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May 30, 2001
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January 7, 1954
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SE roved For Vaease 2001/09/03 : CIA-RDP79-0100941005000401y-a, riO. ?IBDUIIIAL GEOGRAPHIC INTELLIGENCE REPORT BAKU-ASTARA COASTAL REGION C IA /RR -GR -37 7 January 1954 NIMA Declassification/Release Instructions on File CENTRAL INTELLIGENCE AGENCY OFFICE OF RESEARCH AND REPORTS DOCUMENT NO. NO CHANGE. IN CLASS. Li DECLA33iFIFD CLASS. CHANGED TO: IS NEXT REVEVi DATE: AUTH: NF-3 -2 DAT;, Approvedr For Release ifif "tdiAl-A1312/-NkabLAA000 rIJA S.ECR$T/CONN Approved For Pkieease 2001/09/03 : CIA-RDP79-0100940500030001-3 GEOGRAPHIC INTELLIGENCE WORT BAKU -ASTARA COASTAL REGION CIAMR.OR -37 7 January 1954 Copy No? r1;7CF. This material nontains inftre:170-in rne! defense of the United Stan'q whin the meaning oi the 7.71, 5;*.-, 7'7 'n.-1 04 revelation of which in any .... . CENTRAL INTELLIGENCE AGENCY Office of Research and Reports 0VP' Approved For Release 2001/09/03 : CIA-RDP79-01009 500tivriAk S-E ROL 5-E -R-E-T/CONTROL Approved For ease 2001/09/03 : CIA-RDP79-01009 0500030001-3 CONTENTS PaT dur? t.-1, or; 0 0 a .4 0 0 0 0 0 .3 4) o c. o * 0 Terrain 44 0 0 4 0 0 0 14 0 ? 9 9 0 3, 0 0 0 A.. ttr.Area. 04 n 44. C , 144 a 0 0 6) a 0 CP c t^ '3, 0 0 7) 0 0 C II0 37 0 0 a 6 0 0 0 0 0 CSouthern Area , 00004409,00000 0 .04,0 TT r.Tyc' ro7ry, 0 0 1 Cl 0 a 0 .0 C 44 0 0 0 0 C 0 0 0 (7 0 JT LC 3 1.1 0 rp C harac te sties e 3.C. 0 0 a 0 0 3 .,. Inland ..'.:haracteris s 1. rthern 0'1? rNe a 2, C. 44 14 0 0 * C ^ a 0 IP 0 0 a 0 te .,r al Area . e 44 ? a 0 3. 43 , C. 0 ck Di 3,, 1..?rea 0 a ? 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 Are a 0. ? , ? PP 0 PP C -:: * 0 0 0 "71 :11 1 i te? y 44 I. 0 0 6 *? n PP ? A7)`11. c,7.tpe. r (4 4, 0 0 0 ? .0 0 Pp PP 0 0 9 0 C. t,ation 1 0 0 .4 to . 0 0 C' S1.1 r.r Plee d'S a 0 0 Ps 0 C. a 0 * C- 2 D,. V I. s I-it:Lily and Cloud Cover .4 0 IJ .1 C. 2) Lenith Day 0 60900.44. 40% 44 0 4, Settlerksri'k; 0 3. 0 0 0 , Pe 41 .0 6 a 0 a, PP C Ethnic C 0-np03!.ti on of the People 0 4, . 0 0 0 0 0 . Transportation 0 0 C , II 0 (I 44 4 C. 1.4?, Rail r-o49.,d9 ? t- 13 a 0 0 0 0 6 0 a 0 0 0 1. 134, f?,o d. 0 0 1 II s. 0 44 r 0 0 ? iL C4. Wat e Trnrisport ? 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 .9 0 0 1. 4431. IX litari Instal la,tions 41 44 0 44 3. 0 0 44 ,? 0 0 44 . .4 X. Ailindwart ForRelease.2001109/03 ; CIA-RDP79-01009A0005(410030.001-34C-. 3-E --?,*-R-7.-.7-T/C 11,41.300:VT?N {?;1. *5' ? ?I. lit:A.17(1z Ilan * ?* Map 12979 is no longer available. It is a reduced reproduction of the eastern half of the Soviet map AZERBAYDZHANSKAYA SSR 1:600,000 GUGK, Tbilisi, 1952 -- which is merely a general orientation map. Approved For Flidase 2001/09/03 : CIA-RDP79-0100941500030001-3 ? TUF BAWU ASTARA COASTAL REGION Introdwiiica 16.16C4.4. T1113 stlicy is an analysis of selected geographic aspects or tthe Baku t.stara Coastal e4o of the Aserbaydahan SSR 0 The region. is ? :Located along ths 3tern shore of the Casoian, stretching from 3aku southward to ',-stara on the USSR - Iranian border. It extends inland . t'or a Ltstancc aaproximately miles? II Te Train The Baku ,st.ara. Coastal Pa-ion can be divided into three aajor physical areaal, navy (1) the northern area, which takes in all ,j1 the re L:ci.on north cf the Pirsagat Valley and -,Thich includes a narrlaw as al plain backed ty outliers of the Great Caucasus Ran.' (2) the (aentral lowl,and ;? .extends south from the Pirsagat Valley to Lenkoran'?, and (3) the southern area which includes a marshy coastal belt betweall Lenkora0 and. Astara backed by the Talysh Rangeo A,, Nor e:nt,rea The aorthern area'consists of two sub-areas a ral.T.'rVii sandy coastal plain and the much larger inland sub-area of rolling highlands with ne roils volcanic hills and salt lake basins (Pit re The coastal strip between Baku and the Pirsagat River Valley is , characterized by a narrow beach with sWeeping bays, sharp capes? and offshore volesr.ic or sand islands, The gradual lowering of the 'level - - S-E-C-a.E.T/C017TROL Approved For Release 2001/09/03 : CIA-RDP79-01009A000500030001-3 S-E.C-R404/CONTROL Approved For idease 2001/09/03 : CIA-RDP79-01009 0500030001-3 " of the Caspian in recent years has resulted in a considerable increase of newly expoted, poorly drained land near the water's edge. Soathward from nys (Cate) Shikh(ae the coastal lowland lies belay, mean sea level and varies in 'idth from about 2/3 of a Aile to 5 miles. Pe-Woridle II data described Mye ZMkhov as a cape where hills came down to tic eclee of the sea? However? more recent inforratien indicates that as the level of the Casptan lowered a narrow beach emerged betwrea the Mlle and Tea, and a former inlet into seathern Zak: has disappeareda Directly west of the hilly southern part of Baku is Dolina Yasamal, the north-south valley which lies below eea level. Dolina Yasamal flares oat to the southwest where it is occupied by 3 interconnected salt lakes, The salt lakes are surrounded by a lowland, which censists of an extremely narrow strip on the inland side and a somewhat wer unbroken bar eeaware. Elevations along the sandy bar between ths lakes and sea vary from 35 feet above sea level to about 90 feet below, Two channel markers are located on the bar southeast of Ozero Kraureee East of Pate is Cora Lok Baton, a circular depression-topped, mud volcano that rises ,-,eet ae--) feet; it is surrounded by an irr3TaLar marshy lowland which is below sea level, Lok Baton is a dormant volcano which erupted as late as 1935. From Puta Village, the lewelyias re)astal belt extends southwestward to the villaee of SangachIy. Alone. the of the sandy beach elevations are as low as 90 feet below sea lIvrlo Elevations of the salty marsh land toward the interior increase eradually dge - 2 Approved For Release 2001/09/03 : CIA-RDP79-01009A000500030001-3 4t-E-I/C AWOL Approved For R1 lase 2001/09/03 : CIA-RDP79-01009A4400030001-3 to sea level and then rise abruptly on the flanks of isolated mud volcano outliers of the Caucasus Mountains. &A2th cvf Sangachly, the shcreline has 3 bays, one north of Mys .aagaabaJa cce bsaaaan laa Sangachal ant I?Vs Alyat-Kosa, a third, on afAch taa town of Aaata icaatad, southaest of Wfs alyat-Kasa. The cape and tay part of the lowland coast is a dry area marked by staaaahes of sand dunes, ravines reaching to tha sea, a profusion at Eiart hialcaks north of Mys Alyat-Koaa, and stent. astural etbankmanaa ea terraces) south cf Mys Sangachal and netI Elevatioas range froa 35 feet balaw sea level to sea level. alapea axa gantiea WIdans of tAc lowland Vary from about 1 mile near 3:angaahly to appraximata1ay+ 1/2 miles at Ays Alyat-Kasa. Faux: islands and an oil well platform lie athwart the entrance to Baku Bay. Prom east to vast the islands are 1 Ostrov Peschanyy (the aargast)? Ostrov VoLi, Ostrov Plita, and castroV Nargin. All faar is-Lands are partly sandy. Ostrov Nargia has a relative relief of about 7k5 feet and has a, light house and a number of channel markers. Ostrov Plita also has a light house. Northeast of Mys Shikhov offshare oil atalls lie close to the?mainland, and oil drilling operations are baing conductad on and around Nargin Island. Midway between a Sangachal and Mys AlyataKcsa and cbaut 7 1/2 milea-offshoae is the low flat island, Ostrov Duranayya Two low islands lie directly east of Ws Alyat-Kosa; the first, is less tha:ri a mile from the, Tainland, and the second, Ostrov Bulla, which: has a - 3 - S-E-C-R-E-T/CONTROL. Approved For Release 2001/09/03 : CIA-RDP79-01009A000500030001-3 E-E-C-R-EJI/COMIROL Approved Foridlease 2001/09/03: CIA-RDP79-0100 0500030001-3 light on its eastern shore, is about 7 1/2 miles from the maiuland. Ostrov Glinyanyy is a pan-shaped island about 2 miles directly west Aly*,ty. The western.part of the island is low and sandy; the -rt!.lative relif is 95 feet, a range from -85 feet to 10 feet lbout Ixdand f.n t oastal srip are rolling highlands ctatnlni, ue rots circALL2:, tei. sided volcanic hills, salt lake basins/ vrve,A 1, , a.' the :7;alt. 14 valThys, ano precipitous canyons reaching to the. h are 'ed by ' it str L. (J1 depr& i iiies vest of ' , The more Frt.. ls' the .rd Ilse to sle-ls.tiot3 af 700 to IWO fee.? lAal*. , atd. vcdanoes cith fairly steep slopes which .acs become pr ct ?s. Many of tiese hills have been deeol' scarred by ravines- Prominent peaks along the coast to he south cf laku irciiie. (ors (Figure 2) about 300 feet 'nigh; Gora TuichtaAy-Eaya, .GoraTclag.t w:un :u,h a thuMb-liite southern extenslon, 1,310 Cora Gk.,- t and. Kura-Dag, 1,245 feet in elevation 3,35 feat; and Gora Osman Bogy Dag (Gora exceeding 245 feet; Gora Kai.-D g, t 0&,E ft, Gora Kir-Dag, 860 feet, Gore Kotur-Dag, 7t peak 4ith a ion, tnife-like ridge on the north side that 11.F ,xiles northeast of A.Vaty, 720 feet, Toward the in,tior of the Baku - Astara Region peaks becom t'!igher and clwer toether. The two highest peaks are Gora Valra - - 13-E-C-B-E-T/CCIITROL Approved For Release 2001/09/03: CIA-RDP79-01009A000500030001-3 S 41-s-TicoliswY. Approved FAN, lease 2001/09/03 : CIA-RDP79-01004000500030001-3 9 male ef 3angachly, 1,315 feet; and Gora Kalender-Tapa, a mud volcano 6 115.1es north-northwest of Gora Tturagay, 2,730 teet high. Slopes of 50 to 80 percent are common in the west. The southern edge of the highland area ends abruptly at the Pirsagat River, B.Central Pl.rea ? ? ? The eentrsl tree is basically a level lowland which extends south from the Plrsagat Valley, Near Prishibinskoye the lowland begins to taper until at Lenkoran it consists of a 5-mile strip between the Talysh Range and the sea, The area includes the gide flood p:Lain and delta of the lover Kura. The major exceptions are a few isolated low hills and the hilly area immediately youth of Navagi, which is an outlying spur of the Caucasus Mountains. ?Tactically all of the lowland :Lies ,3e1ow the an level of the Black Sea. The or types of lowland terrain features include swamps, marshy meadows, streams with imperceptcble divides, an extensive area of sand dunes, low narrow ridges, lakes, and streams. Where irrigation is available some of the land is intensively cultivated. Beaches, capes-, bays, deltas, bars, spits, and offshore islands are common coastal landforms. From Navagi (about 100 feet above sea level) the Pirsagat River Aalley slopessgradually to the Caspian shore (85 feet below nee level): Southeast of Navagi, the valley constricts to a wtdth A' 5 miles then fers out again. Small patches of sand and marshy meadowland are features cf the lower valley. - 5 - S-E-C-R-EeT/CONTROL Approved For Release 2001/09/03: CIA-RDP79-01009A000500030001-3 Approved Fo lease 2001/09/03: CIA- The promi) "eetween the iirsagat klysty - I-Eayrawli railroaa are dinti by Alishov; a mu no iuntaLn.d. eply s rred by innume and ravines, s eaX rises lowlan6, lend extends mud too; heA Ate gong- The , ists f .3y1andova more thin 960 feet above t ,pes of 40 percent in many places The ri0 11 liad from Gore Bol'shoy Mishov and culminatte in the Lc tw, Gore Kalmas, which zies a heicht of 655 feet. Ctpet cisr 50 cent) end is deeply cut by numerous toftratton aouth of 1,Twty to t it sweeping baya, 2 old cat (Mys Pirsagat and Mye a new one soluta of Mys Flre-gat -- formed recently as the sea recede SEdy behches and =rise terraces prevail 1cne the Alyaty - Kura ?Bt A series of small law islands are easn eneounterea Oistinc :e1tim relio IC man-Vag at lyn Firs bat is about cAt. ifroni 65 fest h4iovi sia level to 195 feet above, The hill at *ardovan 1; the relief Iniftay bet these ,Dro. (Gore, Alth-Zyvyr) exceeds 390 feet in e ., Jon and 'et 475 f-qt.t. A ridge) extension of Gora Be ,,Dak at'Byandovan and continues south to the smtll hli Gm -a 13 off . Both, .101 Pirsaget and Mye ulaarLe al-mve the aJjao?Jnt se and 'owl'. es fThm min () Eset to 155 foot above sea lav te 1= 23 to.4 Naar the village of Byando 2 o&p,s. 0).r. has a total re roaches the co Zayach'yt% which the shore from 'Lyety to Lenkora: do ,elevations exceca rel/-tii.e relief of 1/0 feet. Nowhere 4se along -6 Approved For Release kirktil*krSIVIcaaaih-01009A000500030001-3 Approve The Ku wt eta, F lease 2001/09/03 : CIA-RDP79-0100 projects southeastward botL 10 mil t portion of the cast line. Most of t 6r to 8c feet nelcv sea level. Yakopiaskoye frum the see, and in many pla pr Lel Chore. The snas of the Kura River are often 1,6. by latt;a1:::(1 levees. outh de t riag sand dues, salt pans, and pas S'frrje ditLcn to d extinct And is about 0 feet. ea1 and .outth of tkte sandy costa1 one is the Kura irrigation aanal well as a few la ;he ir ,47at River ant hend the coas C 41th r a fqy miles of the Kura Rivat* r major features are mud volcanoes raj re1tve lief in this sandy waste ai1eoccupie4 by a lae of etre image ditchss, swamps, aikes, levees Ilevatlons ally lou, and relative relief is igrlificant )nIy along riv,r bank levees, the ate sided old stream a*neis, or fel, small mud or extinct volcanoes. The volcanic ridge L miles of Sal'yary, with points 130 fe t above the adjacent flood p of the Kura, lathe site of many old burial mounds 3 to 30 feet high. cora ircular hill /2 miles directly west of Byesdovan, rises 250 feet ab ve the surroanding plain and has 4o percent slopes. it has a dense pattern of deep dissection. The exact delimit; ion of the coast between the mouth-of ,he and Lenkor& cannot be ascertained, but it is known than mueh - 7 - 3-E-C-F-E-VccarrItoL Approved For Release 2001/09/03 : CIA-RDP79-01009A000500030001-3 T T, Approved Fo4dilease 2061/09103 : CIA-RDP79-0100 be expozed lw Vv.!! rec scith of t:heLux s deem.. t 111ACW 04 1:1:,,Fv.ri 4g; " now 4 Srapy airdl ?....1wittr4 t bj era 3 s to ke e3t :di aitta Aarroteeat, ,t,!,,rt srA, an rtutt 1):4 3 1 caltf-i..* ..:,,ivel., .1, .sardzi. beach ridge betc.,,e4 c:tetdt ttZI.A'f?chs, mo$t t,o Letticoreui''' 7:11,7 ' rtOW t i f.: have been EzId.P4o134- of tte low 1u4 betwee Gr.,1knd Leorr to asvoted to ' 4:1.4eth tre.t.e'.1 is interrtkp ed Iltitonea ;.,itp C Qttzr Ae. ,'a reaL dflde4 intc 2 1ttini rarr stal sosstli of Lenkore.n in the et (Figures, 3 444 4) .1 ges, 4 214.1e5 y to a width c 5.5 miles. a and has a ger:A.:Al slope down t ern Len .orr tnd Astara is -7er7 irider :t torcr the beh ' riz - /CCRVIRUI, Approved Fr Release 2001/09/03: CIA-RDP79-01009A000500030001-3 Approved Fp tease 2001109103: CIA-RDP79-0100 .-1'eet) -befork teCT,7p1p31 o the 4rate nkoPsr*,.11tnr t tle . seT2o rc-11; is oy 00500030001-3 I iige From the Lecack'an' -all a beach terra,...0 from CP?:,sp1J4n. South of The- 1.4.?ako Tfp! Att8.1.1. is al so sasAly itr a Ci , acut the ..ow.,Land rrun14ir of. high bts, terraces, some t the ? t.-te Range is re cf i.1 reme :Li the abru th;re...!ntle r S rom the coastal th.ctre se ethe f tz,7,t1-/ 1,1 s k'JbcAre the plain %mat.' -nortimr?elt 1?enkorant a hi.1.1 rtot b,1 lend in 1:.orizontal distance c f 1 pe of 34 pIrcent. Teljah .?e 6) ; .Sevoralp3 tce .e rorth ? '2.7tIOL Approved For Release 2001/09/03 : CIA-RDP79-01009A000500030001-3 Approved Fbr ' 1,15 feet. 4:-0Etc 't44 t." .141 44;4141 ' 01." ease 2001/09/03 CIA-RE)P79-0100 000? 30 re greeter than 40 percent ; 1, 1" 01-3 ? rirt,'?es tc, he south a isountaie vte tweau ,t;.he viper 'Tto,lyel,";;.,1t, t?..r ',...ftAt the cow:Aral ic 985 fe,-t. abolo , ? ? 41a,z of 5C pertent,byre ??. ?1?????1 ' ? ? itgt . ? ? ?' ??'? ? . ? . ? , ?,, ??? , ?": ?"" ???, ? r,,ortt Hof anothet isolat.alh_S-80es.?? . . '? ?15.:06:'; :"...,04a11111. ! R! ? ? S'2?....fkal?evations ?incre?tee rapietly.**"?roe . ? ? ? ?-"???? "???: '? ? ? ? teat 1.-",,,'"'"; ,::?117 3 rillea frost t.o. 4,got.x). folt ? . T ,t? ? ? E.4.11 to 5 COO feet ti "J, 7 iiie %r1. ti ors are fouu-id. ft'i'N.,:,,usttly along the alsettl. ct thrn treri,?,e the Sovie'!'. -1.",a an?, buundar3f. t_ozges?, 'f!t I eep slopes .1,',7?0 rac tart stictz. et' thei, tmse.erii 1,,?41.t1-., few except Lom, le stream velleors alatP41y 1,A; I. id 4ns 'Ismer 1,11 ext,ends 'r, ',TkeZ' a r!-' wars, a plal tI lde and slightly wore ? than I %lie ls* been formed a14. is c,,sinected with the elv.i.stAL3. le,uland by a ati:Cr:, 4ater gap. Th,." loon- Astam Valley Origi,,,,se 4.,!,t,t-t, 1,42 mile as t.,,r aix,121.ishmaglyas, tlec of the (.1*v-a L A. OffsbOte_Characteriet Ica eatrt,nr!%ed ann'Itr- very narrow. Eltlwest, the flood Ailreftf dt21: of whicq to,i,,ce,t1 1/2 mite I lrtc itouatains, East c.f Pen., tr at the confluence of the , Infort:-,F,1-,;,on concerning tl-e pronuunced drop e:' the .. , , Sea leve I 1,nd-14 ,71t,o6 the 4,-xl.lafiguratIcri 4f.' the coastline and oj, 'shore t , , ?? , :, ,, , ,i, ' ' ? ,', 1 , L' I! 1 ' I Approved' F r Release idi4"Tho oi--. ballibilti9 -01009A600500o3OGoi -3 , ST/ I - A101low0iiiitiF ..109/03 CIA-RDP79-01O9AOOj! Q-3 el iiL4d has' at al tly u. rent yeexs L1 of detailed 4417,4:;1'.7,4:41.1.1d01; accurate ar144..p4?,.., . of ... A the cbAnges.- Z n 1949 t4s., 1f401 of tYte Clapi-rJ,D Sek. v4s repOterl be 92 feet htc an aet. 1cve4. A Lthonel the C:..)spian is, a tde;ess .sea? it is . . ? so'i4ect to ,,$,nnuAl tr,uotwttion,? The xsnce througholit the year is from tc.J. 21. 5 lac:Yes, ,Irha bighef,i,tlevel occurs heag. the end of the loviaSt oeo..txra between JanDry and Marph, Tce f:sol1og411:-;8 tiee?eriptiorts ere for nPahore -pproacbea of b?oIezvne be ween Bak.0 end _Astern-- The pp (l to hvi7e$., w;17,11..of ktvve Shikhov f atbotei..i $lopeei. ..'.:4:imed.ii-A?;e.ity frf.:,:at of the beach, Lliat artft t th ?Tht appnxi.e.:?.: to the tens.',11. et 0::;) roct4 0?5 iflue off.thcwe t1i0 ol..uth The to the :beorx-L noxth Mye. ?.; c.'32/1.f-',.?; 1-1=1 ..he YLV:A:)... ,..!:,::::1:2ro,FicL to the byLch north M:yt5 Glihyr4nyy bout :?. and.iro oca-.7.-.,.-A about I mile offhorill:I. iG 0 apprc-aeb to the bc,,7)-ch aTioilt.A71,1:1 f.-"; at,:c:x.AteNloyi shoals' ext,mdt.. and 6.1.i it -the outt Th e , GCCI"la of 1:yanilovan har3 fl,-c,--bott.rJmed sigyesi a rollv crt.f el ode u:rf area. S-E-C-R-E-T/CQRTROI Approved For Release 2001/09/03-: CIA-1RDP79-01009A000500030001-3 ApproVed Release 20?09103 : CIA-RDP79-01 A000500030001-3 . 1 1 The approa ittito IH ch to nitkaya Kosa'has flat-bottomed slopai,L. i 1 . 1 I 1 I. shoals, moderstwsurf,, aild drift to the southwest* tIle 4 ositrov Sara.has, flut -bottomed slopes, light surf, and da14".ti, "a a ? sotath4eat,. the to the beach, area north of Astor* hti*flat-, bytto4 sIop:1ud,1( shoals 0.5 rite offehOre in the nort!L e*a 1-5' ollato it the'sout)i, mic4erate surf, aa4 drift to the sottil,.,? 7 f kftx,r0?164,3111C features in, the coastal. 2.e eu,13aloa tc, the 1"railial:A bt.ccer ccnnist of ittexmittazt salt 1aies, whic!.. tarn into salt, an At tolmmers marshes, and intermittent streals inthe , I , nOrthern area; -e:':ift'nee retwork of $olrlipanent streame,,Seweval,li : lakeso and ouloartt6 swamps in the oentral'area; and in t12 PlvilIOV`n , a4ms, heavy, conttotration or rprings and mountain streams dthe ' . talysh BSnite!anokjivers, swamps, and lagOolas in the coastal, , 1. Isrihern Area west, side! of f.2 beiaal a fo..4 m.Ues tioutLINest ?.jf I.Ws:At 3 lotero.)mzect.tNa reeten,ps.lar 11,telmitz.ent salt lakes parallel tte aho'..-t for 9 mli;::s,; the average of the lakes i aow 1 mi3e. '3zero Kresnoye it it the ,7enter4, and 271yvshiy Zaliv Fute, (formerly a sulf) is in the so',111117wevt, Several .ttler Intermit4ent i;aline lakes itis4::at-ciacr33td shores fill shalLw del.ressions west of tte co3.atal Lakes -;knd Te l&rgest ie GelvIsh-Altnu-Clablasi, e salt .a}ce cuml'Aes Jong .b.nd 1 mile wide, wt.lich Is loos.ted.8 miles 3:vs we t of kAtto?, 8t3el., natural embankments rise at the northeStiliand - 12 S-E-C-R-E-TidCOME. Approved For Release 2001/09/03 : CIA-RDP79-01009A000500030001-3 I ? ? ? Approved Alikelease 2001/09/03 : CIA-RDP79-010 000500030001-3 scathe:rm. etaces Oft te ittke bast :a.. and elopes with even trades the Ittor-A03asterzt Th..N.te ot4-ter shallow salt Ieites are o 'LE tet tt, I ;4,, 412, 4tort f.t?ti C , t re. r Et, t rlatrCIS', Litt tine cc: a s-La , t, , arta cr ft. ',-t,tarit. strin6t- 3y ttle ? tt. t o 1,r,a. ? trl e'tqFJ,.1) c.? irdefind etct.ttnt tit.Ittj iizarhy exaa& att,'.. 3 : fOJ. Lpus betweer,? 00r* Dit4t2g,111 ?. . ?OC.)403 st:ntt!ttieasta.rd ttile ?,it:,.-asta',L. railway ?. Nutauttt *1.4 t .I.ce?oz.: is ;mated lx,twee,r, DrtzneyroirjtOp.1300i. ? . ? .?l4ie villstee of ? ,Innuseraba?e ?:iitula.ies, and 210,rinee'ria,... the.,?11 ?.:,,, ? ? ? ?? , ? ?tit:punts:1,as stM htL 4ortb ,Ittf'thr.PirstagattLLre.r,but. perleenet.?,,,,str*se are enti re 14 Lac+ The lizst lott4e remanent river south of Baku is the Ettf3 it 3 044rC hif tt.,1 southern f';',:ank of 'the Cauoadsus. ? 7.mun117 ter:dr-F:17,0i thot- sandyj swais14-. wastes southwest of cLay during the ig hL4 water period loest the Piro set ?It (Utopian Sea., T14 .1)1,esegat 'Oxley southeast o Iaya?ctathaa rawrout$ , rttl, telbutaries lnd dtiotvibutaries of the mein strearalshort disc streams tlnd disappearing at rantioatii, a number of pf, 41; f Galt rehes p ant cisterns concentrztted aim' the batiei- 1411s flaakilg 't wIle,y t,3 the lOrth and .tt.out,n, A sectim - .- 1 -FA :41ci 04,1 Approved For Release 2001/09/03 : CIA-RDP79-01009A000500030 01-3 t ..,-.";" coLls ori:..,. 2:,.;, , some i, ':!I ..:,r,,,it ..,...11 ',? I:, ::: i zte i sDALL bait ttiv,rsa, 6:t tt,F.: 70. tiler. ?.k. r) 111 . ' The 134e1.-- Itt ' floilplais 1m rFtax! al:1e for its retnu a ety of1ar ?hep1L t lose flow al e maxthea etnve and nvserms'IJ owlarvi, The. Lat has ronzih nataml L4es0T3 4t1 Jolt; irregular delta libelee ed streams ntt:TO lica'a tJs stream t.many airectiono to 1i4a $ ,Iranchoito axas beor estptO.n{; into the sea ? urznt r Release 2001/09/03 : CIA-RDP 9-01009A000500030 09 036: 14/4-RbP79-0100 .en . id dt,:?.'wreutres p:rctcte: u.s1.04#1.:1.:.:ti ,,,... ., ,,,,,Urb fra' s not; w# a ree4a ansi twLr li-Alhc,J a m,) ut bUt 1.4 m the L Akstriii , Tbe Alrasha :Ls fa;;..b. ki, ieep, and has an ave re1u4ti f (tc o.. Thie of the (tnshz.. is ene?fly 4 as f or th FL1 0 ;..g in Lprille LOW Lite and winter, ' Alusba. is ?movelte7t, ctraf,nage, and 1..rel, gat. cal di Iuth pLi iixdzIs of '.earporary )oads and 1a reta4 f1i o t1e Ii1a ud secondary streavs. A r1U3beZ of aLt lakes are located on both stdes? , I 'ii1e west t yaw is th Iar E:at, Is`ile DZE":71) I tit a I aver for sra1i hos Both lakes flutuafre in size and a Approved For Release 2001/09/03 :C -RDP79-01009A000500030001-3 IThe outlet of Makhrludohala is the Army a R.!ver , . oh flows sainthward at a rate of C,3 to 3.2 feet per second to and through the lair7e swamp Kiravskiy tepovednik (a reserve for ater and other birds). 4 I Another aalt lake lies in a sandy depression midway between the at Sal2yany and the ridge about 3 miles to the east. g 1 e contains several islands three of which are toppe burial mounda% On the Kura delta north of the river i3 the pouch- , t zero rakopinskoye which is bordered by sand on 3 sidas. At Nefteohala,there is a narrow lake 4 miles in length, A railroad 1 bridge and 2 liard-bottomed fords 1.6 feet deep cross it. Large i Of plasable salt marsh which vary in extent in different seasons are located (1) on the sandy coastal belt between '1 Ind the ruraA.(2) trac1dling the Kura River on the delta sotth of Ozero 7.akopin keyna, (3) rromNefteehala north to the Kura 4) about 1 6 miles sollth ast of SaP yany (5) north of and adjacent to ?zero Akh-Chala, a (6) along the old north and northwest shores of t Imeni rlrova. Of the many reed-covered passable suampss irovskty i Zapovednik is_ he largest. It extends in an ever-widening crescent from the sout ern shore of Ozero Alch-Chala to the old shores of Zaliv Imeni rirova and is about 2 feet deep. A passable swamp (1 to 2.2 feet 1 1 deep) is located at the northeastern edge of Ozero Akh -Chile. i i also occupy t ' Vamps - eastern half of the 'Kura delta and ,he nortaern part of KurinakaYa 'testa, Many smaller swamp and marsh pat61tes are distributed t.rougioiit the ItUra Lowlan Approved F 16 - SZ-C-R-E-VCONTROL r Release 2001/09/03 : CIA-RDP79-01009A000500 :11 bJ e Titer t.. f eftcia1a By C ?',,-rra.- ? vednUt .8*1 tttg3 -r , ar,r5ithe 11; :rECfl8,2 ; dies. TLe frxi t ;4,-,,, ? ,tf loaded -,-,4-' visa laataribc.J. , ;I! I, , psit tod. I13 f07.114 , ncl t the monttu 4 1,44,:yVyc A k ay a d GirEt-Lni ,-- - nttl:, a lc,,,ng ,beride ricef itit iLe , t bddicup damn, dir.,41 ni transver 4, 1rtcr1e:fled ssiap low. Thrae ] !:, %.,, iL.0ndb,,t'y a reed cov3 d. --,, mp are 1.;3,c, Elhti 1CB t41 Leiorn; 'cept, fr -mile long, c:gon rU c,f,b.staras, rice reed or foxt a4as .., .33eado,i, KIrl2Vit Mt st th iald et,,4etrt kor.n# ar1 Utive , The wi?=171 iae, -V.:1.111 Ibi. t reame,unde4;rctint -E4,epoige, and tb rains. Mcst et, d 1ak re iaL Te oaa 1 ?,',..rt general. d.1. C.rbblf.,,k!,A n?ater during the' drie : on Pri ,4 iLL 3 elc,se; t4 U mcnt4n baser Ti Bprir and ,i hsi ,? ELIu1Jb aati ctua1ttr ratrI, In .,,h a4h ?!crr.ant.a. ta. spring, re such more zwer , , otl many stzw Beavy cip1tt tonhe _ the i vple, ,5 i p vhIch empt,''' to n , Approved Fpr Release 2001/09/03 : CIA-RDP79-01009A000500030001-3 se 200.1/0910$..t...11).-R0P790.1009A ? " 1.:1+ 4 ? ? .01 zryz, E t Vitt' ' 17. itW C4. . ;.: N. I. ,4)* 'c.iiiiatrars: from 1..t... ia.. bvtar::a n, pC tilt 7,'''' . 3c: tt.h.,ti...0ikri,..,t; .. .i,..;..?.:r ',i, ..Lej 1.,z-oa.e..1,71-1 . to -v,:t...'. i Approved FOr Releasb 2001409/03 ; 4IIIP79-01009A000500031DQ01-3 eate 2001/09/0 CIA-RDP79-010 3y brt4ie t?-',7 .17; 1,*C :3, r .13 firx3t111!1.., A ? or.l.i2.,:jtcz.' at rc0:10 t tire i. 1ty th,F, vrai br i t ? per4 Cti?-?,..m. ..; il ?per HE' k.,A*,)111 , " ljni,, , Lk 330u , L of Az-t, I r,-',,i ae 14 ta.e t, to tk.le ,, It t ro?,, rldii3ti, t Igrie- ';?,:t ?,: 4?501.t :: , 1 i Iv r of,"s ?:,,?-..;?:-.. I itbttkekiit-4 :r.r In fora 1,.4416oe ty i 13 fe_tt per le cord B t the ? Approved F r Releae 2001/09/03 : CIA-RDP79-01009A00050003 CPA-R P79-0100 r te of ti i'm brtppE '11 1. -..,7; i - t,6 :,:i shrubs, 1.....i,c1 I- r 0 .,,.. 1 a ' nctakil i ra 3 SO ' r'hoc.; 3)1: et' !flt cnd 1141 . C71 3 C.: i; r ifi the 7... re ,,,i. 3.-....--..7 rt1 a.r.,i, of fl., .1... r , 1, . 0,?r ar,Inse i ie t ' ?,,,,e 't raartuk is a. .' tr. i s ly o.' ,) a J"flPi.. Vet, fald , C.11.11.51 Approved For Release 2001/09/03 : CIA-RDP79-01009A000500030601-3 Co t? he' a ;- ? ' ir- 0:1 , the fi.itF5 -',2t 'ate .7.3 nt.'t ted ye?711' ,t0,11 ti3g-14?3e:, land. :r1 land "re, ts,..;?? ?tle. dei 'c i.r.,los?;;I:ff r pft,3 it i. a.ctItepI ii t" ? !".),arr04.; ?!, C,,114.1.?4ate, rh'.....,,flo?d,,T?111,1 :SkA, 8.arc1 tn a c oltS44 azr. 17,1-le LA.Land The s,se, E1emt, Silk4 C arid the .? k, Agrircir/ect Fin. Release 2001/09/03 : CIA-RDP79-01009A00050003b 01-3 ease 2001/091031: CIA-RDP79-01009 arnalloSk p witJ on tl:le the aea, Imate T el i by bl . rood a,J'e thety .a-nder oc,.:,.t2les the sands in the ,:f" the 3alru - tetra Co.. tal Region rloderately cold winters. Precipitation is exce:t in the ,Jenknran'l Lowland Ind Talysh 14ounts:1T*, dete for the; reE:'ion, were obtained from two stationss, and Len zed iimatic ?111.11.0 in the reL3ion are n, t as extrale s f ttle Tr:.,inscarcv;us tn the M 9 for the Ga 11,,once,, cooler Turners srd ttre in the re irjn Ls about 3041n. r nth:1y temeratilres of a.pproxtria ront',11, anC. 33?F for Ja.nuary the co1de7A aome wint.ore laytime terr,Pilitures 3mperr_ture rises above 50'F? Des t um:omen ia Januar and Februarn, years, ice is absent along the coat above 51.0.1P are comm. in July and 11,44 cool ni,tts Arir, which temperatures drop 20 to 30 degr9,0 ith the by temperatures of winter the relative Ira 1ty i th. .1 Aetara coast is at a maximum In fall the relative hi zy on on:re t v11,4 be fairly high on suany days because of ra - 22 - -E-T/COITrapi. Approved Fbr Release 2001/09/03 : CIA-RDP79-01009A000500030001-3 ? r is very dry and hot, with eve requerdy having low relative humidities. initatiol i3 generally scanty in most o ,I.,)ase Reg la tN part of the re-don lying to the J..atitude of 1:zylact however, the precipitation inn Leaorani, Lowland and Taiysh Mmntains it is abundant Ly preci4Aation of SO inches for .44enkorano is in trith the the eve zze of 73 inches for Baku. In both Baku VAri PI= CirL cure in Pall, and the mintmam in summer. the wettest cnth, precipitation averages 3.5 inches in 1.2 iches imi,Baku. Mud and soft ground conditions are characteristac ng the fapl rainy season. In July? the driest month only 0.2 i in sumer, e coast ? In th and Lenkoranf 1.9 inches. Dry, dusty 000- along the central and northern seat rier areas precipitation occurs on 2 to month varying with the season. In the more humid areas 1 to 11 days each month. In the coastal lowlands, some of precipttationis in the form of sncw. Ai4 intermittent x4 co 2 to 6 inches deep is sometimes present for a few. days. Mountains, however snowfall is common throughout winter cover may Cr= ed 3 feet in depth in 'some places. C, 'tort ace Winds Nor1h winds prevail...throughout the year at st winds at Lenkoranl. The winds along the northe . 2, . -T/CUTROL Approved Fr Release 2001/09/03 : CIA-RDP79-01009A000500030001-3 ssis ! Approved $r ease ?lb' /09/03 6ii-RibP79-01009 008,4 ,ar01:0 !al straw, often exceeding 33 mi Oa1e are chLraott ristie at Baku in all seasons, frequanoyre:hes ai,,,?6 high a.s 18 per month. Lenkoran I vv,In st.-7r, 711 winter west winds at LenkoraW e3soo',atsd h rt.Jdly rLsing temperatures. In summer. a few miL toas-,, has pleasant afternoon sea h wild 'aeom:-,mar,e at night. Cover r.ter, and early spring are the cloudiest 'ilartz, T t'.!-e year, T* rium.,ar of 'days when at least 09 of the sky .is cloud covered aver+ps l3 to 20 days a montA from October threUg Merth. aumler laa$ t cloudinesa. In AuTist, the month Witi the least ? :1 o*.:Loudiaess?,thrrae is Li. te, 7 cloudy days. Low, ofi,eh tec111,44uolue us. typify the cloud cover in fall wint:r, while sheets of r" a cove consists oft of QUMUIUS 13 Usual in spring. Suver clou ,ness usum,,,Y le cumulus t..iype. t ?Dgs andi, dust are the ilrincipal restrictions to vial.b4:Aty along the coast. It contrast to the interior of the Transcaucaslis? fogs t may occur alo the Caspian Sea coast throughout the year The fre.. quency of foga in winter, however, is higher than in sualhe l'he , January avnrale is over 3 days and the July average is apes", then ohe. Dust is common over the Caapian Sea coast throughout the yepro Even when the sky is clear of clouds, the high content of dust ir the air gives a haey vearsmce to the atmosphere,. Although fel). 4d winter rains help to 'settle the dust, they likewise reduce the i " 24 S-E-C.R-E-Tirco7rROL? Approved For Release 2001/09/03 : CIA-RDP79-01009A000500030 , . for approx to 2hour3 in Ms 3f 30 rate 4 bou 1 htrenonti Baku - Astara ''..Ut-t.Ltd The highest den 'esperscrs are f't'nc in the TLinitietec cities In the fLOth?rL f the ranging Mo. of t "n, ar-d AkuSha Rivers hi a nort1miest9i direct4 on from the western side and in the e4ny coastal .stretoh between lyaty and the c 1cira Riyer. The nrhern. area -of hi4i populat'on deritin th .Baku ab4irt 12 Miles southwestward to the vicinity cf Tepes and. A-Dag. The eastern strip of this area, whiqh .northwa tys (Cape) Shikhev to Hy ailov is ac-tmal: r!J,, 1 extension of hecityof Berl. ThrOt4hout this strip thU towers arc i4erdxed *1th itt4a0 c3.4. 25' - 3.E.G-RA4/tONTR9L Release 2001/09/03 : CIA-RDP79-01009A000500030 Approved I t'r 4 lease 2061109/03: CIA-ikbP19-0100 numerous ate set tiemente , . feud L1311 1 3 3 t l'ele settlements here see censit itf fitve tnan 20C inhetff..tan.te The laree pointe tele main tri' asla .11t.nd the rail wheras tie tEs , scaitce ti out the oil tien to tl? settlemen tbere R strir dozer 'Iv s di&rUuted lione, the co are,a, ,!Yost etet t :147^0.:;:t tl !were Eve riencedreirth in recent yea', Mel are ,4ut irregular conglormra to h4.'.r:), e:antle,d censiderably in size since 7.Ier, Pewp.identi.41 ercrt of one and tee.ettery houses has L. ocie uian oil worlers. li the southward fren Shongar an east-Ve 3 t? between Alyaty and Ali -Bayraeal'the t poplilation deczh:stes noticeably,. ttleelant consists ear- ly cf niro'is teu$D.J C altri bout 2 to miles apart s that 0.ppear ' Most are irregularly shaped elusters used for ho.: 7 c1]. WO:fkk. r'S 0. a half dozen Dozcn small building These settlements a located on the pates of, by level land that are scattered. terraIr.,, Gent ally one or more cisterns have been constree each of the sett:laments to provide water for the inhabit, In the nt4rthwest corner a slightly different settlement pattern appears Ln the vicinity of Khan-Ruli and Beyulc Kaftarare, the win he &porters for nomadic herdsmen. - 26 - -E-C-R-Z-T/COFTROL Approved Fbr Release 2001/09/03 : CIA-RDP79-01009A000500030001-3 F m 1/0910 th 121e.YfIle nurloT tward to pastures at h isolated sheeks which the ra,Liroad are probably sbelte eta alag et, a, alon!..;the ?iagat River ti abi.uptay. Settlerrents be,c0The f coact 3eor ',:ferld War XI t ...onsisted about 21000 to? ddle o$' xtensive grain are the 33eriya (ore, .?.ably renamed in -the production of grain. In beas,+ , on ? ths rattl.,?r ,elle north of Mit, irpo)et.enet of Pi1.yat3' .appears to be de: 1.7tinor lrdIri s .? latter settlement has s rail d road connections inland? small apparnt3,y td prc>ss timber that S 4 eod inc11.3des a 1-.4pit:1.7., and fishery? .Th he Alyaty yramli railroad to the south also p ,Isits for Lriber of yrta (do.ehaped tents used b TrEri). In ,he rea*.xtereen the Alyaty AliBayrainli r River he se le tent pattern again Changes. Settlemen the tern 'half of the a - 27 E.T/CONTROL Approved Fpr Release 2001/09/03 : CIA-RDP79-01009A000500030 almost mit IA-ROF'79-0100 s virtually uninhabited .rtat and a few small fishing villa 11), Fhidyriy, ttleoil orkra and : nstracted we ;tern half f the o 5 niles ui northwest of ltock herders. and for , the rt that form units collective farm village aly, anti Baehirabat (1 mile southwest ng patterns. Mos- of the settlement .liv lmeni It:1r riser but cons pulation is d1 atian beoomes somewhat concentrated almost cofltifl Fura acA the area dir where a nit o: 1 ally all of f elongated villages along t The sole exception to this oath of the Astanly - Bank portion village e are scattered at intervals les. A large nursiber of sheds and swer sheltere a roughout thf irrigation fields* town in the area is Saliyany, River branches from the Kura,. -2 a-E-a-a-E.VOONTROL Approved Fr Release 2001/09/03 : CIA-RDP79-01009A000500 asio W710 4 , cotton ginning cente war cam y sonors of war in recent year's tho c ly penal laborers. Yura and Akusha Lowland economic a IX I 1 cr, E 7ypt Ian Cotton. However, the prooeS s and sturglom into caviar arid other cann3.1 prOducto at te molt of the Kura where two major ants ars Lo C a tea t 010 shay Oriat and Zyuydostovyy Kuitt) to the out i two more -lants at Kara-Kush and at the, the Kurinskayi, NOS Lk ( Ponin3u1a)? Neftechala is the center of cling oil fter 1945* Several new settlement amas ording to one report, they consist of bt -7o4' ail workers and their families. Before t had it own l' Jing pier on the coast, 5 miles to the south Thear:e sive swamp that runs northwest from the ZaJ,v Ime Kirava is dev4id of any permanent settlements but in the cealtal that e 4long xtends the coast to the south, settlement the pattern a,1 small villages -7 each an irregularly shaPed, co of buiidings. They are generally distributed at distances: f Mil/63'1.1) re i a ?tnewhat heaVier.densityin the 1 and *long the Priahibinskoye 7 Lenkoran Lenka population is jeaged in the cultivation of rice. The these village erage from 50 to 500 personas, but the - 29 . -A-a-TitooTR0 Approved Fr Release 2001/09/03 : CIA-RDP79-01009A000500 r Approved F tier* ROL lease 2001/09103: CIA-RDF'79-01009 mate ally exceed this average Loako - -nclu le Prishibire,toye with about 50(Y)f inhattants 4ror. 24,500 and ?o hz,ve populations cr about 1,000 in thn sone , le maps irtt ,n12: .zerbaylzha kar II and Zclovyye Alvady and ifitabitant3 enc17:,, wose shallwr tha the?shore,, Iton ca7,egory before the var but recent ,?4, t( its present poptaation as being in e%ca* ur?ed pcouaation of Russians, Armenia 11, about 5,000 to %COO inhabitants 'gher cloy. Tha town is a port of c fron ku tc Iranian ports, However, The tay t o ,h res mi lea r r's ships *Inn not approao'h Closer than it is old town with narrow strenr,,s masm The industries are focused the pror s: iood products such as tea and fish, 3outh o.!,,enkr,ran the larger villages include Arc t maticd' popslat n of about 200000 and Pensar and Sheakemr 1'r about 1,250 inSatitants each. There are five villages ShikhalrPrani Khclrili, Shakh-Agach and Tangerud0 whIch hak-e 1,000 Lnhabitalts ach Astara i a border town which extends almost uninterrn Iran (Figure 33) It is iitportart as a center for handl, Iran. A fish-processing plant is also located there. Be Soviet Astara ada population of about 1,000 or 2,000 Approved For Release 2001/09/03 : CIA-RDP79-01009A000500030 pprovedF eesq , nbs pbab1y grcMi somewhat. i.e reportc to be a then-, no CL A-RDP79-010Q9 114 A Soviet On the f4,restd 1oe, behind the coastal law Are much exceedi between stt eot3 average about pntptUy. cat- there i a noticeab households dispers pose each of the villages. Host 0 1;r valley lovlands or in snail clearing sl-pcs Tb c l,ivatioriaf tea. .1? ocoupatdon of the inhaSitant gth osi The op atton of t Azertaydz an ralysh at the eastern base ?f tb.S..2Earle. he Daku Astara Tats and Great Russians co .0tydzhani are largely a rural people in the :.ura Lowland. In 'recent years,however, many h coastal citi stature, In physical appearance, Azerbaydzhai ng faces, dark hairs and brown ally among the old nen. The Aserb which is similar to the Turkish h Russian, serVes as a common to h occupy the Lerjkoran Lowland and a_ le. The Tats who, are related to the ?-31 -C-R-E-T/CONTROL ease 2001/09/03 : CIA-RDP79-01009ACJOQ$0030t01-3 41' leasq, 2001/09/03 -rq steppes near I ak the Irani r.and the A,7.erb East and Cr reside in '11: L:e vririan5 r,d rs1 an* 17,y e:41 cal a, aage or, hmi. have re i espedi .er$ I straits car easil$ t,ature and lighter aorapleld.ons. scent se-,:t7ers from other da art fhe inhabit sane df the iyire :71ort .scAlth exte. the BA Trrrse 4 rail? and a passenger se abl daily. The e.xt lway net aku Batumi 1Lnc, the ma:i.n,trunk e eas rri end of the strategic Alya Leni kan tin -.,nrt ths: Osmaray Nolrylve Astara line :3o-utheryi half1 f the coastal rar?ior,? All of these li edt), Only the Bain, l'aturi line is region? .1. of the Baku - a4.7 Lhe co About 6 i lie ortht,r,,rd swings eouthi a few mile he Baku Astara ?about 8 miles to the ;lune tion of Baladaha tcrorard the Caspian colzt, The lii the coastline to Alyaty, At A - 32 S.B C ?E-T/CoNTRO Approved Fer Release 2001/09/03 : CIA-RDP79-01009A000500030 10t!TROL ; Approed F lease 2001/09/03: CIA-RDP79-01009 , c last 3,311;7, The line', ritVe ,pe -rom the 3aku 141.4 1014 11 t t pc'r rer,eG iLth sppar:mt; r LIId c' the urface t r71.1e3 of tie r'cLr Ue d,u tward across ti ;3 aku - Astart 5t the the coastal De.rond hc coastal region the Alzrat line paz-allelxi .1)3SP. - Irin border. : 15 miles of the Osmarily Moryye Astar. ':The ti,c4r41 3 thve,rigeti !rpm the 13-aku Eattni tT,To re:1(311e3 i riJ....les at the we3terWs outside the tkt Astara Coastal Fe,gion? The line branthe fro, the A/yaty - Lfanik lire , m at Osman m ly Noryye 12 iles ve!A fth Casta]. Re ion, The ine enter the region approxinately 10 rdl- the rail jun n. of Sallyany. From Sal"yany the line ruas !:_he western ari of the coastal region to. Frishibinskoye, The line hen' leads to Port Illicha on the Caspian See. From Port I1 Iha the Line runs along the coact through Lenkorani to the southern t rm Astara. From SaltTrary a single-track line extends 21 milcc to Neftechalai This route was constructed primarily fields slarrouridirg lieftechala., A narrow gauge (2 fcc - 33 S-E-0-R-E-T/00NTROL Approved For Release 2001/09/03 : CIA-RDP79-01009A000500030 nortitward _na, h ( t traf.ri of te-t1 coa-3ta1 rail .at i Th , 1 betvier 3a and klya ':1,,:, e ttat . ,..,, , 5:Mr-n ., ' '* Wjve in 1.. ; ireti4 -;,e,r,.1ral freight !LI' d trains ran tiathe ? 73a 1- h, Only one paueru, ,) , in in eaOh one to tr trains daily mat the ziallyany , , Passe sreeds of 20 to 25buc %.)eteea Beim d bcut l r1eS per hour on :o ? hour cr the run south* d1arave:tsge speeds but ordinary The l /43ta:re. Coastal ion does not tntograted ro r?It roads are of local relatively fet4 are 1U1VCL The trip betwe n Baku an be made err r inproied roans, ?rom Da* to Llyaty the Baku Astara road pa Batiuld rai d. From Alyaty, the road runs in a sou to Saltyany tare a bridge provides a crossing over the (Prior to Wor1 1ar II road traffic did not no're diret1y F but continuecj to parallel the 3aku Batumi railroad to Snd then he4?,south to Sallrany). SOuth,of the Osman.V Tor/ye Astara railroad for a d32.3 awe o Approved F S.E-C./ CONTROL r Release 2001/09/03 : CIA-RDP79-01009A00050003b 01-3 111 ease 20 1/09103 CIA-R0P79-01009 ble4nr teyoni i coastal then ,, 1 ; t ' a :.....," 34i* .'?1 f,l't roil 11 As t .Bazar 4sc. ?a itin , r4:,1 t I '4.: ,. ', - ' Pr'1,...4,11skly 4i i.ghi :: In '!".' .t n !S!V... oic ad nkr 1 , ti::1';'.. '', cl :', E.: '.' 71 a ,...., I. ;.!1 ti an tma:?;44", , tk ' 1 i- 1 'c. .Fr L .1.; Lta. tt A ; r1 'rt ....,7a .,...! ar. ptrt1r . d V , ,.. 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Only scattered1-D, cr.--77.5 1 , II been improved, 7...*; revenants usvall;,- e .1! r..,?s.,. ., of litfle *nom *11 f:ra- .7 ii .,6.., , .).i' t IC ai:,pliCa tin 1 ,3,f a these gravel. surfa4:,s., Traffic , , , , i'01 1 d 5 '3 roads th roli,,,1-,.n.3.t t le year , 21,1ey liec7vrt.3 imassablo tc leT.,1 0:1p 2,ia 1 '.: re'rti 3 tli,:.1 f*.:r c!')..- 4-=',....10 7t., aerlod.e artcr rain o 7 snowfalls. I 11 , , f , tplat'fl. c is rari.1,7 ..' al t.e.f. c7,npletely.. Alon': the Caspian additIon to tin. Bal.A. - Astara road, a small net of imprweil ? . , I nds throulh the pstroisurn bearing K...,;ata.Dag area,. ? , These Tads are p ,, ..., ,r.. ..c....,A. :::,...,. ....2. ,1.1. .,,ravel E4,rd. salw surfaced. and ramie between .1..:? arid -, .,,,,.., ?.> - 4! 1 .? ' ! 1! ! In thi".! central part of the reP,ori roads avoid the sf..74;.! and ., 3,1111(kv" coastal terrain ani are concentrated at the regiolVo margin,, Therp is secdary concentration along the Kira LfTirer ,po tThe Ihe road rat is comprised prl.noipall;" tailtr-Yo-p.-f tikI nv' rea71- lyaty- :field -5.0d A s tara o Thet at lieft,ecY..;11.?34 L.rflu' a of rdE r iiar1 zrd irta11ttici 1' d:u.y? .1 r '..17ent of trc-,,17.. t.),3 stia,. or*.ratin.i? base for the ? 3oArlet ? of naval at; t A taravLcLrtxL c? t,he rlo .11a are 311E0.1 or tr, boat5 g nsweccert.T1 eltd p las 1.11 marine 6 soh c:az,1 are ...,,c3catcl rear aaku? The cf fid the north of the Fiver are reportedt exe?re .4,-as 3 lave condlic?ted 39 Approved For Release 2001/09/03 : CIA-RDP79-01009A000500030001-3 111 t be 1 lity of the iriformtir iven in this O Lima ranges rt'good to aym:tectuit. matarl Lowever? srd Orra n de...cription ts and -6 Lifoation 13 iratorrt71., .a1 . n are ra., . o c,poaa' t ransportation, and titiry to 4 OH i reliable ' Alcomplet The ac riaw.s'usecigenarally ,,. m with th3e o orirtatioE t1m Sheet J.4.39-4 of the orietation map i a of ar ATTE; pro'.siona1 heet,. Genseventiy it is not Another deftcn.y , f thLa sheet is that the coastline..''farn Was not correO.ed ih compilati.n.. A3 a remit the southern ic dees . not eorrepoz to the others. Sheets of the Ru.ssian. I based o of the period 1936-1940.., which are avsilabTI at the trrr lap er'rize Lforary, 'provide the largest scale mapc rior The aerial photos, acc)Tipanying this rep selected st d :3ivng the northern south.central? and parts c the xgion, eriies 1 (17 sheets GX 1412 .13 S' xtends from -ku to Alyaty, Series 2 (16 sheets, qx 1900, from Ondzha- a (5 miles west of Kyzyl-Agach) to KholMil coast o miles ooth of Lenkoran9, and Series 3 (6 'she SG, 57-62) fr Mashithan (about 2 miles south of Shea..raa More eezs1v1 ae photpg, , Hof CIA.. Approved For Release 2001/09/03 : CIA-RDP79-01009A000500030 U Approved Forelease 2001/09/03 : CIA-RDP79-0100914000500030001-3 aoasta1 plain south of Baku? Note steppe vegetation J n the regond, Th C11211133 are p-zobably worwooe.,, OM* 104. "TE - 118 gure 2,, Crater-like summit of mud volcano Lek 141ton with oil field in the background? 0-E-C-R-E-T/C ONTROL Approved For Release 2001/09/03 : CIA-RDP79-01009A000500030001-3 /V 0 N v. 0 1. Approved For lease 2001/09/03 : CIA-RDP79-0100940.00500030001-3 ,47rxiaL panor.4.11c 'rlew of the ,)uthern. coastal plain with the Ta1yhq',ountAims :Ln t're baclkgroundo Soviet Astara is in the center to the 10.7ho T R 0 L Approved For Release 2001/09/03 : CIA-RDP79-01009A000500030001-3 Approved For Release 2001/09/03 : CIA-RDP79-01009Aa00500030001-3 1.r7 Lne straight 1:oast1irie north of kst,,,trA, 10 0 N T Approved For Release 2001/09/03 : CIA-RDP79-01009A000500030001-3 .? Approved For.gelease 2001/09/03 : CIA-RDP79-010094000500030001-3 4.444, f .3. . - plain emefirg r.crzthward fraa IrTomian vidc . Sta 10 , 2 ? / AA" ' - sum WW1' # Imomm. ra the W4'331:?.erri side oi!' 14 T o Approved For Release 2001/09/03 : CIA-RDP79-01009A000500030001-3 0 T 1st Approved Fora' !Release 2001/09/03 : CIA-RDP79-010094000500030001-3 Figure 70 The eastsrn Astara Valley and Soviet-Iranian frontier along the valley bottom, gnwe 0. Lower Tura Fiver near the village of Yulhari-Kbillya S-E-C-R-E-T/C ONTROL Approved For Release 2001/09/03 : CIA-RDP79-01009A000500030001-3 Approved Forfielease 2001/09/03 : CIA-RDP79-01009*000500030001-3 , C r Approved For Release 2001/09/03 : CIA-RDP79-01009A000500030001-3 Approved Focipelease 2001/09/03 : CIA-RDP79-0100944000500030001-3 , LIaccTObably near the -,Atb. KAwAtc, TL C Approved For Release 2001/09/03 : CIA-RDP79-01009A000500030001-3 Approved For RAlease 2001/09/03 : CIA-RDP79-01009AW500030001-3 Astara a:1 so(fri. Iron. Irarti Astara vorriLA16 Approved For Relea 2001/09/03 : CIA-RDP79-01009A000500030001-3 Approved For Release 2001/09/03 : CIA-RDP79-01009A000500030001-3 44041M?r:CLEIP79-01009A000500030001-3-. Approved For Release 2001/09/03 : CIA-RDP79-01042A000?0003Q9911,4 4 :t1 ( 6 \ . : .. "--) . .. :.,c?) 1 i , ; ? ' ApiaPeveelgOopftel 2001 03 :1A-RDP79-01009A000500030001-3 ease4 8,7 Approved For Release 2001/09/03-,. 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