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November 4, 2016
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June 11, 2003
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November 27, 1974
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SG1A Approved For?,lease SUBJECT: Information Report on the Use of Paranormals in Two Police Cases Q99R.j00300100014-6 1. Two paranormal subjects being tested at Stanford Re- search Institute (SRI) have produced impressive data on police cases. The first involves the Patricia Hearst kidnapping and the.second involves a Stanford University student homicide. The data for these cases was generated spontaneously in an uncontrolled field environment. The generation of the homicide data was witnessed by OTS/CRB.. An evaluation of the data is independently given in the attached memoranda from a second party interview to the Alameda County District attorney's office and the police officer in charge of the homicide case. 2. During the past year of investigations at SRI,'-several stories of aid being given by people with paranormal ability to police in San Francisco area were related to myself by the SRI investigators, Dr. Puthoff and Mr. Targ. My personal knowledge of these activities has remained anecdotal for several reasons. One compelling reason is these activities are totally indepen- dent of our current project and that even the appearance of CIA involvement with domestic police operations is a political explosive association. This fact has kept me from even at- tempting direct varification of the SRI claims. Also, with respect to the Hearst kidnapping there are explicit threats on the lives of those working on the case. 3. Two cases have now been documented which may be of interest to the Clandestine Service. The first, involves Mr. Pat Price and the Patricia Hearst kidnapping as described in the first attachment. The night after the kidnapping and before any publicity occurred, Mr. Price's help'was solicited by the Alameda police, Mr. Price provided a significant amount of data, including identification of people later proven to be involved. This interaction was taped by our principal inves- tigators, Puthoff and Targ, and has been varified by the Electronics and Bio-engineering group leader at SRI, Mr. E. Jones. All this documentation is available for our inspection. E T Approved For Release 20q3/06/24: CIA-RDP79-0099PA000300100014-6 SG1A SG1A SG1A Approved For,,elease p099QA 00300100014-6 SUBJECT: Information Report on the Use of Paranormals in Two Police Cases 4. The second case has occurred more recently. The re- sults are described in the second attachment. This case is of interest because of the presence of an OTS officer, _ 7who witnessed the sessions. A separate description is being prepared by It appears all the claimed results and more are vars iec . 5. These cases are inserted into the record since they involve two subjects we have under test. The subjects produced operationally significant data for the police on two completely independent cases and under different circumstances. There are no explanations for these performances. Also, based on these data, no projection of future performance can be made. OTS CB LAI SG1A Approved For Release 2 - - 9A000300100014-6 SG 1 A