached is the final report describing several years of CIA (ORD & {STS) sponsored research in the area popularly referred to as parapsychology. I believe the SRI report will be a major benchmark in the field. Even with its flaws the investigation is the most complete, serious and scientific investigation into parapsychology in general and its national security implications in particular. The report establishes overwhelming scientific evidence for the existence of human perceptual capabilities which are as yet unexplained. The investigation, however, resulted in nothing which adds to the understanding of the mechanisms involved and little w -rich increases the effective- ness of national securiy.rapplications. the SRI investi- gation and internal CIA o experiments do, nevertheless, indicate potential applications of the phenomenon to intel- ligence problems. For example, empirically useful tecbin.iques can probably be developed for those intelligence problems where noisy, flawed infornation can be used to limit known alternatives which subsequently can be verified. It is my opinion that an internal CIA program directed towards the above mentioned and siniar intelligence requirements should be re-instated and continued within OTS. 2. ,..uch interest has been generated by SRI's publications in technical journals this past year, and consequent pro;res is likely. The unclassified portion of the SRI investi is to be published in the ME Proceedin s in 'march 1910'. The acceptance by this prest g ous journa?, is a significant indicator of interest in this field within the scientific camwurnity. Furthermore, z, number of aboratories,~_g in.. cluing that of Dr. R. W. Lucky, Vice Chairman of the I! : Publications Board and Division Director at Beall Laboratories, have successfully replicated the SRI remote viewing tasks. Approved For Release 2003/06/24: CIA-R - 16666?-4 Approved For R;,lease 2003/06/24: CIA-RDP79-00999A000300100007-4 Other groups such as the i:SIB' s STIC study on ''Erner ing Areas of Science and Technology of Importance to National Security" have independently identified parapsychology as an area worthy of support. The epartrent of the Navy, the Office of Naval Research and Naval Electronics System Con&nand have also independently decided to support SRI in extensions of the CIA sponsored investigations. Releasing the SRI data for publication has already sti.- lated additional investigations, and encouraged further research into understanding and controlling the phonome =a involved. It is not premature for us to be now considering the analysis and application of intelligence desired frnr, those techniques. SG1 Attachment: References Final Report Approved For Release 2003/06/21 : CIA-RDP79-00999A000300100007-4 SG1A Approved For Release 2003/06/24: CIA-RDP79-00999A000300100007-4 Approved For Release 2003/06/24: CIA-RDP79-00999A000300100007-4