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November 4, 2016
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October 25, 2002
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August 2, 1972
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Approved For Release 2002/11/ NM ff999A000400050011-4 TSD/BAB MEMO #323-72 2 August 1972 MEMORANDUM FOR: Chief, TSD/BATS 1. Attached is a cony of a letter providing some brck- ground on the ESP caper, which I mentioned to you. It wts given to me by the engineer in Applied Physics Branch who is in touch with Dr. iuthof f . briefed who was, according to very excited about the w e thing. He encouraged to pursue it, and I plans to come up with of D&E money to fund some additional experiments by Dr. Puthoff. 3. II has also been in touch with Life Sciences Division of DDS&T, and reports that they have a very active interest in the ESP field, and have been collecting data for some time. They had heard of Ingo Swann and are interested in following his activities. According to 0 they glso said that they have a consultant who reports to them phenom- ena in the field, and that a number of Government agencies are now getting involved 4. and somebody named 0 from Life Sciences are plane ng a trip to the West Mast on 11 August, when they will meet Ingo Swann and have a chance to watch him flex his sphincter. He invited someone from BAB to join the group. I took the liberty of saying that we would be a little thin on personnel during that time, but would be interested in hearing what happened when he returns. Fi- nally, he mentioned that Life Sciences is planning on forming a "coordinating committee" to work on ESP and the data that is coming in, and they are saving us a slot on the committee. 1, TST) BAB CLASSIFIED BY _ EXF r:FT FRO.-VI GEh,-. .,_ 3 ATION SCHFALUL'.i OF OF 0 11 -152, 1A-r- FTION CATEGORY: 5D(i'? i.;; :;z (F? (cerde one or more) A it?i:i:iii.