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November 4, 2016
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June 11, 2003
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January 21, 1975
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Approved For Release 2003/06/2f4 ? C.!A-RDP79-00999A000300100011-9 21 January 1975 SG1A 1A 1A SUBJECT: Parapsychology at Stanford Research Institute (SRI) 1. The intent of this memorandum is to briefly describe the OTS - SRI parpaychology project including a listing of the American citizens tested. 2. In 1962 reports of paranormal activities being documented at SRI by Dr. H. Puthoff and Mr. R. Tars reached the Agency. The o. na1 contacts were OTS/ APB and ORD/TG. A small work order type con- tract (approxzma e y 10,000) was initiated by with the permission of Dr. S. Gottlieb, D/OTS. This contract arranged for SRI to administer controlled laboratory testing of Mr. Ingo Swann, a New York City artist, with claimed paranormal abilities. Mr. Swann was tested and produced significant data under controlled conditions. This data was sufficiently impressive to begin a one year contract to further investigate the potential of paranormal abilities. OTS/CB became the project officer. SRI con- tinued to work with Mr. Swann and began working with Mr. Uri Geller. Also a third subject, Mr. P. Price was tested by SRI at the very end of this one year effort. 4. The results at this point justified an additional one year project with SRI ($149,555). This project was jointly funded by ORD and OTS with as the project officer. ORD/LSD was the ORD liaison officer. This project inca two major parts. The OTS portion was to test a series of operational analogues to determine the state-of-the-art at solving operational problems. The ORD portion was to determine the characteristics of a person with paranormal abilities and to attempt to explain the phenomena. Approved For Release 2003/0/i4' l -RD 9-00999A000300 1000 - 3. During this one year contract (approximately $50,000) SG1A SG1A SG1A SG1A Approved For Release 2003/06/24: CIA-RDP79-00999A000300100011-9 5. During the course of completing this latter contract, six subjects, subcontracted to SRI have received extensive medical and psychological testing as part of the attempt at identifying characteristics possessed by people with pare- normal abilities. These medical and psychological tests are subcontracted to the Palo Alto Medical Clinic. 6. For the record, the six subjects (listed below) have willingly submitted to the tests (subjects know why they are being tested, although only Mr. Price is witting of CIA sponsorship). Patrick H. Price Ingo Swann Duane S. Elgin Phyllis Cole Hella Hammid Marshall C. Peace 1A 7. At the beginning of this project two of the above mentioned subjects, P. Price and H. Hawmid were given the test by CTS/}3AB. This direct OTS testing of the subjects was terminated when it was decided the Palo Alto Clinic could provide all necessary data during the admini- stration of their standard test battery. 8. There are no defined future plans in this project SG1A Approved For Release 2003/06/24 CIA-RDP79-00999A000300100011-9